The Hero?Edit

Ah yes, the semi-lovable/despicable Chaotic Selfish Neutral player character. Love him, hate him, so long as you aren't keeping him from getting paid or from adding more girls to his harem he doesn't care. Unless you're female and or sell turnips. Seriously, Fuck those damn turnips. You can't kick him out of your party, his location is in the center of the screen, and I hope I didn't need to point that out. He's not going to be the main damage dealer, being better at buffing the party while being somewhere between an off-tank and DPS. Since the May 2015 V1 Release he is immune to the Mana Shock as the other non-magic users.

Harem GirlsEdit

Name Obtain Location Harem Location +4 Happiness


Alina Collared during Lord of the Manor. Manor Main Hall Sweet Perfume No
Apple Kid Joins harem after Hero Baker and The Philosopher's Stone. Westcastle Manor Alchemy Lab Berry Gera No
Bronwyn Collared after Stuck in the Middle With You. Manor Study Sweet Perfume Yes
Cerulean Obtained through Code N/A N/A Yes
Chimei Purchased at Slave Market for 60,000 Sil. Servant's Quarters Lovely Flowers Yes
Diadira Obtained during the quest Rescue me. Hallway outside Hero's room. Slice of Cake Yes
Doll Acquired during A Forge Too Far. Cistern Porcelain Doll Yes
Elaiya Collared during One is the Loneliest Party. Servant's Quarters Clockwork Amusement Yes
Eulania Joins the household after completing The Phantom Breaker battleground. Hero's room N/A[1] No
Felix (Healbot) Not a girl for the harem but joins you after you obtain the manor and try to leave. Top Floor Manor Library Slice of Cake Yes
Florine Collars herself after Na Na Why Don't You Get A Job. Item Shop Porcelain Doll No
Spoiler Name concealed. Joins after Looking for a Cure. Dining Hall Pocket Tome Yes
Ino Hired as enchantress after Scholastic Excellence. Alchemy Lab Shiny Bits No
Kevin Not a girl for the harem but has relationship bonuses like one. Gotten during A Forge Too Far. Smithy Monster Fang No


Joins the harem after completing Research Materials. Study Pearl Necklace Yes
Larelle Collared after Night of the Raping Dead. Dungeon/Top Floor Manor Library Pocket Tome/ Wooden Horse Yes
Lilac (Maid) Purchased at Slave Market for 750 Sil. Varies Box of Chocolates No
Meline (Sister) Collars herself at East End Bakery after obtaining Manor. Your Bedroom Clockwork Amusement Yes
Nerys Acquired after A Manxome Foe Elf Village Shrine Pocket Tome No
Nicholas Not a girl for the harem but has relationship bonuses like one. Met during Honey Trapper. Earl Estate Clockwork Amusement No
Orange Kid Joins harem after Hero Baker and The Philosopher's Stone. Westcastle Manor Alchemy Lab Box of Chocolates No
Penelope Collared after investing in her father's farm. Kitchen Lovely Flowers No
Raina Xaven lets you date her after your Journeyman Ceremony. Front Hall Slice of Cake Yes
Randi Collared after purchasing the Eastfort Condo for 5,000 Sil. Eastfort Condo, First Floor Pearl Necklace No
Renfeld Collared after defeating the Count during Looking for a Cure. Westfort Mansion, Your RoomDining Hall Monster Fang No
Serade Collared after purchasing the Eastfort Item Shop for 1,500 Sil. Eastfort Item Shop Shiny Bits No
Therese Captured at your manor during Manor Invasion. Dungeon/Manor Chapel Rock Candy/ Whip Yes
Violet (Maid) Purchased at Slave Market for 750 Sil. Varies Berry Gera No
Wiki-tan Obtained through Code N/A N/A Yes
Yamamaya Acquired after investing in Slave Market. Dining Hall Monster Fang Yes
Yeon Acquired by doing the quest Hall Monitor From Hell. Dungeon/Kitchen Rock Candy/Fucking Machine Yes

Summarized information

Table for looking up information on rewards, starting relationship points and most effective gift/tortures quickly. Formatting might look ugly so do yourself a favor, copy the table and paste it into excel so you can adjust the size of the columns.

