If you are experiencing difficulties with Yeon disappearing please update your game to the latest 0.26.7 update and finish the day through completing a quest, the timeturner, or some other method. We thank you all very much for your patience and hope that you will continue to enjoy the game! -2095conash

Current Build Release: 0.26.7 (January 2017)

The purpose of this page is simple, if you find a bug, you can check here to see if it's been encountered before. Really this is to try to help NoMosh by keeping the volume of reports down and so those who have RPG Maker Ace can look into bugs and give him better feedback so he spends less time bug fixing and more time adding new content. 

I've wiped a lot of the older ones, please be aware NoMosh looks at the forums more than he does here so try to utilize those first.

Formatting should be as follows for new reports;

 General description - Build

  • What the problem is, where it was found in game, any possible part of the game that you think may have contributed to it, and so forth.

For those with VX Ace, if you are adding a technical fix for NoMosh, please use the following example as a guideline;

Meline not auto-leveling - Nov Public

  • I completed a few quests and reached level 3; then I went to recruit Meline. I went through the bakery scene and the scene with the angel as normal but the next morning she was level 1 though she's supposed to be level 2. 
  • EV003 (Angel) in Manor Chapel 2 is missing the auto-level scripts, Control Variable: [0042:TempVar1] = [Ferdinand's Level];  Control Variable: [0042:TempVar1] -= 2; Change Level [Meline], + Variable [0042:TempVar1]                  DK2

Bewitchy Woman Quest can be bugged - Dec 2014 release

  • Quest completed prior to talking to NPCs that mention the Nymph.
  • NPCs talked to after completion pushing quest from complete to incomplete.
  • No way to actually complete the quest from this point + Getting "missing stage description" in quest summary.

Again, please do not erase bug reports unless you're NoMosh or myself (DK2) so we can streamline the development process, Thanks.

Game Freezing. Every time I defeat the first boss at the B****’s Sixth Tit place, whole game stops responding and this is the newest update this year. I just started playing and here I though decent game. But nope, every success I get on beating the Loan Shark guy boss, it says not responding. Sucks.

Common ComplaintsEdit

Insert Party Member no longer has X skill

  • If X is Magic Missile, Dark Blast, or Cure Light Wounds; it is not a bug. The Magic Handbook, Necronomicon, and Basic Prayerbook each add those Spells and Prayers to the character's skill list. If Felix loses Cure Light Wounds, then it's a bug as it's a class skill.

Insert Slave has no Sex chat option

  • They're in the works, just be patient

Insert building has no door, just blank space

  • The building isn't meant to entered yet due to lack of interior, give it time

I can't get [name] to join my harem

  • 1 Check for collars in your inventory
  • 2 Make sure they can actually join the harem and make sure you're going about it the right way

Characters and Party MembersEdit

Build: May, 2016

Ino massage scene happens before doing her quest, she also appears at the "give praise" stage of the manor invasion but disappears the next morning (was she a dream?). I have no idea what caused the bug, she just randomly appeared on my follower page.

Follower page: < She hates me. *cries


Tournament Fighter not solvable with Kyrie in harem - 0.28.8

  • with Kyrie in harem you cannot deselect her but you need to be solo in group

Missing Yamamaya's quest in quest log - Dec2013_3

  • After recruiting Yamaya, her quest 'Another world for catgirl' is not shown
  • Fix: Another Word for Catgirl needs to be added to questlog script - DK2

Cannery Can-Can wrong progress - Dec2013_3

  • The quest is show in quest log right after investing in the cannery and has wrong desription (there's no need to talk to Alina).
  • The owner doesn't react after reading the ledger (there's missing Control Variables: [0028: Cannery Investment] = 2 under Conditional Branch: Variable [0028: Cannery Investment] == 1 in ledger event) and there's no message about completing quest.
  • Fixed 4/1/14 - NoMoshing
  • Spelling typo when talking to Alina "Hey, what's the deal with this cannery?"
  • Not a typo, the Hero isn't exactly a Rhodes scholar you know - NoMoshing
  • Mansion Invasion improper activation- October 2014 Public
  • This will continue to be a problematic quest until release due to sheer difficulty of the event processing -DK2

Twisted Husk Boss Fight - March 2015

  • If you have Bronwyn in your party when you do Finishing Unfinished Business, she will be there fighting with Elaiya against the Twisted Husk, where Elaiya usually fights alone.

After completing "Sacrifices for Algernon" the guild glitches and you can't collect your other rewards from the south guild.

Pathing error during Yamamaya's love quest- December 2015 Public

  • After you fight the first round, the host is either always or occasionally(haven't tested it enough to know if its always) placed 1 square right of where he should be. When speaking to him, this causes him to move to the right of the incorrect space causing the auto move script of the player to continually move into the wall next to the gate instead of the gate. Since it is automatic, the player can't load, move, interact etc and has to close and reopen the game to even play again.

