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March 2015 Version 2 PlaythroughEdit


So I'm totally not just jumping on this trend of users making let's plays here! Nope not one bit! In all seriousness, while I'm not sure if anyone's interested in this, I actually planned on doing this a bit later, see I realized that I kinda need to do a new playthrough without doing daily dungeon or the money maker game to see how much that spikes up the difficulty for resources/strategy, for the sake of my guides if nothing else. I WAS going to do this when the next version came out that way I'd always be at the 'intended level', but after finding out about all that cool new daily dungeon stuff that will be added I instead decided to do this limited playthrough now, and in order to keep in touch with the level limitations that I want to see, instead of using the March version 3 release, I'll be using the version 2. So yeah, to try to clarify and make it easier to find, I'll be listing all the rules that I will be putting on myself for this.

1. I cannot ever use a daily dungeon (in this playthrough) 2. I cannot ever use the money-maker game (in this playthrough) 3. I must always have a full party (the first battle of the game is the only exception) 4. While I must use two codes to accomplish 3, I cannot utilize any items gotten from codes after I complete the intro (and no Wiki-tan in fights after the intro either) 5. I think that's it.... If something else crosses my mind I'll add it here.

That's more or less it. My update schedule will probably vary a lot since I actually have a fair amount of free time, focus and dedication are things that I often find myself in short supply of (which is also why I've never actually 'completed' a full playthrough of Harem Collector yet). I hope that those of you who read this will enjoy it or find some information to glean from it, and comments (especially praise, my ego likes positive feedback) are appreciated. Now then, let's see if I can manage to entertain you all while you wait for an update on one of the other two Let's Plays!

Edit: For anyone curious about how to get Wiki-tan or Cerulean, Cerulean is gotten by giving your hero the same name that I do. To get Wiki-tan you must enter a specific code, either in the name select screen or in the manor, to get this code for yourself you will have to contribute to the wiki. If any further clarification is needed on either of these tasks please let me know!

Day 1Edit

So I'm a bit tired, probably not thinking straight, paranoid brain trying to figure out what all of you are thinking as you wander into this thread.... Perfect time to start! So let's begin, obviously the first thing that will catch my eye in the intro like the other two Let's Plays will be the name selec-


Oh right, that message always catches my eye first... While I do have some thoughts on it, I imagine no one will care to hear them, and they're not anything really of importance, maybe even a bit political iunno, not really the time or place, especially since I'm clearly not that passionate with these particular thoughts. My possibly non-existent thoughts aside though, I do hope that this short message box does help cut down on some of the hate-mail that NoMoshing gets!

Now to naming my character! There are a wide variety of names that I could choose for our Hero, a name fitting of one full of future and fighting for righteousness such as he! However I'm obsessive and even in this playthrough I can't turn down some of the shiny bonuses that we can get....


So then we get the speech about how awesome our hero is! Oh the great many deeds he's totally done and not at all half-assed! So now to begin drinking ourselves stupid!


We talk to a few peop-


.... Well, seems the girls are keeping a close eye on Stark... Knowing both of these characters at least ONE of them has their eyes wandering a bit south of the equator.

Anyways, we drink, we black out, Gargan does things to our unconscious body or so the text implies. After waking up in the sewers, getting the sword, and starting the first battle I can't help but think that I'm a little over-prepared....


From what I can tell, this is the only battle in the game that you can't have a full party for (unless there's some other party member code I'm unaware of....). Not that it really matters, with how this version of the game treats experience, bringing even 2 people into this fight results in no experience (since the 1 experience point gets cut in half and rounded down). This issue of getting less experience then intended persists throughout the Lord of the Manor quest and is actually why I will admit that I think the experience system being changed is for the better, even if I personally loved the ability to power-level up through a good portion of the game via soloing.

We talk to people, pay off some debts, recruit a paladin, and ready ourselves for the most rigged gambling institution in the entire kingdom....


.... But I will have to wait until a different playthrough to take it on. Soon you will work for me old man, soon....

Anyways, time to take on a bunch of thieves hiding in the back-room. Being the morally upright player that I am, I decide to help out the church some.


You know, playing the April Fool's version of the game I found it a bit interesting doing the gambling den. I brought in a party of 3 and it seemed to cut down on the experience, so it didn't have the updated experience script of March version 3, however the spot that had the 100,000 sil had a money bag before talking to it (that somehow turned into a bunch of flowers when you talk to it from the angle you see in the above picture), which as seen in the version 2 isn't there (though if memory serves some previous versions did have that money-bag). What really makes it a bit interesting is that the April Fools version has the updated slave collar event, where you pick them up with the key, which isn't in March version 2, which means that the April Fools version takes stuff that hadn't yet been added along with not having all of the latest code stuff (and I think that money bag stuff is old stuff that was removed awhile ago). But now I'm just rambling to myself.

Anyways, this den is super easy, Wiki-tan is OP and can one-hit the thugs with a regular attack (though that's more because of her equipment then her natural stats probably), I don't even need to have her use any magic (I don't feel bad using her in here since there's no question that this can be done with just Hero and Therese). Cerulean is pretty weak, doesn't seem able to equip anything, has no skills at all, stats seem pretty average at best, and he takes like 90 experience to get to level 2 while everyone else takes 30 so he's going to be lagging behind in levels. Perfect party slot filler I'd say, contributes less then a 'full' party member while still ensuring that my experience gets cut into all the pieces that I want it to be cut into. I haven't seen him at anything other then level 1 so hopefully level 2 doesn't make him ungodly powerful.

We slaughter people, we free prisoners, we take a slave, we blackmail the real-estate agent, you all know how that goes. I'm also pretty tired and can't think of anything really to say that probably hasn't already been said. So I'm about to wrap this up and head to bed, but before I do, let's take a look at what experience Stark is at!


Had I not brought in as many party members as I did, would have made out with a nice 133 experience for the same fights. Like I said, I do think changing up the experience system was better for the game as a whole even if it does take out some of the fun of being able to 'game the system' like I would do.

Day 2Edit

So now for my adventures on the first day of the game! With how I like to play, this day is rather long so I'll just be doing it for now. First thing will be to get my healing set up, now normally in a solo playthrough this means encourage but since soloing is the opposite of what I want to do....


While it's usually a good idea to get encourage anyways I say since it's pretty good, I actually ran the math, since I'll be having this guy in my part (rendering encourage not so vital) I'd actually rather save getting encourage for later, this allows me to get the Amazing Old Man on day 2 without having to burn down the prosperous farms, saving me 400 sil (for now) that I can instead invest and get 40 sil for the end day stuff.

I guess now would be a good time to note that even though I'm trying to do this with limitations on my resources, it's more of to get an idea as to what you can POSSIBLY do without daily dungeon and money making game, it's not meant to be a 'what most people would do!' playthrough, this is so that I can have a better understanding what sorta finances someone will have available if they don't want to save-scum and get REALLY unlucky with the daily dungeons, along with getting a better understanding as to how to better use my party members for various quests (that's why I'm ensuring that I always have a full party, lowest level possible so that when the next version comes out, I'll be able to give advice that should help for all quests). Now, even though I know that the average player wouldn't do this, I will be digging up all buried treasure basically ASAP, as again this is about what they have access to them, any limitations one may go through either through their lack of knowledge or through their unwillingness to get as much as possible from the wiki advantage isn't really something that I can completely compensate for without ultimately being unable to give any solid advice in my guides, if they deviate so much from my guides as to render what advice I do offer useless, well then they'll just have to continue to deviate from it.

Anyways, time to get us some delicious debt to fund our all-knowing digging adventure!


So I buy the shovel, I dig everything up. I go and do pusher's lament, utilizing my all-knowing knowledge I earn money during it as well as get some pretty sweet loot. Personally, from a bit of a moral standpoint, Pusher's lament is a bit tricky. Because on the one hand I don't see how it's the government's business to lock up non-violent people who make bad decisions (in turn making them unwilling to seek medical help for their addiction making their personal situation worse) and making the prisons more crowded because some people got all authoritarian and decided that certain kinds of fun meant that you were a horrible human being. But on the other hand this guy probably isn't going to be giving his clients good stuff, probably the kind of cheap stuff to make himself more money probably at the expense of the customers (and a fair chance that his money will either be used for other criminal things or to pay people who will use money for criminal things). Then there's the whole bribing vs blackmailing thing where the threats made are more of the result of public opinion (rather then any sort of governmental entity or even threats of harm), but is still causing rather terrible considering this is just a person going about their own business.... At the end of the day, these guys are all pieces of code and I enjoy the loot and money that the quest provides so morality be damned, Middle Kingdom is messed up in the first place and it's not like I'm not hurting any real human beings.

Now my morality/political rambling aside, let's check out our cash!


Not quite enough. See, I want to pay off my debt to the bank, getting Doll on day 1 is something I always try to do in my playthroughs since it really helps her have a lot of experience, plus the alternative to do with that about 10k is to invest for Yamamaya, and the difference between spending the 10k for either of them on day 1 is either preventing about 500 in interest or getting 500 returns from the slavers a day earlier, but since the 500 in interest is 'earned' on day 2 it's more profitable sil wise to go for Doll, plus it lets her get in on all the experience of the Day 1 fights instead of missing out on a portion of it. Ah math, my good old friend, giving me slight comparative advantages like this 500 sil earlier (letting me invest it earning about 25 or so sil that I wouldn't if I went for Yamamaya first). Right so let's try to get ahold of another 7 sil to fix our debt issue, and I know JUST the place!


With this I go and pay off my debt and grab Doll, keep her name as Doll because I'm boring like that. I take Wiki-tan out of the party because she defeats the point of seeing how difficult things are given how she comes in with rather good starting equipment and a spell for almost every element, both single and multi-target ones even, which allows her to effectively be a damager/debuffer in EVERY situation, and that's even if you don't make use of the ability to make her stronger...

Anyways, I'm going to do the smuggling quest now since it gives us 840 sil which can be used to invest in stuff today, so let's see about making use of all the equipment that I have, and I've gotta thank Kotonaru's thread about hidden item stats I better understand how threat generation works! This helps me namely with one specific piece of equipment.


The fortified cloak. While most of my other goodies that I got from my sidequesting are heavy armor (and thus on Doll), I've actually been using the fortified cloak wrong in several playthroughs. See, since the Ogre doesn't do any magical attacks (as far as I know) I never really bothered to care who I put it on, so I just put it on Hero because he's got low resist, this is actually a bad choice. Since the Ogre has no magical or force attacks, the cloak offers no way to reduce damage in the fight, the only thing that it does offer in the fight is that it's Casual Armor, meaning that it gives a threat generation modifier of 0.9x, this is probably why I had trouble keeping Felix alive in other playthroughs where I took only Felix and Hero against the Ogre with no magic missile, since Hero had the fortified cloak it reduced his threat generation making him and Felix more equal.

So remember children, when you're going to fight a bunch of random enemies, they will think that the naked lunatic next to you is more of a threat then the little kid in in 'causal clothes' in the back healing everyone! I kinda wish that I had the Lucky hat for this fight but I had trouble getting the world map encounter with the dark seed at this point so I figure I'd hold off on trying to get the Lucky Hat, even though it would be good for the Hero (since luck it adds to physical damage at 1/4th the rate of attack, add in the increase critical chance stuff and it's good for an early game offensive hat). Anyways, Ogre time! Oh and I'm avoiding all other encounters because I want to save them to be strategically used exp piles.


All things considered, I actually got rather lucky in this fight, he didn't use poison, Felix was only silenced once (Doll and Hero never), he only buffed his attack once and that was a turn before I killed him. Things went pretty well especially since I didn't have encourage, Cerulean was hurting pretty badly since even a regular attack was able to do roughly 2/5ths of his max health, Felix was in a similar boat damage wise but thanks to making smart use of my equipment he only took like direct attack, and the shockwaves didn't hurt him that bad. Doll was basically always at first health thanks to her regen evocation, and Hero wasn't really attacked that often, but pummeling him with attacks and using Assault to beef up my damage output helped take him out quickly. Oh look at that, Doll and Cerulean are both level 2 now!... And Hero still isn't level 3....

Oh did I mention I had been doing all of the digging and side-questing off of memory alone? While I don't have an issue with using the wiki I have a pretty good memory for things that I enjoy, so I remembered a LOT. Though some things took me a few tries to remember correctly, like I thought the secret clock code was 6:10:05, rather then 6:10:50 that it is, but none the less I got everything! Though I did almost leave Giant's path without getting the two chests there!


Yeah, I don't have those chest memorized as much as the other items. But the important thing is that in the end I got them! So after that I didn't have much left for this day so I thought I'd take another crack at....


Yay I got the world map encounters that I wanted! But yeah, at this point I was about to go and do the Florine quest, but if you're playing the way that I am, you'll want to confirm what investments you want to do before you do it, since even though you'll get to spend the 1,500 reward before the end of the day, once you collect it you can't go into the manor without ending the day so you want to be sure what you want to do in terms of gifts, Apple Kid, and the Cannery at least before you collect that. I haven't invested in the cannery yet this playthrough but we'll see how I'm feeling tomorrow. I did though pull up the wiki to make sure that I would spend my funds EXACTLY (well, rounded to the nearest 50), because I'm that obsessive with optimizing.... Once I figured that out and dealt with the Apple Kid and gifts, I went on to do the actual quest.


Wasn't that hard, have Hero and Doll go after a Shaman if there's one there, have Felix and Cerulean go after a raider, and once all Shaman and Raiders are down, everyone go after a brute. It wasn't hard really, and it's not hard when you take a level 3 Hero and level 2 Felix to do it either. Most of the early game content is fairly easy to manage with proper strategy (er, health watching I should say), I mean the Ogre (who's the boss of a level 5 quest) isn't too troublesome to solo with a level 3 Hero, so really before a Forge Too Far, there's no real issue with carrying an extra party member, and once we hit there the average player will probably have 4 party members (thus I won't be having a super easy time when the average player would be having a difficult time, from what I can tell at least).

So we finish up the quest, collect our reward, and take a look at our sil since the orcs drop some pocket change, might have enough to invest in the flower girl if I'm luck-


.... For those of you who haven't been keeping up with my funds, I had about 620 before doing this quest, add in the 1,500 that you get for turning in the quest and I was expecting about 2,120 plus some pocket change. An extra thousand is going to help with some investments. Luckily it doesn't ruin my plan because I didn't plan on investing in the sitches store in Westcastle, which takes exactly 1,000, so I go and invest my money and that's basically the end of the day. Let's see how my Hero is doing experience wise for any of you keeping track at home!


Yep. He's just under level 4, if I didn't have Wiki-tan and Cerulean then he WOULD be level 4 for sure. I doubt that this slower leveling pacing will really ruin things, because as we get to the later levels the probably 100-300 experience missed (thus far) will become entirely irrelevant to one's ability to complete a dungeon, none the less being on the lower end of experience (for Hero at least) will definitely force me to be a bit more creative with my strategies.

Next update will probably be several days, since I won't have so much sidequesting that I'll be doing will be able to get in more actual content and all.

Day 3Edit

Right so I should really work out how to better grammatically differentiate which days I'm referring to, when I said days yesterday I meant the next update (now) will involve several in-game days, my bad! Also, for those curious, I edited the opening post to talk about how to get Wiki-tan and Cerulean, thanks for asking about that MaxEchidnaBat! Completely slipped my mind that anyone reading this wouldn't already know how to get the characters. Anyways, let's go!


So remember how I said I'd have enough satisfaction for the Amazing Old Man on day 2? Well I wasn't telling the full truth, I was only going to have 19 satisfaction which is one short. Taking this into account though, there are two ways that I can gain exactly 1 satisfaction on day 2, either I buy a magazine in the slums for 100, or I take advantage of 'A Forge Too Far' and go to Westcastle and watch the play and get one satisfaction directly. The latter costs 50 sil, and if you'll recall since I didn't buy the prosperous farm I was able to invest that 400 sil yesterday allowing me to get 40 in returns, meaning that I'm basically only spending 10 sil (not to mention I'll have that 390 saved sitting in the bank collecting interest before I buy the prosperous farms). I plan things out well. Anyways, since it doesn't matter if I get him first thing in the morning or not, let's head to Florine and sell all the shit that I've been collecting!


And this is how I manage to always have my debt paid off, invest in the Slavers, and get all the 10% return investments that I want by day 2. Anyways I go around investing in things, I also buy Energy Principals I for Felix from the Sourthport bookstore, even though it costs 850 it'll give him plenty of spells to work on learning until I complete the last part of 'A Forge Too Far' (and get a free magical handbook).

Oh, I guess now would actually be a good time to reveal something that I did the math for, currently it's not profitable to gift Florine if you spend money for all her gifts, if you go to raise her affection ASAP (that's 110 sil per day) then even if you raise her affection level twice (it takes 770 to get 25 per day from her, but the next 770 gets you 50 sil per day so if the first is profitable the second will be too) then you will have spent 1,540 sil on her, if we subtract 175 sil from that (the 25 per day from the first affection level for the number of days needed to raise her to the next level) then that's 1,365 sil left, so if we divide that by 75 it will then take 19 days to recover the cost of what we've spent on her (and that's not even factoring in interest we could have gotten on that investment!), given how we've already used 14 days to gift her and 1 day to recruit her, that means that until the game has 34 days it's not profitable to only buy Florine her favorite gift, and I know there can't be more then 35 days currently in the game, there were only 26 back in the October 2014 release and less then 10 days have been added since then (and if you add in the interest from the gifts, it will take more then 35 days to recoup your losses). Now what if we go with the cheapest route per affection point, that would have to be the lovely flower (Florine's favorite gift is 110 sil for 3 affection, roughly 40 sil per point, the lovely flower is 15 sil per point, it only gets beat out by Penelope's cake or daily dungeon gifts which are free), the problem with the cheapest gift is that it takes a lot of time to get the relationship up, to raise her by one level well take 20 days and as established earlier, you don't have even 40 days, however at the 25 sil per day mark it would only take 12 days to recoup the investment (and since 25 is more then 15 further expenses would basically already be paid for) which does mean that you'd hit profit at day 33 (not including interest, which may screw you over), but none the less it's just not a very great value. Aline has a similar situation, however it's also difficult to say that she's not profitable because it really depends on how you value the gifts that she sends you after her first relationship up, those can be rather nice, and given how her favorite gift is about half the price of Florine, plus you've got an extra day to gift her, and she's got a generic quest end scene (+5 relationship) she's certainly a lot cheaper then Florine... Hey if you didn't want to see all this in-depth math talk you shouldn't be reading the "Let's Play" of such a huge nerd.

Anyways the end of all this money stuff I am faced with two hard decisions to make regarding my money...


See, the first issue is I realize that after getting all the 10% investments (aside from the cannery) I notice that I have enough money to buy the Eastfort Condo. I wouldn't be buying it on this day, however I need to make the decision if I'm going to buy it on Day 4 now because I won't get the money back on Days 2 and 3 (I already know exactly what I'm doing on both of them). Normally this wouldn't even be a question for me, since I have so few party members I would say no, because I usually do the daily dungeons and the more fights you have before recruiting someone, the more experience they lose out (for the most part, sometimes some fights will get one or two party members more experience) so one of my goals is to recruit all the party members in as few days as possible so they miss out on as little experience as possible, but since I'm not doing the daily dungeons, I can recruit girls who don't involve dungeons in ANY order I want and my party members won't suffer. This means that I could get the condo and then the Eastfort storefront MUUUUCH sooner then I normally would. This could potentially net me a few extra thousand sil in the long run, however because this option is something that I'm only willing to even consider because I'm not doing the daily dungeons, I think that it'd mess up my sense of how quickly players get sil more then I'm comfortable with, plus it might also make it harder to get some love quests I'm not sure, so I'm mainly sticking to the basic outline that I use for my guides, though I do make some minor tweaks but it's still largely the same. I actually had to take a break from playing to figure out what I wanted to do for that decision, which is part of the reason why I'm posting this so late. Now for the other decision I have to make.


This is very important for how I'll spend my money, because if I choose to invest in the Cannery (no real point if you don't plan to be cruel to the kids since their lives are unchanged between investing and not investing if you aren't cruel to them) then I will only have about 5,000 sil left to invest, but if I don't invest in the Cannery then I'll have 6,000 that I can invest and there are 5% return investments for both of those values. Investing in the Cannery and one of the 5,000 businesses is slightly more profitable then the 6,000 business. This decision is always REALLY difficult for me to make, because I plan out what I'll do outside of the game, I'll pace, I'll pull out paper, I put a lot of time and thought into things, during this period of time I am emotionally detached from the pieces of code that you see in front of you, I'm thinking purely from the point of numbers, but once I get into the game I find it extremely difficult to go through with the mathematically superior choice. This is even further confounded because I'm not sure if investing in the Cannery would set me too far ahead of what the average player following my guides would experience in sil or not.... At the end of the day, I saved first, and invested. You can hate me if you want, but it's not like any real children suffered for this, the only suffering that actually happens is on your own end as you artificially attribute this 'human' identity onto these fictitious nameless entities. There's a reason why my brain manages to win the argument with my heart, because my brain not only sees that this empathy we are transcribing onto these characters serves no actual purpose beyond what we WANT it to but it also manages to view things from this more cold heartless point of view that is a bit hard to ignore because of the factual basis of what is said.

All that said, I actually REALLY love that this investment is in the game, I personally just find it really interesting how well it really allows us to experience treating these nameless pieces of code as if 'human', meanwhile the internet is filled with thousands of people who are able to be so nasty and horrible to one another because they fail to regard their fellow human being as 'human' (the internet isn't the only place it happens, happens in real life plenty, if it didn't people wouldn't look down on others for being poor for example and a lot of human history would not be so cruel....). And I think this investment does a VERY good job at being able to play around with your morals some, like Pusher's Lament may also be similar but I have a hard time finding that questionable because it offers you so many goodies, selling the nuns is also very lucrative but it's easy to push that moral choice out of your mind if you don't chat with Therese a lot, but the Cannery has this really amazing balance I think, it's just the subtle things, like how if you choose to be cruel to the children some of the sprites of the children change that draw my eye at least over to them, that if you talk to any of them they will be crying in their dialogue boxes making it almost impossible for you to not understand what you've done. The fact that so many people seem to want to invest in the Cannery and give the money to the children, effectively just making 600 sil disappear for no in-game advantage is quite telling of how extremely well done the Cannery is I would say.

Anyways, I got all my money problems out of the way now let's go and end- WAIT I almost forgot to get the amazing old man! Whoops!


We watch a play. I don't have a lot of comments on it because of my ADHD I've got a short attention span and I've never played the game it's about so for me it's mainly an exercise in mashing the continue button. But it gives 1 satisfaction for CHEAP! Anyways I recruit the amazing old man and talk to him. And now off to finish up this day! Oh right I guess I should mention since you guys can't see, in the name for this picture I put "Satisfaction Guaranteed!" because you get a satisfaction point at the end :D


Normally I would wait until day 4 to get Penelope since she's a not party member, but like I mentioned earlier without the daily dungeons the party members who I would recruit on days 2 and 3 normally aren't going to be missing out on any experience by being pushed back, and out of the day end events, Penelope is the most profitable sil wise so I can't say no to that (one of the slight tweaks I mentioned earlier). That said I do have to sit down and think sometime if I need her to still be in the first 4 days, back during the October release you HAD to get her in the first four days if you wanted to get her love quest without the timetuner or praising her during the Manor Assault. After I found this out, I later found out that you can praise her in the Manor Assault without penalty, and since her and Elaiya need 60 affection points for you to get their love quests I like to praise them both during that. That said, even though you can do that, you would still need to have Penelope before the Manor Assault and I make sure I trigger the Manor Assault on day 7 (to be able to recruit Therese ASAP, I try to recruit all party members ASAP, but Therese and Larelle are especially important for that), and it can get a bit tricky given Yamamaya's limitations (Since she can't be gotten before day 5, and it'll be 6 for me because I waited until day 2 to invest) and recruiting Doll 'officially' is necessary for the Manor Assault (if you recruit her unofficially beforehand like I have), but a low priority from me (since she won't lose out on any experience by doing Elvo's dungeon later) so those two are usually days 5 and 6 to ensure that my party members get as much experience as possible and to get the Sil from getting Penelope sooner.... Though I should look up to see if you get more by taking the money that you'd get selling the loot in Elvo's mansion and putting that in the bank would be more then 72 (80 from the farm minus the 8 that you could get by putting that 800 in the bank), because if so, now that you could put off Penelop's recruitment a day.... Oh that's right, it wouldn't be 80 from the farm it'd be over 100 because it'll be one less day of the sil at her HIGHEST level (you'll still get 7 days between each relationship boost so putting stuff off days means one less day at the highest return), yeah no way that you get over 10,000 sil from Elvo's mansion. Still, I should see if I want to put Penelope off until later, she does only take 20 some days if you get her after the Manor Assault, would probably let me get Bronwyn before the Manor Assault if I do that.... Hmmm.... Anyways, the day ends!


Title of this picture included "BUT AT WHAT COST!" in reference to the children I basically put to near-slave labor. But now you also get to see the fruits of my planning.... Okay digging up the rubies and doing the smuggling quest and then buying everything I could, same thing. Anyways, today I'm going to be getting Meline, if you'll recall I'm 7 experience away from a level up, and if I get that level up then Meline will have another 71 experience (joining at level 3 instead of level 2). I considered very carefully how to go about getting that 7 experience. It wasn't from lions or tigers let me tell you....


Title of this picture included "Bears oh my!" because I knew I had to :P. Anyways, while bears give 30 experience and I could easily level up by reading two books to get 10 experience, I've done this enough to know that I won't need anywhere close to all the experience laying around the kingdom to maximize the experience of all party members, once you hit a point you start needing thousands of experience to level up and there's like a single thousand of experience you can save until whenever, if that. As a result I chose to kill a bear because bears are the most profitable out of all the ways you can gain experience, and it's best to get as much sil out of these experience drops as possible, this got me another 300 (by selling the bearskin to the guy in huntervale). Check out the maximizing experience guide on the wiki if you'd like to be able to see how to do this stuff better in general! Anyways, I do my stuff, and onto enslaving our hardworking little sister who help keep us fed when both of us were scraping by. If she wasn't volunteering for this I'd probably have yet another moral issue on my hand.


Title of this picture included, "SHE KNOWS!" After she gets her magical angel powers, I go out to do my stuff for this day. The title of this next picture was very aptly chosen I think.


"Sorry Wrecca". Cerulean just can't compete with the other characters, you might like him, but to me he's just a party slot filler. Anyways I go do gifting stuff, and this day I actually take a bit of a loss of sil, I ended Day 3 with about 2,000 in the bank but I've gotta drop that to around 1,700-1,800 because there's a particular purchase I want to make....


Skills are always important. And I'm going to want to give that book to Therese after she joins my party, so I'm going to want to make sure Meline has already learned the skill. The only other tome she could learn from is a basic prayer book, but we're going to get TWO of those for free, so I buy this book instead. It's at this point that I remembered that I hadn't talked to the Amazing old man yet that day, so I go and talk to him, then I remember that I forgot to talk to him on day 3 FFFFFFFFFF-

Good thing I use separate save files for the end of each day so I loaded to before the end of Day 3 and go and talk to him. Fun fact, whenever I do a playthrough, starting with the third day at the latest I need to open my own 'Strong Wild Start' guide because I can never remember to do all of the 'chores' (mainly talking to the Amazing Old Man, I've never actually had him leave because of how often I forget to talk to him), the fact that I forget to do these things so often is why I put a list of 'chores' into that guide, because that way you can go to it and go through the list to make sure that you did everything, I even put things in strategical order, you don't sell vendor trash until you've fought everything that day, you don't gift people until you've sold your vendor trash (so that you don't have to withdraw cash from your bank), and you don't deposit stuff until the very end of the list when you're done using money. Anyways, I reload Day 3, I talk to the amazing old man (only thing that I forgot to do) I enslave my sister yet AGAIN, and I do the chores for day 4. Now with that out of the way let's see how Hero's doing experience wise....


The reason I'm checking now is because I'm going to recruit Elaiya, and at least in runs where you don't have a full party she joins your party during the boss fight (I'm not sure if she does, as an inactive member, when you go in with a full party), which means that during solo runs you get 223 experience before you reach her so you want to factor that into checking when you'll level up to maximize her experience. Now I can't just take that number and divide by four because that's not how the experience works in this game, as seen with Ratard, experience always rounds to the nearest integer, so thanks to Thormented going in and recording the experience value of basically every encounter in the game (at least as of the December release) I go in and I divide each fight aside from the boss by 4, round down, and that's what I'll be getting before she joins my party (I assume, I'll want to test to make sure of that sometime). I'll be getting 82 experience, which means that I'll need 134 more experience to level up before she joins my party, and let's go to the maximizing experience guide to see how much experience is needed to go from level 3 to level 4, it's 133..... I'm exactly 1 experience point away from it being equal either way for her, well guess that means she'll be joining at level 3!


Easy peasy, Hero attacks a green slime, Doll and Meline (who have the lowest attack) attack a green slime if there's more then one, Felix attacks a blue slime for most of the dungeon. Against the boss? Basically the same thing, just make sure to have Meline use her radiant spell on the boss after the slimes are gone since he will use some physical attacks, and have Felix use his ice spell that his book gives him to lower the guys agility, Doll tanks, and Hero uses assault when he can, it's very easy. And tomorrow I'll have a fair amount of money to spend because the Amazing Old Man will give me some really nice vendor trash hehehe.

For those who are interested, Hero's experience at the start of day 5:


I'm tired. Some more swords and potions 2 and then off to bed with me.

Day 4Edit

So with Seil's Let's play finished, and NoMoshing putting his on hold now you all find yourselves at MY mercy MWAHAHA- heeey, where are you going? Come back, I promise to be nice!

Anyways, it occurred to me that a much easier way to check to see if Elaiya 'joined' the party officially before or after the boss fight last time is to look at her experience, if it's higher then 101 then she joined before. Let's see....


Yep. Anyways, chore time, make sure that you sell those slime jars from earlier properly!


Weird kid, but he's absolutely fucking loaded. This kid pays you like a thousand a day when you get the slime daily dungeon, and he'll never stop. I don't mind parting him from his unlimited money, and neither should you! Then I go and do gifts. Which means....


Hey, I may be cruel to children, but at least I gave Felix his name back!.... Solely so that I'd get this relationship boost ASAP but details >.>. Now, since we can't get Yamamaya today, we're going to finish up 'A Forge Too Far'. Now this quest actually requires some forethought, you can't just go running in with Hero and Felix on Day 1 and expect to win. Not only that but now I've got 5 party members I'm willing to use, so now we're going to be looking at making a strategical team... Hmm....

Let's start with the basics, you always want Felix. His access to spells helps him compete by having a variety of elements, and now only can he heal a fair amount but by having the only party heal in the game he's the only one who'll be able to save your party in a pinch. For the most part the dungeon part isn't too difficult, but you do want to watch out for venom imps, but I've got the chicken soup for the soul to heal poison so I can give that to Felix during the dungeon and give it back to Meline before I end the day if needed. However the boss at the end includes a healer, which means that you want some fire magic, and while Felix has that I'd just feel more comfortable bringing Meline as well. This leaves the question of Doll or Elaiya. Since my options are a dedicated tank or a glass cannon, I'm going to want to make sure someone can tank. Thinking about it, since this is early on I think that I'll take a risk and see if I cam make this setup work...


I'm going to try to make Hero tank, unequipping his sword, giving him Doll's shield, and messing around with equipment so that he has high threat while everyone else had reduced threat. It might work, so why not try it out? But if we're going to do this we're going to want to give Hero some way that he can help out aside from just damage sponging, because I've used damage sponges in FF3 and Bravely Default, let me tell you, they really hinder your DPS (though sometimes they can make the world of difference in actually keeping your party alive, dual-shield viking constantly provoking the final boss sure kept the pain off of everyone else), so if he's going to be soaking up damage he'll be building up momentum, let's get him something other then Assault to use that for shall we!


Encourage or Blazing Aura.... Hard question. Since I don't have a lot of healing and my party will be mainly squishies, I think encourage will be good, so let's try that out! Now, please be aware, I haven't done a playthrough of this game in awhile, especially not one that wasn't a solo run, so let me tell you, I was in for a bit of a shock....


Encourage targets a single party member. Thiiiiiiis was pretty bad for me. See I went in here with a pretty bad strategy, since encourage can only heal one party member it becomes impractical to try to keep your team alive with it (while before, even though it healed only a little, by getting all four party members it could effectively heal minor wounds helping save some mana from mages, and the defense boost was helpful too) it became hard to manage HP since I'm rather cheap and didn't want to risk blowing through all my limited MP right in the beginning. You'll probably notice in this fight my teammates were hurting pretty badly, yeah that was another issue, Hero wasn't generating threat as quickly as I thought he would, so my squishes were getting hit a fair amount, without his sword Hero's damage was negligible, and Elaiya? As much crap as I've given Hero for missing in the past, I'm going to have to make sure I don't do that again because she was missing a lot more... And wasn't hitting as hard when she did hit. I just really flubbed it with my choices for my physical units, and my magic units paid the price.... I reloaded and redid thing. I brought Doll instead, and since encourage isn't really that useful anymore but I'm super cheap and Doll's Evocations use MP, I want with blazing aura instead this time. Damage was a lot higher because Hero was hitting harder and more often then Elaiya, Meline and Felix weren't under as much pressure since they weren't getting hit as often, and since I wasn't so stingy with my MP things went a lot better in general. I didn't get to use blazing aura that often because it's got a bit of a high momentum cost, but let's see how much MP it heals when you use it. Be aware that it gets the whole party.


WELL MY MP CONCERNS ARE GONE. It might take a lot of momentum to use, but you can always have party members guard constantly when there's only one enemy left and you've almost got enough, since guarding does give 4 momentum (while a successful regular attack gives 5), and it makes for a pretty good way to ensure that you don't have MP troubles during dungeons before the rhinestone glove. This was just an all-around better setup for the dungeon, and given how good blazing aura is, I think I see why Seil loves his all magic setup, Felix is basically needed to keep your team alive sometimes, Meline is rather powerful allowing her to be a bit of both a damager and a debuffer, and with all the nice spells you can get from tomes Larelle would have a pretty good variety, and Hero able to bring this level of MP into the fights long enough to actually run you out on MP? Pretty legit strategy, mages are OP man :P, joking aside let's continue shall way.


I'm starting to wonder if I'm actually just a horrible person deep down, but it's so hard to not choose the option that gives SO MANY SHINIES when you know that no one will be harmed in the gathering of all this epic loot. Oh well.


This fight. This fight can annoy me sometimes, but not because of the fight itself but because I've accidentally missed it a few too many times. When you're on the second floor, run straight to Elvo if you want to fight him twice, and being the person who wants all the experience and all the money, of course I want to fight him, if you talk to the dresser on the other side of the room before you fight this battle, it'll disappear forever. You can also miss both of the fights dealing with the bathroom on the first floor, but that's more of if you complete the dungeon before doing those if I recall correctly. Anyways, this fight isn't that hard, and I don't hold back on magic stuff because I can always blazing aura my MP back to full.


Iunno about you but I like to always take out the healer first. It's just standard practice. But then again very few RPGs give you fair access to reduce healing received (which is what the burn status does) so my natural instincts might not be where they should be. I also went to Elvo after the healer because if I recall he's got lower HP. That said I should have had Meline keep the jellyfish dazed, with his multiple attacks and ability to use strong attack for all of them it made things more difficult. Meline would be just fine throwing out the occasional radiant spell on the jelly fish, could have even burned him to make sure the fairy didn't heal up that health so that I could go immediately from the healer to the tank of this fight. Though there is some fun dialogue if you defeat Elvo before you beat both of the creatures he summoned, and Elvo's battle sprite sticks around even though he's not target-able. Ah the little things, they really make this game a lot better I think.

Now then, back tot he slime guy, then to Florine to sell the rest of the trash, then to the bank to withdraw all my money and let's see what I have...


Perfect. See I could have spent 7,500 before the mansion on the maid bar in Westcastle, but I held off on doing it because I knew that I might have 11,000 after doing the mansion. This means that I can invest in the Eastfort and Southport pubs! Also I'm aware that it might be better to save the money for Chimei, but part of this is to get a feel for how long it takes to get her if you don't do the daily dungeons, which means that saving up large sums of cash kinda go against what I'm trying to figure out. Plus also on some of my playthroughs, I found in certain situations it didn't matter if I invested or not, I'd get the money for Chimei at the same time regardless so best to go the more profitable route I say, but I can't for the LIFE of me remember how the hell I found myself in those situations. Probably because with daily dungeon giving me another thousand sil per day, and using the money making game for yet another thousand, I had triple the cash coming to me then I do now so recouping the money for the investments was basically a few days (not to mention money from quests that I did).

And yeah, because I have to spend a lot of time with family I kinda get rather exhausted from various other things so between that and having to restart the dungeon today, I'm kinda done for tonight. I had planned on getting Yamamaya, but sorry. I'll get her tomorrow and do the Manor Assault as well, least I don't have to do chores the day of the Manor Assault. See you tomorrow!

And don't worry, I remembered to get a picture for any of you wanting to keep track at home:


He's only level 5.... I feel so weak, if I was soloing I'd have reached level five on day 1..... This is goddamn day 5, I should be level 8-9....

Day 5Edit

So I kinda forgot to get started onto the playthrough until pretty late so I'm tired as hell.... But I already didn't give you guys something yesterday and I may have to not give you guys stuff soon because of reasons, so fuck it I decided to push on through and play today! Was going to stay up some anyways, and the manor assault isn't that long, right so here we go! Where did we leave off? Right upgrading our sword!


