Combat Items are weapons and other tools to use in combat. They are one use items, so be smart with them.


Scrolls will mimic the spells written on them. Damage and status effect chance are less than normal

Spell Targets Effect Aquisition & Cost
Acid Arrow Selected Acid, DEF debuff Agi's Fine Scrolls and Manuscripts, 120
Burning Hands Selected Fire, Chance to burn Agi's Fine Scrolls and Manuscripts, 120
Contamination All Enemies Venom, Chance to poison
Dark Bolt Selected Necrotic, ATK debuff Agi's Fine Scrolls and Manuscripts, 120
Fireball All Enemies Fire, Chance to burn
Flesh to Goo Selected High chance to instakill
Force Barrage All Enemies Force, Chance to knockdown
Frost Ray Selected Cold, AGI debuff Agi's Fine Scrolls and Manuscripts, 120
Healing All Allies Heals
Lightning Bolt Selected Cold, Reduces MP
Magic Missile Selected Force, Chance to knockdown Agi's Fine Scrolls and Manuscripts, 120
Mind Glare Selected Psychic, Minor chance to cause hallucinations Agi's Fine Scrolls and Manuscripts, 120
Murder of Crows All Enemies Necrotic, MDF debuff
Sleep 2 Random High chance to sleep
Sonic Boom All Enemies Sonic, Chance to deafen
Stormroar Selected Sonic, Chance to deafen Agi's Fine Scrolls and Manuscripts, 120
Venom Fang Selected Venom, Chance to poison Agi's Fine Scrolls and Manuscripts, 120


Explosions are nice to look at. They're even better in your enemy's face! A bombs' damage is increased by MAT.

Name Targets Effect Aquisition
Concussive Bomb All enemies Sonic, medium damage, 50% deafen Amazing Old Man
Grenado 2 Random Physical, low damage Some enemies
Hallucinogen Grenade 4 Random 100% Hallucinogenic, medium damage Amazing Old Man
Holy Hand Grenade 2 Random Radiant
Magical Firecracker 2 Random Force, low damage Northmarket Toy Store
Nail Bomb 4 Random Physical, Medium damage Amazing Old Man
Sticky Bomb Selected High damage, Force Amazing Old Man
Stink Bomb All enemies No damage, 80% Nauseate Northmarket Toy Store


Everything else, most damaging items will also key off MAT unless noted

Item Targets Effect Aquisition
Bottled Smoke All enemies 80% Blind Orc camp
MarkerLight Selected Radiant Damage, lots of it Amazing Old Man
Alien Lifeform Selected miss a turn- 100% chance, currently not consumed Amazing Old Man
Deadly Neurotoxin All enemies Medium poison damage,100% paralysis Amazing Old Man
Radioactive Dust Selected 100% Poison Amazing Old Man
Demon Dice Selected Very High Damage (LUK) *Secret*
Contained Singularity Selected Watch someone probably just die Amazing Old Man
Sleep Powder Selected 100% Sleep Amazing Old Man
Bag of Marbles Selected 100% Knockdown Northmarket Toy Store