CDs Edit

CDs (Chronothaumaturgical Devices) are magical items that capture and store magic in a disc through time magic. The Hero can find these discs throughout the world and play them in his homes using a special item called the CD Player.

Purchasing the CD Player Edit

In the Northmarket Slums district, you can find the Pawn Shop located on the western side of the town. Inside, the pawnbroker will sell you a set of five CD Players for 1,000 Sil. He will sell all five regardless of how many homes you have currently unlocked. After you've purchased the CD player you can come back to purchase CDs that you've missed from him.

Locations Edit

CD Location Missable
The Sleeping Streets Buried in a dirt patch in the top left corner outside the Crossroads Inn. No
TLR Inside of a small house in Southport's docks district. No
Clowning Buried in the southern portion of the woods during Stuck in the Middle With You. Yes
Breaking Through In the room in the lower right of the theater's backstage area in The Virgin Gynocides. Yes
Hard Like Diamonds In a chest on the 2nd floor of Yeon's hideout in Hall Monitor From Hell. Yes
Love and Mercy In a chest in Larelle's house in Lumberhill. No
World Map In a pot on the west side of the Westcastle wealthy district. No
Been Slummin' Inside of the warehouse that Gargan will give you a key for at Neutral Affection. No
To the Victor Alina will give you this CD when you have a harem size of atleast 20 No
Ancient Puzzlebox In the sleeping quarters of the Eastfort fortress in Cannibal Corps Part II. Yes
Brisk (sleepy) In the Coastburg Item Shop. No
Shiver Defeat the Ocean Nymph inside the Seaside Cavern dungeon during your Vacation to Sunnyshore Island. No
The Eastern Front In a chest on the 1st floor of the Paladins of Light and Mercy's HQ in Beyond Good and Devil. Yes
Demimensch Given by a male elf in the Elf Village after he is saved in Is the Elf Half Empty? Yes
Brisk (wild) Purchasable from the Bizarre Bazaar (11th Item Offered) No
Rescue Me Purchasable at the Northmarket Slums Pawn Shop after buying CD Player No
Darkseed Awarded for turning in 60 Dark Seeds Yes