These are love/respect quests, acquired by getting a character to 100 affection. These are different from Harem quests, which are meant for advancing your harem in general, in that these are more specifically about usually the closing of the individual character's story. These are completely optional and the final game is intended to be able to be played start to finish without ever doing any of these quests.

Love questsEdit

Beyond Good and Devil (Lvl 20)Edit

  • Start by getting Therese's RP to love, then head to Westcastle outskirts. To its east you will see a castle, go there then walk past the tombs and enter the castle, then talk to the paladin at the front desk.
  • You're supposed to find the prince and the paladin that's giving him a tour (that's the paladin Therese was talking about)
  • Go up the stairs, and then to the paladin quarters. Here the hero suggests (more like orders) to have sex with Therese in her old room. It's the 2nd room to the left at the end of the hallway .
  • Enter and read the diary. You will find out that the paladin that's supposed to be dieing is trying to get immortal by sacrificing the prince.
  • Here you go to the 2nd stairwell (Therese kicks the barrels that are blocking the way) then you have to go up 2 stairs.
  • You have to kill all the monsters in order to reach the roof (don't forget to search the place for half hidden chests).
  • At the roof you fight the paladin and rescue the prince. Therese gets promoted and you have sex at the castle and a day passes.

Mushroom Samba (Level 12)Edit

  • Get Penelope relationship to Love.
  • Investigate her father's disappearance; you will find a Note on the ground and a hole in the ground.
  • Enter the hole and fight through the numerous Mycons. Take note that being physically attacked by a Mycon has a chance of making your character high, and therefore unreliable for a time.
  • There is a missable Dark Seed in this map that requires the Hero to be hallucinating to find. If necessary you can use a Mushroom on the Hero (remember that the Blue Dragon Ring doesn't allow you to get high).
  • You could find an old foe if you are high.

Hour of the BeastsEdit

  • Get Yamamaya relationship to Love.
  • Travel to Westcastle with Yamamaya in the party and enter the beastfighter tourney ion the Arena. Make sure that both are ready as they will fight alone in this quest.
  • Either pay the qualifier man 20,000 Sil to enter the arena, or fight him. Lose to get an h-scene, and still be able to do the tournament if you so desire. Win and get some experience.
  • After dealing with him, go into the room on the right. You can save here, and heal by talking to the woman on the right. Talk to the man at the door to hear the rules and fight. Win, heal and save and talk to him again. Win.
  • After winning and coming back in, go out the door and watch a scene, then come back in and go do another fight. After that heal and talk to Lola, then go in to fight the boss of this quest[1]. Buff Yamamaya immediately, because at the start of turn 3 the hero will be put to sleep for the rest of the match. Just keep hitting the monster and you should win. Your reward is 50,000 Sil, a Championship Reward (crafting item), and an H-scene with Yamamaya and Alina.

Family Matters (Meline love quest) (Lvl 11) Edit

To start it, get Meline relationship to Love. This quest has two parts and (but only advances one day) that can be done in different moments.

The first part consist of giving the house where the Hero and Meline grew up just one last look. It doesn't involve any kind of fighting, but you need to have Meline in your active party to proceed. The house is located in the Slums just above of the Slaver Guild post, and inside you will find some Missable items and the clues to start the real quest later (am map, a letter and the King Statuette). Check that you hadn't miss anything because you can't return once that you leaves.

Second part.

