Story Information Edit


Recruitment Edit

Cerulean is weak, but is a free party member and your pet dire wolf. Cerulean is automatically added to the party if you name your character "Stark".

Has basically nothing but his basic attack but does make the beginning easier until you have a full party, however Cerulean also takes more experience to gain levels so as you progress in the game so he will lag further and further behind other party members.

Skills Edit

Has no skills

Equipment Edit

Can't equip any items

Tactics Edit

N/A (Uredine isn't good when it comes to tactics so some other editor can do this part)

Relationship Edit

Can't gain Relationship Points

Conversation & Sex Edit

Has no dialogue nor options to have sex with.

Hidden stats Edit

The following are a list of stats/traits that are not made readily apparent about Hero on the status menu. Be warned that some of these might reveal spoilers about the character!

  • Has a natural 95% hit chance
  • Has a natural 5% evasion chance
  • Has a natural +8% critical chance
  • Has a natural 100% threat generation rate
  • He is immune to the 'Mana Shock' status
  • He is immune to the 'Divinity Drain' status
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