Well fuck you too Kevin. In his defense though, the place could use a little cleaning up... Anyways we upgrade our sword, and move onto the next day! No fighting today but we'll be recruiting Yamamaya whi- FUUUUCK. I forgot. So after I finished playing last time I knew that it'd be better to gain a level BEFORE I upgraded my sword, that way all the money I get from it could be invested and all that! Going to be fighting a few bears after all! So restart 3!


So now I'm looking at my experience, looks like three bears would do it and.... You know, I just realized, 30 experience from the bears is when you Solo it, which means that I'm only getting one fourth of that.... Let's make sure that one bear I fought before was enough to gain a level, 30/4=7.5, rounded down that's 7, which is actually EXACTLY what I needed, wow.... I'm pretty tired so let's make sure that I'm right, and see what my experience is after fighting one bear.


Yep, 7 experience. Well that changes everything, now instead of fighting 3 bears, we're going to slaughter all remaining bears and then move onto the next profitable controllable source of experience.... That would be the raccoons, I fight the first raccoon battle, the one with 2 of them, it gives me 14 experience, I then go to the Northmarket Slums and do the warehouse encounter for 16 experience, this is 2 more then what I needed but hey, it's worth it for the money that you get. Let's check to see what I'm at after selling all that loot to the guy in huntervale.


Sigh Seems like I made a few lapses in judgement the last time I played. See, if I had realized I'd have all this money (there's also another couple hundred in the bank) I would have been able to invest in the Southport Pub and the Westcastle Maid Pub, which would net me another 250 sil (125 when I end Day 5, and another 125 when I end Day 6). Not only that but I could have also saved myself some money on Day 5 if I remembered that you get a clockwork amusement in Elvo's mansion, I ALWAYS forget that so I almost always buy two on the day I'm going to do his mansion when I should only buy one. Oh well, this isn't enough to really ruin playthrough stuff, just disappointing, and part of the reason why I make sure to do these playthroughs, helps me see when I forget simple things like this. Anyways, NOW I end Day 5. I do chores which includes gifting.


Oh yeah she starts at 61 relationship in this version, well that's convenient for me. Now that I've got my chores finished I'm ready to end Day 6, however since tomorrow is the Manor Invasion I want to try something.... Let's see if it works.... So after I set up my mysterious little experiment, I go and talk to the slaver who's just hanging out in my manor as if he owns the place or something!


Now, let's see what kind of company Hero keeps in his bed shall we?


BOO-YAH! Totally called it! Now before I stroke my ego and talk about this choice of party, I would like to comment what it means that these two were able to join battle as Hero was waking up, it means that they are in the same room as him while he sleeps. Cerulean I can understand, like a dog at the foot of your bed, but I have to question some of Hero's sleeping arrangements if he shares his bed with Wiki-tan! I mean seriously, there's a being with a female figure in his bed right next to him that he hasn't had sex with? For shame!

Anyways, onto my rant thing, I realized after my last play session that since the manor invasion messes with your team, I'd find my rule 3 (always have a full party) a bit stressed, but then I remembered these two who I figured NoMoshing hadn't put in code to remove them from your team since the game in general treats them sorta like floating apparitions, they're there but they're never acknowledged. Black out and find yourself in a random sewer? Don't worry your faithful wolf and robot are right nearby. Anyways, yeah, so I put them into my active party before ending Day 6 because if I hadn't, they'd probably remain not in my active party. I may have said no Wiki-tan after the intro, but given the ease of the common fights here and how rule 3 trumps 4, I keep her for the couple of fights that I need her for. Now after taking care of those enemies and Meline being upset and choosing not to fight, I head down to the foyer, making sure to go by Alina's room just in case.


Damn that girl is DEDICATED. I mean it was one thing to give her money and find the first shipment of lead bars BEAT you home, but to find them this early in the morning in the middle of an assault by the church? The delivery personal in Middle Kingdom are hella dedicated, in the real world the worst they usually deal with is sleet and snow!

Anyways, I make sure to do the fights that get me party members back first and foremost, more experience, no reason to not grab them. I also usually like getting them in the reverse order that I originally got them, because that way Yamamaya will get the most experience, then Elaiya, etc., it helps level them out, though one could easily argue that Felix should get priority since he's actually probably the single best character for your party currently. When Didi and Yeon get added to the game (Hero, Felix, and those two are the buffers/healers of the game) Felix will probably drop considerably in how much he is needed for a lot of team setups, but until then Felix is probably the most bang for your buck experience wise. I go and take care of the rooms, starting with the minion rooms, going to save the boss for last because I said so.


This is a really nice reward. The experience from most of the battles during this quest isn't a whole lot, especially not with a full party, but these nail bombs are limited time only so it's DEFINITELY worth the trade off. And this is coming from a guy who hasn't used a single item in the game yet, not even the stat boosters!

Also I'm trying out Yamamaya in my team during this quest, to try to get a feel for her, I've used Elaiya quite a bit in other playthroughs and I tried her out some in Elvo's, so I'd rather see some of what Yamamaya can do. I am enjoying her strong attack technique, it gives her something to use her momentum during minor encounters and it doesn't even use up her MP. She's hitting a bit more often then I was seeing out of Elaiya during my last session, but to be fair Elaiya is ALSO hitting more often this session then my last session, so I probably was just really unlucky back then. Anyways, I continue on and eventually get to the boss.


Not that hard, go after the battle sisters first. Therese might use cover, but cover usually take a few different uses to get it to work consistently unless you're unlucky. Meanwhile the sisters have low HP and they can buff both defenses along with healing! So have Felix drop a fire spell on them since all three of these opponents can heal and have the rest of your team fight, have Hero drop an Assault to boost the DPS, have Doll use defender if you're worried (since Therese may attack), and if Yamamaya has 20 momentum at the start of the battle or more, have her use one strong attack on each of the sisters and two on Therese. I found that the sisters went down after a few hits, which given how they can buff defenses again further means that you should go after them first, they can make the battle a lot longer and they're super squishy, the exact reasons that general RPG principal is to go after the healer. Therese takes awhile longer to go down, but hitting her with a fire spell to prevent any healing of her own from being effective and then just throwing whatever remaining momentum you have at her should take her down pretty quickly. And with that out of the way....


My first clearly moral decision, yay! In truth part of the reason I went for this is because the money you get from selling the nuns is quite large, to the point that I wouldn't be able to effectively gauge how much money who DIDN'T sell them would have, so even if it WOULD be worth it, the entire reason I'm doing this playthrough determines would be defeated by selling them. In this playthrough, the morality of the situation didn't come into play at all.

I then do as I always do after this mission, I praise Penelope and Elaiya, since they need 60 for their love quests and you can praise them both without penalty, seems like the perfect fit if you ask me. And to finish off this session we have to look at Hero's experience!


Also, as an FYI, starting next session, I'm also going to be sharing (typed out, not in a picture) the sil that I've got. I haven't been doing it thus far because I've been working on investing and all, however with the money that I've got now one of the first things I'll be doing in my next session will be investing in the maid cafe, which will then mean that the next big ticket item for me will probably be Chimei, so figure that some of you might be interested in my sil growth.

Day 6Edit

Right so may not be able to do something tomorrow, some stuff going on, we'll see. Anyways, for tonight. We begin where we left off, on Day 8, and first thing's first, always do the chores. Look at that Alina gained an affection level! Let's see what our resident Tsundere left for us!


Not bad. Anyways we continue with the gift giving.

Oh, I guess now would be fine to share a bit of a fun fact. If I had gotten Meline on day 2 instead of Penelope, like I usually do, then she would have mastered Chicken Soup for the soul after the Manor invasion, which would mean that I could immediately give her a basic prayer book. I forgot about this before, and I remembered because on the Day 5->6 transition (or was it the 6->7 transition?) Felix mastered Smouldering Ash, and I remembered that Meline WOULD master cleanse body had I gotten her a day earlier. Some other tomes might take longer, but these early tomes at least take 5 day ending sequences for the first spell to be mastered. I'm keeping Felix with Energy principals for now so that he can finish it off, then he'll get the magical handbook, then either the necronomicon or Doctor Weird, depends on the situation. Though thinking about it, I should have probably given him the magical handbook after he mastered Smouldering Ash, agility down probably won't make a huge difference to have the for days 6-10 (or 7-11), and it would ensure that the magical handbook was ready for Larelle.... Oh well, we'll see how things go. Anyways, back to gifting.


See, I kinda haven't been save scumming for good trophy drops like I usually would, so as you can see my monster fang stock is pretty darn low, as a result I've chosen to not give any to Kevin this playthough, it may cost me some sil in the long run but with a very limited stock of these (especially since I'm not doing dailies) I want to save them for where they'd be most useful, and getting Yamamaya's love quest is definitely a must. Anyways I finish giving out gifts, and Penelope has a relationship up, yay! And after investing in the Westcastle pub I'm left with 2,000 in the bank.... Hmm....


I decide to begin working on these. I'm already gaining over 2,000 a day and I'm going to be doing quests again which give quite a good payout, so now seems like an excellent time to get working on this, afterall it's actually got some nice stuff, two dark seeds, a satisfaction, the KRAKEN, and an accessory that increases experience (only by 1% and Hero can't equip it sadly), still I don't want to push it off too long.

Anyways, time to do the zombie que- WAIT A MINUTE


Almost forgot to whip Therese, for being such a naughty girl. That would have been bad, it's like the only thing she has to look forward to in her cell, all alone with the man of her dreams running about getting other girls while she finds herself locked in an epic struggle between her morals and her heart. Now let's go and make life in the dungeon a bit easier by letting her have someone to talk to, after all humans are social creatures, and it's not like we're trying to ACTUALLY torture these girls, just make them orgasm so hard they develop Stockholm syndrome!


To accomplish this I decide to bring Meline for her radiant spells and Felix for his heals, buffs, and fire spells no problem. The question then becomes who to bring between Elaiya, Yamamaya, and Doll. I personally don't think you need a dedicated tank for this quest, since if you know how to game the blessing buff right, most of your characters will have good enough stats that they can handle the situation no problem so I think that Elaiya or Yamamaya would be better. Elaiya I would be a bit iffy with personally without a tank in any situation, blessing may do a lot but she's still a glass cannon, what really wins me over with Yamamaya is her strong attack technique only takes 5 momentum. Most of this quest will be a rush to kill enemies before they get to attack, however Elaiya needs 20 momentum to use her barrage so you'll probably only get to use it in about 50% of the fights if that, while you'll probably have 90% that Yamamaya can use her strong attack from the start, this means that Yamamaya will be REALLY good for clearing out spooks, and the fact that she's got a good mix of both survivability and DPS edges her out above Doll and Elaiya for this quest I say.

Equipment wise I give Hero the Cloak of Resistance, it may only reduce thunder damage but it still increases resist and Hero and Yamamaya are hurting in that department, I give Yamamaya the Fortified cloak because that reduces force damage which given how she's got about half the base resistance as Hero will be a LOT more useful on her. Felix and Meline should be fine because they both have school uniforms (thanks to Elvo's manor giving me one for Meline), which according to Kotonaru's thread about item properties, they reduce damage taken by force attacks to 80% (so -20%) which added with their already high resistance will really help them stay alive. I also equip the armor to have Hero and Yamamaya draw more threat, though in hindsight I should have given Yamamaya the lucky hat to increase her base damage and critical hits, and given how she not only attacks more often then Hero but will be using strong attack and rage would really help her damage wise, plus it would mean that Hero with the higher resistance and more HP would be drawing more magic attacks his way, added in that getting hit more would increase his momentum to let him heal MP sooner against I should have had him be more tanky, but hindsight is 20/20. Now let's get on with the actual quest.


This buff is amazing. Increases physical attack, defense, and critical hit chance by a lot. Not only that, but this one is free, so you should get it. I've referenced in several other threads and on my walkthrough, but I'll state it here clearly, that blessing runs out based on steps, not time (a common misconception). NoMoshing stated so himself, and unless things have changed since he said so, it's 2,000 steps before it runs out. So I usually like to go at speed 'S' myself when I have it on, it's a lot easier to avoid taking an extra step here and there then the fastest speed, but it's still fast enough that I don't feel bored out of my mind, but that's me.

Anyways, the zombies are super easy, I outline tips on how to take care of them on my walkthrough, but I've generally found it to be easiest to hit the guy on the right, then head to the left and take out all five enemies that spawn on the left, if you see a guy coming from the right (who will be the second spawn from the right) then you should have killed all the ones from the left, kill that guy and head right again to kill the final guy. I choose NOT to let the Inn be destroyed, partially because I didn't want to keep track as to which zombies to kill and not, but mainly because it tends to be hard for me morally, and 3,000 might be nice, but it's not a daily income like the cannery so it's not as enticing to me. Plus hey, it means that I get to kill more zombies.


Now for the boss. One suggestion I have is try to keep the Bard burned, I've found out from some solo playthroughs that he can recover health some, I'm not entirely sure how or how often, might be regen, his singing badly might heal him some, iunno, but when you solo this quest without getting blessing trust me, you basically have to do 2x his max health to take him down because you take so long to kill the backup dancers that he gets back to full health after each spawn. This is one of the reasons it's nice for Felix to have Smouldering Ash, because he can throw that onto the Bard while Meline uses her radiant spell on the backup dancers. Thinking about it, probably would have been a good idea to have Felix with Magic missile, he could focus on doing that to the bard while the other three took care of the backup dancers, once the bard was knocked down he'd throw a fire spell to keep him burned, and then knock him down again. This would have also helped because things got a little tricky as he buffed some of the backup dancers and I got unlucky a few times and took a couple turns longer to kill the backup dancers then I expected, letting them do a real number on one or two of my teammates. It's all physical attacks though, so between Hero and Yamamaya drawing threat and that blessing, it's not that hard. And for all your hard work you get a REALLY nice accessory for your mages...


This glove is great. Not only does it boost magic and recover MP per turn, it will also recover MP after several steps, this means that effectively you can fully heal your party with a healer, and use this glove to fully heal everyone's MP between battles. I won't be doing that this dungeon because blessing has us on a strict low-step diet, but I'll probably be doing this on some later dungeons. This glove also makes good for when you want to use Blazing Aura on some fights, as you can have Felix heal people with this glove helping him recover MP while you work on building up the 40 momentum to fully heal everyone's MP. Now into the forest!


Ah the spooks. I always make sure to go North after entering the forest because again, low-step diet going on. Spooks aren't that bad, you just throw everything at them IMMEDIATELY. Which for me is just everyone attacks, Yamamaya uses strong attack if she has it, no reason to waste MP on these chumps. Only 2 or 3 of them managed to attack before I killed them, and thanks to my nice distribution of force reducing equipment, it didn't hurt that badly to even take 2 PK rockin's in a row. Felix would heal us up as needed, but thanks to the Rhinestone glove he never ran out of MP this entire dungeon.


Don't forget to get the three chests and the dark seed now! I even have several tricks for saving steps like here's one of them....


Only go for the Save point when you're heading 'West' from this screen, you won't waste any steps and you'll still get it. I also like to hit the save point for the intro, then go and get a wrong path and save using it the next time I enter. I also grab the chest near this building along with the spook between that chest and the lumberjack after a wrong way in this place, again to save steps.


Now these guys are where you want to heal up. They only do physical damage, come in groups of one, you know exactly when you'll encounter them (if you know the answers to the puzzle that is), so you can just guard a bunch, have Felix throw out some heals, and have Hero use a blazing aura when you're ready to get everyone to full MP. Might be a good idea to do some damage on him while you're waiting for that though, since they do have a fair amount of HP, blessing and high defense may help reduce their damage really low, but it won't be completely gone. Also, did these guys stop dropping shields as loot? I actually save-scummed a bit to try to fight a couple of these guys over and over to try and get a shield because before at least they used to drop a shield.... Huh. I didn't keep track how many times I reloaded though, mainly because to me it was 'save-scumming' rather then 'restarting', I didn't make a mistake I was just cheating, so while I'll still keep up with the restart counter as per my judgement, you all can consider it null and void because I've got no clue how many times I reloaded. Didn't get a shield though.


Anyways, for my 69th image in this let's play, I have the second boss of this quest! Go for the spectre first. Do not stop to buff, do not pass go, do not collect $200. You could heal if you need it, but KILL HIM DEAD. He's got force magic and hits hard, meanwhile he's a push-over compared to Larelle next to him. After I dealt with him I tried to take down Larelle but that's actually not a good idea, it is when you're soloing because you've got the defense to make the meat shields to do basically no damage on you (with a much higher level, all the best armor, and double encourage boosting your defense), however without all that defense blessing alone isn't enough to reduce the damage the meat shields do low enough, and they've got much less HP then Larelle, so take them out first, then with all the others gone, Felix should be able to keep everyone's health up just fine as you gang-beat Larelle. Sad that it's not a gang-bang considering that the other two who'd be joining you would be Meline and Yamamaya, but oh well. And I don't collar her, I like break my slave's minds myself, not just slap a collar and let it do the work. All things considered that went rather well especially considering that I haven't had Kevin upgrade anyone's weapons (aside from the Pig Iron upgrade he does).

Now for the end of the session stats (be aware that I haven't collected either reward from completing the quest just now, or sold any of the loot):


Household Income: 2,664 sil (plus Apple Kid and Alina's gifts) Current Money: 3,687 on hand, 1,089 in the bank.


Day 7Edit

Well I do have another session today! Sadly though it's going to be sorta.... really.... extremely short. See I was going to do some more today but well, couple people in my life kinda had some extreme emotional stuff today and I had to help them calm down, was a bit draining and took awhile but got it done.... ANYWAYS, I did make sure to get in some play stuff! I actually wanted to try out 'Stuck in the Middle With You' today, but I just don't have a full quest in me so instead I'm just going to a couple days worth of chores. Enjoy!


Figured best to start the day here, not bad. Anyways, after equipping a basic prayer book onto Meline but before I go gifting I figure that I should go and take care of all the money that I earned from the zombie quest. I sell the furs to the guy in huntervale, I sell the coins to the guy in the Eastfort bank, I collect some rewards from the Mayor and Priest in Lumberhill, and I collect the adventurer's guild reward, and then I sell the rest of my trash to Florine. Along with the money I started the day with I have...


For those who don't want to scroll up and do the math, I earned 9,897 sil from all that selling of loot and collecting of rewards, half of it came from the guild alone. This is one quest that gives you a rather far sum of money. Anyways I then go around gifting (manage to stock up on some lovely flowers!) and all of that stuff, nothing big. Now let's check out the bizarre.


Title includes "Better not release it". Haha.... NoMoshing probably put better ingame jokes but I'm tired so whatever >.> Anyways I am just about to finish my day when I realize that I forget to pay my slaves-to-be a little visit, now THAT would have been cruel, these girls are probably pent up after having such a dashing Hero come into their lives and introduce them to his hyper weapon, if I don't come down to give them some 'attention' they might go crazy with all that pent up stress or something! Totally! Not a crazy sadistic rapist/kidnapper at all! And with THAT out of the way onto how I'll be ending the day. One word....



Anyways, after that I then start to do things for the next day, I grab the gift which was 6 Tin Dog Brews, I start to do my tasks, notice something up (keeping it a secret for now), get around to getting gifts (but make sure to torture the girls in the dungeon before I forget AGAIN), but if you'll recall I only had two monster fangs that I've used up so I ended up needing to go to the trophy shop to exchange one of my shiny bits (since I've got 7 and they're pretty easy) for a monster fang.... Except in my tired induced state I accidentally ALSO select another trophy to trade, and since you can't cancel once you've selected an item to trade I'm stuck spending 25 sil to lose a pocket tome. I say fuck it and reload (restart 4!), only I see that my most recent save was before I torture the dungeon girls.... So I say fuck it and decide to call it a night. Figuring that I'll end with getting the maids on Day 9 I delete the image of the beer and the mysterious thing that I noticed, even emptied the trash bin.... Like I said, I'm tired. So you guys will just have to wait until next session to learn what this mystery thing is WooooOOOOOo-oooOOOO or whatever noises a ghost makes when it's doing haunting stuff. Works out for me because I was going to be getting the condo on day 10 if I did it tonight, and that's a bit expensive, trying my hand at the Bronwyn quest tomorrow would be much preferred, add to my money (if only through loot) rather then losing it.

Experience is the same as before. Household income: 2,664 sil Money: 2,664 sil on hand, 12,264 in the bank.

Sorry again about the shortness of this!

Day 8Edit

Okay so I know that I said I wouldn't do this while I was tired, to be honest I thought I'd be able to get through the day and upload it today before it got so late for me, however well.... I ran into a bit of a snag that more or less doubled the length of this day, so my options were to break it into two parts (which I don't want to), upload it tomorrow (which I've already made you guys wait enough), or do it this late. I chose the last one, but unlike every other session, I've got music playing which really helps me think. Anyways, let's begin this session with a whopping 24 images.

So last we left off, I had to basically restart Day 10 and left you guys with what will probably be a bit of a disappointing cliff-hanger. Let's see what this grand mystery that I was talking about was!


It's raining. This is why I didn't want to restart Day 10 completely even when I didn't save, because I like to encounter a day of rain when it's not a problem (for getting lovely flowers or one of a few investments) so that I can start the Bewithy Woman quest to do at my leisure. Since it only requires that it rain to start it, and once you start it you can do the real part of the quest during any weather, I like to grab it for my quest log. Let's take care of the chores then do that!


Funny note: Even though the quest level recommendation was reduced from when it was first introduced down to be 15, if you get the quest this way at least the dialogue for when it's added still says that it's a level 18 quest. But it doesn't give us any party members, nor is it even a guild quest so we won't be doing it anytime soon. Now as I mentioned before, I want to try out 'Stuck In The Middle With You', I'm thinking of adding it to be done about here (maybe day 9 or 11 instead) so I want to see if it'd be theoretically possible for someone about this level to be able to do it. So first off we've got a little fight for the intro to this quest!


Since I didn't go to the bank to withdraw money, I wasn't even given a dialogue option, just automatically went to the fight option, which I do like, adds a kinda realistic sorta feeling to how the game interacts with the player. Anyways, the fight isn't too hard, if anything the footsoldiers are the bigger challenge with the status effects they can inflict! But it's a single fight that should be easy enough. We win and get some more dialogue and stuff, you know seeing other people do this I wonder why it is that our depraved Hero really gives a shit about fighting this guys....


OH, that's why. It's the fact that it's a royal knight, he thinks that someone MIGHT ACTUALLY NOTICE. And let's be honest here, he doesn't mind killing and raping, he just doesn't want to face the consequences of his actions. Anyways Bronwyn teaches us Elvish (which Hero said he'd keep in his quest notes but I'm not finding any notes section in the quest page! Jeez, if you're going to break the fourth wall Hero at least know the actual menu system! :P). Since I'm in the area I also make sure to check out the Bazaar.


Huge rip-off. It's a single use of magic missile. Honestly, I'm paying to progress the Bazaar's items here... But then again of course I am, some of the items are worth more then 1,000 sil while others like this clearly aren't worth even that, and blah. Anyways, onwards.


See, this is as far as I got yesterday, (as per my message saying that I had to delay this some), I checked the wiki to make sure and if I level up Bronwyn would get more then 180 experience from joining at level 7 instead of level 6, so I wanted to sit down and do the math, figure out what the best way to get to level 8 would be. Today when I said down and did it, I found that all my usual sources that I consider don't work. If I cleared everything left in Giant's path and read EVERY book I STILL wouldn't have enough... And with some encounters like the clock guys and Ratimus Maximus (requires having gotten 150 total satisfaction, dehydrated orgasms do not count towards that, thanks Kotonaru for sharing that tip wherever you did!) locked there's literally only ONE place that I can get enough experience to level up before getting Bronwyn....

It's probably making her lose out on more experience in the long run, but you know, since I'm going to be taking a break, I say let's end this on a high note and take on...


I've never actually beaten this guy before. However thanks to NoMoshing's Let's Play, I now have a MUCH better understanding as to how to beat this plant (it uses blessing of the bone on the second turn, then every fifth turn after that, so Blessing->action->action->action->action->Blessing). The team consideration is actually pretty easy, the BEST DPS on it will come from it blessing itself, so your team should be based on survival, given how of my five party members two of them are physical DPS based, Doll, Meline, and Felix are who I bring. I try to have Doll and Hero are equipped to draw more threat, give Felix the Rhinestone glove since this fight will be long and have a lot of damage, so Meline is very likely to get full momentum so she can probably heal her MP with Focus if she needs it, and you want Felix to be drawing the least aggro so making sure that he has Casual Armor in all his slots is a good idea (or if you have the blue dragon ring, give that to him instead, but I don't have it myself since I STILL haven't burned down prosperous farm). One of the things that can give you issues are hallucinations, however Felix can dispel them with his 'cleanse mind' spell, but no one else can do that but him so if he falls under hallucinations (some physical attacks do it) then you're stuck waiting until he comes out which can REALLY fuck you over. And remember to equip people to be able to take some physical and magical hits.

As for the actual fight, Meline will be VERY handy for debuffing, keeping the creature burned and dazed will REALLY help you, MOST of the attacks are physical and each turn will usually involve 2-3 attacks so daze can be a life-saver, and since Blessing "raises Health" I imagine that burn might help keep that in check, and even if not the plant has a healing ability that heals about 450 HP, it heals about 250 HP if it's burned, and since spells will do a good ~200 HP damage, keeping it burned can be very nice. If you get Meline early enough and put this fight off for a bit, you'll be really grateful that she's mastered at least Cleanse body or cure light wounds, and you can give her the book for the other, the plant can poison and do a fair amount of damage, so having two people with cure light wounds and cleanse body can really open up your options. Doll should focus on trying to tank (defender of life) and heal (regeneration), remember that Regeneration will heal about 100 HP when used on a target so if you're in a pinch it can be used in place of a spell or potion if not a lot is needed. If you don't want to be burning through items one way or another, Hero MUST come in with Blazing Aura as he'll be getting a LOT of momentum and it will let you keep everyone high on MP. I probably should have grabbed encourage with the 13 satisfaction that I had, since giving Hero SOME ability to heal probably would have helped since he spent most of the fight at 100 momentum and mainly guarding, plus the defense bonus would also be nice. But alas, I was stubborn. Anyways, I was actually doing VERY well in this fight even though I realized that it was kinda silly for me to not give Felix the magical handbook (seriously what was I thinking?). Oh but what's this?


This was the first time I used an item in the game. Item usage was Hero's duty given how little he had to do. Oh yeah, DON'T EVER PHYSICALLY ATTACK (after the first turn). Between Blessing of the bone and any attack down statuses you may get, attacking physically will do extremely little damage, meanwhile it will leave the attacking character open to HUGE damage, trust me I've seen Hero take a pretty big chunk of damage when he stops to use blazing aura or an item, guarding helps keep you alive and that's all that you're trying to do, to survive this boss to death. Anyways things are going VERY well for me, I've gotten into a pattern with this thing, and eventually I'll win for su-


.... Welp that's NOT a good sign... Doll being the main tank and coming with natural regeneration, plus being able to heal the rest of the team pretty well without preventing me from being able to throw one of my offensive spells was doing a HUGE amount to help with this cycle. Plus with her down Felix and Meline will be drawing a larger percentage of the threat my team has, meaning they're going to be taking more hits, with less defense, while I have less healing.... Meline basically dies within two turns from that point before I get to heal her, leaving me down to Hero and Felix.... I then realize that I actually DO have revival items, so I try to use one, only for Hero to die before he uses it.... Next turn Felix revives Hero (I don't remember why I thought this was a good idea, and it might have been I don't recall) but Felix gets high in the process.... Great.... I try to have Hero revive someone else but he falls again because he had no health, and with Felix high as a kite surrounded by corpses well....


Restart number 5. Given that I had a lot of issues at the end when things became unmanageable, I try to find ways that I can better my team through the use of equipment. Since I'm super cheap, I don't really want to spend any sil to upgrade the current equipment (I haven't before and I don't plan on starting now), so the only thing that really stands out to me is that since Hero and Doll are hogging the capes (to help deal with the magic attacks) Meline is left without an accessory, and since I don't have enough satisfaction for the dragon rings, I research some accessories for her. Most cost money, but I do notice there's ONE that would be free.... And I'd just need 4 more dark seeds, let's see if I can get some! Oh hey what's this!


I forget that this is the OTHER reason that I like to get a rainy day early, to get this out of the way. Whoops. Anyways, with that I just need 3 more.... And the only 3 left that I can get require me to beat this boss.... *Grumble*. Anyways it's not a big deal. I decide to try again this time giving Felix the Magical Handbook, knowing that I can put Energy Principals I back on after this fight.

And OH BOY. Does the second fight go HORRIBLY. It's a DISASTER. The first two fucks me over as I take heavy damage and poison, so I spend the next two turns recovering from it, on the third turn it starts hitting again and just.... I never manage to fully recover from the start of the first turn because I keep getting unlucky and every attack is pretty rough.... Restart 6.

NOW this time things aren't too bad. I try to have Felix Magic Missile every turn except the ones before Blessing (since the plant is faster then Felix, if he knocks it to the ground the turn before it would use blessing then it just won't use blessing, making you miss out on that 1,000 points of damage on the boss). I have Meline switch between her fire and radiant spells whenever she doesn't have to heal or cure poison, as Felix knocking the boss to the ground is more important then it being burned or dazed. Doll focuses on healing and Hero mainly sits back. He does use an item or two. When I'm in good condition the turn before Blessing, Felix will throw out Smouldering Ash to try to make sure that it's burned (and to not risk missing out on the damage). Oh and I think that I have him use Caster's Spark some, since he and Meline are actually doing some damage and the health penalty from the buff is basically nothing. Caster's Spark is amazing, let me tell you, definitely worth giving Felix his name back if that's the only way you can get it before a big magic weak boss. Anyways, with magic missile working WONDERS on keeping me alive, cutting the bosses DPS down by 25-50% between blessings (depending on how lucky I am) well....


Boo-yah. Let's see how we're looking on experience now shall we?


And I've still got the quest to do. But you know, I imagine that I'm getting close to the character limit for posts (if I haven't hit it already) so I'll share the rest of Day 10 (which I have finished) up next!

Day 9Edit

You know, after that boss, I can't help but recall that Meline had to go without an accessory in that fight! Let's make sure that I'll have another accessory for my magic users should I face a situation like this again, shall we?


Aaaaah, this feels so rewarding after that boss fight. Took me three attempts, and I've never beaten it before (without cheats). Now then let's resume getting ourselves an elf with a rather enthusiastic taste of our Hero's special sauce shall we?


She might be full of herself, but we ALL know that she's right.


Party setup time. Hero and Bronwyn are required, Felix should never leave your side I say, and since we've got two squishies (debuffer and healer), I also grab Doll to tank. I look it up, Bronwyn's Winged Boots are the first accessory I've gotten that are Lig-........ *headdesk* I JUST REALIZED WRITING THIS COMMENTARY, I MIXED UP SOME OF THE ARMOR CLASSES! Ugh! The boots are CASUAL armor, so they reduce threat, Earth's Embrace and the cloaks are LIGHT armor, so they doesn't affect threat! I got this mixed up in my head somehow, so I gave Earth's Embrace to Bronwyn and the Winged Boots to Doll.... Don't make this mistake, keep the Winged Boots on Bronwyn, she and Felix are the most important for this dungeon. GRUH, and I've been giving advice all this time as if cloaks were casual armor! Oh well.... Something else that I do, Meline had the headwear that you get from the crypt back during the zombie quest on her, I put these onto Felix (it's only 1 less def and 1 more resistance then the leather bandana) since he's the only one on my team that can equip those, and I give the leather bandana to Bronwyn, it's a bit less defense then her current helmet but it's casual armor instead of light armor so less threat. Anyways with that out of the way I go to check out the Elf village some, and hey Bronwyn recommended the shop nearby let's check it out!






I can't help but feel as if there's a trick to these chests that I'm not aware of....

Anyways, I do like that we can go directly for the tent, or directly to the clown (after grabbing the dark seed of course, since I am reading the wiki), I'm not sure what the difference is because I went for the clown but hey, maybe another playthrough! Also in all the fights with the clown I've noticed something, he runs away after you POISON him. If you make him bleed or pin him then he'll stick around, but poison him and he's gone next turn. For the most part in the fights, I regret taking the winged boots away from Bronwyn since pinning arrow isn't that good with her not having that 15 speed boost (most enemies are going before her and pinning arrow only stuns enemies the turn that it's used on it seems, not their next action like knock down does). Anyways I go about the battles, kinda annoying, but pretty manageable.... However I do notice something that I think might be a bug....


A few times, mostly with Doll, I'll get what looks like the knock down status on a character before their action that turn, then their action comes and they do it normally (instead of being on the ground) and then event though they've got the knock down symbol next to them they get their turns normally.... I'm not sure if this is a bug somehow or if this status effect isn't knock down.... Anyways after more fighting, and even a death (which I use some items to bring Felix back), and a LOT of running around regaining Felix MP (since it takes several steps for the Rhinestone glove to activate out of battle), I FINALLY get to....


The boss. And he's pretty easy. Heck I actually found the encounters with the minions harder if Bronwyn began with less then 5 momentum... Oh god and one time she was knocked to the ground on the first turn so I had to wait for her to recover with 3 minions and the clown attacking me.... That was a tricky fight, this one though not so much. Poison, bleed, pin, poison pin, etc. with attacks when and where you need to build up Bronwyn's momentum. Hero works on getting double attack buff, Felix heals and if he's not healing, then Mana overspark followed by whatever spells he's got (putting burn on wouldn't be a bad idea, lots of bosses have some form of healing so I just sorta default to assuming that if they don't have a heal spell they've got minor regeneration), and Doll focusing almost entirely on healing since her DPS sucks.

Then after a heartfelt scene and some talking, Hero seems to be awfully.... heroic, talking about going after bad guys for noble reasons.....


THERE WE GO, THAT'S OUR HERO! So then we get down to negotiations, that go rather well! With a mother selling her daughter into slavery, we enjoy the fruits of a job well done! I actually like this scene more then I thought that I would personally.


D'AAAAAAWWWWW! Isn't that just cute? She's ashamed of her sexuality! Great now I'm going to have a really hard time picking between Meline and Bronwyn for my favorite Debuffer! Oh and Felix masters the ice spell (day 10-11 transition). Now then let's check to see my experience after that quest!


And after I took this image, I was probably thinking about doing something else, so I finished up with the game a bit sooner then I should have.... I noticed almost immediately that I didn't remember saving on a new save slot.... So I loaded up the game and as I feared.... I forgot to save after the mission entirely...... So here's the deal, since the experience will still be the same after the quest, the above image is fine, but I'm going to give you guys the stats of money and stuff from BEFORE I entered the elf village.

Household income: 2,664 Money: 0 on hand, 13,180 in the bank

Now, for those of you reading this on the wiki (or scrolled past my announcement a couple of posts ago), I'm going to be going on break. I can't promise that I will resume or if I do when, but I will try to. The biggest reason for this is just the schedule leaves me drained, I can't regularly put my focus into something like this regularly, but seeing as I am actually doing this playthrough to help with my guides, I do have a few plans on stuff to do, but for now I'll just leave it at that. For those of you curious I'll give my affection stats on my followers:

  • Alina- 47

Doll- 73

  • Elaiya- 60
  • Felix- 53
  • Kevin- 61
  • Larelle- 7
  • Lilac- 44
  • Meline- 78
  • Penelope- 67
  • Therese- 10
  • Violet- 44
  • Yamamaya- 69

That's it for now, if you've got any questions or anything feel free to ask!

Day 10Edit

And now time for an update! It's going to be a bit short because stuff kept happening today, heck there's STILL some stuff I've gotta do besides this before I head to bed but I was determined to give you guys the first update of hopefully many that I've been promising for over a month now >.> Anyways let's load up my most recent file and-


Oh right, I forgot to save after this epic human/elf standoff that's totally about to go down. I mean there's even dramatic weather going on! But jokes aside, I remember this, I had just done the corrupted Mycon and was about to get Bronwyn, heck I had gotten her and then forgot to save, but I made a few mistakes last time I went through here. So first off, since it's been awhile let's familiarize ourselves with what we've got to work with!


Yeowch.... Also going over my last update I see that I had some difficulty with having good accessory and hat options for everyone.... But at least I remember that it's CASUAL armor that reduces threat and LIGHT armor that keeps it the same this time! Anyways let's proceed to the elf village.


Ah yes, because the first thing they would have done after getting a bunch of elf slaves is contact you, I mean heck you didn't even have a single slave like one or two weeks ago, most of whom you acquired on your own with collars that you got from a guy who wasn't supposed to give them to you in the first place, but Hero being full of himself aside.


Party setup. I choose the same party as before, Felix for heals/buffs, Doll for tanking/healing what with the squishies. This time I make sure to leave the winged boots on Bronwyn because casual armor, plus her pinning arrow makes good use of that agi boost, Doll trades in the cloak she was wearing for the Earth's Embrace, since it's light armor as well, and this time instead of giving Bronwyn Felix's headband (and giving Felix Meline's earings) I decide to give Hero Bronwyn's bronze cap and give her his Lucky Hat, since he'll be using buffs while she'll be mostly attacking the luck boost will probably be better on her, it's got more defense then the leather headband, and it makes Hero draw more threat by switching from a casual hat to a light helmet.


WITCH! I WILL NOT FALL FOR YOUR LIES! Haha, but in all seriousness 1,500 sil for a lo-potion might actually be a good competitive price with other shops, but given how I never do a quest with any money in my pockets and am SUPER cheap, I'd never buy a lo-potion, heck I've got 10 sitting in my inventory that I would rather sell if not for the sake of some of the rules of this LP.