Quest Items you find along the way:

  • "Scroll of Translation" from a skeleton in the north-west corner of the first level to translate the walls for the "Power Word" (The word is "Tipareth", if you can't find the skeleton or just want to skip looking for it)(Note: if Kyrie is in your party she will translate the text herself)
  • "False Knife" in a house to the north-east of the first map (the same house that leads you to the lower level).
  • "Clay Vessel" in the northern house of the barred area of the first level (you have to get through the lower level to reach it). Turns to "Filled Vessel" if you fill it with water from the house with the water-riddle on the lower level.
  • The three Glass Shards:
    1. Chest in a house to the north of the first level.
    2. After you went through the lower floor to the blocked area of the first level, in a chest in the south-west corner of the map.
    3. A Chest at the eastern wall of the lower floor.
  • Statuettes and their locations:
    1. King Statuette: You find it in your old house, before the dungeon.
    2. Angel Statuette: In the house to the south-east. You need to translate the wall inscriptions using the Scroll of Translations (see Quest Items above)... or simply enter "Tipareth", if you can't be bothered.
    3. Demon Statuette: A house on the second level, with the angel statue (not statuette, actual statue), several torches and a pentagram on the floor. For the torch rows at the top and the bottom, light the middle one each. For the torch rows left and right, light the top and bottom ones each. The torches should now turn blue.Then stab the angel statue with the "False Knife" (see Quest Items above). You also find two Dark Seeds.
    4. Dragon Statuette: The house with the pathetic Kobold Ambush.
    5. Automaton Statuette: The house with the water-riddle in it. Add Gummies and Crystal to the water to freeze it, then walk over the ice to the chest to get it.
    6. Tree Statuette: the second house from the south in the blocked part of the first level (you have to get through the lower level to reach it). You have to water the plants using the "Clay Vessel"/"Filled Vessel" (See Quest Items above).
    7. Fairy Statuette: Find all three Glass Shards (see Quest items above) and bring them to the third house from the south in the barred area of the first level (you have to go through the lower level to reach it). Look at the Mirror twice. The first time repairs it, the second transfers you to a weird world. Walk around until you find the Fairy and answer her Riddle (Answer: "A Yardstick") or fight her (it's slightly more difficult that the the dragon, gives no XP or loot other than the statuette).

Finishing Unfinished Business (Lvl 20)Edit

  • Get Elaiya to love and go talk to Shally. Go east towards Eastfort until you reach the Border Fort, then go south-east for a bit and you should spot another ruined fort. Visit it and examine the door.
  • Go get a bomb. There are three ways you can get one:
    1. If you still have the Amazing Old Man (i.e. you recruited him and he has not left yet) go talk to him.
    2. Go to the Alchemist Guild in Westcastle[2] and talk to Apple Kid[3].
    3. Go to the Alchemist Guild in Westcastle[2] and talk to Orange Kid[4].
  • Go back to the fort and blow up the door. Equip Elaiya well.
  • Fight[5] and advance through the dungeon (remember to pick up the three Dark Seeds) until you find a blocked door with a broken mechanism. In the basement you will find the parts to repair the switch. Return upstairs and repair the door. Continue on and eventually Elaiya will leave the party.
  • Elaiya[6] will fight a boss alone[7]. Beat him, he drops a cloak and the Killer's Eye[8]. After this time will pass and you will get an h-scene and Elaiya will learn Triple Barrage.

Also Sprach Nerys Edit

Riddle answers:

  • Fire
  • Drum
  • Cards/Deck
  • Mirror/Reflection


  1. Dying removes all states, including the super sleep affecting the main character. Let him die and then resurrect him with one of the resurrection items available to make the battle MUCH easier.
  2. 2.0 2.1 Or in the basement of your Westcastle mansion, if you already had recruit her after completing Hero Baker and the Philosopher stone.
  3. If you made the investment you'll ask her to make you a bomb and she'll do it without any questions. If you did not invest in her yet, do it and then talk to her again.
  4. If you made the investment you'll ask her to make you a bomb and she'll do it reluctantly. If you did not invest in her yet, do it and then talk to her again.
  5. While having characters at level 20 or higher is recommended it is not required. With the right party members and the best equipment you can finish it while still level 12-13. Just remember that the main character's Assault skill grants the whole party an Attack buff that can stack. Using Assault two turns in a row grants you a significant attack boost.
  6. Use Stealth skill against the boss.
  7. when you reach the stairs, she leaves the party.
  8. A crafting item.

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