• DemitriVritra

    Rather then running around the Wiki and Leaving hints and reminders all over the place I figured it was better if I started just one Unified List of what I notice when I start moving around.

    • Player Owned Housing, Lists 3, there's currently 4.
    • Lore is Divided into Four pages, needs to be unified to one Page and then Placed Under References tab. Seriously does it need to be disconjointed?
    • Fairy Side and Nomethoderror need to go up for deletion? they serve no purpose.
    • DK2 Info Dump needs reviewing, if information is redundant/out of date put up for deletion?
    • Clean Up, Unify the wiki?
    • Are dedicated Playthough Pages necessary on the wiki when guides and Walkthroughs are available?
    • Reduce Redundancy.
    • Link Up, Clean up, and Kill the blank spaces.
    • Blame We…
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  • Brendon1689

    Get Dumped

    February 5, 2017 by Brendon1689
    • talk to nicholas' butler inside the northmarket manor after you have completed honey trapper
    • go to the earl's manor to speak to the client
    • enter the dump north of the southport university district
    • if kyrie is in the party, she will warn you of the acid element nature of the area and will also tell you not to let the grey and yellow slimes mix (she is referring to the Basic Grey Slime and Acid Yellow Slime enemies in the area that use a skill called Volatile Mix which does aoe damage in exchange for self damage note that if any slime dies from using volatile mix the battle is automatically won - this is a reference to chemistry where and acid and a base makes a solution neutral)
    • (optional) to the left you can save one of the blackmailers and pu…
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