My, look at this pally pal, palling around with his pally pal, quite the pals they seem to be, eh pals?


Well from MY perspective it looked like you were trying to blindly run into a tree and didn't see THE GIANT FUCKING HOLES IN THE GROUND, I would hardly call that being 'tricked' and more 'you need to get your eyes checked', but hey I'm viewing things from overhead so who knows how good of an idea it seemed to be to slam head-first into a tree from his perspective.


Well that's pretty harsh... I mean we just MET the guy, and given all these traps I don't think it's fair to call him stupid. But eh, he'll be a dead clown one way or another soon enough so semantics.


Don't mind me, I'm just sneaking behind your base to try to steal this all-powerful source of evil power you're keeping tucked away behind your cloth tent where you keep your slaves. Nothing to see here. Really the smart thing to do, were it not for the vendetta that Hero has sworn upon this clown, would be to sneak back here, use our weapons to cut a hole in the tent to take out the elves, and sneak on back, I mean the slavers have already shown at this range they're non-aggressive so we would be just fine! Anyways after getting that dark seed I decide to fight the battles in the reverse order of last time, starting with the tent and working my way to the clown that way hopefully I'll only face him once or twice.


Well I mean.... The clown is just over there, in the North-east part of the woods Bronwyn, not like he's dead or anything. Anyways, it's a lot easier to deal with these guys without the clown, and moreso by pinning arrow spamming. I tend to use the opening turn to have Felix cast haste on Bronwyn, so that she ALWAYS goes first, and have her use a regular attack that turn to help build some momentum on the one turn that they might go faster then her, after that she pinning arrows someone to make sure that I effectively have one less enemy to deal with. I usually have her focus on whoever everyone else is attacking, unless I think they'll be dead that turn then I have her attack someone else. Hero uses Assault when he can, and Felix and Doll keep themselves concerned with healing, and to make sure Doll doesn't run out of MP (she went through a lot in the first fight) I have Hero use blazing aura once or twice since it gives so much MP. Really I think pinning arrow is the better way to deal with the minions then trying to build up poison/bleed, the minions are usually only alive 3-4 turns, so that'd be 15-20% of their max health from the first one and 10-15% from the second one (so total 25-35%, so about one turn's worth of damage by using TWO turns) meanwhile the enemy would get to attack through it and their status effects can be annoying. Oh and whenever it's a fight with the clown I start by having Bronwyn use venom arrow on him instead of normal attacking, since again he runs away the turn after he's poisoned.


So, going the route that I did, no epic boss fight. The clown was in 3 battles of which he ran away from all of them, so I might have missed out on some experience/money, and if I did I might redo this quest again but behind the scenes. I also noticed that I missed a treasure chest when we were talking to the clown before the 'final' battle, wouldn't have been anything important since I did get both of the dark seeds already but I still would have liked to get it. Also something that I found funny, after the 'final' battle, I got a dialogue box from the clown that said "Whoops", forgot to get a picture of it but I imagine that's what happens if you avoid the boss battle. Anyways, after a heart-warming family moment when a mother sells her daughter into slavery for the daughter to find out that she's a HUGE cumslut, we proceed to end the day!


I got proof of it this time! Anyways, let's check out my experience and money, we can compare the experience values to see if I lost anything substantial by fighting the clown as little as possible.


Eh not too bad, still seems kinda weak but hey It'll go up and all...

Household income: 2,664 Money: 4,015 on hand, 13,311 in the bank

That's all for tonight, like I said still have a few things that I need to do but then I'll be heading to bed. I hope that the next update will be more eventful!

Day 11Edit

]Hello everyone! I am here finally with the Wednesday update!.... Hopefully these sorts of delays won't become common place, but at least I've got a rather long update for you! First, while I did miss out on experience (and probably some money) from not fighting the clown boss, I have decided to keep the playthrough as is, to again help keep myself at the lowest level possible. Anyways, onto the playthrough!


Huh, you know I had to restart this day a few times, because I made mistakes in the chores or because I wanted to test something out, and even though I saved AFTER starting this day, the first time I opened this gift I got a 'Red Ether', and now you see what I'm getting. And here I thought that you'd have to save BEFORE the day started to save-scum your way to the best gifts.... While this was the gift that I went with, I assure all of you that it was merely coincidence that I happened to get a revive the time that I actually kept.... Totally.

Anyways, it's been awhile so I think that I should check on my satisfaction!


Oh look at that I can almost get the dragon rings! And I haven't even read any of the magazines that I have! I think I'll try saving up for those rings, what could POSSIBLY go wrong? Anyways with that out of the way I refer to my strong wild start guide so that I have the chore list in front of me as always. Man I'm glad that I actually wrote those down somewhere, did you know that I've never seen the amazing old man leave because I would always forget to talk to him back before I made that guide, and after I made it I never had a playthrough that went long enough to go through all of his events? That will totally change with this. Anyways, I do my chores which includes gift giving, and wouldn't you know it?


Meline, I think it was made perfectly clear when we stuck our dick in you how we felt about you. Anything beyond that is you transcribing your own feelings of love onto us which is totally okay because you accept Hero for who he is, but if you ask me, I think that the only person whom he has (at least thus far) a deep romantic connection opportunity with is himself, while he does care for all of the girls and treats them right I don't ever really get the sense that he's really showing all of himself, to an extent being motivated moreso in order to elevate his own opinion of himself. This is part of the reason why very little gets to him because he doesn't really 'connect' to the world around him and views it in a bit of a sense like a stage upon which he's in (which is accurate but he doesn't know that), such a world view would perhaps be due to his upbringing, a rather harsh environment to grow up in which empathy and compassion perhaps posed a greater risk then they did a reward (chemicals which make you feel good), and so in a sense there's a part of him that is in a sense hidden away to everyone, some sort of 'connection' which is kept away for pragmatic reasons that has been too long removed and thus he is to an extent incapable of showing it to others or even to himself, leaving him a bit of the only one who can really 'connect' to himself on such a deep level. Perhaps Meline or Rhaina have seen it, but even if that's the case they cannot 'connect' to him while he acts as a barrier between them and it.

That or he's psychotic. Maybe some ASPD or something which makes him physically incapable of viewing the rest of the world through as if on the same level as him, limiting displays of empathy and compassion mostly to ones that serve himself, being aware that in order to get what he wants he has to play by certain rules (as the dissatisfaction of each slave will directly translate to how much they contribute or hinder his 'dream'). But then again I make a lot of mistakes in my analyzing of things so what do I know. Anyways, let's get back to handing out dildos.


Seems today's clockwork amusements were ESPECIALLY amusing if you ask me. Elaiya gets a health bonus which will come in handy next time I use her. And after finishing giving out all the gifts, selling stuff, I'm basically done with my chores so- WAIT A MINUTE.


Almost forgot to switch out Felix's book. Man I'm SO glad that I actually have that in my chore list. There's a reason why basically every chore is on that list, and it's usually because I've forgotten to do it at least once in one of my playthroughs. Anyways, I am just about finished with my chores so I think that I'll plan ahead, get a little something for tomorrow. It'll make me lose out on 1-2 sil from the bank, but that's nothing.


You might notice that I've got a fair amount of sil on hand, that is for a reason. First off I went back and checked my playthrough, I had been buying the 1,000 sil items so I figure I might as well keep that up, and the other 5,000, well... I'm getting another maid today. Oh right and a condo I guess. So, first let's check out what that clown is selling today!


Oooh, this will be nice. Those sell for 3,000 if you didn't know, so that will really help off-set the fact that I'm spending 5,000 on a maid. I had to withdraw about 3k from the bank in order to fully cover the cost of the condo, but since I get to put 3k back in it should help me keep fairly on track for getting Chimei... Speaking of her, how much did she cost again?


Oh. Right... Might take me awhile. I guess that's also part of the point of this playthrough. *grumbles* Oh you know, while we're here we should also check to see if we can do a slave hunt quest, I can't remember how many of those I had and it's a good idea to keep a fair number of those on hand.


.... Well good thing I checked. And here I thought this day was basically just going to be chores and the condo, but seems I also have the first slave hunt quest to do. While it doesn't add a TON of content it's still something! So since I'm here to actually talk and have fun with you guys I'll pay a bit more attention to what's going on in this quest rather then the sorta half-assed attention I usually pay during my playthroughs. So let's get to know our aspiring slave shall we?


'The hell is gyromancy?', that's what thought when I read that so I actually went online and looked it up, took me a bit longer then I thought it would (mainly because I thought that it'd be something like necromancy, or pyromancy where I'd just have to look up what 'gyro' meant). But I found the answer:

"Gyromancy is a method of divination in which a person spins around inside or walks the circumference of a circle drawn on the ground, the perimeter of which is marked with the letters of an alphabet. The divination is inferred from the letter at the position where the person either stumbles or falls across the circle's edge."

So in other words it's-


Um.... Yes.... That.... Probably should have waited until after this scene to look it up.... Anyways!


Oh my, you are quite mistaken ma'am. You see we shall be introducing ourselves to her when we arrive.... Yes, quite thoroughly.... (The punchline here would then be "As her new master" or "To my dick!", choose whichever you find funnier)


Bronwyn! That's quite rude! You don't come into the new condo and make a mess of things immediately? Not before we enslave the maid and fuck her brains out! Gawd, it's like you only become our slave yesterday!.... Oh wait you did. Carry on. Now then...


It is the secret porn treasure that Doll hides Hero. You are wise to take it before she has a chance to hide it with her body. One can only wonder what secrets it holds... Is it porn so spectacular it makes even our little toy too embarrassed to let her master see it? Or is it perhaps too entantilizing that she must keep it to herself... We shall never know BECAUSE IT'S MINE NOW! MWAHAHAHAHA!

Anywyas, I'm going to stop here with this post, don't want it to risk getting too long. But for those of you curious the next day's money supply starts as:

Household income: 2,664

Money: 2,664 on hand, 13,172 in the bank.

Day 12Edit

Right, so onto the next in-game day! I'm glad that I bought that pearl necklace before getting Randi, it's always a pain to have to rush back to Northmarket to buy it then rush back to Eastfort to give it to her. I know I could spend some satisfaction to get the stables but there are so many other goodies I could get with satisfaction! Anyways, let's start off this new day by getting that old +5 attack bonus that took Noah awhile to take out-


WELL SEEMS HE GOT TO IT BEFORE THIS VERSION OF THE GAME. Darn. Oh well. Next we head over to Northmarket to take care of the rest of our chores. And one of the first things I do is talk to the Amazing Old man!


Haha, I always enjoy the Nanite dialogue, don't worry Old man, soon you'll be free from these people who fail to appreciate the complexities of your work. Or maybe I'll keep you in my manor for a long time so that you can make a bomb for Elaiya's love quest first given how I'm pretty sure this is one of the versions that have Apple/Orange glitched to not be able to make it if you recruit them beforehand. I'm going to need to make some plans about how I ensure that I get a bomb.... Anyways, with our recent enslavement I am finally happy enough to make a smart purchase without using any magazines!


One of the best satisfaction choices if you ask me. The blue dragon ring can be good for everyone but given how you can use it along with alcohol to get a lot of good effects for free it can become really good for some more momentum dependent party members, while the red dragon ring will always have someone who can make use out of it since Hero is around! Two amazing accessories that you can always find a use for, for only 20 satisfaction? That's a great deal if you ask me! But perhaps a bit TOO good.... Anyways!


So I don't know if any of you remember, but I ran out of Monster fangs awhile ago, so I've been using the trophy trader to trade some shiny bits for monster fangs, just one a day as needed. Not sure if I mentioned this earlier, but I advise you to always save before you talk to him, see while his dialogue boxes are a bit efficient in that after you trade one trophy it immediately goes into the trade for the next one, I have run into some issues where I accidentally selected a trophy that I wanted to trade, and once you're selecting which of the two you want to receive you can't cancel out of it, so it can be a bit risky to your sil/trophies if you rush through his dialogue, so I like to always save before talking to him after having some issues with it a few times. Anyways I proceed to hand out all the gifts, no relationship ups today I'm sorry to say, but Yamamaya is two days away from one so I should check to see if I've already given her the catnip stuff or not. I do notice that she has on-demand sex scenes but I'm pretty sure that I haven't drugged her yet.... I'll check my quest log next time I play. Anyways moving through the chore list I eventually get to buying the next 1,000 sil item.


Satisfaction guaranteed!.... Again!

Anyways, with that I deposit the rest of my money into the bank and it's time that I work on ending the day, and I know just the quest!


I've never actually done this quest before, I've read some stuff about it and I have a vague understanding of what happens, but I've never done it before because it was never a high priority for me. So now you'll get to see me take on this quest for the first time!


Seriously? Have you forgotten all those times you went there to sell bearskins, or raccoon tails? Or how about the time that I DUG UP THE BONES THEY HAD BURIED? So insensitive. Right so, since I've never done this quest before I don't really have a strong idea as to what to expect, so I prepare my team to be a bit more generic, which is kinda easy thanks to Meline getting to level 8 in the last quest hehehe...


I choose Felix for heals, Doll for tanking, and Meline to debuff. Meline is currently my prime Debuffing choice as heretical censure is very good for shutting down mages while also boosting her damage and Felix's against all enemies in general, her light spell helps with physical attackers by making them miss more often, while her fire spell helps cut off any healing from the enemies, all the while she has some healing she can default to herself. Bronwyn might be able to help with damaging enemies with a lot of health but Meline dramatically helps them not be a threat. Given how Doll is pretty weak in terms of attack, I gear up Hero to be a bit of a half-baked damager, using the red dragon ring and lucky hat to help his DPS, while Doll gets the blue dragon ring to help with her defense. I give Meline the strange shard as it's a good accessory for mages while Felix keeps the rhinestone glove. Everything else is pretty standard.


Sure is a fair amount of fencing hopping...


.... WHERE DID THOSE VILLAGERS GO? And here I thought WE were being stealthy....


Okay, that's it. This town is full of ninjas. Must be where Lilac and Violet were raised, you know before this town got hit by the werewolf curse... Though lycanthrophy would explain how those two are able to move so fast and deal with the large quantities of stone needed to fix the manor.... From now on I have a head-canon that Lilth and Violet are werewolves, and either that helps drive their price down (and Hero just doesn't have the negotiation skill to question why they were so cheap) or they keep it a secret for some reason or another which is why their price is so low, because the slavers didn't know they had such valuable slaves. Take your pick!


You know, that is odd now that I think about it! Why does everyone who stands in our way seem to tragically fall ill of a mysterious case of death? Must be some kind of virus that's been going around, let's hope that we don't catch it.... For the viruses sake.


Fucking Moon Moon.


Well considering how Moon Moon was left to guard us I would say so! I mean we basically can't fail at this point!


While certainly not Hero's brightest plan, it got the job done. But seriously Moon Moon, I came in knowing that you'd fuck things up but THAT'S what you do? Disgraceful. Now I feel bad for Violet and Lilac, having to totally be werewolves when you're one of the two other werewolves who were given a name, that's just sad.


Haha, see, bark, like you know a dog? That aside, the real reason I took this picture you probably can't see, the girl below is frantically running around trying to get into a fight with me while I'm up here. She may think that I'm trapped in here with her, but I assure you. She's the one trapped in here with me. All jokes aside though I slaughter a bunch of these guys. It's actually very easy since Doll draws most of the aggro and thanks to the blue dragon ring they're lucky if they do 30 damage on her, and given her natural regen...

I also rape the lone werewolf girl because I can. And I take on Ironskin, he wasn't much of a problem since I had Felix spend just about every turn using magic missile on him, Meline used Heretical censure to keep the shaman down and then her light spell to make it so that Ironskin and others would miss, while Doll and Hero focused on the other guy, can't remember if he was a silverpelt or one of those night predators, either way since I knew Ironskin would have a lot of health I figure I'd take out the minions while Felix kept stunning him. I put in some careful consideration into who'd get the druidic robes, and decided on Felix since magic missile and his healing were some of the best and he was taking more damage then Meline most of the time so he needed the extra defense. Oh right and also magic missile does damage whereas heretical censure doesn't so more total damage even when they were keeping people on lock-down. Now the boss.


Oh man, this fight was very unexpected. I mean I had gotten a vague sense as to what to expect but I did not know what to do to plan for fighting them beforehand! If only there was something like maybe a wiki that had this sort of information for Harem Collector and perhaps had a boss page! What's this you say? The Harem collector wiki is currently running a poll to help figure out just where such information on bosses belongs? Well that just sounds great! Why I would recommend that everyone reading this should go there and vote right now! Why I even happen to have a link to this very poll right >>>here<<<. Note: This message was brought to you on August 21st 2015, if you are reading this several weeks or more after this time the poll may have changed, but it is still helpful to the wiki to partake in whatever poll is going on. This message has been brought to you by the creator of such a poll and should be regarded as the shameless plug that it is. We thank you for your time, and remember every vote helps us provide you with the best possible wiki that we can.

Shameless plug aside, this was a LOOOONG and boring fight. I do not for a second regret my choices of Meline or Felix, Meline's heretical censure dramatically helped by keeping TWO mages basically unable to do anything as well as making most spells used do more damage. Felix's magic missile was really helpful, as well as his healing when needed, though Felix spent most of the time knocking down the Alpha since he can not only knock your party members to the ground but he can also debuff your entire parties attack and magic attack (and magic attack does matter with cure light wounds so double matk down means that Felix and Meline can't do much healing). One thing that Hero and Felix were good with though was getting rid of the debuffs, see when you've got two debuffs, it only takes 1 buff to set it to neutral, so one use of assault and everything was back to normal or using caster's spark and everyone had one buff of matk (since caster's spark does 2 to everyone, 1 use cancelled out all debuffs, the other raised people's) which was nice. Hero and Doll focused on the night predator first since he had less HP and could also tackle people down, then moved to focus on the Alpha since heretical censure kept the other enemies pretty much non-threats (though the mystic could still do a fair amount of damage with a normal attack, is was entirely manageable). However this fight took forever, and I'll say that was mostly due to two reasons, Doll's lack of offense, and Hero's lack of support. Since Doll's damage is pretty low and I wasn't using items to boost her momentum, she generally tended to not offer a whole lot aside from the occasional damage sponge (though Felix and Meline still took some fair hits), things generally meanwhile Hero only being able to heal through items (added in with Doll's momentum problems) meant that Felix and Meline would have to stop their rather useful crowd control turns to do effective heals (which were rendered pretty useless for a couple of turns due to the double matk debuffs). If I were to do this again I would probably trade Doll out for someone who could dish out a bit more damage and I'd grab Hero either either encourage or improved encourage that way he could take some of the burden off of Meline/Felix in terms of healing (Hero never had a problem with his momentum, he generally had more of a problem using it then not).

Though I will say, the dragon rings were incredibly powerful, Hero was a solid damager and Doll was all but untouchable. They were so powerful in fact that.... That I think that I'm going to reload and choose to NOT get them this time, I might get them later but for now it feels like if anything they give me too great an advantage to really be able to form good strategies, kinda like instant win buttons. So I think the first thing I'll be doing tonight will be that and giving a far more brief talk about this quest in general, followed by whatever I'll be doing on the next day.


My.... What a rather forceful rescuer Hero seems to be... Also as I'm writing this I realized that I should have gone to the bank to deposit the money that I got from the fights. Heck I didn't actually need to go to the trophy store that day since the werewolf quest gave me so many monster fangs.... Something for me to remember tonight. I might also make use of the fact that you in no way have to 'end' the quest now for use in my guides, allowing you to grab the main goodies and be gone to finish off the days in perhaps more lucrative ways.... But that's for guide stuff, not an honest playthrough like this! No siree! Anyways, I finish up the day, enjoy myself with my maids that are totally secretly ninja werewolves, and let's check out my status!


Household income: 2,664 Money: 6,696 on hand, 14,056 in the bank

And tonight I should have yet another update for all of you. Until then, take care!

Day 13Edit

So, good news and bad news. Good news, I got tonights play session done, and heck I even got it done a couple hours earlier then I have the past few times! Bad news, because of some unexpected last minute stuff and how I've got to get up early tomorrow for family coming over I only had the time to redo the All's were quest, I had planned on doing at least some of the following day but I've run out of time and energy for that, sorry! So yeah, here's your slightly shorter but on-time (ish) update!.... Hopefully next Monday's update will be good and on time! Right so I need to load back before I did the quest and that puts me right....


... here. Yeah, last night I got a little extra tired after I finished the dungeon and I kinda saved over the file that was meant to be right before it, so I had to load all the way up to the previous day. Oh well, I'd probably have to do that anyways to not get the dragon rings. And besides, this gives me a second chance at a good joke that I missed yesterday....


Really Bronwyn? You race over to this condo that I JUST bought, beating me here, while the maid is upstairs masturbating, and you expect me to believe that it WASN'T so for us? Yeah, good luck paying your bills because no one's buying that story.

Anyways, you know most of the rest, I grab the magazine, I fuck the maid, I give her the pearl necklace, I make my way back to the manor, but you know, there's something that I couldn't help but notice...


I REALLY need a better computer. I've had my laptop here for over five years now and it's getting so bad (partially thanks to it's lack of a graphics card >.>) that even playing this game can lag at times, it's especially noticeable on big maps when it's raining, even smaller maps that have the rain I can move just fine but when they're really big it lags quite a bit. It's a bit slow even without the rain at times but nothing that's too much of a problem for me given how used to this computer I've gotten. Anyways, I then go about giving out gifts to all the usual suspects except Yamamaya (because I'll gift her after the quest) and Violet because I can't seem to find her ANYWHERE. After searching the entire mansion up and down no less then 2 or 3 times and even suspecting that I might have run into some rare bug where Lilac and Violet actually began in the same room on the same day but share the same event, so Lilac appeared above her.... When I remembered that the maids can be at the forge! I find her there and while I'm here let's just check with Kevin and see if I can upgrade anything.


Wow. Seems that I haven't had him upgrade ANYTHING since getting him, aside from the first upgrade for Hero which he does automatically, but man.... I sure hope I hadn't been using Elaiya or Yamamaya for any of the quests after the Manor Invasion, or else I went through a bit extra difficulty....

Anyways with that out of the way let's see about what team setup we're going to have this time. As I mentioned before I think that Meline and Felix did a pretty good job before so I'll be keeping them, however I'm going to want to replace Doll with someone who can bring a bit more DPS. Which would really be any of the other three options, as even though Bronwyn is a debuffer, her main debuffing skill is DoT which would work just fine. Yamamaya would definitely bring a good amount of survivability, and could probably even wear some heavy armor to help Hero tank and keep damage off of Meline and Felix, but I decide against her because the final battle has a lot of targets so I need to be able to precisely control where the damage goes, meanwhile if I don't put Yamamaya into a rage I'm not really using her to her fullest potential so one of the other two girls would give me more bang for my buck. Elaiya then seems like a good choice, especially since she recently got that 150 HP boost, but with her stealth she'd be pushing more aggro onto Meline and Felix probably and those squishies are already going to have their hands full with crowd control and healing.... But you see, the biggest thing that I need is some more crowd control, Felix's magic missile took up a majority of his turns making it very difficult to find good room to heal, especially since it wouldn't knock people down all the time, that's when I remember Bronwyn has her pinning arrow skill. Since the only people that I really need more damage for are the bosses, DoT skills probably wouldn't be that bad, especially since I'd be going after the night predator or whatever first. So with that my team is as follows:


Hero gets the helmet and accessory Doll was wearing, Meline gets her equipment back, but aside from that everything else stays the same since Felix and Bronwyn were already equipped properly from the last quest. From here though, I now want to better deal with the problem I had with Hero, namely his lack of support, so I go up and check the satisfaction, first thing I do is get encourage. From there, even with the magazines that I have, the best that I could do is improved encourage, but since according to the description that heals more then regular encourage I choose to get it since it should again help with healing. Though I am interested in getting the other improved skills sometime.... And now we're on a quest!


Man they should get their roof checked, it's incredibly leaky! Totally not what I expected from the church, especially based on it's outside appearance. Now let's hunt some wolves!


Okay, the village stuff was one thing but I SWEAR this is darker then it was yesterday. Unless I'm mistaken it seems that rainy weather has an impact on the fighting screen, at least when doing battles outside. Not sure if it's been reported before but if it hasn't you might want to get that checked out Noah.

Anyways, fighting raping, pillaging (Felix gets the druidic robes again), we come to the moment of truth.


First thing I've got to say, the battle was a lot more fun this time. Everyone seemed to contribute a LOT, whereas before half of the team didn't feel like they were pulling their own weight. I opened by having Bronwyn use a barbed arrow on the Alpha and Felix use magic missile on the Alpha, since he wasn't getting pinned, while Meline used Heretical censure, and I think I had Hero attack? Can't remember. Anyways it worked out well since the Alpha got knocked over, so I had Bronwyn quickly put a barbed arrow in the mystic the following turn since the Alpha was down, and I had Meline spend the next few turns using Heretical censure a few times to drain ALL of the enemies of their MP (took like 3-4 uses before Meline had the entire group of primal beasts all sucked dry, that's one hell of a sister Hero's got...). From there Bronwyn used every turn to pin the Alpha to prevent him from tackling, debuffing my team, or buffing his own, Hero worked on trying to kill the night predator whenever he wasn't busy healing (he seemed to always get tackled before he could use assault), Meline and Felix provided worked on either controlling the crowd (Burn to prevent heals, dazed to hopefully reduce tackle successes, and magic missile to maybe knock a big threat down) or healing up. Hero didn't use blazing aura in this fight if I recall, but we had walked in at full MP, and since Felix has the rhinestone glove using him wisely ensured he never had an MP problem, Meline had an MP problem at one point but she was so high on momentum by that point that I was able to have her use focus before she even hit 50 MP, heck I had her use some turns to get off good spells that weren't the wisest MP decisions because I was so close. I also noticed sometimes that I think the Alpha was faster then Bronwyn once or twice, so I'd have Felix cast haste on Bronwyn, she would only need one level of it to ensure that she ALWAYS moved before the Alpha (since she did most of the time even without the buff) but yeah. The fight still took a hell of a long time, so I could definitely stand to improve upon my strategy some, but the fight was a lot more fun this time around since everyone had one or two important roles they could do (and since Bronwyn was spamming pinning arrow, I never felt pressured to have Felix spam magic missile). I'll try to figure out a better way to approach them for my guide, but in terms of my playthrough I'm satisfied with this. So now to wrap things up!


Household income: 2,664 Money: 5,464 on hand, 15,325 in the bank

See you all Monday hopefully!

Day 14 Edit

Oh look at the time, it's time for the Monday update (on Tuesday yet again...)! So, I've got a decently sized update for you guys, on time, so you may all be wondering what the catch is. Well.... You'll see. Onwards!


So considerate of him! This is as far as I've ever gotten before so I'm excited to see what other gifts I'll be getting from him in the future! I commence with my gift giving.


Don't answer Felix, it's a trap!


Pffft, good luck with that! She may not like me, but she's kinda racist towards all humans, besides she's addicted to my cum sooooo good luck! The mdef buffs he got might come in handy though. Let's continue giving out gifts and see if anyone else has any goodies for us shall we?


Doll gets more mana, yay! It should really help next time I use her, it gets to be a bit annoying when I need to use blazing aura every 10 or so skills of hers. Anyways, onwards to giving out the rest of the gifts and then we'll go on an epic quest to-


... Oh no. I forgot to figure out what I was going to do about that.... So, it's good that I know that this happens here so that I can figure out how to make it all fit in regards to my guides but this isn't so good for the plan that I had.... See, in my plan I would have to do another quest today and tomorrow, then Larelle would join my party then we'd upgrade to the next guild status, thus allowing Larelle to join before Raina is recruited saving the money for the Looking for the cure quest. In fact I had gotten the Condo and recruited the totally werewolf maids on the assumption that I had to delay getting Raina by 2 days so this throws a bit of a wrench in the works.... Oh what the hell, I'm not doing the daily dungeon so the only thing that will be lost will be 6 RP for Raina, Gargan, and Kyrie, meanwhile it'll give me access to Yamamaya's love quest a lot earlier and given how this playthrough is meant to be done at as low a level as possible, it'd be good to get access to that ASAP for the sake of getting an idea how soon it's possible.

And now you might see what the catch is for today's update, it's basically just going to be me going around giving gifts because I'll be going through both day end events from Yamamaya in this one update, so slightly lackluster commentary, sorry!


Total. Ripoff. Thank your lucky stars that you are still useful clown or else I would not take this insult lightly. That and the exotic spices you sold me before, I guess those help make up for this.


Don't mind me I'm just buying some perfectly good catnip for my regular cat whom I have no intentions of having sex with. Nope. Just a perfectly normal cat owner who will not be drugging and then raping his cat.

After I proceed to drug and then rape my cat...


Oh hey look at that! On the day 13-14 day transition Meline finally masters that spell (if you recall she got the book for that spell back on day 9)! Now I don't have to give her anymore books and can give her one of the nice orbs that I have. Unlike Felix, he'll be reading for a LOOONG time, as once he finishes with the magical handbook I have the Necronomicon, and before he'd finish that I'll definitely have Doctor Weird, so yeah, enjoy your freedom from learning Meline! Now let's begin day 14 and see how it goes!


.... Are you serious, I have legitimately been ONE DAY away from him leaving before? Bah what do I care. Anyways I have the alien lifeform!.... Let's hope that I get Elaiya's love quest before I get Kyrie.... (While unrecorded she began this day at 69 RP, so either have a laugh or take note, I'll be doing my math planning on that little issue tomorrow)

Anyways let's get back to gifting (making sure that Yamamaya is last of course) and hope that it eases my case of the grumbles here.


Well a massage is ALWAYS nice. I happily take my 5 defense and look forward to being force fed my veggies for a 150 HP boost later. But first I'll have to find Violet wherever she is.... I'll run across her eventually during my gifting process.


Oh would you look at that! Someone to read the books that Meline is done with! How perfect!


I could use with some more shields.... Anyways, I give her Chicken Soup for the Soul to start out with, hoping that I won't be using her anytime soon (Doll did get an MP upgrade if I need a Tank...) since between Lay on Hands and Shining Strike (which she has in this version) that cure light wounds won't really be as useful to her as cleanse body. I'll still get her Cure Light Wounds though, it'll just be a lower priority. Anyways, after I finish most of my gift giving in the manor, saving the dining room and in turn kitchen for later, I head off and gift Randi followed by another chore of mine...


Finally! Now I don't have to buy anything from him anymore.... But he might have some good stuff.... I'll check to see what he's selling tomorrow and if it's anything good I'll buy it. If not then I'll save finding out his stock for a different play-through where I'll be doing daily quests and thus have more money. Hopefully he doesn't have anything super amazing as like the 9th or 10th item so that I don't have to worry about not buying stuff from him greatly influencing future money saving efforts for Chimei.... But then again I've already spent 7,000 on him, chances aren't that high that I'd be looking at spending even another 5,000 on him which wouldn't even be 1/10th what Chimei costs. Speaking of my finances, I know that a lot of you out there are curious about my finances since I didn't talk about them at the start of this day, so for all you filthy gold-diggers out there trying to take all my virtual Sil


I hope you're happy! That's after I deposited the 630 sil I had left over after buying stuff. Anyways, I return to the manor in search of Violet. Turns out our sneaky ninja was hiding with Yamamaya, the last place I planned on looking!




Hey, just because you don't remember us mating doesn't mean that we haven't been mating! I tend to find this scene hilarious because it always happens the day after I drugged and raped her and it makes me wonder if it might be a good idea to inform her that mating has occurred or not. Just funny how it all works out. I should make sure and test that this still works in whatever the latest version is when I get around to my next playthrough though....

And with that, day 14 is over, and it's getting late so I'm going to call it for now.


Household income: 2,664 Money: 2,664 on hand, 20,499 in the bank

Oh and hey, did you know that if you hold cntrl it skips scenes? Really helped since I forgot to save at the start of day 15 so I had to redo the end to day 14. Anyways, see you all Wednesday!

Day 15Edit

It's getting late, I'm getting tired (at earlier times now, which is good because my sleep schedule has been fucked up for awhile), and I've still got other things to do. But I do have an update for you! I just hope that I don't upset anyone with what I'll be doing this time...

So first off, it's been awhile, let's see how satisfaction is doing!


Oh nice, I'll be able to get improved assault or unity force soon. Not sure which I'll want first. I do know that I'm not particularly interested in improved blazing aura, regular already heals a LOT of MP, and since Felix is basically my dedicated healer Caster's Spark is amazing for Matk, so yeah, we'll see how things go. I might convert my shed at some point.

Oh hey and want to know something? On the previous in-game day I forgot that I already got Doll to 82 affection, so I gave her a gift when she already had her highest relationship bonus, whoops. Oh well it was only 110, and an extra 1 sil per day, probably won't come out more then 20 from interest at this point of the game so missing out on 130 sil isn't that big a deal, but I make sure to not buy a few gifts today none the less... Now onto giving out the gifts that I DID buy!

172 Thief!

*GASP* I TRUSTED YOU! I TOOK YOU AWAY FROM YOUR DAD THAT SOLD YOU INTO SLAVERY (by forcing you to be my sex slave), I PUT A ROOF OVER YOUR HEAD (that I got by blackmailing your father) AND THIS IS HOW YOU REPAY ME? THIS BETRAYAL WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN! Overly dramatic displays of emotions aside, Hero has said that he wants a thief slave so seems that-


Oh, right. Either I was too tired to think of this or something. This is a very good point, though it does bring to my mind what would happen if someone who didn't realize that you could have a daily income got to this point, having been playing for about 2 in-game weeks without feeding anyone.... Anyways, while going through the dialogue it did cross my mind about what Alina was planning on doing with this bank fund before she mentioned it to Hero, hmmm? I imagine she was planning on saving up enough to buy herself out of slavery or something (at least if something should happen to Hero), she is smart like that, but as you manage to woo her ofter with gallons of perfume, she starts to realize that such is simply not her place. That's a good girl, here have some perfume, it's the third cheapest gift there is! And you can get it everyday!

Speaking of cheap gifts...


We find out the cake is not a lie as we're given more cake then I really know what to do with. Seriously, Felix isn't that far from his final relationship thing and there simply aren't enough days left for me to be able to unload all this cake onto someone for +1 relationship points.... Well I could do it with Meline, she's not that far from her love quest, but I think that I'll give her a few more dildoes to add to her massive collection (does her body like consume them or she wear them out or something?) before I start stuffing her full of cakey-goodness.


I've always found it a bit interesting that you can get 6 pieces of cake the day that you get the original 12 pieces.... But after stuffing my inventory full of more cake then I see during what I call 'cake-season' (family has a lot of birthdays close together...), I get back bribing my slaves to love me more.


Or in this case making use of sex and stockholm syndrome to enslave girls I have previously raped. You know, standard Hero things. Now, keeping in line with how I've been doing two images per relationship boost thus far, I'd like to take a moment to point out something important for you Larelle fans out there.


This is going to be important in some future game. Be aware that there's a time gap between HC1, HC2, HC3, etc., which will be standard last I knew. If the time-gap is 2 years per game then Larelle will be free in HC5, if it's 3 years she'll be free in HC4, etc. She'll still be your slave in HC2 for sure so feel free to play that one (though I obviously have no clue if she'll be a major character in it or not), but do pay close attention to the time gap between HC1 and HC2, as unless I'm mistaken NoMoshing plans to have the time-gap between games to be consistent. We'll see how things progress with her throughout the games though.

Now then I'm off to complete the da- WAIT A MINUTE!


THERE IS A REASON WHY EQUIPPING BOOKS IS ON THE CHORE LIST. This is the THIRD time since resuming this playthrough that chore list has saved me from not having a magic user learning a spell.... Anyways, after I make sure to strip Larelle from all her clothes and accessories (I like to keep those off characters not in my active party), we should go resume chores and oh would you look at that, let's check out the Bizaar!


Hmmm.... Tempting... See, thanks to the cheaters guide on the forums here, I know that this little accessory is more then just a fashion statement! Why it ups the experience the young girl earns! By a whopping 1% (if memory serves)! That's.... Kinda useless. Unless you earn 100 experience in a battle they'd gain nothing, and even then you'd only gain 1 exp. It might be able to help close some gaps between some girls and girls you recruited earlier, but for 1,000 sil this isn't worth it.... Yet. As more content gets added I'm sure that 1% exp will become far more lucrative than a mere 1,000 sil.

Now after depositing all my silver into the bank I bet that you're wondering what I'm going to do to end the day, huh? Well I considered getting Ino then Serade (since I'm going to have to stall getting Kyrie at some point to get the bomb for Elaiya's quest), but while I was at the bank I checked my balance, and after a quick wiki search realized that I'd need Chimei for 14 days, not 7, to get the extra day from her... While that's probably not going to happen in this version of the game, it's a good enough reason for me to try to rush to get more money, so I opted to instead do a quest. What quest you may ask, why none other than....


What? Level 6 recommendation! Wow I probably should have done this sooner.... I'll playtest the level sometime with a save file where Hero is still level 6 or lower from this playthrough sometime, but for now, let's begin sleuthing! I first talk to the Priest to get basic info, and then because it's raining and my computer is shit I decide to hit the houses by whichever is closest to help prevent as much lag as possible. First person we run into,


Well it's always good to look at the bright side of things. Though I think that Hero might dismiss this kid's assessment that the girl might have run away after he farted on her pillow, who's to say this kid doesn't have toxic farts? She might have been running to save her life! The horror! Clearly he's some kind of alien creature that emits toxic fumes, after all talking to her grandfather didn't give us any leads and there's nothing else that could possibly help us figure out what happened to her!