Pathing error during quest Research Materials - Mars 2016

  • Choosing to enter the tower by ruse when the player is in front of the rightmost guard blocks the path of the center guard when he moves away from the door. It is not possible to free his path, and the only solution is to reboot the game

Skill naming error - May 2016

  • Chimei's skill "Storm of the Century" is referred to as Larelle's "Eternal Nightmare" when used in combat, but retains the original effects. The icon is also identical, if that's unintended.

Tournament Fighter II - May 2016

Bug I. Unable to start Yamamaya Love Quest after reading the letter, forced to finish it first. Didn't check with Tournament Fighter I, but it is probably the same.

Bug II. After beating the Twin Dragon Monk up to F, he stops summoning clones, but probably because of the way it was coded, all other contestants become unable to summon anything, the remaining fights become way easier.



Joint Venture Bug - JanuaryUpdate

  • Slightly different bug from last time.  When you invest in A Stitch For a Dime in Westcastle the inventory for sale does not upgrade.  Even leaving the shop and re-entering does not change it.  The inventory only upgrades when you invest in the Fairytale Seamstress in Northmarket. (If you invest in Fairytale Seamstress first, the inventory is already upgraded at A Stitch For A Dime.)
    • When you invest in the Fairytale Seamstress shop, the woman at the counter at A Stitch For a Dime faces away from the counter.

Fur Trader and Raccoon Tails- October 2014 public

  • So, the fur trader in Huntervale is a bit bugged when it comes to selling to him. He checks for bear an fox skins just fine, but he doesn't ask to buy your raccoon tails UNLESS you have fox skins (in which case you might have 0 raccoon tails).


Doll doesn't have dialogue - JanuaryUpdate

  • Doll still doesn't have dialogue in repaired mansion and in condo when her relationship's <61, but in the not repaired mansion it was implemented.

Lore typo - December 2014

  • Still checking the rest of the lore but for the book on the bookshelf in the study, there's an additional "3" on the third dialogue box after selecting Yes.
  • Fixed in December update.
  • Additionally "their" is misspelled twice on the second last dialogue box of the same book.

Elaiya Dialogue - March 2016

  • At affection level Neutral (at least), her "Chat" dialogue will loop endlessly, with no possibility to stop it (other than restart the game).

Honey-Trapper Mission - Sept 2016

  • When you get the fiance drunk and ask her about her future husband you get stuck in an endless loop!


Power Conch crashes in Arena - v0.3.18

  • Attempted several times to use this during 3rd tournament, and the app exited with this:
2018-01-04 16 01 14-Harem Collector v0.31.8


Overpay Loans - October 2014 public

  • When paying off loans, players can pay more than they owe. This will be followed by the loan officer telling you that you have however many days remaining to pay the amount (it will be a negative number). Afterwards you can talk to them and they will act as if the loan was fully paid, leading to the overpaid money effectively disappearing.

Shop not closed off in opening - October 2014 public

  • Every shop during the opening sequence is closed off except for the pub on the left side of the slums.
  • This is fixed in the December update.

Penelope giving out too much cake - October 2014 public

  • Upon getting Penelope to a high enough affection level, she gives you 12 slices of cake. Another cake also appears on the table that gives you a further 6 slices daily including on the day you get Penelope's affection high enough. Which means you earn 18 slices on that day. Surely there's such a thing as too much cake!

Mycon cave enemies

  • Considering Mycon Cave enemies can all afflict the hallucination status, it seems strange that they would be vulnerable to it as well. Unfortunately, this is what is happening at the moment.

Sleep powder doesn't work

  • Although sleep powder can be bought, and according to this, can be used to cause sleep 100% of the time, it doesn't actually show up in the item menu. Tried to use it out of combat on my own party in case it was a "troll" item, but that didn't work either >_<;

Lightning Bolt scroll does cold damage instead of lightning - 28.8

  • The scroll still reduces MP like a lightning spell but does cold damage
  • The Seekers Stone isnt working properly. The location of the CD i found at the Inn wasn't sparkling. Same for Appletini at the Elvo's Manor. The Graveyard in Northmarket wasn't sparkling it, but next day it did. Some Chests are and some not. The List just goes on. v0.30.5
  • You could take start the quest 'send newts' before you even start the quest 'get dumped' and could defeat the dragon and have the erotic scene with Silvayuco and the quest 'where' s my sword' also starts but after that its glitched as you cannot further the quest after that Shally wont get updated, Yeon gets glitched and gets added to your party with none affection and level 1. To do this just enter the newt the newt village in bitter marsh south east corner, the quest would start automatically, after that do the quest as guided, when you enter the dragon castle Yeon is in your party.
Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 5.51.57 PM