At several locations there are buried treasures. If you have a Shovel in inventory you can dig them up by going into the inventory and using the shovel. You can buy a shovel at the tool shop in the Northmarket Slums area for 50 sil.

Buying the Seeker's Stone makes it much easier to locate buried treasures, as for most buried treasures there is no hint other than the Seeker's Stone notice (the exceptions are the Lumberhill and Southport treasures, at least if you're paying attention).

Map Treasure Dig Location Miss Condition
Northmarket Slums Willis' Distilled Tonic To the left of Tin Dog Tavern, nearly exactly between it and the slaver's stall, there is a patch of dirt surrounded by grass on all sides which is 4 squares above the edge of the road. None.
Northmarket Wealthy District Knight Helm Top left of the mansion's garden, one step under the dragon statue. None.
Northmarket Wealthy District Dark Seed Lavina Whateley grave in the church graveyard. [Row 3, Column 3] None.
Eastfort Porn Mag After entering the map, do not go past the guards into the walled area, instead go straight up from entry point until you see a bush, it is 1 square down from the bush. None.
Lumberhill Ruby (2) One square down from the well. None.
Mourning Wood Dark Seed (1) After defeating the zombies, dig 3 steps North and 1 step West of the Northwestern-most bridge. Finish Quest: Night of the Raping Dead.
Southport Fortified Cloak Go to the university part of town, find a circle of flowers in front of the school building, dig at the spot surrounded by four red flowers. None.
Orc Camp Top of the unmarked grave. Finish Quest: Na Na Why Don't You Get A Job?


Old Bones Lower right corner of a lone tree on the right side of town. None.
Huntervale Forest Dark Seed Go 1 down and 1 left from the rock when you're taken to the altar, then dig. Finish Quest: All's Were That Ends Were
Westcastle-Outer District Reinvigoration Potion (1) Find the statue surrounded by flowers, and dig under the tree directly right of it. None.
Westcastle- Noble District Ghostly Orb Outside of Bella Monte's home, there's a dragon statue like the one outside your manor in Northmarket. Dig in front of it. Finish Quest: The Phantom Breaker Battleground
The entrance to the Buried City
  • Orcish Jerky (2)
  • Cheap Wine
From the tree on the right go 2 left and 1 north (or just use the Seeker Stone to see the exact spot) Finish Quest: Family Matters (Meline's Love Quest).
The Giant's Path Cleanser (1) On the 2nd map (The foothills), cross the bridge onto the small island leading to the cave, dig under the smaller tree. None.
The Ice Bridge Frost (tm) Brand Dress Left side of the bottom area, in the center of the 3x3 area. Enter the Ice Palace. (Bewitchy Woman).
Rear Cemetery (of the Count's Manor) Scroll of Sonic Boom (1) Grave between the 4th and 5th mausoleums, the one directly NW of the poison pond. Open the trap door leading to the top floor of the Manor ([[Story quests#Looking for a Cure|Looking for a Cure]).
Forest to the south of the Elven Village Clowning CD Use Seeker Stone near the southernmost clearing. Finish Quest: Stuck In The Middle With You
Orc Town/Empty Cave Nun Panties x6 (possible Truffle x2) After the strange encounter with Slenderman in a cave, re-enter the cave to be brought to either Orc Town (if you've recruited Florine) or an Empty cave (if you haven't). Go to the Northwestern corner, from the wall sticking out go 2 spaces right and 1 down then dig. You only get the truffles if you dig in Orc Town Empty Cave: Recruit Florine

Orc Town: Dig up the Empty Cave treasure

Elf Village Chunk of Crystal After completely Manxome Foe there is a statue next to your new temple house, dig in front of it for this. N/A
Earl's Estate Chan's Hyperactive Pill Inside the Tree maze you want to head to the left side of it, there's a 1 square wide area that's surrounded by trees, right next to the edge (it is not the edge itself), at the bottom of this area dig for your reward N/A
Underneath the Kellos Fortress Archmage's Ring Inside the caverns head to the coffin near the middle left side of the screen. Then head right until you reach the SECOND fork in the road. There should be some rubble in the Northeastern corner, 1 square down and left from that rubble is this treasure Complete It's Pronounced Sabotage
Eastfort Non-human district Brandy All the way on the right side of the map, near the top of the screen there should be a wooden fence. Hug the metal fence next to the wooden fence and follow it down. Once you hit a dead end go up one square and dig. N/A
Crop circle Dark Seed From the old guy go up 7 squares and head left 8 squares then dig Advance Sacrifices for Algernon
Golden Tomb Entrance Ancient Coin On the left side of the map there should be a broken pillar, one square up and to the left of that dig (this should be available from the start of the game). N/A
Butterfly Battlefield Obsidian Butterfly Near the middle of the screen you should see a guard (with no cape) who has his blood on the road. One square up and to the left from his BLOOD is where you'll find this treasure Leave the battlefield
Dark Mine (floor 1) Dark Seed This is in the upper left corner of the map, you can only get here from floor 2. Inside this small alcove is a treasure chest and an elf, from the entrance/exit of this area head right 1 square and down 2 squares N/A
Dark Mine (floor 2) Topaz If you follow the railroads on the leftern most edge you'll see a pathway that branches off that appears to just lead to a treasure chest. Two squares down and two squares left from the chest is another dig spot N/A
Southport Dump Northeast Potion of Instability On the lowest level there should be a mound of dirt and a tree near each other near the cliff. One square south of the square between the dirt and tree is the dig spot. Complete Get Dumped
Southport Dump Northwest Downey's Complest Paste Go down the stairs from the top level to the middle level, then go around the acid puddle to your right. You should see two trees directly diagonal of each other directly between them is the dig spot (it is also several squares south of a log) Complete Get Dumped
Southport Dump


Dark Seed There should be a chest on the middle level to the left of the stairs, two squares south of the chest is the dig spot. Complete Get Dumped
Southport Dump


Magic Mushrooms In the southwest area of the middle level you should see a dirt mound and a log next to each other. Four squares right and two squares down from where the log is, is the dig spot. Complete Get Dumped
Southport Dump


Dark Seed On the highest level there should be a chest near the end of the little path, one square south of the chest is the dig spot. Complete Get Dumped
Southport Dump


Porn mag Near the top of the screen on the middle level there should be five trees near each other, the lower left one should have some acid surrounding it a little, immediately to the south of the tree is the dig spot. Complete Get Dumped
? Potion of Insanity The potion of Insanity (an item that intentionally makes you unable to play the game once used) is currently hidden somewhere in the game. Feel free to go looking for it! Complete the quest involved with the location it's hidden in

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