... Well I still say we shouldn't dismiss this toxic fart theory! In all honesty, the first time I did this quest it took me an embarrassingly long time to find out she had a diary (which may or may not include looking it up).

I next check out the curios shop, and funny story, the first time I did this quest when the brother responds to Hero's question about his sister having a boyfriend/girlfriend, I actually thought that he might have been responding because he secretly had incestual feelings towards her. When I found out that he had a wife I refused to be dissuaded, mostly because I found it more interesting that way (and hey, it wouldn't exactly be out of place for this game), but playing through this time it seemed far more likely that he was just a bit of a protective brother.

Onto the townhouse, I can't remember what my first impression of the dad in there was, I think it was like he was so in shock from losing his daughter that he couldn't speak or was just generally so out of touch with the world that he didn't even notice Hero was there. This time though I can't help but wonder if he's not just mute. Aside from that no real comments on this family in particular. Oh but I do like how in this quest Hero makes an appropriate comment immediately after finding the relevant information, it's not really too much that it feels hand-holdy while I can definitely appreciate how it'd be useful for someone who is just on a totally different wave-length about what they need to do, I'm sure that we've all had a game or two where we just had a completely different idea about how things fit together than the developer... Well I certainly have at least, point and click games can be hard sometimes >.>

Anyways, armed with all this knowledge I steel myself and ready to enter the threatre.


I may not know what to expect, but if I'm going to get to the bottom of this mystery I'm going to have to check it out. As the rain pours down I can't help but feel that not everyone will be leaving this place alive tonight.

Not that great attempt to add some unnecessary drama, I'm tired and this update has been big enough I think. So yeah, going to call it for tonight, hope you all had fun!

Household income: 2,689 Money: 0 on hand, 22,284 in the bank

Day 16 Edit

Even though I probably shouldn't, I've decided to get this update done now even though I'm super tired! I mean the worst that could happen is that I forget to make the joke that I set myself up for, or forget to properly copy links for the screenshots but I already did that stuff in the last update, which means that I can do it as much as I want! That's how things work right? In all seriousness, I think that I may have grabbed a few too many screenshots given how I only did the quest, but I'll let you folks be the judge of that! (And comments about such would be nice given how I plan on doing the search party quest next)

Anyways where did we leave off? Oh right we were just about to break into the threatre-



After a brief chat with Gargan we go to the inn for a more extended chat!


And given all the absences going on around here, I'd say you've been doing a mighty fine job at that! Seriously, what do they pay you for anyways, doesn't seem like you've ever even seen any of these cultists from how long it's taking you to get this job done!


.... Oh.... Well in my defense, Hero hasn't exactly shown us a lot of adventuring that involves taking prisoners. Probably why he seems to get more results! Amiright? But blah, as you may have noticed, either because of my tiredness or my general lack of paying close attention in general, even quests that I have done fairly I don't retain a great in-depth knowledge of all the dialogue, mostly just the basic stuff and a few jokes, so even when it's not my first time doing a quest I can have commentary as if it's the first time I'm reading the stuff, because that might just be the case!


My what amazingly sharp wit you have Hero, the sting from that blow will surely leave him wounded. Next time though, maybe grab a hammer and just smash his head in, it'll leave the same mark and you won't have to remember that you actually thought that 'anus-breath' was a good insult.


Well as an observer you clearly won't be joining my party or anything and then be leaving it just before the boss battle, right, right? (Who am I kidding, we all know he's going to)

Anyways, since Gargan and Hero are going to be required required, I figure that I should grab Felix because healer, and I thought carefully about who else I wanted. I figured the other three would be enough for all the minions before the boss so I wanted to plan more for the boss, and hey it'd be nice if they were good against the minions too. Since the boss is a 3 person fight, with Hero and Felix I don't want a tank or DPS because Hero manages to fill both those roles okay-ish, and since it'd be a 3 person fight okay-ish is more than good enough, and all the Debuffers that I've seen are also okay-ish for damage too, besides Gargan is a DPS so it'd kinda make my party early on be very damage based. Given how this is against demons and such, Larelle was easy to rule out and I don't have Chimei, so it came down to Meline and Bronwyn. While Dazed would probably help with the attacks (and if I wanted to I could probably give Felix the Necronomicon to lower it's attack), but I realized that if it works, pinning arrow would probably be perfect so....


So first off, I'd like to point out that he's level 8 on a level 6 quest. And he's hard-set at level 8, you could come in at level 1 or level 20 and he'd still be level 8, so that's a thing.

Equipment generally remained unchanged, Hero was already geared up in heavy armor and Earth's embrace (alternative to that would be cloaks), Bronwyn had the lucky hat, studded armor, and her boots, Felix already had the druidic robes and rhinestone gloves plus the silver hair ties would give him more resistance at the cost of defense but he needs defense and Gargan's equipment can't be touched. So really all that I did equipment wise was strip my sister and have her walk home naked... I imagine that she had some fun with that.

And now we begin the mission!


Yeah about that....




Haha... Yes.... Dumb.... Certainly wouldn't stop almost every single player who's not reading a guide or anything.... Nope.... (Kill them before they breed, we cannot allow this level of meta-gaming from NPCs to persist!)


Gargan! This is not the time to recruit them to your Sunday gathers! I know that you've been lonely with your sister busy ogling me, and all the women in town suddenly becoming slaves totally legally, but seriously there is a time and place for these sorts of things! Now let us kill these blasphemous NPCs before we risk having to deal with a generation of hyper-aware NPCs that are able to do such crazy acts as NOT leaving the keys to their rooms out in the open where a player can get them!

Anyways, the battle is easy, I go into the nearby side-room for some glimpses of tentacle sex. Though thinking about it, I wonder if those girls are the cultists we fight given how there are three of each and after the fight there are no girls to um... claim a reward from.


Well clearly you didn't see what was going on in the room below, shit was getting freaky in there. Oh you're not into tentacles? Well you should have made sure to read the flier before signing up then! I swear no one appreciates some good demon worship nowadays.


Hmm.... Yes.... I wonder how much longer it will be... There certainly isn't some kind of adventurer just below your feet due to all those missing virgins or anything. Nope not one bit.... Also did anyone else involved in this quest notice they were virgins before? I think that'd be a vital piece of information that Hero wouldn't have missed.

After another room that was probably filled with tentacle sex


Took me forever to find this key originally. It was in one of the last places you'd ever think to look as a player, right in the keyhole! Wouldn't be quite as unlikely if you thought about it from a real life perspective, but we're players damn it!


You know I always find that hilarious. Also I do really love these small little tid-bits that reference one another, they really help you feel like the care that NoMoshing puts into this game and all.


Who knew that for all these years I had been gifted with the magical words needed to summon a demon! And not just any demon guys, this is a demon as strong as the Angel of Love and Passion, these words have some serious mojo behind them! I wonder what I could summon with 'abra kadabra'....


Oh hi Mickele! Just a heads up, for when planning how to live your life and all, maybe stay away from an ice palace? I mean not that I've been to one (in this playthrough) but just might be something to keep in mind for the future. Well got to go, be seeing you!

After collecting a LOT of loot and then freeing a 16 year old girl!


Of course. That being said, when you consider breaking and entering, murder, forcibly enslaving people, and rape, going through someone else's mail is actually probably one of the most legal things Hero has done in awhile. I also get my first strange note I'm pretty sure! I tend to avoid collecting those for awhile since they're not all in the game currently, and most of them aren't missable. ANYWAYS, we get caught.


Pssst, Hero, there are 3 guys there. Honestly I am a bit surprised they wouldn't instantly go with the obvious choice of a girl should you bring a full party, unless they had like some magical virgin detector spell or something, in which case why wouldn't they have checked all the guys already?


Smart move Felix, lie low, hope they don't notice you. Honestly I can't tell if he's embarrassed about not being a virgin, kinda being implied to be a girl, or just trying to not draw attention to himself.... Whatever the case, Gargan speaks, and Hero ribs on him and we all know what happens from there.


Wait a minute... That looks like it might be japanese.... All the sounds definately fit, and it does have des at the end (des, desu, same thing).... I wonder if....

Oh, seems to be Japanese. Let's see if my rough understanding and use of a good dictionary can help me figure it out! And look at that 'Kore' can mean 'this' or 'this person', so would be in reference to Gargan, though it crosses my mind why they weren't made the subject of the sentence, but then again my Japanese skills aren't that great and from my understanding NoMoshing uses translators so that makes sense. Kyo and Tema however are a bit more varied in their definitions but let's see if I can pinpoint what what translation is being used.... Welp, this is difficult for me, the best I seem to be able to come up with is something like 'resident's falsehood' or something given how this is supposed to be a gender swap curse.... Personally I would have gone with like

この性別は変化しろ! (Kono seibetsu wa henkashiro!)

Though I'm sure I got some stuff wrong, based on my understanding that would literally translate more or less to "This gender, I command it to change!" (no desu at the end because the shiro at the end of henkashiro acts as the end of the sentence, it's a thing about verbs), Japanese tends to order their sentences differently than English so yeah.... But then again, like I said, not that great, so I hope that I didn't get anything super wrong... ANYWAYS enough with the Japanese!


My, I never knew that demons were so concerned with political correctness. I would probably have some kind of comment here but this is funny and it's seems clear to me that it's trying to be funny by being a bit of a play on expectations and all in both the political correctness and foot in mouth stuff and all that, ignoring the whole 'no homo' thing. That said, I do think the lady protests too much or whatever :P


Ah right that's the name! Fight is super easy, even though he can hit twice per round, both attacks are from the same action so pinning arrow blocks BOTH attacks, so I just had Bronwyn spam pinning arrow, Hero put on assault and attacked when he couldn't, Felix would heal and when he got a chance first he put on burn and then used magic missile so that hopefully Bronwyn would get an opportunity to attack and regain some momentum, sadly Felix never knocked him over so when Bronwyn ran out of momentum things got a bit hairy. He got two attacks on Felix, but Felix survived, and Bronwyn had enough momentum to pin him the following turn meaning that Felix got to use two turns to heal up, the next attack though came at Bronwyn, which was great actually because it meant that she had 30 momentum, he never got to attack again. Going to have to see if he gets pinning immunity in later versions because pinning arrow is perfect for him.


Oh joys! After taking down a demon, I get to make the biggest decision in regards to siding with either the Demons or the Angels in this game! Who do I give a facial to? I choose Larelle because pocket tomes aren't something I have dozens of and Meline almost has her love quest unlocked.


Oh would you look at that! I can't remember what day I'm on, I think it's like 16-17 transition? Iunno, scroll back up to the double Yamamaya day update, I list the day stuff there, I did this quest immediately after I finished that up.

And before I have an opportunity to forget...


HAHA! WHO'S THE FORGETFUL ONE NOW CHORE LIST! It's still me but none the less this is a small victory for me. Now let's get to wrapping this up so that I can sleep.


Household income: 2,689 Money: 2,795 on hand, 22,506 in the bank

Day 17 Edit

And now it's time for your slightly delayed Monday update.... On a Wednesday technically.... Okay a lot delayed >.>

Anyways we start off with me correcting one of my many mistakes! This one is from the previous update!


I kinda forgot to gift her.... I tend to do this a lot with the Eastfort girls.... But hey it works out in my favor because originally the day after the Virgin Gynocides was raining for me and well...


My computer needs a little cleanup. You can't tell it here but it was lagging so bad in Eastfort while it was raining that there was literally no movement going on. Like I could press an arrow and the game would 'know' my knew position but the screen wouldn't change at all. I only managed to get to the Condo and then leave by pulling up the menu screen which would change things to be to how they were when I opened up the menu, allowing me to navigate in several small bursts. I then go and redo Virgin Gynocides, no new commentary. And I remembered to equip the Necronomicon to Felix again this time!

I then proceed to gift all of my girls aside from Rhandi who I will get to later, but this time intentionally. No relationship ups, some get close but no one goes up. Anyways I stop by Westcastle to claim my reward.


Not a whole lot... I mean I guess it makes sense this is what a priest/town scraped together for someone to find all these missing girls and but still. Blah. Anyways we did get a nice accessory out of it, something for my more damage oriented melee units, which now brings me to 2 accessories for melee units, 2 for mages, and 1 for anyone (the winged shoes are good for anyone, just especially Bronwyn). Anyways, let's go and deposit all this money in the bank, and I'll show you guys my account again while I'm here because why not, will make it easier for me during the wrap up.


And now for the quest!.... Huh, seems I forgot to take a picture of me taking the quest, well I tend to make mistakes when I'm this tired (which is why I really need to stop doing this so late at night...), but I take the search party quest which I did mention yesterday. I stop by the Condo both to gift Randi (I think, might have forgotten to do it AGAIN, I'll check later) and to change my party.

So, first off, we don't have to worry about bringing a party for the end of the quest just yet, we'll be able to change our party mid-quest so we can make a party good for all those minions later, and besides I want to try doing the encampment as a stealth game, I'll probably fail but so what. Anyways, we want to bring a party for the boss, and she's a heavy physically based boss, so we're going to want a tank so I choose Doll both because Therese is learning spells and I don't want to worry about doing a fight with her not optimally equipped and because Doll has been getting a few upgrades (weapon upgrade, 100 more MP, and since she got to level 9 she learned Vine armor) so thought I'd see how she does now, and Bronwyn seems good for crippling a single unit similar to how Meline is with mages so we'll bring her, and of course Felix.


I do play around with equipment some. I give Felix the Bowler hat from the last quest because I only just now realized it's a defense upgrade for him with no threat or such penalties, I give Hero a bronze cap as it's my second best helmet (ignoring my mask of the iron man) even though it's only light armor, still I want him drawing more threat than my squishies, I also give him the Black Metal glove which gives him more attack and critical chance, though even though it says that it's heavy going by cheater's guide it's light armor, the heavy in the description is probably in reference to the attack speed down which isn't a big deal if you're not Bronwyn. Next Doll gets the best helmet, second best armor (both of which are heavy armor), and Earth's embrace. Nothing too spectacular.

So let's go to the giant's pass and save us some adventurer's!


.... Huh, thought I had cleared out Giant's Pass. Good to know there are still enemies here, especially since I'm out of monster fangs and I'll be recruiting more party members soon. Probably would have been a good idea to come here sooner but eh, don't feel like reloading that far back to try to take advantage of these guys.


HAHA, wow, first fight, two non-threats. I've solo'd this quest enough times to know that without anyone else around, the spearmen are NOTHING. Like the biggest things they bring to a fight are cover and having a lot of health, in a solo playthrough you can easily buff your defense so high that they literally can't hurt you, and with Bronwyn pinning one down they're half of a non-threat! And would you look at that? Felix has a new attack which further LOWERS the one who can attack down to again doing basically nothing. This is the first fight of the quest and the only attacks were against Hero who took a whopping zero damage. So far not impressed Kellos, use your troops smarter next time.

Anyways so I decide to go into the caves for this since I've like NEVER gone into the caves for this quest, mostly because everytime I do this quest I either hadn't learned there WERE guys in the caves or I kept forgetting.


Wow. These guys have been here for awhile, it's day 16 and I looted that pile of cash on day 1. They've been here TWO WEEKS, even coming into our territory at least 15 days ago. These guys must be a master of stealth and patience! That or this guy had a few too many mushrooms earlier.


So I've never know what anime/manga stuff they're talking about, as I don't recognize any of the names they say. But then again it's been a few years since I was really that into anime or manga and even when I was into it names weren't exactly my strong-suit so I shouldn't really be surprised.

And after killing a few more goons.


Ah yes, the mid-quest boss, I do like this change of pace, helps keep the game feeling fresh. This fight though, I over-prepared for it. Pinning arrow kept her down a large portion of the fight, and I further made it easy by basically having Felix throw Dark energy at her a bunch so that she would always have her attack debuffed. Heck I don't think I even used any healing in the fight because of just how badly I hindered her DPS, for the first like third of the fight she didn't get in any attacks and then after that it was every other turn, of which she spent the third of the battle she COULD attack with attack debuffs (because if she ever got cleared of them I'd throw a dark energy her way while she was pinned the following turn). Probably would have just been better to bring a damager to help go through her health quicker.


Ah yes, the famous Sword-Saint Escape Bomb attack, it is quite effective against Hero as he is not finely trained in the art of the Ninja like his maids are.

I proceed through the quest and I ALMOST forgot something important....


That you can ONLY fight these guys in this quest. Man would I have had egg on my face if I had finished this mission forgetting something important like that, thus having to redo it! (I really hope I didn't forget to gift Randi again...)


I ALWAYS run past the ladder when I do this quest, it blends in against the wall so well. I go down the ladder to fight the enemies down there then come back up to save and I'm going to have to call it for tonight because I'm tired and there's still quite a bit more to the quest...


Household income: 2,689 Money: 0 on hand, 25,947 in the bank

Day 18 Edit

And now it's time for yet another update, and I'm slightly less tired now! Yay! So first order of business, let's go and ease my concerns about Randi not getting a gift so that i can play completely undistracte-


Fuck. I'll reload and gift her another time and then redo this quest, I'll just finish up this quest for tonight because I'm still pretty tired (really need to work on some goddamn time management...). Anyways we left off with our Hero about to take on a test of skill unlike any we've seen him face before!


Now, NoMoshing has said this quest is sneakable, now I may not be good at stealth and I may be super tired but hey let's give it a shot! If I get caught I'll edit the screenshot to have a red dot about where the guard was standing when they saw me (I meanwhile will remain still when spotted, mostly in a vain attempt to get a screenshot with an exclamation point over their head). To accomplish this I also switch my speed to S, that way I can more precisely control my movements while still being able to move quickly enough to move past any openings they might have! My first attempt didn't go so well but since I didn't get a screenshot before the battle I restarted, but I learned that it's better to go to the left since you'd have to run past a guard to get to the right (and from what I can tell he won't ever be on your screen if you sit still which means you would have to risk getting spotted to be able to see when his back is turned). So attempt number 2, and this time I won't restart at all!


Okay now that's just not fair. He saw me around the corner of another tent, I wasn't even moving at the time as I was trying to figure out when to go from him as I had just ran past the two people from above!


This guy saw me before I saw him I'll tell you that much, he basically noticed me as soon as he entered my screen, and here I was worried about guys that I'd encounter as I tried to make my way right in this row! Anyways I go through yet another fight...


Also you might not have seen it but I was getting some pretty crappy luck with cover, as soon as any of the spearmen put on cover at least once ALL my attacks went to them, I had even begun to think that the rater of cover blocking something had gone up, but as I saw in later fights it didn't seem to. That said, I did notice that Pinning arrow NEVER had cover block it....


I'm beginning to think these guys have bat vision. They can see me around corners but this guy blindly ran into a tent and got stuck. He would run out a few times only to run back in where he resigned himself to his fate.


He messed up so bad that he event went back to being on the look-out as if he MEANT to head to the tent all along to guard it. I get this guy regularly makes a fool of himself and is just trying to play it off. Though I did find it interesting that this guy went back to guard watching where he was when during my first attempt it seemed impossible to evade or hide from a guard once they saw you the first time...

Anyways, I'm sure that you can see that my goal is in sight, I'm about to get into the second phase of this quest!


SERIOUSLY HOW THE HELL DO THESE GUYS SEE AROUND CORNERS? I might not be great at stealth games but since these guys see you so easily, can spot you even as they just enter your screen, run very fast, and are (usually) determined as hell to catch you I can see why people would generally just barrel through this, why put in all that time and effort to trying to be stealthy when you'll probably end up fighting just as many fights (and I'm not talking about how you have to wipe them all out in the second part even).


Again, I'm a bit delayed in my screenshot taking so you guys missed it there was another spearman before who JUST COVERED A SPELL! Seriously I didn't know they could do that! It only happens that once in this quest for me but Felix meant to hit the guy alive in this picture with Dark Blast but killed off the other spearman.... And yet Pinning arrow still seems unable to be blocked by them....


Apparently Healbot is the new pokemon... I could see it. Anyways after an expert medical consultation (or was it before, can't remember...)


Someone seems to like Shotas.... I think it's important to take note that Felix is trying to steal one of our women.... He's already told me that he has plans to steal Bronwyn (BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!) and now he's trying to recruit Kyrie before she's even enslaved! That monster!

Then she suggests we go and murder everyone instead of trying to be stealthy, not only is that how we usually do EVERY quest, but I'm especially on game with how these guys are able to see around corners, can't let them live to breed or something!


Yes, let's.

Right so new party, Kyrie is forced, and I keep Felix because he's got rechargable MP and can lower their debuff their attack along with healing us so I think he's worth it, and while I planned on getting Yamamaya (damager that I don't have to be too worried about being offed with a Gernado or two), Bronwyn's pinning arrow seems to ALWAYS hit it's target so I choose her based on this observation of my anecdotal experience...


No equipment changes. Also I'd like to point out that Kyrie doesn't seem to like me much given that face she's making! I do enjoy how the faces will change as their relationship with you goes up.

Also there won't be anymore red circles as I'm not going stealthy anymore, so now let's get ready-


Oh you're going to fit in here just FIIIINE.

We make our way next door. I usually head there first because I'm doing solo playthroughs and clear out the map entirely before getting Kyrie for max experience, but since that wasn't an issue this time around, I wanted to show Kyrie what to expect from her future master.


Looting of course. Certainly nothing else going on here. I get myself a nice iron shield which I laugh about since I don't have Doll with me anymore and when I turn that map in I'm pretty sure I'll be getting an even better shield. But I did say that I needed more than just Doll's buckler.


And now we enjoy the spoils of war, I don't care if there are still soldiers out there, there's always time to stop and enjoy the spoils! Kyrie is totally cool with it. I practically don't even NEED to collar her, because at this rate she's going to give Hero a nice good mouth present for a job well done!


Also, I forgot to mention during the previous fight, but she's doing a LOT of damage with her party wide spells! Might have something to do with her being level 17, but still, she's doing like 2-3 times as much damage as my other party members and she hits EVERYONE, and since she can also lower their defense regular attacks become even better! Have Hero throw on Assault if he starts out with enough momentum and you can just go to town on these guys.

Several level ups later.


Then let us enjoy ourselves with some celebratory sex!


WHAT? NO! YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MANY WOMEN! I blame Felix, she was practically fawning over him and heck when we arrived on the scene we had a 1 to 1 guy to girl ratio, Felix you were supposed to seal the deal! Can I take your name back? Because you deserve to be called Healbot again, and then stuffed full of cake so that you stop stealing my women!

I'm starting to really have mixed feelings about my only healer in this game.... Can't wait until I can try out Yeon and see how I feel about her! Anyways, we finish off the quest, have fun with Randi and blah.


Household income: 2,689 Money: 3,566 on hand, 26,206 in the bank

Day 19Edit

So I got stuff done, and I got a LOT more than I expected done tonight, I got 40 damn images here! I'll be splitting this up into two updates so hey, on my next update I won't be so bloody tired when I write the commentary!


I decided to say screw it and just go with Randi missing out on one day's gift, I already have the attack bonus so she won't be giving me anything else spectacular for this playthrough since I can't sell stuff. Next let's go and get some more free equipment!


That's some good edumacation they've got 'round here.


Something tells me they were planning on throwing it out anyways... Still, it's a pretty good shield considering we got it for free! That's the best type of equipment, equipment that doesn't cost you any money! Next I end up having to run back to Eastfort after I made my way to Northmarket, forgetting that I still had to turn in the quest...


Now that's more like it! While it may not seem like a lot, when you add it to the vendor trash you end up with a rather sizable chunk of change, that's why I like doing most guild quests they're actually rather profitable, I've seriously managed to in at least one playthrough get money so quickly from adventurer's guild quests that it offset money that I spent on investments, which is why I generally don't regard investing in any of the businesses (including the 4 that take 23k sil together for a 5% return) to really hurt your ability to get Chimei, because if you go and do a few good adventurer's guild quests you should be able to make the money back no problem... Then again that playthrough might have involved gambling and save-scumming the daily quest to be slimes, so that'd be about another 2k a day in such a playthrough, but that's part of the reason I'm doing this playthrough to try to getter get an idea as to a more 'reasonable' player's gaming experience. You know, someone who doesn't spend upwards of hours researching how exactly level ups work in FF9 to figure out how to get the most stats which including like how to stay at level 1 for most of the game or the Marcus-Eiko glitch.... Anyways, back to THIS game!


*Grumble* This kid kinda annoys me, gets in my way and all that. Let's try and make him not quite as annoying as we can.


Now shoo, and don't bother me. Now time to enjoy my manor and-


Holy hell! That surprised me, I mean I KNEW he'd be there but my brain isn't exactly working at 100% right now okay? (Also yes the Apple kid chest is opened, I sometimes think of stuff I want to say after I missed a screenshot opportunity so I try to recreate it as best as I can, that's why during Alina's last affection up you might have noticed I'm standing at different angles during the same conversation, I reset to get one of those images for you guys, part of why it takes me a bit longer to play for this than it would normally, but you guys are great so it's not a problem)


YOU KNOW THAT'S A VERY GOOD QUESTION. BRONWYN, WHY AREN'T YOUR PINNING ARROWS MAGICALLY ENCHANCED TO PIN BETTER? Oh you knew, since you and Felix have been spending so much time in my party you should get him to like work with you to have him use magic missile on your pinning arrow to knock the target to the ground then pin them, should keep them down for two turns! I'm sure he'd agree to it if you asked nicely, call it a hunch (I'm never NOT going to find it hilarious how in this playthrough he has a crush on Bronwyn)


Well... I guess it is your quiver but... Are you sure? I mean I don't know about you but personally I wouldn't want to be going on the battle field with arrows covered in wast- OH MAGICAL WASTE. Well, okay then just.... make sure you sanitize it properly, we don't know where those angels/demons/slimes/whatever have been eating.... Yes I know that magical doesn't come from magical creatures I just um meant that like.... You don't know if those sorts of creates might have been eating the magical waste to uh.... Get more magical! Yeah! Totally makes sense!


Enjoy your cake mortal, for your treachery and failures have not been forgotten. Be warned that I will exact my vengeance upon you, you will know pain unimaginable, horrors unspeakable, and will find your mind being devoured alive by the darkest pit known to any universe. You will rue the day that displeased me, for it has spelled the beginning of your end. This cake is but a parting gift so that you may enjoy what fleeting moments you still have of anything that resembles either sanity or humanity, for soon both shall become lost to you. And that's just the warning, can't spoil the surprise too much.... Wish that I could shove my 20+ slices of cake down his spell hole so that I wouldn't have to worry about him trying to steal anymore of my women with his clearly anti-Hero ways...


Well that's kinda rude!


.... No wonder she had so much trouble with regular slimes... I mean I've even solo'd that dungeon several times and didn't have a problem, mind you I had encourage but still, you'd think that she'd be able to at least say nice things to herself... Anyways she goes on to say she got better at killing things for Hero's sake though one thing does stand out to me...


I mean, I can't help but feel that this is a little silly for him to feel this way. She decided to start killing in the first place, and it's not like Hero hasn't done senseless slaughter on people just because he had a financial and a potential slave on the line. I mean I guess I can understand feeling guilty some, but really she had a mission and at least NOW she won't get horribly killed as opposed to what would happen if she tried to do her love quest without having the benefit of all the practice and experience that came from being with Hero and company. But blah.

Anyways, it's at this point that I remember that I'm out of monster fangs and how the Giant's Pass still has enemies. By this point in the game the experience those 3-5 battles give will be nothing compared to what future characters will join at, given how bears give like 7 experience with 4 party members in this version of the game. Sooo....


I clear it out entirely. And since I'm out and about I decide to sell off all the loot I've got so I make a quick stop!


... Has that bug already been reported? I think so. Hard to remember what has and hasn't been reported when you're working with a version of the game that's several months old...


Haha, goddamn Moon Moon, no one really cared but good to know that I don't have to worry about you accidentally impaling yourself in a humorous attempt at revenge! I would REALLY hate to have to get blood out of my sheets, it's already red as it is so it takes a long time to be certain and since there's apparently a robot in the bed we need all the warmth we can get! Anyways after getting like 100 sil from the merchant there we return to our manor to sneak behind Florine, give her our load, and appreciate the sight.


Now that's what I'm talking about. Pretty damn good chunk of change... Now since we're here let's check out the forge, might have gotten some item to upgrade stuff recently!


Damn ninja werewolf maids, always hiding from me. Anyways, I don't imagine Kevin will have anything particularly new to say but hey let's che-


... And I haven't even given him any gifts yet! Kevin's apparently a REALLY cheap date, that or he's into some kind of weird neglect play without letting us know... Jokes aside though, Hero got some nice attack upgrades today between the sword and Randi. Next we go and enjoy the whole point of this little side trip!


I fought 4 battles with a total of 10 or so enemies. Totally worth it. I'll start trading in shiny bits on the next day though. And finally to end this half of this day! (Not a status screen because I didn't realize I was going to be breaking this into two updates until after I finished both of them...)


Household income: 2,689 Money: 0 on hand, 37,714 in the bank

Day 20Edit

Right well, I'll try to keep things a bit math light in the future! Nothing's going to stop me from talking math during this playthrough but I'll try to keep it contained! Anyways we left off with our Hero in the bank and us needing to end the day! Now we COULD go and become a journeyman, but since that will be shortly followed with some more difficult quests I've got another idea in mind, namely to try to get some characters stronger and a little bit of money at the same time...


It's time to get us an enchanter! Now is even a good time because by doing it now, I can become a journeyman tomorrow which will give me two days of gifting Ino, getting her a relationship up and my mages will FINALLY get better weapons! Also would be fun to see how well I can do this by memory, it's been a long time but I used to have this quest down!


Is it just me or does it seem to be that Felix just makes everyone's life worse? *Gasp* Is he the anti-Hero, doomed to failure and servitude both for himself and those around him? Yes I know that I pulled that joke in the last update, but it was actually inspired after that little line of dialogue so Nyeh!


Ouch, kinda harsh, bet the test-taking anxiety in this world is through the roof. Heck I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't that uncommon for applicants under a lot of pressure to commit suicide especially when they had taken the test so many times they only had one more shot, I mean SERIOUSLY, that puts a level of pressure on people that could really fuck with someone's mind. I probably wouldn't be bothered by it because I never really felt the pressures of a test, both because I usually got the material very quickly and because I tended to be arrogant enough to assume that I could pass things easily, to be fair though I did do quite well on my tests and was almost always the first one done, but still man I've seen some people who have a horrible time when it comes to just normal tests, this shit is like life-changing... Anyways, back to the game.


And you ditched her! Really healbot, how low, I at least pay you the courtesy of letting you stay by my side (as a walking potion) in sickness and in health (mainly because you can cure sickness and bring people back to health), I would never so heartlessly leave you to fend for yourself (Because you're stuck here until I say so).


I'm beginning to notice a pattern here.... Luckily we've got plot armor, and if this little anti-Hero by my side hasn't gotten me killed so far I'm sure someone as innocent as an enchanter couldn't possibly pose me any threat! It's certainly not like I've let my new bias against Felix for letting Kyrie slip between my fingers cloud my judgement about who the REAL person who ruins the lives of the people they get involved with is! Nope, certainly healbot!


.... So let me get this straight, in order to cheat on a VERY serious test, that she only has one more chance to pass, you want to cast a MAGIC spell, so that you can MAGICALLY give her the answers, to pass her MAGIC entrance exam to the MAGIC school. Sounds legit, bet no one's ever thought of that before! To be fair you'd probably have to get enrolled in the school BEFORE you could use the spell so there is a possibility...


....... Ino, are you sure that you belong at this school? I mean this sounds like incredibly basic shit, like asking someone who wants to get into a school dedicated to studying the weather what the water cycle is.... I mean they're not asking for names, or dates or shit, they're just asking for the goddamn theories, and even basically! And heck, from what I can tell this isn't her first time taking the test, how the hell would she NOT think to study something like that... Iunno man, just seems like this isn't the place for her... Besides all the students would probably die around her, probably killed off by her trying to figure out if she's a fire, earth, water, or wind mage but it's not until she summons her familiar do a series of events unfold that eventually lead to her finding out she's a- oh right different series, and last I knew that girl never got people killed by being near them.

So anyways, I should probably save so that if I need to take multiple screenshots in the middle of some dialogue I can easi-


.... I don't know what I expected actually, guess it was just kinda a habit, I did something so let's save. Now then let's see if I can remember where the first book was!


I'm a bit embarrassed, I got the building wrong at first, but on my second guess I got the right building and the right spot! So that's not too bad! Next up we're looking for the two types of magic or something!


Well I got the building right on the first guess!.... Mostly thanks to the fact that it wasn't this building the first time. I remember that all of the books are in different buildings than the previous one, and the building for the first two seem kinda similar, I mean the biggest thing of note in both of them are there's a LOT of books... Though that said did still take me two guesses, but I got the building right on the first try! Next up Hero is asked to look up stuff about dragons or something.


I've got a strange feeling that Hero would not be too keen about those of us who maintain the wiki... Ungrateful bastard, DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG I SLAVED AWAY TO MAKE MY GUIDES! NOT THAT LONG! Really I figured out most of the stuff for my own personal use then I just sat down for a few hours to write shit out and then posted it, I'm really bad about proof-reading and being patient which I'm sure both of my guides probably show, heck even my playthrough shows it with all the goddamn grammatical errors I tend to have, forgetting some words, other words seemingly being there for no reason because I changed my mind what I wanted to do with my sentence, it's madness I tell you! But still, ungrateful! Not that I would expect Hero to appreciate a wiki, after all we do all the effort to maintain it, the players put in the effort to read it and figure things out, he just sits back and let's the hand of fate guide his actions to untold riches that he just somehow magically knew where to find...


Well would you look at that, we pronounce the name of the book the same! I tend to get a bit bad when it comes to some longer words and trying to pronounce them, and since I spend a fair amount of my time coming across such words reading them or them being names for stuff in video games, I usually just pay attention to a few key letters, heck I still have problems when me and my friend are talking MH4U and the topic of a.... Gypceros. Not to mention some of the later game stuff, like the big snow elder dragon or the GIANT snake guy! I can recognize the names just fine bu- OH RIGHT THE PLAYTHROUGH!

Right so now we need info on plants and undead and shit. Well hopefully not that last one, would hate if fecal matter was needed to ward off the undead or something, then again slashy slashy seems to work just fine so who needs warding?


YES HERO. I'M PRETTY SURE THAT'S WHAT A TEST DOES. IT IS MEANT TO ASSESS YOUR KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING OF THE MATERIAL AT HAND. I would ask if he's ever took one before, but I think we can fairly safely say that he hasn't taken a test in any sort of educational environment, probably some stuff for the adventurer's guild but that's probably mainly to make sure that he can use a sword (so probably a practical exam) and maybe some basic written stuff to ensure that he's not dumb enough to burn the place to the ground by accident (when we burn it down it'll be completely intentional!). I mean, there don't seem to be any schools in Northmarket, and even if there are going by the number of children who work in the slums I doubt that it's really something for the slums kids to get involved in, they seem too busy trying to eat. But blah. This book I had no problems with, didn't even need the wiki for it the first time I did this quest because I had read it some on my own one time and the book stands out so I remembered where it was.


Ah the tricksy question. This one stood out to me when I read originally reading where the books where on the wiki, because it's one of those tricksy things. To be honest took me a bit to find the right sign, but that's mainly because I didn't remember EXACTLY where it was, and there is a lot of crap on that wall so in my tired state it blended in for a second...


Now THIS one is the one that used to give me problems. I don't know why but I always skipped over it when reading the locations on the wiki so I'd try to find the books after this one but could never find this one, took me forever to realize that it was in the tower instead of one of the other places.... Not one of my proudest moments. But hey, thanks to all that trouble I remembered EXACTLY where it was this playthrough! So ha!


I don't quite thing "Slash them until they're dead" is quite what they're looking for.... I'm not saying that Hero's dumb, I just doubt that he cares about slimes much beyond how to kill them and maybe stuff to avoid, far from anything that would deal with the alchemic properties of slimes or whatever.


And there we go. I always find it a bit amusing that the timer is still going during this conversation even though the test is technically over. Also now that I think about it, we had 5 minutes for the test, holy hell is this school brutal...


Clearly SOMEONE has never met Hero. And if he knows what's good for his sanity he probably should try to keep things that way.


Keyword: Her. I bet Hero fucks her, on the basis that he fucks a fairly high number of the women he meets all things considered. I'm not saying enslavement because I doubt that'd work out, but there have been instances of fucking without getting someone into the harem sooo....

Right, yes, Ino gets banned and all because she cheated, whoever would have guessed that at a MAGIC school they'd be able to detect the use of MAGIC during their very important MAGIC exam? Everyone.


Seriously, everyone. Except healbot and Ino for some reason, I'll blame Ino on her desperation but healbot WENT to this school, you'd think that he would have known better! Either I have some doubts about how well he did on that test, his anti-Hero abilities were acting up leading him to act in a manner that got Ino banned from the school (I put a roof over her head, his failure to realize the fault in the plan got her from ever coming back!), or perhaps today's special slice of cake is working as intended. :twisted:


...... I COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT THIS SCENE. DAMNIT. Here's the reason why me forgetting about this scene is important, see, before I gifted Meline today she was at 96 RP exactly, so if I had remembered that I hadn't done this scene that would mean that I could figure that I'd get it that night (since my guide does plan for this scene to happen, it's just that by doing Yamamaya's stuff and delaying some quests resulting in Larelle getting out before I finished my quests changed that) and thus save me 200 sil by not gifting her! Damn! Well you live you learn, important stuff for me to remember for my guide, as it might become very important for dealing with the Yamamaya relationship stuff...

And that's that! Let's check to see how I'm doing!