Relationship Chart

Name 0-20/Hate 21-40/Dislike 41-60/Neutral 61-80/Like 81-100/Trust 100/120/Love Gift Torture
Alina Initial Care Package/Day Investment Income(25) Care Package Upgraded Sweet Perfume
Applekid Initial Alchemy Chest/Day Doubles content of Alchemy Chest Berry Gera
Bronwyn Initial Learn Acid Bulb Arrow Learn Mana Shock Arrow +2 Momentum/Turn Sweet Perfume
Chimei Initial 5 Defense +2 Momentum/Turn Lovely Flowers
Diadira Initial Learn My Sanctuary 5 Attack/M.Attack Slice of Cake
Doll Initial 2% Extra HP Regen/turn 100 Max Mana Porcelain Doll
Elaiya Initial 150 Max Health +2 Momentum/Turn Learn Triple Barrage, unused Crafting Item Clockwork Amusement
Eulania Initial Hero 5 M.Defense*1 Spellcasters +2matk*2 End day using her class
Felix Initial Learn Mana Overcharge/Casters' Spark Learn Magic Ward/Warding Wall +2 All stats Slice of Cake
Florine Initial Investment Income(25) Investment Income(+50) Porcelain Doll
Gargan*3 Initial Guild Stash Quest Unimplemented Quest Pocket Tome
Ino Initial Azothium when enchanting*4 Shiny Bits
Kevin Initial 3 Throwing Knife/Day Monster Fang
Kyrie Initial 3 M.Def Pearl Necklace
Lilac Initial Hero 5 Defense Unlock scene*5 Box of Chocolates
Larelle Initial Learn Raise Dead 5 Luck 5 Luck Pocket Tome Wooden Horse
Meline Initial Learn Guilt Trip/Mass Guilting 50% Necrotic Resistance for Hero and Meline Clockwork Amusement
Nerys Initial Hero 8 Luck Exorcist Charm/Day Pocket Tome
Nicholas Initial Investment Income(+10/investments)*6 Clockwork Amusement
Orangekid Initial Alchemy Chest quality up Alchemy Chest quality up Box of Chocolates
Penelope Initial Investment income(+24) 12 Slices of Cake Investment income(+46) Lovely Flowers
Raina Initial +2 Momentum/Turn Slice of Cake
Randi Initial Hero 5 Attack Bagged Lunch/Day Pearl Necklace
Renfeld Initial Hero 5 M.Defense Monster Fang
Serade Initial Investment Income(+10) Investment Income(+11) Shiny Bits
Therese Initial 5 M.Attack Discount on Church Blessing(50%) 5 M.Attack 10% cheaper spells, 25% more healing received Rock Candy Whip
Violet Initial Hero 150 Max Health Unlock Scene*5 Berry Gera
Yamamaya Initial +2 Momentum/Turn Unusable Crafting Material, 30,000 or 50,000 sil. Monster Fang
Yeon Initial Learn Rally 250 Max HP Learn Revive Rock Candy Fucking Machine


  • 1 There's mention of resisting possesion increases as well, but currently it seems to have 0 effect.
  • 2 Gargan is apparently a spellcaster here, also Doll, but she can at least make use of the stats, Gargan cannot use it at all.
  • 3 Gargan's rewards are annoying to jot down in a table sadly. May want to check his personal page for what exactly his Relationship points unlock.
  • 4 More concretely, Azothium gives you vendor trash worth 750 everytime you enchant.
  • 5 Lilac AND Violet need to be at Like before the scene is unlocked.

Other Important PeopleEdit

As many named NPCs that are or might become worth knowing are below.

Name Location Notes
Gargan Varies Raina's brother, a pain in the ass who hates you.
Xaven Adventurer's Guild, Slums Raina's Dad and head of the guild's Northmarket branch, also hates you[2].
Shally Tin Dog Tavern Likes you, doesn't mean she'll sleep with you, more to her history than she says.
Balof Agart SW Northmarket Alina's dad who you buy the manor from.
Amazing Old Man Alchemy Room Gives you items each day for 12 days, including a weapon's upgrade component.
Evanie the Sword-Saint Giant's Path General of the Second Legion of Kellos. You get to kick her ass but then she runs off before you can have fun.
Fiona the Gravedigger Kellos Fortress General of the Third Legion of Kellos. You get to kick her ass but then get interrupted before you can have fun.
Barst the Lion Eastfort General of the First Legion of Kellos. He gets to kick your ass (if you insist on pissing him off).
Gui Appears during Ain't no Party like a Search Party Dwarf fighter, also French for some reason, in Kyrie's Party.
Silas Appears during Ain't no Party like a Search Party Some mage in Kyrie's inferior adventurer party.
Lola Appears during Hour of the Beasts Bit of a bitch but has a nice ass, a named NPC so you'll probably see her again.
Mickele Periodic quests Guy with the worst luck when it comes to job security/safety.
Brogan So far, he appears during A Forge too Far and The Virgin Gynocides. Actor who owes the bank money; has a bit of cult following.
Ser Brigandine de Mont-Fleur Westcastle Noble District, Ser Brigandine's Houes Human swordswoman who speaks like a dwarf. Can teach the Hero new techniques. 
Doralice Honey Trap Nichola's fiance might become relevant further base on what you did at her party.

New character entries can use the Blank Character Template to standardize the pages. You will need to copy-paste onto new character entries.

Relationship PointsEdit

Each member of the Harem[3] has a numerical score of your relationship, called Relationship Points (RP for short). The starting value differs from person to person. Each time a relationship is upgraded, a bonus is received. This might be increased combat powers for Hero, increase combat powers for the character in question. Items, sex scenes (and satisfaction), daily sil income, or daily gift packs.

If a character starts out in the dungeon, they can be bribed with gifts to gain RP or sexually tortured to gain "submission". Submission is actually RP and adds to the same meter, this is intentional, choosing which to use is purely for your roleplaying enjoyment.

The tiers are:

  • 00-20 RP: Hate[4].
  • 21-40 RP: Dislike[5].
  • 41-60 RP: Neutral.
  • 61-80 RP: Like.
  • 81-100 RP: Trust.
  • 101+ RP: Starts a Love Quest or Respect Quest depending on their view of you.
  • Quest finished: Love or Respect.

References Edit

  1. You gain a small amount of affection after the Hero finish a day as a Phantom Knight.
  2. You are really popular with this family.
  3. And your male followers like Felix or Kevin.
  4. Starts in Dungeon.
  5. If applicable, she/he will be released from Dungeon.