Household income: 2,689 Money: 2,689 on hand, 38,091 in the bank

And with that, I'll be heading to bed, going to need to work on coming up with a good plan for what I'll be doing soon!

Day 21Edit

Welp it's now the next day! This will be the shorter of the two updates but tomorrow will probably have a shorter average comment per image, we'll see! Anyways, we left off after recruiting an enchanter!


I'm a bit simple, I don't really care for boss because it's not as intimate and considering how I have an ACTUAL little sister in the harem I'd rather stick to the classic power fantasy rather than go with a fake incest one when I can have a real one whenever. Besides, I'm more setting things up for the future more than anything, when she's older she WILL be referring to me by master. Then again while she's younger boss probably isn't too bad, and when it comes to future games we'll probably either get to choose again at least when she's old enough or it'll be forced on us, either way the choice within HC1 will be limited just to within HC1 so maybe I should go with boss for uniqueness with her. Iunno. Anyways I check out my satisfaction and wouldn't you know it, I've got 30 points, enough to get improved assault OR unity force! That said I haven't really been feeling a strong need for either in battles for awhile but there is something that I seem to need despite my protests....


.... I'm weak. While we're up here let's choose to 'gift' to Meline and then select NOTHING! Because that's how you get love quests, by neglecting your harem! Totally!


.... So are we going to have to rescue the buyers kids from a gambling den in order to sell it at 10x market value? I didn't realize that real-estate was such a quest filled venture!

Anyways, I make use of my converted shed and something couldn't help but catch my eye...


WHO THE HELL HAS BEEN SLEEPING IN THE STABLE? I mean just.... I'm sorry but if someone's sleeping with my horse I feel that I should know these things. You don't have a bed all spread out and ready for use if no one's going to sleep there, and last I checked horses didn't much care for beds. I should know where I live there are plenty of horses, they tend to not come out of the stable to go and sleep on human-sized beds.... Then again I haven't ACTUALLY been around when a horse was sleeping so I could be grossly mistaken, but call it a hunch...


And this is why I needed to convert the shed. I am absolutely AWFUL at remembering to gift Randi. I have it on the chore list that you should check your followers list just because I generally forget to gift her and Serade. It's REALLY bad... Anyways ONWARDS TO ADVENTURE! We're going to start by checking out Hero's old home because it doesn't end the day.


.... I feel as if this should either have aged some or have been drunk with all the years this place has been unused probably.... I then decide to check out the kitchen!


Did Hero actually grow up middle-class? I mean let's be honest here, two ovens seems like a pretty big luxury in the slums, and we know that if they were rich they wouldn't have been in the slums, but man they seem to have been pretty damn well off for being in the slums.... One wonders why they didn't move to one of the other cities if they were able to afford such luxuries as TWO ovens... Heck most of the houses here don't even have ONE oven!


Who fantasized about fucking her brother? Meline, either you've got a loose interpretation of 'good' or that 'was' is referring to about a decade ago probably!


Meline, peer pressure doesn't excuse your behavior, you don't get to be a 'good girl' except when someone tells you to do bad stuff, you are a 'good girl' BECAUSE you don't cave that easily, sheesh. Now let's check out that Piano!


Oh so when you were younger it was too difficult to carry around a piano but NOW it's perfectly fine! Heck you're not even leaving yet, you put that piano in your pocket to then go and walk DEEPER into the house! I'm pretty sure he's just trying to show off to Meline that he's super strong or something... But considering how she's his slave he could just tell her to bend over, doesn't need to impress her!


Seriously Meline, what EXACTLY do you think it means to be a 'good girl', because I'm pretty sure stealing cookies and peeping on your brother don't qualify!


So first off, you have no idea how long it took me to find this stash... In fact this is actually my FIRST time finding it, I used to always think that it was in Hero's room as well until I decided to check every tile in Meline's room as well. Heck sometimes I used to think that it might have been a misunderstanding and was confused with the doctor weird book... Oh but right, also I think these two are a bit confused about 'stash', might just be me but I'm pretty sure a single magazine each would just be, "Oh hey my porn mag!" and without at least one other independent piece of porn would not qualify as a 'stash' but blegh, that's just me with my sometimes 20 gigs of porn (varies depending on how much I want to clean up my computer).


Of course they do, not that hard to figure out these two like to fuck like bunnies.


Listen, 50 damage is nothing that a quick visit to the manor wouldn't solve, heck that's damage that I wouldn't bother having Felix drop a cure light wound on out of battle unless he was already at max MP! Though thinking about it, it does remind me that I didn't bother to equip anything to Meline to come here, so technically she's been walking around this whole house talking with Hero butt-naked. I think that I'll make sure to do this little change for all future playthroughs. Moving on.


I bet that in one of the future HC games we're going to find out what happened to him, I mean each of the HC games is going to be taking place in a different country so he's bound to be in ONE of them, or have died in one of them, who knows.


Well that doesn't bode well for Daidra...


Hero, trust me, there's one bard in particular who you will be making sure gets laid a LOT after you meet them.


As do I... I think that I'll keep the mother's necklace I found on Meline for the rest of the game, it's pretty good and only she can equip it. Though looking at the cheater's guide, "1.2 times recovery from spells and other non-item effects." I would like to ask if anyone could clarify if this is FOR Meline or FROM Meline? Like if Meline tries to heal Felix and Felix tries to heal Meline, does Meline's spell get the 1.2x boost or does Felix's? These are important questions that need to be asked damnit!... I tend to ask these sorts of questions with EVERY game just to make sure, I mean I'm sure that the description means that Meline receives 1.2x healing effects but still, generally best to ask to confirm. Anyways!

And now with all that taken care of, it's time to end the day!


We'll be dealing with this fucker.... Tomorrow! Or rather we'll be starting tomorrow with the journeyman party. Right so, money time!

Household income: 2,689 Money: 0 on hand, 40,040 in the bank

Look at that, we're over 2/3rds of the way to Chimei! So what if I'm running out of time! Also sorry if today's update was a bit short, a large portion of the images I took were during the journeyman party but there's not really a good place to stop in the middle of that, so get ready for a rather big update tomorrow!

Day 22Edit

Hi everyone! Time for today's early update! If you'll recall we left off about to go to a party in the Adventurer's guild, and as we all know the FIRST thing you should do at such a party is drink gallons and gallons of-


I fail to see anything wrong with such a circumstance. Typical Tuesday afternoon for an adventurer if you ask me. Now give me my alcohol.



And now that we've gotten those jokes out of the way I realize that I probably should have started with the guild master. Then again I find it humorous that Hero might have such a drinking problem he ignores the guy he's standing next to in order to rush to the bar before coming back to talk to him.


Sooooo it's okay if we enslave both your daughter and your son who's had his gender swapped and fuck them senselessly, sometimes together? Because that's what I'm hearing!


Oh.... Um.... Right.... Well it's a start, first the dad let's you date the daughter, then the dad let's you enslave the daughter, then the dad doesn't mind as you also enslave his new daughter/son, then he's so busy with work that he doesn't notice when you enslave the wife... Hmm.... I wonder if I'm a bad person at this point essentially enslaving his entire family.... Well what he doesn't know won't hurt him!


Damn straight, good that she knows her place. Now then, would you kindly be a good little slave AND TELL THE BARKEEP THAT YOU'RE A FILTHY LIAR SO THAT I CAN HAVE MY DAMN BEER? I mean I personally may not drink it, but Hero here has shown to hold no such sentiments.


Haha, yeah. Well except Shally (for now maybe...), but still this place is bustling with like 90% of the people here being my slaves. Always fun to point it out.


Oh I'm sorry, who was it who completed all these quests to become a journeyman? Good household management has nothing to do with becoming famous! Taking credit for all the enemies I slaughtered to get us where we are.... Heck I'm the one who even does a lot of our investments, and while it's great that you do some too I bring in over 2,000k a day with mine alone, and that's after expenses!.... Though this does raise the question of how these businesses are so DAMN profitable that they are able to pay out quite a large sum of money EVERY day...


I find it interest that both of these girls will stare you directly in the eye as they gossip about you. I only grabbed a pic of Florine's because hers is more specific and they're both doing basically the same thing.


.... Shit, they've started to notice all the women that I enslave! Abort, abort! I never signed up for having slaves that were aware I had another 150 slaves!




Haha, oh Doll. *pats head*


Was really fun to see Hero egging her on to be more tsun, and see her trying so hard to get him to care. Will be fun to see how she learns to deal with being Hero's slave as time goes on given how her stated reason for agreeing to be his slave was, "Well I still have magic so I MUST belong here!" Might have something to do with her relationship status with Hero at the time but still this was cute given how it seems that she thinks that she's not SUPPOSED to like him (can't blame her given how he raped her and the nuns along with enslaving said nuns) but she can't help but like him.


Listen, Lilac, the only thing screwed about this family are all of the girls after I fuck them, amiright?


Then it's good that she's sharing them, because sharing is caring! So go ahead and share ALL your ideas with these girls Randi, always helps to have new ways to have fun if you know what I mean...


Oh wow, someone who has dialogue you can only read once! Well at least someone's having a good time around here *Stares at Meline in mock indignation for a minute*


.... Well someone seems to think that it's time to dance. Not sure where you're planning on heading Yamamaya... Also yes Ino, drink milk, lots and LOTS of milk! In fact, Alina, make sure Ino's diet consists of as much milk as possible for.... reasons.


I would have talked to Felix here but SOMEONE was in the way, so I'll come back to him. Anyways,WELL KEVIN IT'D BE NICE IF WE COULD ACTUALLY SEE THE RESULTS OF THESE SO CALLED TECHNIQUES IN THE GAM- oh wait, I just remembered there are crafting items like the mana shard in quests after you become a journeyman so I guess we probably do actually.... Huh... WELL I CAN STILL YELL AT YOU FOR NO REASON, IT'S MY DAMN PARTY!


Welcome to your eternal servitude, healbot. Because there's one thing I've got to tell you, the ride never ends.


You know, I get the strangest feeling that this too will be important for later... Like maybe final quest-line for HC1 important... Who knows.


Well, not Shally but yeah, all of them. Including my sister, even share a bed with her. Speaking of bed's you wouldn't BELIEVE who I've got in my servant quarters right now- I MEAN HEY HOW HAVE YOU BEEN?


Go alone with you out into a back alley after we have immediately been talking about my sexual exploits after years of casual flirting between us? I don't have any idea what could possibly happen!


Awww, now I feel BAD, I mean sure, I force children into basically slavery, and OKAY I did kinda wipe out an entire town of orcs for money, and well who HASN'T raped and enslaved dozens of women regardless as to whether they agreed or not, but I mean this is SERIOUS stuff now!


Interesting, seems the last picture uploaded twice... ANYWAYS! Gotta agree with Hero here, not his fault that she wanted a nice vanilla family while he wants a harem, and I mean it's not like anyone in the harem is forc- I mean is unhappy about- I mean.... Well... They're doing fine, let's just leave it at that.


You know, I recall once someone mentioning in the idea thread about Raina once potentially snapping and killing everyone in the harem to get Hero all to herself as a 'bad end', and I later thought about it and had a different idea what she'd do if she 'snapped', but can't remember if I ever shared it... So I'll share it here! If she did snap, a 'bad end' from her I think would be her having sex with Hero, stealing one of his slave collars while he sleeps, and enslaving him before he wakes up, which then makes him her slave, and thus probably all of his slaves and such become hers too but she'd probably just free them or something while keeping him as hers, would require less mental barriers to be broken because let's face it, that's what Hero's been doing to some of these girls so to it wouldn't be completely unthinkable of her to do it. But blah.


But we can have collar-related SERIOUS business right? Right? Because forcibly enslaving her is a very serious matter so it's totally fine :P


Oh that's great, we can switch out her book and if we want a tank for a quest she'll have a heal and a status cure! Now then we'll quickly check out my status and call an end to this upd-


But.... But.... We were almost done!


You're telling me! I haven't even gotten a chance to open the status menu and save!


That's a good point... Though in Hero's defense I don't imagine it was exactly an easy subject to approach, "Hey so I was on a quest with your brother and well... Long story short, he's a girl, no longer a virgin, and stuck in a coma at my mansion." But seriously we could have at least done something to try to help.


Oh right, this is for the guy who robbed us and left us in the sewers, not to mention is like our rival, so of course Hero had been holding off this for as long as possible...




I feel a lot of exposition coming on!


.... Felix, have you been taking items from my inventory without me noticing to run these damn tests of yours? Because I do not take the crime of theft lightly. And since you mentioned exorcisers, sounds like you've got your own damn stash somewhere in which case your punishment will be TWICE as severe, as I take people holding out on me even more seriously than theft, everything you own is MINE unless I say otherwise. Do. YOU. UNDERSTAND? Because if not I have a free dungeon cell that I have no plans on using anytime soon, and let me make this clear bot, I have no intention of gifting you the privilege of the pleasures the dungeons can bring if I ever decide to put you down there.


Yes Raina, that's why he's still in a coma... I mean do you really think that we'd have kept him in a coma for all these days if there was a quick easy solution?.... Okay, do you think that we'd keep a pretty female body in a coma all these days if there was a quick easy solution?


Why yes I think that I will! Tell me more! Also I tend to forget except while going through this scene that wild magic and evocations ARE different, I generally assume that they're kinda in a similar line of things since they seem to be.... kinda similar. Like no one really understands them, and I just figured that evocations were kinda the 'human' version of it, so was pretty weak while 'wild magic' is for more dedicated beings, like how prayers vs angel/Angel powers. But then again that may very well be the case and it's just that humans don't know any better, guess that's something that NoMoshing would have to specifically tell us out of the game for us to ever really know.


.... I do not like that damn smug look. I think you've got two good options here either open that mouth and get to work or actually tell us what you're trying to say.


Awww she chose the less fun option. Also I find it a bit interesting that there's a 'vampire monthly' magazine, and moreso that Larelle had gotten her hands on them in Lumberhill and that no one else there seemed to notice, then again maybe they did, she did say before that she hated the place...


Just the kind of underhanded scheme that I figured you for Felix! Good work.... And remember, I sleep with someone chosen to carry out the Angel's will, a loyal dog willing to rip you to shreds, and a robot who's magical prowess would put you to shame, so don't even think about it.

Now that I'm done giving shit to Felix today let's start to plan out how we're going to take on this qu-


... Level 15? Uh....


I don't think I'm QUITE there yet, but I'll give a crack at it for Monday's update... Anyways that concludes today's update, hope you all have a good weekend!

Household income: 2,689 Money: 2,689 on hand, 40,440 in the bank

Day 23Edit

Hey everyone! So yesterday I was sitting around, had a bit more time on my hands than I cared for and was trying to figure what game to play, and so after awhile I eventually decided to put together a surprise weekend update for you guys! Wanted to do all the game-play last night but things ended up taking longer than I thought, so I'll now present to you today's surprising (in more ways than one) update!


Sure didn't take her long to learn how to perfectly enchant stuff... Still some nice vendor trash, though I do kinda regret not doing Bronwyn's quest properly since it means that Meline won't get both of her weapon upgrade but oh well!


... Well I mean... At least he didn't bottle them up for no reason... Still though, that's going quite out of your way for someone who didn't really harm you in any personal way, I mean it's not like she lead the manor invasion or organized it or anything, she was just as surprised to see you as.... Well she was surprised to see you there. But blah.

Anyways I continue going around gifting when something catches my eye...


Now I don't know about you, but when I see sparkles like that, I instantly think that it's something to interact with. First attempt yields nothing, not one so easily deterred I figure that it might have something to do with my party, so I put the three people with prayers into my party and try again and.... Nothing. Huh. Thinking about it now, might be a bit of a bug and be hanging around from when Meline joined the party. Anyways, when I was putting Therese in my party I couldn't help but notice something.


I'm starting to remember to do it! All on my own, yay! Anyways, I fuss around in the menu for fun some and while checking out today's quest I find a little surprise.


I remember that NoMoshing did reduce the difficulty of this quest which perhaps means that the earlier 15 suggestion was a mistake... Either way, it does help put me a bit at ease that I'm not coming into a quest that suggests me being 150% the level I'm at. Now then, to set up my party...

First off, Larelle. I don't want to have to fight the final boss given the difficulty I've had with the second form (even during a test run that I did with cheats to raise Hero and Felix to 99!), Felix is as always a good healer (plus since only he and Hero can resist allure nice to have them both here), and since I'm bringing two mages into a dungeon filled with vampires and all that I can't help but recall a certain team setup that another person posted a playthrough about on this forum...


For equipment I advice giving Larelle the magical handbook and Felix doctor weird, even though this means that Larelle won't get the 1.25x damage bonus on vulnerable enemies (only helps fire, cold, radiant, thunder, and lightning spells) it gives her a rather useful non-necrotic attack that will be rather good against bosses, and even though chain lightning isn't that good for an anti-mage skill with Meline around it does give my team one multi-target non-necrotic attack, plus Hyde formula is actually fairly useful since Hero is the only one who'll be using a lot of physical attacks so assault isn't actually that great here. Meline obviously gets the mother's necklace, Felix the Rhinestone glove (so that I've got a lot of free heals) leaving Larelle with the strange shard, I give Felix the druidic robes since they resist necrotic damage and it's important that he doesn't die, the other two mages get uniforms, the girls get silver hairties as that's all they can wear on their heads and I give Felix the best hat available to him. Hero is decked in basically as much heavy armor I can throw at him to try to make him a bit of a tank, but I do give him the black stone gauntlets to help with his physical attacks. And away we go, perhaps to our doom! Oh, I forgot to do this myself, but if you're having trouble you might consider trying to grab a blessing from the westcastle church before going on, the radiant damage for Hero would be nice as well as the defense boosts, but then again I'm not sure if that guy even offers stuff...


Damn dogs.... When I originally tried to do this quest fair and square in a solo run, these dogs absolutely DESTROYED me... The gravediggers I could handle but *grumble grumble*

Right so fighting tips. In the first area the grave-keepers should be taken down ASAP as they can inflict deafened (improved encourage can heal it) and sleep (dispel mind or caster's spark can heal that, which does make A healer a good choice) both on the entire party, I've had multiple fights where on the first turn they inflicted deafened making it so that only Hero's action went through and then inflict Sleep when he tries to cure Meline (since she has heretical censure and heals she seems like the best choice for getting things under control) stopping him in his tracks, I usually had to restart whenever that happened because if I didn't get wiped out quickly after that it would have just taken forever since the gravedigger can just inflict that stuff again while I struggle to keep Hero awake and then cure a mage, all the while I'm getting attacked and my mages can't really do anything too useful aside from guard (Felix could attack for some not terrible damage). Another reason to go after the gravediggers first is because they can revive any dead teammates even at 0 MP, no point in trying to take something out only for it to come back. If there's one of the dogs in the fight then I'd advise that after the gravekeeper you quickly take it out, they can do a lot of damage and can inflict burn on the entire party or a whole lot of bad status effects on up to two party members in one turn (thankfully the nausea that they inflict can now be cured both with improved encourage and cleanse body, originally that status effect couldn't be cured so you were basically stuck the whole dungeon with -20% atk, matk, and agility), but if you're fighting undead you don't have a lot to worry about, they can only ever attack one person at a time and even though they can inflict a whole bunch of status effects at once, one use of cleanse body/improved encourage will clear it all up (aside from blind, but that only matters if Hero gets it, both improved encourage and clear mind should fix that).

As for how to fight, I'd advise having Hero attack the grave digger, Meline throw down heretical censure, have Felix either throw caster's spark (to clear anyone who might be put asleep) or magic missile on the grave digger, and Larelle should use murder of the crows. Now I know what you may be thinking with that last one, necrotic damage in this dungeon? Well believe it or not, we're not using it for damage, the attack down on the entire party is INCREDIBLY useful for every fight in this, even if you're only fighting enemies that are immune to necrotic damage, especially if you're at a lower level it DRASTICALLY makes it easy to not get killed off, and heck if you're up against an enemy that is immune to necrotic damage then Larelle can use her single target one to keep them low on attack while Hero builds up momentum for blazing aura, it's a huge help, might put a fair amount of MP strain on Larelle especially since she has a rather small MP pool, but just make sure to use blazing aura when you've got a good opportunity, if you're inbetween battles equip the rhinestone gloves and walk around in a circle a few times to build up her MP. After the first round what you do will largely depend on how things went down, but I'd advise Larelle to use murder of crows again before throwing out magic missiles (common enemies die too quickly for spell penetration to be that useful), have Felix start healing, Hero focus on killing the damn gravedigger, and once it's vulnerable have Meline switch to her radiant spell (bonus damage and daze reduces chance to hit by 60%). That said, some unlucky moves from your opponents and you might find yourself having to reload a save file, so let's take a look to see what's inside some of the buildings to try to make good use of the keys that you do get. Let's see what's behind door number 1 first of all...


... Well good thing I got that. Door two has a group of undead, door three has a single lo-potion, and I forget what most of the next few have though I do know there's a couple of dark seeds in here so you'll probably want to kill all the gravediggers but since that can be some risky business, I'd advise trying maybe fighting the first battle (has two undead minions) and then doing your best to avoid the others because the final building has...


A save point. Also that pot over there? It has two servings of pure water, which I assume is a full heal, I don't know, with the rhinestone glove and blazing aura I rarely if ever had an MP problem. Anyways now that we've got a way to save between gravedigger fights so that we don't have to start ALL over if I get super unlucky (and don't be afraid to use some items if your luck turns sour, I definitely did, knowing where the save point is and having a bit more patience would prove more profitable if you're cheap like me) let's see what's in the other mausoleums shall we?


Can't remember where this is, but one of them has barbarian hides. While light armor and not as good as the best heavy armor you've got, they offer 1 momentum per turn, which is GREAT for Hero since he's so momentum driven and has no way to get his own natural momentum regen, and that 1 per turn is nice because it turns a successful attack into +6 and a guard into +5, I always found getting +4 on guarding to be lower than I'd want on the more momentum heavy characters like Hero. Anyways over a VERY long and drawn out sequence of collecting items and fighting battles I FINALLY clear everything out, so all that's left is to go forward.


... Well at least they're honest!


Personally, I thought this fight was going to go horribly, when I tried this fight fairly both with one or two party members (for solo playthroughs) it went VERY badly, which I tended to find surprising since generally speaking solo playthroughs you can get by thanks to being so severely above what you're supposed to be. Anyways, I had Hero go for the Beta wolf, he can buff the teams attack with assault among other things which can easily make this battle go out of control very quickly, even though the Beta isn't much of a threat alone while the other two are, the last thing you want is for all three of them to have double assault and still alive, they'll tear through you. I advise having Larelle basically spam murder of crows, only ever stopping if they have double attack down (and remember, one use of assault will cancel out two attack downs, so your choice if you want to even bother pushing them that low), which isn't too bad since they do take necrotic damage but it REALLY helps keeping them manageable, Meline went for heretical censure as always but I'm not entirely sure that it was needed since they seemed to have quite a lot of momentum based skills (or MP regen...), still if you get all of them (or at least the Beta) vulnerable, maybe through a quick radiant spell Warren's way since he can do knock-down, messing with his accuracy will help with him, and then focus on the Beta. Have Felix open with Caster's spark, then heal. If Larelle or Felix ever get a free turn from healing/debuffing have them throw a magic missile at whoever your current target is (or the next one if you're confident they're almost dead). After the Beta I turned to Warren to deal with his debuffs. The Alpha will do a fair amount of damage on you (including inflict bleed for a short period) but after the Beta is gone if you keep her and Warren with double attack down then it'll be rather easy to heal. Make sure to have Hero use blazing aura if needed and Meline switch to heal duty if you NEED two heals in one turn.

Afterwards I advise you go back and save, for me the fight wasn't that hard but the next area can be either a lot easier or a lot harder than this first one (and do remember you can come back to the first area from the second area, so feel free to save in-between all of those fights too!). The next area starts off with a fight against an enthusiast and a bunch of fetish dolls. Go for the enthusiast in EVERY fight they're in, not only can they use magic missile on you but even when they don't have access to spells they can throw hallucinagenic gernades (never seen one inflict a status but maybe I'm lucky) that for me did about 300 damage to two random characters, but even worse is they can use gernado and for me that did about 400 damage to two random characters, which if I was unlucky and it hit the same person together that could easily wipe them out. Murder of crows will help keep the dolls from being a major threat (as well as damage all enemies that aren't undead or dolls), Felix should open battles trying to magic missile the enthusiast, Meline you can use heretical censure (I did, but magic missile definitely isn't as big a threat as gernado, so maybe I shouldn't have) and then some radiant spells should help make quick work of your biggest threat. Only one battle down here doesn't have an enthusiast, instead it has a vampire fangirl, she is the biggest threat in that battle, but only because she can inflict a LOT of damage on one, two (random), or the entire party on any given turn, but murder of crows will reduce the damage to nothing too dangerous, make sure to throw a radiant spell her way too to lower her accuracy. Once you remove the major threat from any given battle you don't really have much to worry about in any of these fights, the dolls can stun, hit kinda hard, and cover one another but they shouldn't be too hard to take care of, though I've found that fights with mad priests, it can be a good idea to leave the priest as the final one alive as even though they do take necrotic damage, once drained of MP all they can do is physically attack for almost no damage (though if Hero gets hit with from their radiant spell dazed throw a clear mind his way to fix him up), whereas the undead minions are able to actually do SOME damage, but really it's up to you who you'd use to get a free blazing aura off as needed.

While looting I can't help but notice something though...


Sure is a LOT of flour down here... Anyways, continue killing and looting, as you please, and when you're done try to go up the stairs.


You know, I can't help but feel that this MIGHT have something to do with why I kept getting all that flour...


With this team, single enemy bosses are basically laughable. Sure we might not be able to pinning arrow spam, but with Meline able to shut down mage, and a radiant/necrotic combo renders physical attacks basically useless, single bosses are kinda easy to manage. Open the battle with Hero throwing one fistful of flour, Larelle using spell penetration, Meline using heretical censure, and Felix using Caster's spark. While he'll get off an attack without any difficulty, with only one of him it should be easy enough to heal, assuming you even want to bother. Afterwards have Hero either go non-stop attacking, or you could have him focus more on support stuff (though no point in throwing a fistful of flour in that case, have him guard the first turn for some momentum), Larelle should use two of her single target necrotic touch attacks to lower his attack following up with magic missile and maybe a necrotic attack to refresh the timer on it, once he's vulnerable have Meline use her radiant spell until he's dazed and after that you can throw a fire spell if you want (it will also get the 1.25x boost), Felix should either be healing or throwing a spell of your choice, magic missile is a good choice to try to knock him down, but if you want the boost from the vulnerable status then have him throw a fire/ice spell instead. Should be a cake-walk.

Upstairs you'll fight a vampire suckling and two vampire fangirls. All fights on this floor will have a suckling and it's your biggest threat, not only can it drain some HP, but it can cast a party wide sleep spell or confuse Larelle/Meline with allure. Murder of crows may not hurt them, but it will easily deal with any fangirls in the fight, heretical censure should help cut off the suckling from some of the more deadly magic as well as increase the damage a radiant spell will do against it. Just like with the gravediggers, have Felix either use magic missile or caster's spark for the first turn before focusing on healing. I would suggest after the first fight, heading straight to the right to fight another suckling and two dogs this time. Deal with the suckling and then take care of the dogs, and finally after that proceed downwards for a rather good fight to recover MP off of if you ask me.


Huh, I didn't realize that you needed the church to get involved for something like that... I assumed that being a 'blood slave' was something you just became after a vampire enthralled you or something, but hey I'm not here to judge... Obviously take care of the suckling and then the fangirl, and after Meline sucks the priest dry (really wonder how all these priests are still following the will of whatever Angel gave them power with what's happening here...), some healing and a blazing aura wouldn't be a bad idea to finish this fight off.

Now time to solve the puzzle of the clock!


.... Interesting.... I'm guessing this is the debug event that NoMoshing put in to deal with some errors that happened from transferring a save file before this quest happened. Oh well, to the puzzle of the clock!


If you ignore the little person standing near me who doesn't say anything, think back to what all three of the fights that I had in common.... How they were arranged and all, if you're having trouble. Anyways I enter the answer into the clock and proceed.


Oh don't worry you'll forget about him soon enough!.... Seriously, like it's crazy how quickly she forgets about him...


Single enemy boss, you know the strategy. Heck he seems especially easy to knock down with magic missile, and it seems like it keeps him down for two rounds or something... Anyways, I have a bit of a hunch based on what he said before this fight and the name of him, given how we faced werewolves, vampires, and even an invisible man...


Yep, he does NOT like fire. Though thinking about it, I recall one of the other playthroughs it was specifically stated that this boss was supposed to be a Frankenstein monster esque boss but there wasn't a graphic for that. Anyways I heal up, drink the tea, save and go to finish off this quest that I was sure I wouldn't have been able to complete!


... You know, SINCE I'm here, I think that I'll try fighting him once, even if I win I'll reload and get the scene, because I don't want to pass up on that +2 satisfaction, but I want to see just how difficult he is with this team. First form isn't a problem, it's a single boss, heck I have more of an issue trying to manage my MP to be ready for the second form without making the first form take FOREVER. Eventually though, I get there!


Heretical censure, and caster's spark (which you can have Felix use in the previous form to carry over) can turn chain lightning into an absolute BEAST here! Even with just caster's spark I was seeing some 700's from chain lightning I think, it might not take a lot of MP away but given how we want to kill all of these guys ASAP. Might be a good idea to switch doctor strange onto Larelle for this fight since she's the only one who can't heal, so that she can focus completely on trying to kill these fuckers. Things seem to be going pretty well, I've even killed one of them and thanks to the chain lightning the others probably aren't doing exceptional, and none of them have even tried to use sleep (might be because Meline drained them of all their MP), but then it happens... One turn, two of the bats paralyze Felix and Larelle, thankfully cleanse body and improve encourage can both cure paralysis so I get to work on not fightning with only half my party but well....


I've said it before and I'll say it again, I don't think all the bats should have these status effects, maybe one or two but when all five of them have it, the battle can VERY quickly turn impossible with no real way to deal with it. Heck, even if paralyze bite is only a 10% chance to be used at any given point in the fight with all five of them around it results in a 41% chance of it happening at least once any given turn, which if they're faster than you would interrupt one of your attacks, potentially interrupting your attempt to cure the paralysis. Then again, if you're faster than them then it might not be as big a deal since it's only about a 6.5% chance of them using it twice in one turn (and even lower of both of those paralyzing the target). Another thing that might help, if you're really determined to fight this battle, try to fit Therese into your team, the siege shield isn't too bad for this dungeon as it prevents stun, knockdown, and paralysis, plus since she can learn cleanse body too and her sword deals radiant damage she'd be VERY useful for dealing with these bats, especially if she had a high enough threat that almost all of the paralysis bites were coming her way, as well I personally found that in most of this dungeon my team didn't exactly have enough defensive abilities, so bringing in a tank wouldn't be a bad idea. I'm not ENTIRELY sure were she'd fit best, but I think that Meline might be the best choice, even though making those single bosses vulnerable makes fire and radiant spells tear through them, I found most of the time it just served to try to prevent enemies from putting you to sleep before you killed them off, if say Felix was able to get something to make him immune to sleep then throwing caster's spark the first turn would also work (if he was slower than the enemy) for that turn at least, and if you can kill them quickly enough (or get some good luck with magic missile) then Meline might not be that needed, but then again I don't know if these bats still have the sleep spell or not... And heck, for all I know they won't use paralysis bite until under 50% HP, in which using chain lightning is actually what got me killed. If someone could get the full stats on these bats sometime would be much appreciated...

Anyways, after getting wiped out, I reload and have a threesome, vowing to travel through time and space to return to this fight to best this foe fairly sometime!


You know, the wiki seems to forget about this end of day event. If you look on the 'advancing time' page it says the 'Looking for the cure' only advances time by 1 day, when actually it advances it by 2 days (completing the dungeon and curing Gargan, the latter of which is the actual end to the quest). Anyways that wraps things up for this weekend update, hope you all enjoyed it!


Household income: 2,689 Money: 2,689 on hand, 45,158 in the bank

Edit: So after thinking about how paralyze bite might not be immediately available to bats (might require them getting hurt so much or may use momentum, both of which focusing one at a time would work better) and well...


While I got less experience than the threesome I did manage to win. They were still paralyzing quite a bit, but I think that paralyze bite might be momentum based so try to focus on one bat at a time that way the rest of them have a hard time building up the momentum needed to paralyze you. But if it's NOT momentum based and just a regular attack then this is kinda why I don't think that having all five bats with it is a good idea, facing 5 boss level enemies that can effectively OHKO any party member (paralysis or sleep will both work this way) will lead to to a lot of difficulty with balancing as some people will breeze through the fight while others are getting everyone re-paralyzed every turn, it limits how much control over the battle the player actually has. But again, siege shield could help with that, and if it is momentum based then just make sure to avoid chain lightning. As for the third form the biggest difference between it and the first form is that it has master allure, which WILL charm all girls on your team with each usage, not as bad as sleep since you're guaranteed to have Hero free, but none of your abilities can heal it normally, caster's spark might be able to get rid of it but I found that he generally just uses it again, so get used to fighting with Felix and Hero until he runs out of MP, not that bad all things considered since they can both heal (and if the necronomicon is on Felix than he can work to prevent the bosses physical attacks from doing a lot of damage). Beyond that you know what to do.

Edit 2: Gah! So I'm just casually browsing the wiki in the equipment section when I find out the Earth's embrace has a 20% chance to resist Poison, blind, deafened, possession, sleep, and paralysis! We encountered ALL those status effects, except possession, and yet I didn't have it equipped to ANYONE! Let this be a lesson to you kids, use the Earth's embrace on SOMEONE in this quest. Also, might be a good idea to equip basic prayer books to Meline and Felix for the first area, give a 40% chance to resist deafened, the magical handbook does the same so give that to Larelle.

Day 24Edit

So I know that it's a bit early.... Like a LOT earlier than I usually update (roughly 5 hours or so before I normally do...) but I've actually started to get into this game again so there MAAAAY be some earlier updates. Heck, some stuff might be coming up next week so I might even decide to do double updates this week and then take a break next week, we'll see.... But right, I also wanted to do today's update a bit earlier to give myself a bit more time because there's going to be a fair amount of research needed for the commentary here, and with my memory best I do that research while I'm writing the commentary itself. Right so, we left off after completing Looking for the cure.... and I forgot to save afterwards, heck I even forgot to equip the right books to Felix and Larelle before finishing so let's do that real quick and-


... Whoops. Well at least good that I had her learn that. I tend to not use the ice spell that often, and even if I do want to use it Felix has it, so I think that I'll switch Larelle to magic missile and switch her back if she finishes everything else.

Right after getting my gifts and enchanting Larelle's dagger (Felix doesn't get his enchantment since I still haven't done the clock quest) let's see how much my loot sells for.


Not bad. Hopefully it's enough... You'll see for what later. Now to go and give out gifts!


So that I can watch you suffer, as slowly everything that you knew and love fades from your grasp, I will laugh as soon your heart struggle to pump blood with each beat, as every breath becomes that much harder to take, and once that is done I will find those you love, those you care about and make you watch as I slowly fuck away whatever remnants of humanity they hold, as I turn everyone you've ever known and cared about into nothing but an empty husk as your body strains to move, then and only then will your real punishment begi-


I erm... What?


Well.... I mean.... Okay.... I guess if Hero's cool with Felix I'll stop picking on him.... Sorry those of you whom despise healbot, but no more torture porn for you... Sadly. I was just starting to have fun too, probably shouldn't have dragged it out so long, oh well. Still the +2 to all stats is nice. Next up, Larelle gets a relationship boost, I wonder if there are some pheromones in the study given how these two seem to be so easy to win over today... It starts with Hero asking what her problem is (might have something to do with raping her for like 8 days straight)


Well that's kinda blunt... After a clarification that Hero meant how she wasn't raising zombies anymore...


Trust me Larelle, I'm as shocked as you are, I mean if he WANTED some undead action he could have just raped all of those vampire fangirls/blood slaves yesterday! Seriously! Further clarification that he wants a zombie army rather than for more.... personal activities, Larelle begins stroking her own ego.


Well, can't have her getting too uppity I guess, I mean the last time she acted out things didn't exactly go well...


Whoops almost forgot again, but I remembered on my own! Now then to deposit what I have left over into the bank and...


Now I know that I'm still a bit aways from getting Chimei, but I sat down and calculated it, I only have a few more days left that I can get her and get her H-scene, even less time if I also want to get the foursome scene after some quest. Now if only there was a way to quickly and easily get 10,000 sil now and pay it off later...


While some might not want to do this to get Chimei, I'm doing it mostly because I'm in an earlier version of the game, if I were in a later version I'd have a few more days than I do now to raise the money for her, plus as well I don't think that it will throw off my sense as to when another player could afford her because when I pay off my loan then I know that another player could afford her, especially since losing 5% per day instead of gaining 1% could make it take longer, so for my intents I think this loan works out just fine while still allowing me to get the desired H-scenes. Though until I pay off the loan the end of the day money stuff will say "debt" instead of "in the bank", it'll still be a positive value but yeah. Let's go and buy our new slave!


Man I really can't help but question if these guys understand the slave market, I mean if you say no he tells you that she'll be there later making it kinda clear to me that they're aware that there is very little demand for her at that price, which then is a terrible business strategy. They get tons of slaves (indicative of the line in the slums) and heck will sometimes venture out of MK to get slaves through some more.... 'forcible' means so they definitely have a fair amount of supply, but continuing to use up space, food, and all of that for a slave that's quite clearly not high in demand, sounds like they need to lower their prices. Heck, with the communication barrier I'm not even entirely sure that I believe his pitch that she's quite valuable to a lot of owners, sure to an adventurer like Hero those skills are rather good but what use does an average slave owner have for her, as a body-guard basically but with a language barrier than you risk having friends of family being caught up in an accident, or her reactions being delayed when what appears to be a knight/paladin suddenly turns hostile, not to mention trying to intimidate someone would be difficult if you pointed to Chimei and she misunderstood what you were saying as say a gesture for 'bend over', if you don't learn the language she'd work best as apart of a team but if you've already got a team then you probably don't need to spend that amount of money for someone who would require a bit of extra work, but this is a game not an actual market so supply/demand be damned!


Ah and now a big reason why I wanted to do this update early, all this Japanese! Now, somewhere I do believe NoMoshing has said that if you're familiar with anime stuff that figuring out what Chimei is saying shouldn't be that hard, and looking through some of the dialogue that I encounter just on this day I have to agree since a lot of it I don't even need a translator to know about what she's saying, heck sometimes I know entire sentences just based off of what little Japanese I know and anime I've seen, so for the most part I'll try to focus more on translating, spelling, and punctuation more-so than offering advise on new sentences, though I will still do that some. So as seen above we begin with:

Chimei: Nani yatte na da yo?

So first off I know from memory that Nani means 'what', I look up 'yatte' and most commonly used as the te form of yaru which means to do basically, so based off of context and my rough translation thus far I'd guess this sentence is going for something like, "What do you want?" since Chimei would probably be trying to figure out what's going on. Looking at 'na da yo' I can't help but feel that it's supposed to be 'nan da yo', which if that's the case the second n is kinda important (assuming I'm right, it would be like spelling apple as "appl" or "aple", but I might also be wrong about what it's supposed to be). Now, 'nan da yo' is basically an informal way of saying "nani desu yo", so it might be a bit inappropriate for her to not only be saying this to a stranger but her 'master' (whether she's asking the slaver or Hero would probably reflect who she things is her master now), but even setting that aside, assuming this is the case it would feel a bit awkward to basically have nani in the sentence twice, once formally and a second time informally... Alternatively since 'da yo' basically is the same as 'desu yo' (with 'yo' being a bit demanding and taking authority and all) if we look up na by itself then it can be a sentence ender used to indicate emotion, but given how 'yo' is there it would be kinda awkward, even more so given how if 'yatte' is the te form of yaru it's supposed to be connected to something and not just the end of the sentence... So if we assume that my rough translation of "What do you want?" is correct, I actually looked it up to try to find a good translation. You'll have to scroll a bit down but eventually you should come across:

君は何がほしい (Kimi wa nani ga hoshii?)

While a bit informal I actually kinda find this funny, because if you look up kimi you'll find the word has two definitions (and I did make sure the kanji matched up), see nowadays it's kinda an informal 'buddy' or 'pal', but originally it meant like 'ruler' or '(one's) master', so technically you could read Kimi in this sentence as either "Hey buddy, what do you want?" or "What is it that you want, master?", though the rest of the sentence might not be quite formal enough to work with the latter but still... Anyways, onto the next part!

Slaver: Kono ano ko mohaya nushi.

As discussed before 'kono' basically means 'this', whether a person or a thing near the speaker, it's kinda vague but given the context I figure that the slaver is telling Chimei that Hero is her new master based off of JUST the first word! Then we have ano!.... Um.... That.... Listen, that doesn't work. See the 'no' in both 'kono' and 'ano' are used to denote the location of what you're talking about, while 'kono' means 'this' (near the speaker) 'ano' means 'that' (far from the speaker), so it'd be like saying "This story is about dogs, this story is about chicken", you establish two mutually exclusive 'locations' of what you're talking about for the same sentence... And I made sure to check that there wasn't another word for 'ano' or 'kono' (also, kono or ano should be used near the start of the sentence but they both are here so not a problem), so unless it's something pretty obscure (in which case you'd be better using a different word for the same thing) they don't fit together in the same sentence... Next we have 'ko' and BOY do I wish that there was a way for the kanji to be in this game because there's a LOT of things that ko could mean, none of them seem to fit perfectly so I'll come back to it... 'mohaya', now that's interesting, this word can mean "already" or it can mean "no longer", so it would fit in a sentence of like, "This guy is now your master" or "I am no longer your master", though given that we established 'kono' as the location I imagine we're talking about Hero so it's probably the 'already' or 'now' meaning and given that it's an adverb instead of a verb it might even be in the grammatically correct location, I'm not good enough to really comment on that >.>. Next up is 'nushi', first result makes it pretty clear, 'master' more or less, which again falls into how things seemed to be. Hmm... Personally I would replace Probably instead of using 'mohaya' go with using 'ima' at the beginning (similar to how 'kono' or 'ano' indicate the location of what you're talking about, 'ima' indicates that you're talking about 'now', it also goes at the beginning of the sentence before 'kono' or 'ano' even). Huh, thinking about it, this sentence is probably beyond my ability as it has two objects in it (Chimei and Hero), I think that you'd want to start with 'ima' to say now, then maybe go 'kono nushi ga anata' as that'd be kinda like "This master owns you" but I'm not sure if 'nushi ga anata' would mean "master owns you" or "you own master" and if it's the latter oh boy would that be wrong... Still it's the best that I can do so I'll put it down.

今此の主が貴方。 (Ima kono nushi ga anata.)

Might need a 'desu' or something at the end, but given how this is supposed to be slaver talking to a slave I think the lack of one fits, but perhaps that might imply that they're friendly rather than him looking down on her, I wouldn't know... Anyways, next!

Chimei: Sou desu ka?

This I'm VERY familiar with, it's almost one of the phrases that we were specifically taught in my Japanese class, I imagine that it's supposed to be, "Is that so?", however the 'ka' at the end reflects a question mark but I'm pretty sure that you'd want to use a 'ne' at the end, because 'desu ka' is kinda like a question mark alone, while 'desu ne' is kinda like "Is that so?", like if the proceeding sentence was "This pizza is good" desuka would turn it into "Is this pizza good?" while desune would be "This pizza is good, isn't it?", so 'sou desu ne' I think is what would more appropriate for here, but then again perhaps 'sou desu ka' is also used as a sentence sometimes, I don't think that I recall ever hearing it be used that way (but I KNOW that 'sou desu ne' does happen) but hey I'm not an expert so yeah... Anyways since that's such a minor suggestion I'll just go to the next sentence!

Chimei: Nani o itterunda?

I looked it up, this means "What are you saying?" so it's Chimei not understanding Hero. I could make a fuss here about 'o' not being spelled 'wo' (because the character used in the proper japanese sentence is the 'wo' character) but if I recall correctly it's correct regardless as to if you pronounce it as 'o' or 'wo', I personally choose 'wo' myself so that it's more phonetically obvious when I'm talking about the 'wo' character instead of the 'o' character, but they also do this incredibly crazy thing where they use the 'ha' symbol to mark subjects of sentences but when you use it like that you ALWAYS pronounce it 'wa' which I think is just silly, so this sentence seems perfectly fine just as it is. After this Hero grabs Chimei's breast so we can more or less figure out what she's saying without translating but might as well!

Chimei: Doko ni sawatteru no? Hanase!

This stuff again sounds familiar, however I don't recognize any of it off-hand so I'll look it up. So 'doko' usually means either 'where, what place' or 'how much, what extend (for either time or distance)', and 'ni' is probably a particle (quick thing here, the 'no' in both kono and ano are also particles so either here we should have dokoni or we should have ko no, a no above, but maybe that's just me...) so together they are probably being used together to sorta be like 'Where' in 'Where do you think you're putting your hand!' Sawatteru seems to be the te-iru form of sawaru, sawaru meaning 'to touch or feel' and putting it into the te-iru form means that the action is on-going, and 'no' at the end of the sentence is probably being used to indicate emotion, so I would personally translate it as "Where are you touching?!?" which seems to fit the scene and is probably a lot better Japanese than anything I could have come up with. Hmm... The best translation I can get for 'Hanase' for this context would be like "Be more understanding!" given how Chimei isn't exactly okay with this, but even that isn't a 'common word' in the dictionary that I'm using yet I know that I've heard 'hanase' a few times in similar contexts so whatever it means, I'm confident that it's used correctly here. Now we go back to some short stuff.

Chimei: Jama da!

As discussed earlier 'da' is a bit of an informal 'desu' which I believe is what's going on here, so the question is what does 'Jama' mean, well if we look it up.... "demon who hinders Buddhist training; demon who obstructs sentient beings from maintaining moral behaviour" um... Maybe it's one of the other definitions.... None seem to really fit here correctly so I say we just move on since it's not too important to translate this, meanwhile I'm going to secretly start to doubt this online dictionary that my Japanese teacher recommended pretty highly to us...

Chimei: Shikata ga nai... Sumimasen, goshujin-sama.

So the first part is a kinda common phrase that means something along the lines of "It can't be helped", "it's inevitable", "It's no use", etc. so use your imagination to try to fit that into the context kinda appropriately. After that is basically "Sorry master", I don't even need a translator for that and if you've seen a lot of anime neither should you I say. And finally the hardest test of my translating career yet!

Chimei: Hai!

Translation: Yes!

Phew, that took awhile, well hopefully you all enjoyed it and now we can get back to the main attract-


Oh right.... Gifting her. It's not going to be that hard because I only get two lines out of her, in the next update I'll try selecting the chat option and trying to translate everything she says at every affection level, don't know how many of you will be interested in that but I do want to at least try. Anyways, time for what's in the above picture:

Chimei: Konbanwa, Goshujin-sama. Genki desu ka?

Translates basically to: "Good evening master. How are you?" (I don't think that Konbanwa would be appropriate since the sunny weather would imply that it's not evening, so either 'ohayou gozaimasu' for the morning or 'konnichiwa' for like 10:30am-6pm) Then when you gift her a lovely flower:

Chimei: Arema~! Doumo arigatou gozaimasu, Goshujin-sama.

Basically "Oh my god! Thank you very much master!" I think that I might also try sometime to give her every gift at some point and trying to translate everything she has to say, given how aside from one or two of all of this Japanese it's been mostly self-evident and grammatically correct (hopefully I didn't give any bad advise on the stuff that I gave suggestions on since it's not like I'm a fluent speaker or anything...) shouldn't be too hard, would just be sorta time consuming. Anyways let's get back to the actual main stuff now.


Going to recruit Gargan to get working on raising their affection, as well as fit in with my general practice of trying to recruit party members ASAP.


Well... That's um.... That's one way to say it. Not exactly how I would but hey it's your life! So Hero then proceeds to have sex with a genie and realizes his a somewhat fatal mistake of his after it being pointed out that he could have wished her to be his slave...


Ouch buddy, taking it kinda hard there... But yeah, you made the mistake, honestly you should have spent some more time thinking about your wishes before you went rubbing the lamp. He then proceeds to rush to Gargan using his angry mod voice.


Well at least he was thinking ahead! I mean I figured that he was going to enslave Gargan as soon as he was turned into a girl (which given how we're using Hero's morals, he basically wants to have sex with all attractive female forms regardless of race, religion, morality, or even gender so I don't have a problem with it personally, if it was real life then maybe but we're looking at a game filled with slaughter, rape, and forcibly enslaving people). Then Gargan has the audacity of wondering why we're so cruel to him, well let me tell you, it's because you stole all our money and our great sword you little-


.... Well you're still hot so we're keeping you. Gargan then begins to tell us what ACTUALLY happened that night.


... Huh, so the best night of Gargan's life was thanks to Hero, then Gargan was saved during the worst night of his life from Hero, and even though he got horribly raped by Hero for the second worst day, there was kinda a misunderstanding and there's still those two other things so thinking about it, I kinda understand why Gargan doesn't spend the rest of the game absolutely despising Hero... Anyways, with that it ends tonight's update!


.... WAIT A MINUTE THAT DIDN'T END THE DAY! I guess the wiki was right all along! Whoops... Well things have been long enough so I'll still end today's update here.

Household income: 2,689 Money: 0 on hand, debt: 7,737

Day 25Edit

Since I've actually got some free time for now, I thought why not bring you guys a bit of an early update, it'll help free me up to work on other things later tonight, so here we go! Let's start with chatting up Chimei, shall we?


Well that's one way to start a conversation! Though in this conversation the only Japanese word she uses is 'Nani?' which means "What?", and I'm pretty sure that it's fine to use it as it's used here, so when I get around to gift giving next I'll check out one or two of the things that she says when you give her a gift (other than lovely flowers). With that out of the way, we need to finish the day, and given how I'm holding off on recruiting Kyrie so that I can do Elaiya's love quest (those of you not playing about a 6 month old version of the game don't have to worry about that) let's do something else! So I head to Westcastle and decide to explore a little before I end the day.


Oh, NOW you work! Stupid horse not already working exactly how I want it to when I want it to...


Well.... Kinda, yeah. I mean you are guarding the place, so iunno how you define servant but I classify a private guard as a servant myself, not with the wait staff sure, but to me that's still a servant but I digress.


I want to work on getting that +5 resist bonus...


Yeeeeaaaaah.... about that... See here's the thing, I kinda killed him in the middle of a three-some with one of my slaves. I mean sure, it's kinda dirty to fight that way, but I'd argue spamming status disabling attacks in a 5v4 battle is also pretty dirty soooooo...


Haha, oh Hero. I mean I'm sure the guy wasn't a saint but given how he would have just given you the genie had you kindly asked, instead of killing everyone there, I don't exactly think that labeling the upper class all as jerks is exactly going to help anyone, especially given how you're technically pretty damn rich now yourself, have you SEEN how many manors you have? Two and a condo, you're not exactly the poor kid you used to be. Might just be me, but I can't help but feel that his upbringing is a bit more.... on display when he makes remarks like this, though then again MK is pretty damn corrupt so being a jerk and being rich would probably go hand-in-hand 90% of the time if not more.


Listen, Ren, I don't think that's how souls work. Then again, maybe it does work for humans, that could potentially fit in with some wendigo stuff but I'm not too familiar with all that so might be wrong, I just vaguely recall that some of the lore with wendigos was that consuming human flesh helped you gain the strength of those you ate which is why they became super-human... Which does seem to line up a bit with what Ren seems to be saying.... Hmm.... I smell ideas for a possible love quest with her! Then again that's far down the line, probably better if I let someone who's a bit more invested into Ren or informed on these sorta subjects come up with ideas on it, blah.


You know, all this talk of 'New Master' reminds me of a recent discussion over here on the forums! Haha, good times!


Only fair, I mean who HASN'T thought of murdering your master, friends, or family and feasting on their flesh as they scream out in pain, making sure to bite precisely into the nerves to make sure they can feel your teeth sinking in bit by bit before you begin tearing the flesh from the bone, while they're helpless to do anything but suffer until they fall unconscious from loss of blood, at which point you patch them up enough to keep them alive and put them back in storage where you grab whatever helpless meatbag to sate your hunger in the meantime. Haven't quite found something creative to do with the bones yet, I'll probably just hang them around the storage with a picture of who they used to be so that the fleeting moments of consciousness can be spent in both physical and mental agony... But the important thing is that I would never do any of that! Damn and here I thought that I was DONE with the torture porn in this playthrough :P

Anyways, now that I've had my fun pretending to be a psychopath, let's get back to having sex with a psychopath!


Or finish the day, you know whatever! With this the only spells Felix has left to learn are Chain Lightning and Hyde formula, so I equip doctor weird onto him immediately (so no need for yet another image about me remembering to change books). Now I may not do this often but I want to have a chat with Renfeld here.


IF YOU'VE ALWAYS BEEN DEVOTED TO ME THEN STOP CALLING ME 'NEW' MASTER DAMNIT! I swear this girl's short a few marbles, sure it's one thing to think that eating live creatures might gain you their power, but if you've only ever been my slave then I'm JUST 'master'! Sheesh, and I thought that Chimei had difficulties with English. Speaking of Chimei!


This comes for at least several +1 gifts with her. Honto seems to mean more or less 'fact' or 'reality' or something along those lines, ni is clearly a particle but since ni is used in a lot of different ways it's hard for me to give a literal translation thus far, but we're establishing that she's talking about what's is 'factually' happening in a sense. Ii can mean a lot of things but in this case I imagine that it's being used for saying that things are 'good' or 'excellent' in a sense, and no is just a way to end the sentence in this case as a question. This sentence seems to me like it is accurate, all the pieces seem to fall into place right even though it's a bit confusing for me I only took 4 years of high-school Japanese, so I imagine that confusion is more because of my inexperience with the language rather then a problem in the grammar. A loose translation for the first sentence would be something like "Oh wow, for me?" or something. The 'San kyuu!' immediately makes me think that it's going for 'Thank you!' which actually is used in Japanese, you'd write it in Katakana instead of hiragana (and if you're using my little [ translator] you should note that you want to type in all lowercase letters if you're using Romanji, or English characters, for hiragana and all capital letters for katakana, 9/10 you'll be using hiragana, katakana is generally only used when trying to say stuff from other languages or for sound effects). The letters are even all correct and that fits to context so I'll trust my eye on this that it's not some weird Japanese word and that it's just her trying to say 'Thank you!', and I imagine she used that instead of a more Japanese way of saying thank you because she's trying to communicate, so take that Hero she's trying to learn Common! Anyways, back to gift giving!


While that may be true, we both know that you loved it even if you don't care to admit it.


I find it amusing how flippant he is about this, first time I got her to this affection level I figured that Hero would either say force her to tell him because he'd just want to essentially force her to do what he wants or he'd not give a shit and let her keep her secret. Honestly in this situation, if Therese really wanted to keep it a secret she could just say something like I'd rather not if that's okay or ask him to not or something, he might respect her feelings, or he might force her to tell him anyways in which case she's in no worse a situation than before, so I kinda read this as a bit of Therese trying to continue to deny that she's enjoying herself here.


I smell a love quest! Maybe not for this game, but in some game. Thinking about it though, I imagine that if her sister isn't in MK (if she is then it'd be Therese's love quest to find her probably) then Therese would probably want to venture with Hero if he heads to any other countries as she continues to search for her sister... Hmm.... Will be interesting to see how this all plays out! Now then, let's get back to gift giving.


Looks like this opened up. We could totally do it, but it may be a bit hard since neither of these two naturally have any debuff skills like burn, poison, or even daze and Yamamaya offers the most when she's completely controllable, if only there was some easy way to take a character that's randomly attacking enemies and make it so that they could inflict a debuff with their attacks.... (hint, hint)

Right so with gift giving out of the way, I WOULD go and put my money in the bank then end the day, however since I used my last slave collar on Renfeld...


Time for me to do this quest! While I've read a fair amount about it on the wiki since it came out, I've never actually done it. You might have noticed there's a lot of this game I haven't fully explored >.>


You mean the kind of people who I slaughtered a whole village of in the beginning of the game despite how morally they weren't exactly the worst people ever and I even gave them a speech about how they need to stop being drama queens and take death as apart of their lives because they were born orcs (more or less)? I don't possibly see how this could go wrong!


.... Damn, there goes that plan! So I spend a bit of time and collect all the remaining strange notes because I like to have all that's available in the game before I enter...


Well Hero, given how you just walked into the sac of a penis cave, I don't quite blame you. Maybe this is a bit immature of me, but I swear that it looks almost completely like a penis, it's just missing a rounded end, the only way that you get to see the end though is if you enter this cave before collecting any strange notes, it's pretty anti-climatic if you know what happens when you enter with strange notes.


.... So in the penis cave we have what looks to be some white creature slowly walking down the shaft um...


Well, unless I'm mistaken I think that was a retrograde ejaculation. Dear god how I wish that I had gotten past this part of the game BEFORE I heard about that term a few weeks ago. And you're welcome everyone for making it so that you can never watch that scene the same way again!




Welp, that was easy. Heck I wasn't even looking for him yet, I was talking with the orcs and trying to avoid who I THOUGHT was him just because.


.... Yeah, that was me. So then we have a bit of a good talk and I think we become friends! Now time to return to my other friend to tell him I got him an orc slave!


I prefer to think of it as I always get the job done! Now then because I know some of you are curious...


HERE YOU ARE YOU DAMN GOLD DIGGERS! ARE YOU HAPPY NOW? DO YOU WANT MY CRIPPLING DEBT AS MUCH AS YOU WANTED MY LIFE SAVINGS? BECAUSE YOU CAN HAVE IT! Jokes aside, I pay off 620 sil of that to leave myself with enough for what I have planned.


I had partly been holding off on getting Serade before because I didn't want the money from getting her to put me too far ahead of what the 'average player' would potentially see, was a bit of a way to counter-balance some of the cannery stuff, but now by spending that 1,500 sil instead of paying off my loan with it I will incur 75 sil worth of interest but receive 100 sil from the investment, so that's a profit of 25 sil, which won't set things too far off, besides I already bought Chimei, the only big ticket items left are attack skills for Hero, the orange kid, and the jewelry shop in Northmarket. Right so back to getting another slave!


Good girl, but that's not what I've come to talk to you about... But hey, why don't you take those panties off while you have a chance, I've got some plans...


Is it just me or does this seem like quite a lot to give to a single employee for them to do everyday? And here I thought that I was the one who had a problem with enslaving people, sheesh.


Damn girl, those panties better be off because I'm going to bend you over and won't wait for anything if you keep this up!


Awww, she knows me so well. Well you know, to celebrate the expansion of this business we should have a threesome, between the person in charge of the original shop, the new shop, and the guy who owns both of you!


What! NO! I wanted to have a franchise orgy going!... Then again if she continues to expand her business we could get one of those going with ALL the people in charge of the stores hehehe. Anyways, that finishes things up for today, look forward to Friday when I'll be fighting shit again!


Household income: 2,789 Money: 2,789 on hand, debt: 7,878

Day 26Edit

In an attempt to try to avoid what will likely end up as just pointless bickering in a best case scenario, I think that it'd be best if I leave what I've said at just that and instead do my civic duty (or whatever) and bring all of you a new update! To start off with, we'll be translating what Chimei says if you gift her a 'Clockwork amusement' one of the two gifts that give her 0 relationship points (I tested, pocket tomes get a different response from her, you'll get that next update)!


I've heard 'Nanda sore?' enough times that it's something I can translate off of memory alone, something along the lines of 'What's this?', perhaps even with a bit of an inclination of being upset, now let's look it up just to be sure. So 'Nanda' is a variation on 'Nani', so it does still mean what, but based on my experience with the Japanese language I think the 'da' part is added to express the emotion or connotation, in this case it'd be a way to ask 'what' when upset but that's just my guess, and sore is a way to reference an item or person near the listener (similar to how 'kono' references something near the speaker) so a more accurate translation would be "What's that?", the only difference is that it suggests that Hero is still holding the 'amusement' at this point. Next we've got 'Fuzakeru na!', na is probably going to more indicate the emotion involved here (generally words that only have 1 vowel are particles, and when they come at the end of the sentence like this they usually indicate how you're supposed to read the sentence, like how 'Ka' is what they use to indicate the sentence is a question, or 'Yo' can be used similar to an exclamation mark), so let's see about 'Fuzakeru'... It's a verb! This might pose some problems.... So, just for translation purposes, 'Fuzakeru' means 'to joke' basically, so it's quite clear that she's basically asking, "Is this a joke!?!" obviously upset, and a quick look up on 'na' confirms my suspicions. So, the reason why I said that fuzakeru being a verb might cause some problems, that's because 'fuzakeru' is EXACTLY what they have listed on the dictionary that I'm using, suggesting that this is the dictionary version of the verb (so not yet congregated)! Now, maybe NoMoshing grabbed this from some anime or stock-pile of phrases, but if this was gotten from a generator not congregating it could be similar to saying, "Let's going to the movies!", it's just blargh... Now in order to congregate verbs, you change the endings of the verbs to fit the sentence (like for if you're saying "Do X" or "Don't do X" or "Let's do X" or a bunch of other stuff), so I'm going to look stuff up and see if it needs to be congregated and if so how to (there are different types of verbs, generally ones that end in 'suru', ones that end in just 'ru' and ones that end in just 'u') and let's see... Oh look at that, this sentence is fine and it communicates that the person is angry, but the verb doesn't need to be congregated or anything.... Like I've said, I'm not exactly the best at this stuff, but hey maybe those of you interested enjoyed me talking about this stuff and maybe learned something, if not well onto the next sentence! This one I don't need to look up, I know all those words, 'Goshujin' means 'master', no is a common particle that can indicate many different things, and 'baka' means 'idiot' or 'jerk', so the final sentence would literally be 'Master is an idiot/jerk!' while a more accurate translation would be 'You're an idiot/jerk!' (Not certain if 'idiot' or 'jerk' would be more appropriate here so I'll just use / if I have trouble picking a meaning for a word). That is ALL the Japanese she says on this matter, but she still takes the dildo, so either despite her objects she has some use for it, or NoMoshing is just going with how game systems work in that she should still take it and it counts as gifting her. Not sure. Anyways, ONWARDS to more gift giving!


Better not be a penis, I mean I don't have a problem if NoMoshing wants to put a futa girl into some game, but I will not put up with such sudden plot twists with girls once we get them to love damnit!... Also I generally don't care for futa's myself, at least not for them being the 'girl', I may be into a lot of things but to the only way that I really don't get turned off by them is if they're essentially replacing a 'guy' because then we're adding girly parts onto the dick holder rather then adding a dick onto the girl... But enough with me and my weird preferences in regards to intersex individuals in porn!


Good old Hero, knowing just how to comfort a girl in her time of need! Where would any of us be without this bastion of concern and understanding! Also that farm is one of our most profitable investments, and you got a damn girl from it, who knows what else the farm will bring?


Well Hero, there's this one saying that I once heard that I think you should take note, "If you run into an asshole in the morning, you ran into an asshole. If you run into assholes all day, you're the asshole." Given how the guy sold his daughter into slavery to you, I don't really think you can fault him too much, but hey that's just me. Still, we get the quest despite Hero's objections!


Notice how she's not wearing a collar. This doesn't mean that Hero didn't just offer to take it off, but he actually DID take it off, Alina can make all the excuses she wants, if you put the collar back on yourself, you enjoy your new lot in life. Though thinking about it, I probably should have done this BEFORE I grabbed the gift from Alina... Oh well. Anyways, time to end the day and I know JUST the quest to do!


I bet I tricked some of you to think I was going to do Yamamaya's love quest didn't i? No, I decided to save all of the love quests until the end for the most part, though I will be doing the package quest after it probably since that will give me stuff to translate for you guys, but at this point doing that quest would just make the others easier given the level I'm at, and heck I've done that quest solo before, meanwhile this quest I've never completed so I want try completing it!

So first off, have to choose a team. Now, as I learned from 'Looking for the Cure', I've got equipment that helps resist status effects so I should use them, especially since I want to avoid using the items the quest gives you. Since this quest is VERY poison heavy, I've got 3 pieces of equipment that are a good idea, the Siege shield is immune to poison so I'll be bringing a tank, the Druidic robe takes 80% damage from poison attacks so I'll be bringing a mage, and the Earth's embrace has a 20% chance to prevent getting poisoned when you otherwise would, that obviously goes on Hero. Now my Tank selection is actually pretty easy, I choose Therese since she is the only tank that can cure poison (plus being a paladin she might have access to the mage accessories, and since Hero took Earth's embrace the Strange shard might be nice to give to her if it's open), as for who gets the Druidic robes that should be someone with healing capabilities so we have either Meline or Felix, but given how I only have equipment for 3 people to resist poison in any fashion I imagine I'll be using a Fauster's brew or two despite how cheap I am, so I bring Felix as 'dispel mind' can cure drunk (according to the wiki anyways). So finally the last character, while Bronwyn would probably be an excellent choice due to pinning arrow spam, I actually decided awhile ago that I wouldn't use her anymore for that in this playthrough because unless I'm mistaken, pinning arrow works on EVERYTHING in this version of the game so if I make a strategy to beat a boss that requires pinning arrow, and that boss has since become immune to it, then it doesn't work, I want to give strategies that DO work, so I'll be picking someone else. Now I've never gotten past the first fight here before so I'll be basing my strategy off of that fight and what I know about the dungeon, so I'll either want Larelle to lower damage from the enemies with murder of crows, or I'll want a damager to help me tear through the enemies, Yamamaya seems a bit more appealing because she's a bit more durable then Elaiya and you know I completely forgot about Gargan when picking my team, huh. Well still, this was the reason why I got curious about what the drunk status effect does for those of you who saw that post before I deleted it (I playtested and found the answer myself), because considering that Yamamaya's rages already make her attack randomly (and she happened to get a nice new one that includes some regen), the drunk status effect on Fauster's brew would serve only to make her random attacks have a 60% chance of dazing an enemy if she already enraged, and given how daze would make them miss a lot more well...


I already stated some of my equipment choices above, Hero gets Earth's embrace, Therese gets the siege shield and strange shard (since I don't have any other mages), Felix gets the Druidic robes and you bet your ass he's keeping the rhinestone glove. Felix keeps his bowler hat since it gives him the best defense, since no one else can equip it, I give the lucky hat to Hero, I give Yamamaya the black stone gauntlet to help improve her damage, Therese and Yamamaya both get a knight helmet (since Raina was so nice to donate one by wearing it when she joined), Hero gets the barbaric hides because Therese won't be using a lot of momentum and once Yamamaya enrages she won't need anymore, but Hero will certainly be able to use it for assault, improved encourage, or blazing aura. Finally we come down to the only real decision to make I feel, Yamamaya and Therese both are getting heavy armor but my best armor I only have one set of and it gives more defense, Therese already has quite a bit of defense going for her though.... I end up giving the better armor to Yamamaya given how she has the second highest threat rating and isn't immune to poison, she'll be needing that extra defense.

And you know what, I've been finding that in a lot of boss fights Hero tends to have problems spending the ungodly amounts of momentum he builds up sooo....


Might come in handy. So I begin to venture forth but as I'm running through my skills since I haven't used this team before, I can't help but notice...


The game says that I can use unity force right now... I'm not certain if this is a bug or not, but either way I don't end up even trying to use it outside battle, don't want to risk getting all those nice element resistances if I'm not supposed to.


Jeeze, I wonder whatever this quest could be referencing? Probably space Australia, you should see the kind of shit they've got there, short red-skinned people! And I mean literally red-skinned people... Then again, pretty sure they're not human so 'people' might not be the space politically correct term but MOVING ON!


Oh damn, date 'XX/OO', I tend to dislike it when we get these sorts of dates, I mean I know that it's meant to kinda help things be more consistent rather then trying to pick specific dates, but when I see two different characters used for stuff like this I can't help but feel like a triangle or something will get added and then I'm going to have to learn a brand new numbering system to figure out what order these things are supposed to be read in... But that's just a personal thing, pretty sure I've played a game that had something like that where they used a bunch of different symbols and no actual numbers for dates and so it became a bit confusing when reading though like scattered pages of a journal, but maybe I'm just remembering wrong and I was too young to be able to figure out how to easily understand what was going on.... Or maybe I just had trouble paying attention, that tends to happen with me sometimes.... What were we talking about again? I think we were talking about space Australia or something... Anyways moving on!


Yes Hero, because THAT is what you should take away from the journal, not the giant monster it talked about, but the beef stew...

Also I go rummaging through the Captain's quarters and I research the accessories I get there. I decide to keep the gauntlet on Yamamaya since it gives a +10% chance to crit which I value more then an additional 10 attack, but that's me (probably should have given her the eye-patch if that's not heavy armor). the heart boxers however I throw onto Therese because since she's immune to poison and has martyrdom, giving her a heavy armor accessory could help her draw almost all the attacks, and if she guards while she's under martyrdom then things will be incredibly easy for the most part.


This fight always gave me trouble in the past. And it gave me trouble here too, that said thinking about it I think this is actually the hardest fight in this quest, Therese actually died during this battle, but I still managed to win. You go for the snake, Hero and Felix are support, try to have Therese use martyrdom easily and remember that it only stays for 5 rounds so try to reapply it before it runs out as otherwise the rest of your team will take quite a few hits. I had Yamamaya work on building up her momentum to rage out, and I think a good move is to have Felix open with either Chain lightning (for roughly 300 damage on everyone) or dark blast (to lower damage received), and anytime that you don't think you should have him doing support have him do one of those again. Focus your single target attacks on the snake as it'll attack every turn, the racoons can cover or counter (the latter being useless if you don't attack them). Also fun fact, when Yamamaya uses at least the werewolf rage, she will be cured of poison if she has it.

After this fight, things get a lot easier, most other fights aren't too notable, but you probably won't get a lot of chances, if any, to use blazing aura so feel free taking your time walking around, also don't bother trying to make Yamamaya enrage most fights will be over before she can so just have her use strong attack basically constantly. Bears fight alone, so they'd probably be a good option to work on blazing aura on, or maybe save a racoon at the end of a fight for it. If you are up against one of the dogs kill them immediately as they can use cleave which will hit all party members, and a couple fights have some jellyfish and a snake, take out the jellyfish first because they have little HP and can do 2 attacks in one turn, whereas the snake has a lot of HP and can only attack once on any given turn. Some battles will also have three spiders who can be some of the toughest or some of the easiest enemies, the reason for this disparity is because the siege shield ALSO makes Therese immune to being webbed, and heck at least for me their web attacks never even did damage to Therese, but it would to other characters and webbed is a pretty awful status effect to get hit with, so hope that you can draw their attention to her or else you could find yourself fighting with Therese alone. If you need to heal or cure statuses outside of battle I would advise using Therese, her MP isn't anywhere near as vital as Felix's is, and heck 'lay on hands' costs less MP then 'cure light wounds', though I imagine it heals less for some minor patch-ups it would still save some MP, and you can equip the rhinestone glove to Therese if you need to recover some of her MP but I advise putting it back onto Felix before your next battle.


One of these days sure, but sadly not today. Heck probably not even this game since the only party member not yet added is a bard, unless they have lock-picking skills that means that you probably won't have anyone with you on these dangerous quests to pick locks (though then again it would probably be a nightmare for NoMoshing if he had to go back to all quests that had locked doors and put in an option for you to just unlock them yourself, so perhaps best not in this game). Anyways I go about doing the quest, and make sure to use the captain's key to open the right door that required it first. Also be careful in this quest, there's a LOT of treasure chests that blend in, I noticed them all because I was examining basically every square after I happened to randomly notice one, but if you aren't careful you'll miss a dark seed.... Which reminds me that I should turn in what I have, I've now got twelve in my inventory! Anyways, boss time!


Old Cob can hit pretty hard, but aside from that it's nothing that we haven't seen before in this quest... Well for the most part, but I'll get to that later. Try to have Yamamaya rage out, Therese martyrdom, and Felix/Hero support. If Therese draws most of the attacks that will be good as she has really high defense and is immune to both poison and webbed, you can even make things easier by buffing her defense (with her holy armor prayer/improved encourage) or mdef (via Felix). Near the end of the fight the boss began draining blood I imagine to heal itself, which did do some good damage, but nothing Felix couldn't heal up. Of course I had Felix open with a dark blast and that or magic missile was what he'd use when he didn't have to heal.

And I finished this entire quest without using a single fauster's brew, sure I had to revive someone but they were immune to poison the entire time so a fauster's brew wouldn't have really helped with that. After reading the wiki, I thought that I'd have gotten a chance outside the ship to go and talk to the captain where I could then wander off and gift Renfeld, pay off my debt, and equip the basic prayer book back onto Therese, but I was mistaken, so I may end up redoing this quest. If you want to have a book equipped to Therese at the end, make sure to not kill all of the bears, I believe I encountered 3 in total during this quest, that way after you kill the boss you can equip the basic prayer book to Therese and have her and Felix just work on being support while Hero and Yamamaya try to take it out, might be a bit riskier but it's not like you've got a boss or any big fights left so you can afford to take a few extra hits. Now let's see what scene I get!


Ah this scene. I've actually never gotten this before even though I've tried, I think that it might be like the Randi scene where only guild quests from Southport can trigger it, and given how I've never done the werewolf or this quest before, that would explain why I've gotten lower priority scenes like the one with Meline or Alina even though I 'should' have gotten Ino. Still, kinda wish that I didn't get this scene since it only gives 1 satisfaction while Alina's scene gives 3 (which I won't be getting in this playthrough because there's only one guild quest left and I'm saving it for the foursome). Though this scene was funny and I am glad that I got to see it at least once, still, considering that I needed 25 more satisfaction (now 24) to take on Rattimus every bit helps. And yes, I did go through and figure it out, before I got unity force I had spent 80 satisfaction, at which point I had 45, so that means 125 total before, and you need 150 to do that fight. Anyways, blaaaah.


NOTE! I'm probably going to redo this quest because I made several decisions (like not paying off any of my debt) based on the assumption that I'd have an opportunity AFTER fighting all the enemies but before the day was over, the money values below reflect what my game looks like after doing the quest with such decisions.

Household income: 2,789 Money: 5,053 on hand, debt: 8,271

Day 27Edit

Hey everyone! So I'm going to be going on vacation with some family to visit my dad's side of the family. We'll be leaving on Tuesday and coming back either Sunday or Monday (depending on how some things go), as a result I may not be able to make the next Wednesday, Friday, and Monday updates but I will try (I generally have a fair amount of down time). As a result I'm going to be posting tomorrow's update today so that I can get some game-play/screenshots in tomorrow which I'll be able to post on Wednesday (trip there and back will be all day, no game-play or commentary will be able to be done on these days). So yeah.

Anyways, as I mentioned before I was going to redo some stuff, so I figure that I'd open up with the finances that I had after redoing the previous update.

Household income: 2,789

Money: 2,789 on hand, debt: 5,883

Quite a difference huh? Anyways, as I have been, I'm going to open up with some translations. Today we're going to be seeing what she says when you gift her a pocket tome.


I assume by this point those of you keeping up with my translation are well aware that 'nani' means 'what'. Then we have 'antabaka', which isn't a word, so since I recognize that 'baka' is a word I try looking for 'anta', it's a bit of a short version of 'anata' which means 'you', and after some confirmation 'antabaka' does indeed appear to be a valid phrase, I guess it'd probably be technically slang or something given how it's not an actual word but seems to be used as if it's one (similar to how we can understand what say "ain't" means even if it's not a word), given all that I'd assume this is kinda like an angry way of saying "You idiot!" And this time she's got a second box of dialogue!

Chimei: Yurusanai, Goshujinbaka.

Now, first I want to start with 'Goshujinbaka' since that looks familiar. Now obviously we have 'goshujin' meaning 'master' and 'baka' meaning 'idiot', I imagine this might be a bit of a play on words using 'baka' as the honorific (generally when referring to someone 'above' you, you'd add '-sama' at the end of their name or what you call them, it sorta means 'honorable', it's a way to pay respect to them, there's also '-kun' for referring to boys though some do use it for some girls too, '-san' that is basically a catch-all, and then I think that even stuff like 'sensei' and 'senpai' fall under this category too), so it's kinda a humorous way of calling Hero an idiot again. Now, for the other part 'yurusanai', this is a verb that has been correctly conjugated, see the dictionary word is 'yurusu' (the u tends to give away that you're looking at the dictionary version) which means 'to permit', 'to allow', 'to forgive' and stuff like that, but we add the 'nai' bit to change it to negative (so 'to not permit', 'to not allow', 'to not forgive') and in order to fit it onto the word we change the 'su' into a 'sa', yeah don't ask me why that's just how you do things, but basically this would probably translate literally to "(This is) unforgivable, stupid master!", a more 'accurate' translation is hard to pinpoint (for me) because of the wide range of interpretations this could take, so I'll leave this at the literal translation and leave it up to your own imaginations to twist it to fit Chimei and the situation at hand.

Now, that's all that she says, but it does stand out to me that she doesn't mention how she can't read the pocket tome, which is probably why she's so angry. While a player could probably easily figure this out on their own, I want to take a crack at making a good sentence for that for IF NoMoshing wanted to add that in (probably in the third line of her first dialogue box). So let's see, given the situation she probably wouldn't need to establish herself as the subject (either 'watashi wa' or 'atashi wa' at the beginning, 'watashi' is gender neutral while 'atashi' is feminine, her personality would determine which she'd use, alternatively while 'boku' is masculine it will sometimes be used by/about girls as kind of a fun thing, 'atashi' however generally isn't used for guys unless they're gay or so I've heard anyways) so I'll leave that out to try to make the sentence a bit more comfortable... We'll probably want to establish that she is talking about the book though, so that'd probably be the 'place', and looking up 'this' and 'that' the proper particle seems to be 're' (tends to indicate an item rather then a person like 'no' would), if the book is in Chimei's hand when she's speaking she'd say 'kore' but if it's in Hero's hand then she's say 'sore' (similar to how the 'ko' in 'kono' talks about stuff near the speaker, and 'a' in 'ano' talks about far from the speaker, 'so' in 'sono' refers to something near the listener, so keep that in mind when you're trying to reference stuff near/far from someone!) after that we're going to want the verb for 'to read' which is 'yomu' and now we'll want to conjugate it into the negative which I imagine would be 'yomanai', and a check on jisho (it can recognize verb tenses) confirms that, score! Finally some considerations should be made about how to end the sentence, since there's already a verb we don't need 'desu' ('desu' is technically a verb in itself, it just sorta acts as a verb when there is none in the sentence because Japanese sorta needs it) but given how she's angry I do think that something would belong at the end of a more 'formal' sentence like this to indicate that she's angry, so looking through things the only that seems like it might fit would be 'no'. I'm also going to do a quick check to see if there are better sentences then what I advised here for this... Huh, after finding a somewhat similar sentence (that meant "I can't read small letters") it looks like I should put 'ga' after the sore/kore, but I got everything else spot on (except maybe the 'no' part). Right so if you wanted to put in a sentence with Chimei saying that she can't read the pocket tome, I would advise the following:

'[私 は] 其れ/此れ が 読まない の。' ([Watashi/atashi wa] sore/kore ga yomanai no!)

The brackets are to indicate that part is optional (probably better left out even) and the / are to indicate that which option you use depends on which would be more accurate for the situation as explained in the above paragraph. Anyways I'm sure that's MORE then enough Japanese for today. I finish giving out my gifts and I now have to decide how I'm going to end the day since I'm still one day away from getting Elaiya's love quest which I'm very worried about missing out on. Since I want to save the last guild quest for later translation, this leaves me with only one quest that involves fighting (which I want to do for trophies) and that is...


A level 15 quest while my highest level is 11 (with about 1/3rd of my party at 10)? What could possibly go wrong! I have done this quest in the best but I used cheats for it, anyways let's work on picking the party. First consideration will be cold resistant equipment. There's only two things that resist cold, the warm cloak that I grabbed from Chimei (that anyone can use) and a dress that I can dig up outside the ice palace, so I should make sure that I bring a character that can equip a dress. I'm going to bring Felix because with all the spells he's learned he's actually got a fine selection of debuffs not to mention he's a good healer, as for the dress Larelle and Meline come to mind (I know there are others that can wear it but they didn't really stick out to me), of which Meline shines given how every fight in here has at least one unit capable of using magic and I imagine her fire prayers will actually be useful. As for the final party member I figure that I want a damager to help go through the minions quickly, I go back and forth between Yamamaya and Elaiya when I look through the wiki to try to get some tips on the bosses and notice that Gargan gives you a tip about the secret area that I never found before. So I figure that would be a good choice, he doesn't have that bad defense, his cape stun could prove very useful, and heck he's one of the characters at level 11 (even though many others aren't) so that might play into my favor.


Equipment isn't too difficult to figure out, Gargan gets round shield that I can't remember when I got, Felix keeps the Bowler hat, Meline gets some silver hairties, I give Gargan a knight's helm both for the defense and the threat generation (counter is useless if no one attacks you), leaving Hero with the lucky hat. Felix gets the druidic robes, Meline walks around with her body for all to see for now, I decide that Hero gets the Barbaric hides (Gargan should actually probably get them) and Gargan gets the best heavy armor. Felix gets the rhinestone glove, Meline get's the mother's necklace, since Gargan actually has the lowest resist I give him the warm cloak, and with little else really standing out I decide to give Hero the winged boots. Now I almost forget to go and sell stuff and collect the reward for the previous quest (well technically I do and ended up doing the quest twice, but I also had to because I missed a few screenshots)! Let's see how much money I have after all of that shall we?


Not bad! Heck it's so good that...


I pay off my loan! Be aware that it's only the 3rd or 4th day since taking out the loan, but if you watch my finances and noted how much I payed off when getting Renfeld or Serade, I think it becomes pretty clear that guild quests (or at least certain ones) are REALLY good at getting money, so if you want to get Chimei sooner try to work in more guild quests, plus as well Hero's comments about how good a quest pay is also a pretty good indication not only of the pay post quest but also of what to expect from loot (he mentions that the equator and package quests pay well but says that the virgin gynocides doesn't, this is all rather accurate given the work you have to put into the quests and everything). Hope that helps some of you!

Anyways, onto the actual quest. I make sure to dig up the dress for Meline so that she doesn't have to worry about Gargan/Felix starring at her given how we'd be walking through a palace made of ice. I also realized that I actually missed a buried treasure back during 'Looking for the Cure', whoops, better make sure to get it next time, too late into things to go back that far for a simple scroll.


These battles I enjoyed, there was quite a lot of tension but I actually think that I handled them pretty well, no one died! Your first target for death should be the ice nymph, they don't have a lot of HP but they can heal and buff their teammates, I advise opening with Hero always attacking her and Felix using chain lightning to hit all three enemies for a decent amount (around 250-300 each). If there's no bandit, Meline should use her fire prayer on the ice nymph (for about 400 damage!) to help kill it quickly, if there is a bandit her first turn should be to use her radiant prayer on the bandit. Why you might ask? Well I was planning on saving this little tip for when I was going up against the rat, but back when I was reading up on status effects (bit before I realized 'drunk' might inflict dazed), I realized that not only does dazed make enemies miss 60% of the time (just like blind) but it ALSO prevents counter-attacks, and unless I'm mistaken bandit slaves are the first enemy that I've encountered who can naturally counter attack (unlike Gargan, those Australian racoons, or vampire fangirls that only counter attack when they use a skill that turn), this is important because all physical attacks (including cape stun) have a chance to invoke a counter attack from the bandit slave, so you want to daze them before you send anything physical their way. Gargan will mainly be spamming cape stun, it might just be this dungeon but all of the slaves seem to be vulnerable to it, and it keeps them down for roughly 2 turns so if he's got enough momentum Gargan can keep BOTH slaves in every battle from ever attacking unlike Bronwyn who's limited to just one at a time (but pinning arrow hits more often then cape stun, but cape stun will sometimes last 3 turns even). Sorcerer slaves should always be stunned first because they can do a LOT of damage, then a dazed bandit slave is the next priority (skip them if not dazed to avoid counter-attack) because they can knock your characters down, Kellos soldiers should come after that since they can attack twice in one round and have an attack that can OHKO people, finally knight slaves are to stunned last since they mostly just cover and boost their defense (though their shield bash can pack a punch). Meline and Hero should focus on trying to kill the ice nymph while Gargan keeps them stunned (if he has a free turn have him attack whoever you want dead) just make sure to read the text at the top to know when an enemy regains their balance (different from being knocked over by magic missile). After the first round, Felix should either heal or probably use magic missile on someone who isn't stunned (if two enemies aren't stunned have him go for whoever Gargan isn't going for), Meline should switch to her radiant spell after the ice nymph is down and try to keep all the slaves dazed to reduce their accuracy. When you're down to just one slave Hero tended to have about 40 momentum or more at this point so I was able to have him use blazing aura, have Gargan use his momentum to keep them stunned and everyone attack (with Felix using the occasional heal/spell to try to prevent having full MP at the start of a turn).

Anyways with strategy out of the way let's go back to the dungeon!


You know, I can't remember if the quest has always had this little scene or if this was more recently added because people got confused and thought the quest was to deal with the 'ice nymph' rather than the 'winter nymph'. Oh well, let's proceed!


Damnit Mickele! I warned you about ice palaces! Anyways I continue with my exploration and I can't help but notice something...


Sometimes it's a bit challenging to get into battles, the ice nymphs can't start battle on their own, you need to either talk to them or walk into them, which means that if you start chasing them around you may very well have a lot of trouble getting into battles... Anyways, my choice of Gargan pays off in more then just him constantly keeping the slaves stunned because...


Lots of treasure! Most of it isn't really useful aside from maybe selling though I can't help but feel like there's some hidden passage to get to that treasure chest. I mean the one in the Giant's Path seemed obviously to be just there to tempt us if you ask me, but the fact that you can't return to this dungeon just makes me feel like there's SOME way to get ahold of that chest... But I fail to find any way to access it. Anyways, moving on.


Um yes, it is I, Lumi, your humble.... something! Would you mind opening the doors because I need to tell you something very personal with my sword! Anyways instead of letting Mickele free like a good adventurer, we instead use him as bait to face off against the boss!


The team setup I have doesn't seem too bad if you ask me, Bronwyn might have been better than Gargan but since I can't seem to get her bow upgraded no matter what I try and that she'd be about 4 levels below the boss I'm not certain she'd move fast enough to get off pinning arrow (plus since ice attacks lower agility Bronwyn could very easily find herself with double agility down further reducing the effectiveness of pinning arrow). Anyways, from what I can tell this boss ONLY has spells but that includes the rather powerful all party spell 'cone of cold', sadly because of her resistance to magic attacks (I think) it's nearly impossible to drain her of MP even with heretical censure. If Gargan has enough momentum have him use cape stun, if not have him guard. Hero can't do anything particularly useful this turn so just attack, Meline should either use one of her guilt prayers to lower the bosses matk or heretical censure, lowering her matk would probably be the better choice as it'll buy you more time to try to make her vulnerable later. Felix should either use warding wall to buff everyone's mdef or he should use magic missile to try to knock her over, I'll let you be the judge of that. Anyways, once she's made vulnerable, loses her balance, or is knocked over Hero and Gargan should mostly attack, Meline and Felix should be focusing on healing and dealing with the mdef buffs/matk debuffs, don't bother having them trying to do damage with magic attacks the winter nymph has such high magic resistance that even your fire spells would be lucky to pass 100 damage. Make sure that when whatever disabling status you have on her is about to run out (1-2 turns for knocked over, 2-3 turns for lost balance, or probably about 4 turns for vulnerable) that you try to get another disabling status back on her (heretical censure is the only one that can renew itself I'm pretty sure). If she's under vulnerable feel free to have Gargan to stun her then use stun break for some extra damage. Hero's momentum should be saved for assault, blazing aura, or unity force for the most part since the def buff of encourage is useless here and Meline can't really do damage Hero's momentum is better served elsewhere. This fight can either be really difficult or really easy depending on how lucky you get with those status effects. I'm really beginning to wonder if I might just be really good at this game since this was a level 15 quest (and it seemed to feel like it given how I was easily taking 200-400 damage per attack just from the minions) that I managed to get through without using any items (first run I used one revive item, that was it), and heck I haven't even used any of the stat up items even or bought equipment! Anyways with that we enjoy some time with the river nymph and the day is over.


Household income: 2,789 Money: 5,155 in the bank: 7,010

Hope you guys had fun, and as I said I'll try to keep up with the updates (I am enjoying playing the game and doing this stuff), but I can't make any promises!

Day 28Edit

Hey everyone! It's time for an update, I've got the time to do it before I head to bed, and I mean what else are you going to do after a day of heavy lifting and getting a 300lb branch to fall 20 meters onto your foot to relax? Haha! In all seriousness though it wasn't THAT bad, there were like 4 ends on the thing, only one was 20 meters up, my dad, my brother, and I all grabbed one of the three other ends and after it fell the end we were each holding slipped and hit each of us, my dad and me in the foot, my brother in the arm, nothing major but since me and my brother hadn't done something like that before (and considering that it would apparently have been classified as a 'widow maker' and cost my cousin and her mom at least $600 to get removed) we've kinda been bragging a bit about our injuries ever since. Though I do hope the swelling on my foot goes down while I sleep, would hate to have to do more work tomorrow with it still like this. Anyways onto the update!

So first off I have a bit of news, there won't be anymore translating on Chimei for awhile. I know, I'm sorry about this, but I tried giving her EVERY other gift, she only has the 'San kyuu' response for all +1 RP gifts, though I will note here since I didn't pay it much attention before, I think that it might supposed to be 'Sankyuu', since the 'k' sound is supposed to replicate the 'k' in thank and all (since 'yuu' is easy enough to do in Japanese, but a standalone k sound isn't), but then as well that would make it less apparent to non-Japanese speakers what she's saying, so maybe it's best how it is, iunno, just thought I'd share that tid-bit for you guys. Anyways, onto the pictures!


Such a good maid, more gifts for me to eventually sell! Let's continue giving gifts and see what else we get!


Great! So you've gone and dominated every other girl in the harem sexually (whether they consented or not) to become the Sex queen of the harem, and compiled a completely accurate list as to what power dynamics would exist between every possible harem member including ones that I haven't actually enslaved yet (using Elven time magic or something) to end such arguments once and for all!


Oh.... That's good too! For um... When I'll totally use you.... Soon.... Anyways next!


Listen, I don't have ANY idea why you heard horrible screams of both pain and pleasure coming from the study. Also on a completely unrelated note, I know the maids are able to get both blood and semen stains out of the carpet but can they remove blood AND semen mixed together? This is very important for reasons that you need not concern yourself with.


Oh THAT'S what you wanted to talk about.... Ya you see I kinda have this habit of making promises that I don't fully intend on keeping... You could call it lying but I just prefer to call it telling 'creative truths'!


OH THAT KIND OF HELP, YEAH LET'S GO AND TAKE CARE OF THAT (a little) IMMEDIATELY! I never say no to experience and loot!... Oh wait one of the rules of this play-through is that I must specifically pass on the experience and loot from the daily dungeon... Well still, quest!

So a quick visit to Shally, pay her a nice compliment.


You know, her playing hard to get just makes me want to enslave her all the more. Now then, give me my quest!


Whoops, forgot about that. So used to not having to worry about customizing my team until right before a dungeon. Anyways I get Elaiya and then check out the fort and all that then head off to the Apple Kid to get my damn bomb!


Awww, this girl is so eager to please. I wish that she didn't take such bad care of herself because I like to reward these eager beavers if you know what I mean. Anyways after I get my bomb the talking continues for a bit for me to find out...


I didn't even have this quest the entire time! I could have recruited Kyrie DAYS ago and as long as I didn't talk to Apple Kid before I needed the bomb I wouldn't have gotten this quest so I couldn't have recruited the alchemists (probably). Oh well, maybe next time I'll pay more attention to my quest log the like 10 times that I check it.

With that out of the way, let's go and ask our cute little soon to be enslaved mage if she wants to be our slave, because that will TOTALLY go over well!


Wait really? Well Felix be damned, this girl is an even easier catch than I thought, which begs the question AS TO HOW FELIX SCREWED THINGS UP LAST TIME. Whatever, water under the bridge.


Hmm... Sounds fair, hey here's an idea how about I go and rescue you and your friends from a Kellos encampment then you and me team up to wipe them out so that your friend can be escorted out safely and stay an adventurer OH WAIT I ALREADY DID THAT. Seriously, she even mentioned what the soldiers were going to do to her, and given how much she flirts with me about all this I can't help but wonder if she's just trying to use us. Blah, whatever.


Such a goddamn flirt. FINE.


Only level 13 huh? Shouldn't be much of a problem, I took on a level 15 quest just the other day without any issue. Right so party considerations, going to try to keep this a bit shorter because my arm hurts a bit (all that heavy lifting I mentioned earlier) but yeah.

Felix for heals/debuffs, dungeon has a lot of magic flying about (boss can only cast spells) so Meline for anti-mage. Dungeon also has a a lot of ways to drain your MP so I'd like a tank to draw aggro from the mages, preferably one who doesn't use any MP so...


Let's try this out! Siege shield of course on Raina. I also give her the black onyx gauntlet since it's the only heavy armor accessory she can equip, Earth's embrace on Hero, Felix gets the druidic robes but I give Meline the new frost dress. Hero gets the barbaric hide. Rest isn't much different from how I usually equip people. Now let's go!


I have to give it a shot, if this team can't take this on I can't really advise this on my walkthroughs.


So normally I'd give advise on how to win except I didn't... Six times in a row. I decided that the fight might have been too difficult and skipped it the seventh, went to see how the rest of the quest went.


And that is why you shouldn't randomly click on everything here. To be fair I can't ever figure out what the letter-number combination for any of the items from the books mean, I can usually figure out what the letter means but the number seems to have little to no rhyme or reason to them from what I can tell.... Probably just didn't put enough time into trying to decode it. Anyways I continue on but I keep tending to have some difficulty, namely Raina isn't pulling the aggro I was hoping she would, and when she does get hit she takes more damage then I hoped she would, and her attacks do basically no damage (which isn't odd given she's a tank) but it all just adds up with her dragging us down so I decide to restart (this totally isn't because I lost all that food.... entirely). Given how much trouble the melee units gave me, only one reasonable option I think to replace Raina for this quest.


Murder of crows will help a lot. You can see Larelle's equipment, Meline got a school uniform (since strange shard and it do force resistance though it'd be fair to keep them apart). Anyways, since my party is changed up I just HAVE to give it a shot...


First time goes about as expected, things get out of control and party is defeated, but since I know that the RNG isn't always in your favor I give it another shot and well...


Murder of crows to nerf the melees, heretical censure to hopefully nerf one or two of the mages (they can't attack physically), and chain lightning for good damage. Have Meline heal after turn one since Chain lightning+murder of crows should kill off both mages in the first two turns. After you get one or two of the melees down feel free to have Larelle switch to magic missile for the most part (does more damage), and don't forget to have Meline throw daze on some of the enemies when she can (chain lightning still does good damage though). And those 8 attempts plus some of the early dungeon took a lot of time sooo....


Household income: 2,789 Money: 633 in the bank: 12,796

More on Friday, and sorry for the brevity at the end, my arm is hurting pretty bad and I need to be up early tomorrow. See ya!

Day 29Edit

Right so some update on how my trip will be going (just learned this all today), we'll be driving back on Monday which means that I probably won't be able to post an update on Monday, already knew that could have happened so my backup plan was to post the Monday update on Sunday, problem is that we won't be staying at the hotel on Sunday but with some family who don't have internet, while I'm more then perfectly capable to browse the internet via my phone, I can in no way make an update from it. I'll try to figure out what would be the best way to deal with the situation, but given how all the driving has been leaving me a bit motion sick I can't make any promises at this time, we'll play it by ear and I'll do my best to get something out even if it's Tuesday but no promises. But enough about that, let's get today's update!

So first off I want to say I had to do this dungeon twice because I missed a screenshot that I wanted, also I thought up a bit of an improved strategy after running through it once so I wanted to try it out. Perhaps the rest of you may not like it when I do quests twice (and ultimately end up saving items the second run because I had better strategy/knowledge of what's available) but I personally do like it because it helps give what I'm going to call 2/5ths minimum viability. Namely just, we all know that the Random Number God will sometimes be pleased or angered with us, so I think that I want to verify with all my strategies on even some of the toughest enemies/bosses that out of 5 attempts I can be successful out of at least 2 of them, as if it's only 1/5 then the strategy might only have a 1% chance of success but I got lucky. This will be more relevant as I start testing out the daily dungeons in the July version at the minimum possible levels for them, but still the principal is the same, especially on bosses like the Winter Nymph or the Security Shimmer where strategies may include throwing disabling statuses on them, if it only works 1 out of 5 times then I can't recommend it, if it works at LEAST 2 out of 5 times then I feel it's the players choice. It also gives me a good stopping point, if at any time I make 5 attempts in a row and lose all of them, then I need to switch things up because trying again is not a strategy I can recommend, should help save time on some harder quests if I redo things 6 times in a row again... Right, actual talk!


So out of the first set of minions there's very little to worry about. Every battle either has a fiend and/or a mage so Meline should start off with heretical censure, and every battle also has at least one guard or seraphim, so have Felix use dark blast against them and Larelle use either her single target or multi-target necrotic attacks. Try to kill off everything but a fiend or mage, with Meline sucking them dry because they ONLY have magic attacks, and if you get all fiends/mages vulnerable and have a guard, have Meline drop a radiant spell their way to make them miss a lot, once they have double attack down have Larelle switch to using magic missile (since it's damage based it should do twice as much damage as her necrotic attacks against the guards), Felix can use it too but make sure that he keeps using dark blast to keep the attack down (dark blast is damage based while Larelle only has control-base necrotic attacks, meaning that her single target necrotic spell does half the damage as Felix's, but probably inflicts attack down more often, not an issue against these minions). Hero should just attack until you're down to one useless mage/fiend (have Larelle use spell penetration if you've still got MP to drain as it will increase the MP that heretical censure drains). At this point have Felix and Meline switch to healing, Hero work on building up momentum and Larelle.... Twiddling her thumbs. After that use blazing aura, and just attack the enemy to death. Felix can cast some spells to make it go faster since he recovers MP. Also remember that Larelle has some minor HP regen thanks to her vampiric dagger, was only 24 HP per turn for me, but hey if you're just sitting around healing keeping that in mind might save you a turn. With the first set of minions discussed, let's carry on!


Now who would ever do such a think! Certainly not our esteemed murderer of a Hero, no siree!


They don't seem too bad, I'll let them live.


Aaaaand they gonna die. Though since we're looking at a fiend/seraphim battle, I think that it might be worth pointing out that I find it strange how the minion in the archival room B I think (can't remember) seems to look like a mage on the map but is a fiend and seraphim, maybe they looked like a fiend while running around and I never looked closely, I don't know. ONWARDS!


So after collecting all the goodies in the containment room I did what any sensible person on a play-through intended to be at the minimum level for all quests would do, kill every optional enemy in sight! Truth be told, part of the reason I do that is to test what the resources I have available can accomplish more-so than purely a minimum level, I know SOME players will fight 3 mimics while here so I want to make sure they reasonably can. Right so strategies!

First off, don't really bother with attack down, mimics only have one attack that does damage and they seem to rarely ever use it, what you want to do is either have Meline try to daze it the first turn as if they're dazed if they try to devour magic they will have a 60% chance of missing each individual character, and since in my experience a successful hit from that drains characters of all their MP more often then not you want it to miss more often then not. After that a good idea would be for Meline to try to use heretical censure.... You know if she's not put to sleep. These guys love to sleep spam. I would advise heretical censure the first turn but the chances of making them vulnerable in one try aren't that great, but then again if they sleep lock you then their chance to get off a devour magic after daze runs out is pretty good, so if you'd rather have her open with that. Felix should probably cast Caster's Spark, to help wake up anyone who falls asleep and give Matk boosts, Hero should attack to try to build up momentum as he'll probably be using blazing aura 2-3 times per mimic. Larelle should probably try magic missile, I don't think I've ever seen one of these guys be knocked over but I think that it's possible and she's got no other good options of what to do (plus it's damage-type). Try your best to finish off every battle with 100 MP on all your mages, if not then use the rhinestone glove to build them up to at least 50 I would say before the next mimic. Heck in fact, might be better to try to integrate fighting these guys with the other minions you can face at this time...


These guys are both better and worse than the mimics, they won't sleep lock you but OH BOY can they pack a punch. There are two groups of 2 of them each before the boss (so past the teleporter that you need the wand of negate reality for), when your team is at high health and MP on everyone avoid all fights and go for one of those until they're both down, the fights that begin with one (and the mimics) are a lot easier to control so going in at less then optimal HP/MP isn't as bad, plus it's more likely that you'll walk out at high MP (though not guaranteed). Right so these guys, you want to open with daze from Meline to reduce their attacks from hitting (including devour magic) and do your best to make sure it NEVER RUNS OUT. Larelle and Felix should open with necrotic spells (murder of crows if 2) to instantly shoot it's attack as low as possible, and Hero should build up momentum for the one or two blazing auras you'll probably want. After that try to have Meline switch between heal duty and dazing your opponent, have Larelle focus on throwing magic missiles at the enemies while Felix switches between heal duty and keeping the attack down (since his necrotic spells are damage type). A single one should be manageable with this strategy, but two of them will probably get out of hand real quickly because you'll probably face devour magic in the first two turns and then with little to no MP you'll need to fend off against two huge attackers. Really I think some of the synergy between these mages starts to shine a bit, as even though Larelle can't heal, that does help ensure you're always doing something to damage/debuff, and she is the only one (at least in this playthrough) who has a revive at this point which means that she can seriously save on reviving items, not only that but her revives bring the character to half health so they can usually take a hit without dieing immediately, of which any of your other characters can heal them which works out really well if you have multiple people dead as then Larelle going to revive doesn't limit healing live characters, so not only is there some offensive synergy between caster's spark, heretical censure, and spell penetration but there's also some healing synergy as well, these mages do just REALLY fit well together, too bad Hero just lacks the skills to be the tank that they need to give that extra oomph to survivability, after all Larelle might have been wrong about not being able to heal (if you count revives, which I totally do), but tanking is something that they could use a hand in. Anyways let's continue.

I advise VERY strongly that after you're done with the minions, give Felix whatever orb isn't on Meline and giving Larelle Doctor Weird Vol. III. You'll have an opportunity to change the books back after the boss, but this is very important.


This guy. Going to be a bit like the winter nymph only a bit more chaotic, as the winter nymph did a fairly equal amount of damage to the entire party at once, but this guy throws out two magic spells per turn, maybe on different people maybe on the same ones. Meline should heretical censure almost non-stop. Her goal is to hit the security shimmer with vulnerable, until she does that she should NEVER STOP CENSURING. The boss can only do magic attacks, you hit it with censure and you can't be hurt for a few turns. Felix should open by applying warding wall to everyone, there's a fair chance that you're going to need it. Larelle should be using chain lightning, it's really good for this fight as it will hit all four stones for about 300 damage each since it's a damage type spell, and since all the enemies are immune to necrotic damage this is the only party wide damage she can do for me at this point. Now, Hero should attack and work on building up momentum for now. Whenever Meline makes the shimmer vulnerable I advise her pulling out one of her guilt skills to lower the matk of the shimmer (probably the one that hits them all since I think that lowers it twice), then have her get back to heretical censure. The guilt may not last long (especially with it getting it's matk buffed every turn) but doing what you can to make the healing more manageable for Felix will make it easier for him to use warding wall which will make it easier for him to prevent people from dieing. Have Hero use either blazing aura or improved encourage as needed. Now, to help with any planning (like who Hero attacks) I'll say what each stone does, the Red stone raises the shimmer's physical defense, the green stone it's magic defense, the purple stone raises it's magic attack, and the orange one gives it regen. A lot of people would probably say go for the orange first, and while there is wisdom in that, I say go for the purple stone first. You may not be able to keep it vulnerable forever, and warding wall only goes so far, you want to lower the damage you take, and if the shimmer's magic attack is being constantly buffed you're going to be struggling to do that, as well chain lightning won't be doing any damage to the shimmer while it has it's magic defense buffed so regen is pretty much a non-issue until all the stones are down anyways. After the purple stone DEFINITELY go for the orange stone, if you've been using chain lightning every turn like you should by the time you've got 2 of the stones down the 3rd and 4th are only a couple turns away so we want the regen effect to run out ASAP. By the point you've got all four of the stones down, things will start to get a lot easier, have Felix switch to using caster's spark some and maybe throw offensive spells out there, and have Larelle use her single target psychic attack (psychic spells lower resistance, so it's like spell penetration but using it constantly will prevent it from running out and it does some damage, though minor), and have Meline continue to use heretical censure until the shimmer is out of MP entirely. Once it's drained of MP have Meline attack however you wish. The shimmer does seem able to regain MP somehow, but once you've completely drained it of MP it will be stuck in a loop where it'll use devour magic twice once it gets enough MP using up all the MP it has, and I have NEVER seen it hit any of my characters with devour magic, seriously it will sometimes target them but I've only seen it miss, maybe I'm just really lucky, but unless it would gain the MP of whoever it devoured from it wouldn't be an issue unless it stole all of Meline's MP, and even then Hero's probably got enough momentum to fix her up and without the stones to buff it's matk, Felix should be able to deal with the damage it deals. If you can handle the fight while the stones are around, you can handle it when they're gone.


Does anyone else see that blinking snake in the upper right corner? Call me crazy but I have a sneaking suspicion that's one of the secret bosses of the game (given how the game hints that you can come back to the tower with the info about the chests unlocking after 48 hours we'll probably get to come back here without being gassed). If you include the 2 already in the game, then add in that Slender might be another and how the dark seeds also might give one (why else would it be a 'dangerous area' to enter to give the guy dark seeds hmmm?), that would put the secret boss tally up to 5. Can't remember off hand how many total there will be but I can look that up later.


Well seems this jail works on the honor system...


Interesting question... I would guess from the coloration and it not dripping that it's paint, and the fact that one could probably sneak out, grab some paint, and come back before the guards noticed the flaw in expecting criminals to obey the honor system, I don't find that unlikely. That and how there's only one bed, I don't quite think that someone would be able to put THAT much of their own blood on the wall before they pass out, I mean I imagine their brain might be used to not getting a lot of blood based off of the misspelling, but this seems at least like a gallon of whatever red substance was used. Also yes I know that there's going to be a door later, I was making a couple of jokes.


Is.... Is her name LITERALLY five? Because I'm pretty sure 'Quinta' is five in some language. Man that must come with a lot of psychological issues if your parents LITERALLY name you "five" because you're the fifth child...


1. It's not everyday you get to admire a princess' ass. 2. What did you really expect of Hero Shally? 3. It was a fine ass.


I'm sorry, what was that? I stopped listening after you said that you have a network of slaves for me.


You know Queen, I'm just going to warn you, people who tend to make those sort of threats to Hero have this habit of catching a bad case of my sword through their throats. I don't think it's wise to tempt the fates. Though to be fair, it's not my sword that I'd be putting into you if/when the tables turn.


Hmmm.... 'Had' sticks out to me. Sure, the Queen gives orders, but if you recall she likes the carrot and the stick approach, I wouldn't find it surprising if she has used it on others in her employ... And I also wouldn't be surprised if a certain character quest was somehow related to it. But who knows. Now then after FINALLY having sex with the goddamn flirt WHO'S BREASTS ARE FOR MY ENJOYMENT ONLY NOW (Felix :x ) I get a bit of a surprise!


I can't remember what day it is, and I'm tired so hopefully the rest of you can figure it out. On a TOTALLY unrelated note, if one of you does figure it out please sure it with me because I haven't TOTALLY used the timetuner to check Chimei's reaction to every gift and know when the next few spells will be learned, and would like to be able to share what day transition those occur on. Nope not one bit!


Household income: 2,789 Money: 3,811 in the bank: 13,563

See you all.... Whenever the next update is! I'll be getting me some alchemists!

Day 30Edit

Right so I've decided to help deal with the Monday issue that I'll be giving you guys an update today! I'm going to also try for another on Monday/Tuesday to try to keep things more on schedule (if you guys had to go from now until Wednesday when you got an update yesterday even I'd feel a bit like I was slacking), that and also I actually REALLY enjoyed today's update, and I'm sure that several of you will too. So let's begin!

So first off, I remember to deal with both Kyrie AND Larelle's books! Kyrie isn't hard to figure out, the two best spells available from books that I have are magic missile and chain lightning (dark blast and soaring ash are after that, with all the rest sorta tied after that) but since Felix is working on getting chain lightning she gets the magical handbook. Larelle however has dark blast or hoarfrost to choose from, and some of you might question what I choose but....


I rarely if ever use hoarfrost, meanwhile I use attack down quite a bit, however one of Larelle's problems is that all of her necrotic spells are control type, this means that Felix is generally better for it on minions as he gets double damage out of it, the way I see it this is a way to upgrade her single target necrotic spell to be able to get double damage IF I want, hoarfrost I'll probably never really finding myself using. Now then let's go and upgrade Kyrie's weapon for some alchemist byproducts.


Interesting... Mainly because it is actually possible (last I knew) to be using the slime egg for the upgrade the day after you get it. See, you CAN recruit Kyrie before Elaiya, I have no idea why you would (beyond somehow stumbling into research materials but forgetting about 'one is the loneliest party') but it is possible. But anyways, let's continue, onto gift giving!


Oh my, someone seems to be coming around to the idea of being a slave hehe. While I could perhaps argue that she might be wondering for before she potentially enslaves Hero (for a 'bad end') to make sure he'd be comfortable, but this came from raising her affection so it's pretty obvious what the real intent is. Also I got a nice +5 satisfaction boost, I should check to see what my satisfaction is after I complete everything and read the magazines that I have. Anyways after I finish giving out gifts it's time for me to get myself some alchemists!


You know, that's a bit weird given how I've only ever talked to the Apple Kid.... and as a result I've seen her work space.... Good call Hero.


You know, without a big giant sign saying "I'm the philospher's stone" I wonder how Hero knows that's it? I mean I guess the archives had it listed, but still Hero isn't exactly the book reading type, though he was looking for something specifically.... So many possibilities. Let's continue.


You're full of shit and I know it. I don't mind assertive girls, but I don't like smart-asses like her, mainly because I'M THE SMART MANIPULATOR! I don't mean Hero, I mean myself, I've had a bad habit of at times manipulating people, I wouldn't mind it if it was me in there, the fact that Orange Kid is saying this is a bit indicative that she can be swayed, heck I mean she did just let me have sex with her and have an orgasm herself. If you make a good argument and then slap the collar on quickly before she can think of a good counter-argument then she will likely 'accept' it at the time, and then later even if she thinks of a good counter-argument she will be more resigned into the role that she's in that she wouldn't risk her own mind over it. Apple Kid wouldn't be a problem, the girl is eager to please. Also, in some testing I noticed that I'm pretty sure you get satisfaction from this scene, but I don't think the game ever states it, at least in this version. Boy you can expect the shock I was in for after this because...


I jumped more or less 12 satisfaction since starting the day. 2 from magazines, 5 from Raina, but I still should have been about 4 or so short.... Well short of a 150 total. You might only see 70 here but recall that I've spent 80 (I actually undid the unity force purchase when I redid the equator quest, sorry that I forgot to mention sooner) and this means that I should be able to venture back into the sewers... Let's find out shall we?


I can. Now, having never fought Rattus before this playthrough I would probably be well advised to hold off fighting him. But I took on the other secret boss at level 6 so you can bet your ass that I'm going to give him a shot!

Team selection isn't too hard, I've read strategies from various people as well as have done my own research. Due to how all my characters are at either level 12 or 11, Gargan doesn't have coup de grace so no point in bringing him. Without Gargan the only person who can get good damage on Rattus is Bronwyn with her DoT arrows (and I'm pretty sure pinning arrow works on him even in the most recent version so it's not a problem if I pinning arrow spam him). As I mentioned before Daze not only reduces accuracy but prevents counter attacks, since Bronwyn is going to be throwing out a lot of physical attacks, daze is going to be a MUST for this fight, so I grab Meline too. Finally I've read strategies about how necrotic spells can be really good, which would mean either Felix or Larelle, Felix has more maximum MP plus different equipment options than Larelle so I'd rather take him as they'd probably be doing about the same damage, plus Felix has more spell options. Though after playing it, if you wanted to bring Larelle instead that wouldn't be a bad idea since she does have some minor HP regen, though you might find yourself a bit more hard-pressed for a good hat for her. Anyways, here's my team.


Equipment wise I start by unequipping EVERYONE (except weapons and spell books), as Kyrie, Larelle, and even Hero have items that other people should use. Resistance is pretty much a non-concern here so it's better to lose 10 resistance to gain 1 defense in terms of equipment. Bronwyn gets first priority, give her the lucky hat (more damage and only 1 less defense then the best hat I have for her, said hat would also increase her threat so the damage is really nice), barbaric hide (for obvious reasons), and winged boots (since her arrow skills go up with agility and it gives her some defense). Next up with Meline, thankfully Kyrie brought along a nice hat for girls so equip that on Meline, next give her the frost dress as it has the highest defense of all the clothes she can wear, for accessory I say go with mother's necklace as the 1.2x healing should be good enough for defense and that magic boost is NICE. Felix is pretty easy to figure from here, Headband #2 if you got it, druidic robes, and Rhinestone glove (though strange shard would probably be better). Finally Hero, equip him with the highest defense heavy armors and either the Earth's embrace or some heavy armor accessory depending on if you want those 20% status resistances or some more threat generation from him since he's going to TRY to tank (though not very well). And now then, the moment of truth. I'd like to remind you all that before this playthrough I've never even SEEN Rattus myself.


The following strategy has been tested and tweaked over the course of 3 attempts. Over said attempts it has shown a 2/3 viability (out of 3 attempts, 2 were successful), using a party as outlined above with an average level of 12 (Bronwyn was 11, all others were 12).

First turn Hero and Bronwyn should guard, Meline should use her radiant prayer, and Felix should use Dark Blast. This should inflict daze and attack down 1 on Rattus. From here you can start with the rest of the strategy. Now, to start off, Felix should be using dark blast EVERY TURN. No healing, no buffs, no hoarfrost, JUST DARK BLAST, even though Bronwyn is too slow to successfully use pinning arrow, attempting to play around with agility buffs/debuffs will use up too many turns that it just won't be worth it, meanwhile attack down 2 will be really handy for those attacks that do hit despite daze (on my successful runs, daze seemed to make 80-90% of the attacks miss, your results might vary), but Rattus recovers from attack down very quickly so if you're not constantly applying it he'll probably recover which means that you'd have to start from scratch there, which can really risk someone dieing. Meline should be switching between her radiant and fire spell every turn, this shouldn't be too hard because you just look at what spell she's on at the start of a turn and use the other one, this will ensure that not only does Rattus stay dazed (and thus never counter-attacks) but also stays burned (which should nerf the regen, lowering it from regaining 6,000 HP per turn to at LEAST 3,000 HP if not lower), her statuses seem to last longer than attack down so just keep switching between them to constantly re-apply them. Bronwyn should attack if she has less than 5 momentum (if she's low on HP she can guard or use an item) but if she's got at least 5 have her use one of her DoT arrow skills (not pinning arrow or mana shock arrow), I tend to start at the end of the list and have her use it until the effect applies, then go to the next one (bleed), then the next one (poison), then I circle again (if your Bronwyn is at least level 12 she'll have 4 of these). Each of these should do about 6,000 HP per turn that they're active, so just try to have her make sure they're always applied. Since everyone else is busy debuffing (since NoMoshing counts Bronwyn's DoT skills as a debuff) Hero should be support, if he's got nothing to do have him attack for some extra damage/momentum and use his momentum for improved encourage (the battle will be over before Meline or Felix can run out of MP), and have him use items if necessary, but between daze, attack down, and hopefully Hero drawing most of the aggro, it shouldn't be too difficult for Hero to keep everyone alive. Just keep this up and eventually...


... Well you probably won't win with a 14 damage attack, but I did (second attempt, 3rd won with a 300+ damage attack). You get quite a lot of experience from this, I find it funny that if I got 1 more experience (like the 1 from the first rat of the game) that it'd have given an even 2,000, which when divided by 4 would have given 500 (instead of the 499 I got) which is EXACTLY how much experience Bronwyn needed to get to level 12. She was walking around after this battle 1 exp short of level 12, which I just found rather amusing myself. Now then I got a Rat's tail, so after checking that the guild alchemist didn't want to buy THIS tail too, I decide to sell it and get-


HOLY- Well let me tell you, Chimei is DEFINITELY possible to get in this playthrough. Honestly this looks like the kind of money that'd be useful in getting Orange Kid, throw in the 50k from Yamamaya's quest and you've got her, but sadly too late for that for me, so I guess I'll just have to invest it into the only other thing that takes an absurdly high amount of money to invest in.


Well isn't that convenient! Also I know that I probably won't get my investment back, but let's be real here, what ELSE am I going to spend this money on at this point? Equipment? Pfffft, I think that I've shown that I don't NEED to buy my equipment! Right so I consider checking out his store's new wares but decide against it to be treated to a little piece of dialogue that I think should be pointed out...


Dude, I LITERALLY JUST DROPPED 100K TO HELP KEEP YOUR STORE IN BUSINESS AND YOU'RE CALLING ME POOR. DO YOU WANT TO PAY ME BACK MY MONEY RIGHT NOW, BECAUSE I'M FINE TAKING MY BUSINESS ELSEWHERE. Freaking ingrates... Anyways with all that's gone on this day, especially with the rat, I don't think that I need to bother with a love quest soo....


Cool thing to note, the only girl who dislikes cake is Penelope (which makes sense given that she bakes so much), which makes it a pretty nice way to help raise girl's affection levels when they're less than 3 points away as each cake slice would only sell for 12 sil (making the daily cake slices the cheapest gift in the game at a comparative cost of 12 sil, while lovely flowers come in at 15, though for Chimei and Penelope the lovely flowers are a value of 5 sil per point so it's better to gift them lovely flowers if they need 2 or more points). I've actually had these girls sitting around at 80 affection for awhile but since I didn't want to end the day with them I just didn't gift them more cake. Anyways we have ourselves a threesome and get yet another 8 satisfaction.


That's right, the investment I made got me another 5k per day. It's a 5% return investment, so it's actually a pretty nice way to spend your money if you get ahold of such a large sum of cash and aren't going for the Orange Kid investment.


My I wonder what dashing rogue could have ever known that was going to happen! Certainly not someone who also knows that maybe someone else will be gaining a spell on the following day so would really appreciate if someone could tell me what day transition either this or Larelle's one yesterday were! Anyways, with that I'm going to call it a night and see you all again... Well whenever my next update is! (Okay, I'll be in the forums before that, but you all know what I mean!)


Household income: 7,789 Money: 7,789 in the bank: 19,033

Day 31Edit

Hey everyone, I'm back! While I wanted to and had the time to put out an update yesterday, after a 12 hour drive back home I wanted to take time to relax so instead you guys get an update today! Also, interesting thing that I found out during this update.


When Alina starts giving better gifts, you can actually get 'THE KRAKEN' as a gift, while I guess not too surprising (probably especially to some of you) I was just a bit surprised as I hadn't seen it anywhere except from the bizarre, so I started to assume that was the only place to get it. Well with that out of the way, I figure that I'd do something about all that satisfaction I had been building up.


So first of all, I get improved blazing aura, since it's one of the skills I actually use fairly regularly I figure that I should get it. I also grab unity force again because I don't use assault that much and some boss battles do leave Hero with enough momentum to use unity force. Besides at this point in the game, I don't want to get any of the satisfaction equipment to add yet another challenge to the planning I do given how the satisfaction equipment is so damn good. Anyways with that out of the way, let's get onto gift giving!


Awww, he's adapting to slave life so well! Giving up valuables that he was left to protect all while calling me master! To be honest Gargan is actually one of my favorite slaves (not above Meline mind you), while yes he's a guy I choose to apply hentai logic to instead think that he's a good fuck away from 'becoming' a girl forever (is much easier to think when you view them as someone who will be a woman and sorta choose to ignore certain parts of the human psyche that make identity not quite as malleable as hentai-logic would have it), plus also I like the kind of exchanges that Gargan and Hero have, feels a bit more 'buddy buddy' than say Felix who tends to come off to me as thinking of Hero as horrible and kinda hating him but putting up with him (though to be honest, I can't really argue against that opinion beyond the fact that Hero is ultimately a net positive in a largely corrupt amoral kingdom).


Oh Chimei, the L/R issue thing. In case you didn't know, in Japanese there actually isn't a natural 'L' sound, as a result they often use 'R' instead and while younger generations that grew up in a world filled with languages with an 'L' sound, some older Japanese people (at least according to my Japanese teacher) aren't able to make the 'L' sound because of just how unfamiliar they are with it. Assuming that all of that is true, it would make sense that Chimei would have a similar issue, while she's still probably young enough to get over it, it'd still take her awhile to really be able to make a natural 'L' sound, until then I find it kinda cute.


Oh... Guess there's more stuff for me to translate! Not that much here, just two sentences, but let's get to work!

Sore wa yoidesu?

Just based off of the 'sore wa' and context I have a feeling that she's asking if she did good or something along those lines, so let's see what 'yoi' means... 'Good', 'Excellent', 'Sufficient', 'profitable', 'ok' are the kinds of definitions that were probably used here (unless 'drunkenness', 'intoxication', or 'motion sickness' are somehow applicable), which to me suggests that I was right. So, I think this is the first time that I think that Chimei's sentence is off... Now this might just be me though, but the first part that stands out to me would be the 'sore' part, after looking it up stuff like 'sore' or 'sono' aren't always literal objects, but it is important to still get the right word (since there is sore, sono, are, ano, kore, kono, and I'm pretty sure there's a third set that I just can't remember...) and the 'so' part refers to the listener. Anyways, to start off with, let's just see if we want 'no' or 're' as if we're asking if it 'sounded right' we'd be asking what the listener observed but if we're asking if it was 'said' right then it'd be asking about what the speaker did, whereas 'no' or 're' should be a lot easier to identify which applies and work from there. So, 'sore' can refer to the action of the listener or something on their mind, while sono can refer to the actions of the listener or ideas expressed/understood by the listener.... Hmm... Well probably the way to go if you want to go that route would be referring to the action(s) of the speaker, so you'd want 'kono' or 'kore', but I just can't help but feel a bit off with trying to approach the sentence this way, and even if I'm wrong about that, I'm not comfortable with my ability giving a suggestion for a replacement sentence using 'kono' or 'kore'. So instead I'm going to make a sentence for "Is my English good?" as I think that would properly fit the context of this while being something I can very easily translate.

私 の 英語 は 良い です か。 (watashi no eigo wa yoi desu ka?)

The 'watashi no eigo wa' establishes 'My English' as the subject, so by doing 'yoi desu ka', a kinda literally translation would be "My English is good?" though the verbal question mark from 'ka' would make a more accurate translation be 'Is my English good?', but you get the drift. That said, I can't help but feel that while it's grammatically correct, conversationally it might be a bit 'stuffy' or something and might not fit in too well conversationally.... I should try to find some time to get to that Japanese stuff that was recommended to me earlier in this thread. Chimei also has one other line of Japanese during this little scene.

Watashi wa totemo ureshi! Watashi means 'I', wa establishes the subject as what came before it, 'Totemo' basically means 'very', and ureshi means 'happy' or 'glad' so a good translation would be 'I am very happy!', though probably sounds a bit awkward when said in English, I think that a more accurate translation might be something like "Yay!" or "I'm so happy!", iunno it's kinda hard but I'm pretty sure this is more because of just how Japanese and English are different rather than a translation error, but blah. Anyways back to the game! Now, wish most of the quests done, there's very little left for me to fight, so what am I going to be working on you might ask? Well simple, the love quest with the lowest level requirement!


Time for us to complete the rest of the quest that gave us the amazing Doctor Weird Vol. 3, seriously Chain lightning is amazing since it's easy to get someone in your party with it and it's damage based, basically gives any spell user of your choice the ability to be a damager (given how at this point Kyrie's most powerful spells are 2 spells that are only different from chain lightning in element, I don't think that's an inaccurate assessment). Though I do wonder if by getting and making use of this book it violated the spirit of my 'no love quests until the end!' rule... oh well, I'll worry about that when the full game is out as that way I'll have much more stuff to do instead of rummaging through Hero and Meline's old house.

Right so my team, Meline is required for my team (not a problem with all the mages in this dungeon). Felix is also a good option given how he's grown into a support/debuffer/damager thanks to all those books that he's been reading. Now I consider grabbing a tank, but given how aside from slimes and an optional boss, ALL the enemies here are dragon based, I figure that the best way to tear through the enemies will be to rely on how NoMoshing probably made them have weaknesses to reflect them being cold-blooded soo....


Hero gets the lucky hat (damage), barbaric hide (momentum), and Earth's embrace (resistances). Some research revealed that the only equipment in the game that's resistant to fire are the orb of focus (on Meline), Giant Gear (daily dungeon item), Chimeraskin Jacket (requires love tokens from daily dungeon), Runed Robe (Yeon starting gear, and she's not in this version of the game), and the Fireproof cloak (must be bought) so the not really a lot to consider for how to equip most of the rest of my team. One should keep in mind though that the strange shard shares some resistances with the silk robe and druidic robes (force for silk, psychic for druidic) so you might want to give Kyrie the frost dress and strange shard, Meline the silk robe and mother's necklace, and Felix the druidic robe and rhinestone glove to help spread out the resistances semi-evenly. Really aside from fire, it doesn't matter a whole lot for this dungeon but hey just thought that I'd mention (alternatively, the frost dress is casual armor while the robes are light armor, Kyrie was kinda low on HP for me so giving Kyrie the casual armor is probably a good call). Silver hairties for both Kyrie and Meline I say, and headband #2 for Felix. Now then let's check out our enemies!


As expected, cold spells do 1.5x damage compared to their non-cold counterparts. You can easily clear out all enemies with two cones of cold and two chain lightnings, heck with two chain lightnings and one cone of cold Hero's attacks should be able to finish off whoever is left as long as the healer doesn't heal/buff them too much. I advise taking out cultists first because their stormroar can deafen some of your team, which is really annoying if it stops Kyrie from using a cone of cold, then take out the elementalists because they can inflict burn on some of your people which is a pain to heal from, after that healers should go down since they can heal and buff, meanwhile shaman's haven't seemed to do anything that stands out to me. Seriously, bringing Kyrie and someone seperate with chain lightning makes you tear through these minions like tissue paper, just make sure to maybe save one (and heretical censure it to prevent it from using spells) if you want to pull off a blazing aura (and I found that improved blazing aura heals like 5x as much MP, and given how it was already giving a full MP recovery that's pretty insane). Now let's get working on the rest of the quest!


Well isn't that convenient! Also I'm pretty sure that I forgot to mention this before, but I'm confident that these various interactions that individual party members have on quests are NoMoshing's way to subtly suggest what party members are more useful on certain quests. Can't remember if he specifically said it or if it's just what I've gathered from him but it seems like his style, and given how Kyrie's cone of cold tears through the minions here (especially if you didn't have chain lightning, in which case cone of cold would do about 3x the damage of murder of crows) and Gargan's cape stun was great in the ice palace (both against slaves and useful against the winter nymph since Bronwyn probably would have struggled to be fast enough to make pinning arrow useful) I'm inclined to believe that is the case. That said, it really does seem like something NoMoshing might have specifically stated over in his LP thread, so I should probably check that out if I want to have some peace of mind as to if he specifically said it and I just forgot that he did while retaining the information, or if I figured it out from the other sort of tips he gave (like how the consumables you get on a quest are generally geared for helping you with that quest). Blah, let's continue.


Seriously how dumb do you have to be!... And I just now realized that it might have actually been a pretty good ambush given how this fight is immediately followed by you being ambushed from behind, it played your opponent thinking so little of you that they easily believed that you were dumb enough to just stand out in the open allowing you to get them in a building and close off their escape, not only trapping them but also surrounding the enemy. Though to be fair, the fact that they're like tissue paper compared to me resulting in me killing the four meant to draw me in before the other four can get behind me is probably why I didn't think much of them in the first place. Still, quite late into things, I don't want to restart this quest to get a screenshot of the second group showing up so let's continue.


Interesting face you've got there... I mean I know that NoMoshing is limited in face selection but I should probably warn this guy that the LAST merchant that I saw with that face who tried to sell me stuff mid-quest ended up finding himself on the business end of my sword while I ran off with his supplies... Also, this guy isn't worth buying any loot from. He sells things at special vendor value, so even if all the items had special vendors for them (they don't) you'd only sell them at the price that you bought them for, the red ethers might be useful though for some since the healing founder doesn't heal your MP, but to me that's what the rhinestone glove/blazing aura are for.


Ah this place, first time I went here I was rather confused and thought there were more paths than there actually are. This is actually a kinda small map (though probably kinda long), but it's set to wrap around so instead of the screen stopping when you hit the ceiling it connects to the bottom, so it might look like there are lots of paths, mirrors, and fairies, but there's only one path with a mirror on one end and a fairy on the other, you're just seeing the same mirror, fairy, and parts of the path in places that lead you to believe they're different. Just follow the path that you can walk to and it'll be fine. Not sure if anyone NEEDED help with that but someone might appreciate it so blah >.>


I'm ALWAYS tempted to choose the first option whenever this comes up (and I have a few times) because I find it hilarious. But let's see how a battle goes against her, though I wouldn't advise doing it if you don't want the challenge as I've done it before (with some level 99 characters thanks to cheats) and you don't get any experience, items, satisfaction, or anything that answering the question correctly won't give you, all without using up your resources.


The following strategy has been tested with a party of level 12 Hero, Meline, and Felix and level 11 Kyrie utilizing no significant equipment changes from the rest of the dungeon. It has shown to have a 2/2 viability (out of 2 attempts, 2 were successful).

For this fight, I used a bit of a modified version of my Rattus strategy (that was a really good strategy for shutting him down). The fairy has a variety of powerful party wide spells, and can even attack for a fair amount of damage too. Start with Felix using warding wall while Meline uses heretical censure until the fairy is vulnerable (if after 2 uses she is still not vulnerable, Felix should probably heal until she is vulnerable), Kyrie should be using magic missile and have Hero attack/play support. Once censured the fairy will drastically reduce in threat, but is still a threat so have Meline quickly daze her while Felix switches to using NOTHING except Dark blast (she recovers from it quickly just like Rattus). I'm pretty sure that she doesn't have any natural regen so after dazing her have Meline go back to heretical censure until she re-applies the vulnerable status effect. If Kyrie manages to knock the fairy over, you can have her use her ice spell the next turn if she's vulnerable to get that 1.25x damage bonus, or you could have her use mana overcharge on herself since she's doing a lot of damage. As long as she stays censored and dazed, with whatever amount of attack down you can keep on her, Hero shouldn't have a problem keeping people healed up, meanwhile Kyrie will be racking in a good amount of damage. Back to gathering statues!


You know, that's the exact OPPOSITE of what I would expect given this room. If you notice there are 6 circles, and near 5 of all the ones that aren't working (which have dead plants with them) you'll notice there are five chests which have been opened and looted (presumably by the kobolds or something), this suggests to me that the magic circle might be fueled by the plants and serves to hide the sixth treasure chest rather than the plants needing to be watered to make it appear but blah... Anyways I finish up with everything and go to grab a quick heal from the alchemy lab when I can't help but notice...


I already opened that chest damnit! I have no idea what sort of alchemic sorcery it is that makes the chest only be opened when the pool is frozen but whatever. Boss time!


Not that difficult, I imagine he might have some party wide fire spell/skill but I never saw it. Have Kyrie throwing either magic missile (never saw the dragon be knocked down) or her single target ice spell (1.5x damage), Felix throw dark blast like constantly, Meline throw out her radiant spell every so often but aside from that I say have her use heretical censure just in case. When the dragon flies up have Hero start guarding because I'm pretty sure that melee attacks can't hit him while he's in the air, which is good to keep in mind when planning out your team because spells can hit him just fine so a more magic focused team is a good call here I'd say. For the most part he's very melee oriented so between daze and attack down 2, he should be rendered pretty much helpless for Kyrie to slaughter with her ice magic, and if Meline makes him vulnerable while Kyrie has matk up 2 oh boy will he be feeling the pain. With that we find ourselves with a surprise guest back at the manor!


So, before I bring up old conversations again, something that did stand out to me here was that she said that she noticed Hero's potential, this implies that the other Angels may not be aware of his potential, which I think is kinda interesting to note when trying to figure out how the seven Angels may deal with one another, like if they work together more often or more independently more often or whatever. Aside from that, might just be me but 'empowered your sister to keep a steady hand on you' sounds a LOT more manipulative than something like, "empowered your sister to help you realize your full potential', or something along those lines. Though given the way she talks, she seems certain that Meline is keeping Hero in check and behaving however it is that she wants/imaged he would behave given how she knows his potential and didn't approach him more directly. That said, given how she doesn't later take away Meline's powers (which word of god says she could do whenever the hell she felt like) it suggests that either she REALLY enjoyed the sex she didn't consent to and has, in true hentai-logic fashion, been fucked so hard she probably sides with him (given how if nothing else Meline showed she was more an instigator of Hero's behavior rather than someone to "keep a steady hand" on him) or more likely the giving of Meline powers both to try to get Hero onto her side AND curb off a potential threat...

And would you look at that, seems I misremembered and Therese DOESN'T learn cure light wounds.... yet. It'll be coming soon though so I'll try sometime to figure out what the hell day I'm on since I'm back home.


Household income: 7,789 Money: 15,048 in the bank: 26,823

Day 32Edit

So it's a bit early but since we're getting rather close to the end of this I may end up doing updates a bit more often. And since I'm here, I think that I'll share the plan that I have for after I finish this playthrough. What I will then be doing will be utilizing the save files from this playthrough to try to make strategies to complete the daily dungeon for every enemy group in the JULY version at the lowest possible level. I will be doing this for a few reasons, firstly since after the march v2 version it's probably impossible to complete the intro quest without being at least level 3, I'd need to transfer saves over in order to get the earliest level possible for the first two enemy groups. Next some have reported some issues with balance about some enemy groups, and while I'm not one to doubt their beliefs or ability, I can't help but want to try to see if I might be able to overcome these enemy groups despite the odds (and make sure to obtain 2/5 viability with my strategies of course), these enemy groups might be toned down in the October release as a bit indicative of some things NoMoshing said, so if I want the BEST strategies for all of these enemy groups the July version is the best. Furthermore I won't be doing a full playthrough for this as not only am I going to be transferring over saves, but even if I go through all of the content added in since the July version, the October version will probably be coming out around that time, as a result instead after I deal with all the daily dungeons to my satisfaction I will then take a break for awhile (to make a new strategy, take care of some things on the wiki, and stuff like that) and then I will do another playthrough utilizing the October version, with some different rules and goals (mostly to test out my new strategy which will hopefully work for becoming my new guide). Anyways, with all of that out of the way, let's get to this update!


Awww. It's nice to get some relationship bonuses with some of the more warm slaves at times, helps make the tsundere's stand out more.


Such a standup guy that Hero is! Telling a single (if you count being a slave in a harem as single) mother of two that she needs to work harder if she wants her kids to have a better future! Those are some life lessons that only the secret elite are privy to after all! Right so in all seriousness, that's the only relationship bonus, so let's see what quest I'll be dealing with!


Oh goodie. I kinda wish that I had 3 more satisfaction before doing this quest because then I could get improved assault but sadly I can't. I could get 1 more satisfaction because I STILL haven't bought that porn mag in the slums, but blah. Now then, who should I choose for my party!


Such a tough decision.... Anyways, I've done Looking for a Cure, Yamamaya has an evocation that gives her regen so I figure it's better for her to draw more aggro (to use it sooner and once she does she'll have regen to help cover the damage she takes), so I give her the best heavy armor available, with the black onyx gauntlet for her accessory. Hero takes the barbaric hide to help with his healing, the lucky hat to help with his damage/threat, and I give him the winged boots to help with his speed, threat, and evasion, though I do kinda wish that I had a made to add to my party because they've got quite a few good accessories now (like the strange shard), but oh well. Since this quest only has 4-5 fights, I'll be posting a picture and some thoughts on each of them.


Of course I face him, wouldn't really be good for me to shy away from a fight I think as otherwise I don't think my guide would really be 'complete' (plus I'm cheap). The H.R. manager is a bit interesting because the first time I fought him, he only attacked once and spent the rest of the battle giving himself momentum. In general though I don't think he should be too hard, make sure that Hero saves up his momentum for improved encourage, and the guy has quite a bit of HP so I say go for having Yamamaya use her wolf rage, but the fight shouldn't last too much longer than that.


Even without knowing how this quest turns out, if you're aware that love quests are kinda intended to be post-game content, the fact that Lola is introduced here suggests that she'll probably be a character (most likely a party member even) in a later game. Unless she turns out to be some sort of rival, in which case I imagine that she wouldn't be introduced in a love quest (and heck Gargan even became one of our slaves!). It's just too 'late' into the game design to be introducing new party members or slaves really for this game, but setting things up for future games? That's totally something that I imagine NoMoshing is doing here. Right so fights!


Awww and here I thought it was going to be all 2 v 1 fights! Don't bother having Yamamaya rage, the dogs don't have too much health so strong attack whichever you want dead first, they can poison with their regular attacks so have Hero save his momentum for improved encourage.


Except by slavers. Or a bunch of random tournament fighters if you lose to the manager. Really Yamamaya, I doubt your claim of 'invincible' given how I literally saw you get damaged in the last two fights! But details. Though her calling herself a 'mountain goddess' does raise some questions to me, like is she worshiped like a goddess up there? Or does is it perhaps just a title they bestow on like the strongest fighter? Heck maybe she's just delusional and views herself as some sort of 'divine' being! We'll have to wait until HC3 I believe to find out for sure, as that's when we'll be heading to whatever the North country is ('Middle Kingdom' is called that for a reason, next few harem games will take place in the 'East' country, 'North' country, 'West' country, and 'South' country. Kellos, the 'East' country will be HC2 and I can't remember what's after that), and I'm sure Yamamaya will play a bigger role in that game story wise. Honestly I'm also really looking forward to whenever we get to run into Chimei's home, though given some of the inspirations for Kellos, I imagine it might be an area in there rather than there's an entire Japanese speaking country in this game that we need to have Chimei come along to be a translator for... Probably for the best, I imagine it'd drive NoMoshing insane to have to write that much dialogue in Japanese. ONWARDS!


Hmm... While she doesn't say that she's interested in other girls here, I do think this dialogue does give us a bit of insight into Yamamaya's 'sexuality', in that it seems to me like perhaps she doesn't mind seeing other girls as sorta 'toys' or whatever to be used or dominated. Part of the reason why from what I can tell she likes Hero is that not only is he powerful but he views her as powerful as well, and since this seems to carry over into her sexual preferences (she enjoys seeing Hero display his power over others sexually) I do imagine that she does enjoy dominating others in bed (not Hero in particular, she enjoys being more of his equal), and while I do agree that I don't think she particularly is interested in girls, from what I've seen I think that she enjoys dominating for the sake of dominating, girls just tend to be what's around and within her power to dominate, plus she also seems a bit more 'in touch' with her sexuality I think, while she hasn't seemed to be interested in girls (though maybe she is bisexual and none of the girls have just managed to 'challenge' her), she does seem to be generally 'in-different' to them, kinda like, "Yeah, they've got bodies, yeah I could have sex with them, but I REALLY doing it with Hero!", but enough with me trying to justify my theory that she would totally push Alina down and have Alina eat her out if she was horny while Hero was away (though Alina could TOTALLY scare Yamamaya into NEVER doing it again, I imagine Alina is a bit more reserved when it comes to herself, if anything I imagine that she'd do that if Yamamaya did it to any of the other girls who wasn't okay with it instead of herself and say something along the lines of, "I get that you get horny and I don't mind it when you use me, but if you EVER use any of these girls again I will personally ensure that you regret ever joining this harem!", but now I'm getting way too far in bringing up the past). Let's get back to the fights now, shall we?


It's a good idea to come in with Yamamaya at least at level 12, because the Storm Crow has a lot of spells. Yamamaya should probably be using shockwave until she seals it's magic and then using shockwave again every so often. While in some previous playthroughs I felt that shockwave didn't seal magic quite enough, maybe I just gave up too soon because in this playthrough I feel that it does a rather good job at sealing off magic. Hero again should be healing since those spells can pack a wallop, maybe throw on an assault if he gets enough momentum while the storm crow is sealed. After you win equip the crow totem to Yamamaya, it's heavy armor so it draws in good threat and it's got a lot of really good stats/bonuses, so since it's Yamamaya only might as well keep it on her forever now.


Huh.... That's a really good explanation of how save-points work.... I can't help but feel like NoMoshing might have heard that or something similar somewhere instead of coming up with it entirely independently. Perhaps I'm psycho-analyzing too much (can't help it, started doing it to make up for some social skills when I was younger, can't ever really turn it off) but I just get the sense that such a strong 'game' element wouldn't really be something to question, but then again perhaps I'm rather projecting as I imagine a lot of us, myself included, go through games for the most part not really questioning why save-points are around. Games just have them.

Anyways after hearing a plot to poison me, we go to the next fight.


Despite what virgin gynocides might have lead you to believe, I'm pretty sure these guys don't have any spells. They can stun you, but I haven't seen them use any spells. Unless I'm mistaken about that, your best bet would probably be to use strong attack to try to clear them out ASAP, every one of these things dead is one less chance of being stunned every turn. Creepy stare doesn't have a high chance of success though so don't worry for the most part, but do make sure to heal when needed.


I can't help but feel like there's a 'Wizards of the coast' reference I'm not getting here...


Hero will get exactly 2 actions, so if you can have him buff as much as possible, if guarding the first turn will give him the momentum to buff the second turn do it. While I know that you can let him die and revive him to have both party members, that's not how this battle was intended so I don't want to use a bit of a cheap trick like that to win. Though something that NoMoshing might care to look into sometime if he wants to prevent that is maybe like finding a way to either temporarily remove the items from the inventory, or maybe creating a second inventory filled with items given for the tournament, or maybe even easier just have a 'no items' rule for the tournament and lock out the item command. All possibilities. Oh right strategy!

Right so I didn't really use a lot of strategy for this guy, heck I had Yamamaya go into her wolf rage a few times and won all of them, but it did get a bit dicey at times. The wolf rage works real well here though since you don't need to care about if Hero dies or not (he'll still get the experience and be just as useless when asleep), and the wolf rage offers some regen while still having Yamamaya attack. If you'd rather not do that, I would advise trying to use her momentum for shock-wave as this boss can cast regeneration (which while it doesn't heal a lot at first, it's probably the same as Doll's so it gives regen for the next few turns). Aside from that you'll be relying on the item bag to heal. Whatever strategy you go with, be glad that you equipped that crow totem, the stats that it are VERY helpful here since you're down to just Yamamaya.


Well... Yeah okay. I mean I got a similar amount of money from Meline's love quest, and I got a necrotic resist bonus too but whatever...


Huh, even though that entire quest was with 2 party members (so we only got half the experience instead of 1/4th) Hero didn't gain a level. Oh well!

Household income: 7,845 Money: 57,785 in the bank: 63,173

Edit: So since I brought it up and got thinking about it, I thought that I might expand on what I think would happen between Yamamaya and Alina some. I imagine that IF Yamamaya was so inclined, she would have no hesitations about using Alina like a toy, dildo, etc. basically, and Alina while not enjoying it, wouldn't fight too much as she has kinda resigned to having to put up with that, but if Yamamaya ever say forced Penelope and went as far as to make her cry (most of the party members could probably fend Yamamaya off before that point) you can bet your ass that Yamamaya would be apologizing because if not on her own accord, Alina would march over to her, give Yamamaya a verbal beat down, grab her by the ear and DRAG her to Penelope and make her apologize, and honestly I think that Yamamaya would even get a little turned on by this display of power. Not enough to be attratched to Alina, but she generally seems to be turned on by displays of power in general, and once Alina has established herself in Yamamaya's point of view as this 'powerful' figure, I don't think Yamamaya would ever use her again rather instead resorting to the girls who wouldn't mind like Doll or someone, because Yamamaya would never be able to bring herself to view Alina as a 'toy' anymore, without Hero around Alina would forever be this sorta 'authority' figure, and Yamamaya wouldn't be able to get a cheap power thrill by pushing her down anymore. Until Yamamaya crosses the line with some other girl though, I think she'd be unaware that Alina would be able to 'put Yamamaya in her place' if you would. Heck I also think that's kinda the only way for Alina to be the 'Alpha' slave in regards to sex, while she definitely could come out on top of that no questions asked, I don't think she'd ever compete, and thus the only way for her to win I think would be if some other girl or girls claim the number 2 position and all within that position have experienced the wrath of Alina, thus they all view Alina as number 1 because Alina isn't the type to compete for the first place position but oh man, if anyone who is gunning for it angers momma bear Alina they will know that the only thing STOPPING her from having it is her not being interested in it in the first place. But those are just my thoughts.

Day 33Edit

Well thanks for all of that info Yuuto, while I don't know if it's relevant either, want to know what is relevant? ANOTHER UPDATE! Hey I said that I'd be posting these more often, we're a few days away from being done and I'm excited to try out the new daily dungeons... Even though I totally could have any time since the July update but hey it means you guys get more content so blah! So as always I take care of the chores first and man do I have a surprise for you guys!


No relationship bonuses! Been awhile since that has happened, huh? I guess that's really because I've gotten so many of the 'final' bonuses that there just aren't enough girls getting gifts to be constantly giving out bonuses! Anyways we proceed to do the FINAL love quest!

Now normally I'd put a lot of thought and consideration into my team, taking into account what I know about the quest and try to fit someone in that should be able to help deal with the situation appropriately, or maybe I'd try to throw in a new character to try to get to learn how to play them a bit better (namely, Raina) but personally I don't actually care for strategy here too much because NoMoshing has changed up the quest (can't remember if it was for the July or will be for the October release) unless I'm mistaken, which means that it doesn't matter if I figure this version perfectly, so instead I want to test out a theory I have!


While I know this violates one of my rules of this playthrough, I assure you that just as I used them before, their presence here serves a purpose. Besides I've been kicking ass and taking names with all the recent quests that I think I can do it utilizing both Cerulean and using Wiki-tan just for regular attacks! For equipment I leave wiki-tan alone and focus mainly on equipping Hero and Elaiya, you can give Hero heavy armor and Elaiya the barbaric hide, or give Hero the barbaric hide and Elaiya the elfsilk shirt, personally I think the latter is better here since Hero is your only way of healing with this party so you want to do it as much as possible. Elaiya gets the winged boots for speed, evasion, and reducing her threat, Hero would probably be well served with something defensive. If I recall Elaiya can't equip the lucky hat but if she can give that to her, otherwise headband #2 is probably the best bet for her, and Hero should probably take a knight helm.


You know, I can't help but feel like maybe we should come back another day.... What with the rain and all... Just a thought.


Kinda rude there, I mean sure I know you don't care for him but he's her late husband! Kinda a bit harsh to be talking shit about him. Don't get me wrong, we all know that Hero isn't 'above' that, but I would imagine that he's aware that talking shit about her dead former lover probably isn't going to do anything but upset Elaiya, and he DOES care about her. Man thinking about it, the average character in this world would probably be a bit surprised to see that Hero cares so much about those in his harem given how little he cares about anything/everything outside of it, while it's a lot easier for us as players to understand because I imagine we can sympathize a bit as we walk in knowing that this is an H-game and as a result do care about the girls involved in it, but are probably less phased by the rest of the world on average (obviously a deeply moving speech is deeply moving none the less, but I imagine that if it came from a girl in the harem or will be in the harem we might have a bit more emotional investment in them beforehand for them to play off of, unless the speech was in itself about how little emotional investment we had placed in them), but details! Let's get back to the game before I start making some half-based psycho-analysis stuff (it takes time for me to come to a good conclusion, and if/when I come to one it will make itself obvious rather then require me to explore upon possibilities right now), back to the quest!


So that's why Shally cares about her! Question though, how come Hero doesn't recognize Elaiya? I mean I know there's a point in his life where he didn't know Shally, but from my understanding of things Elaiya didn't go from waitress to 'adventurer' in a relatively small period of time, like maybe 2-5 years I'd imagine tops (after all she has admitted that she was very new to adventuring before she met Hero), meanwhile from my understanding Hero has known Shally for a few years, probably a bit longer than the last time Elaiya was a waitress. Sure Hero might not have noticed her, but he's had this harem plan for years and Elaiya isn't that bad of a looker, heck if anything I imagine a waitress would stand out a bit more to him as someone whom he might form a bit of a relationship with (even if only by her being his waitress or something) and in turn he'd strive to get her. Perhaps Hero hasn't known Shally for that long compared to Elaiya, but still it just seems a bit off if you ask me.... Unless like maybe Elaiya was always working in the day and Hero only showed up at night or vice versa, but given how her husband was a treasure hunter I imagine she had quite a bit of free time, the fact that she worked as a waitress at all suggests that financially she needed to work, so it wouldn't be that unlikely that she'd take the occasional unusual shift as long as it didn't interfere with taking care of her son given how her husband was probably away a good amount of time she wouldn't need to take him into consideration, and since she doesn't have school or anything taking care of her son would be her ONLY time restraint, and even then she admits to having a babysitter for him so that's even less of an issue. I don't know man, just seems like Hero would have recognized her as someone he had determined "Yeah, she's joining my harem" sometime while he was at the Tin Dog. Though I can understand that she might not recognize him, I mean I imagine she had a lot of customers and Hero might have been biding his time more than anything while he worked on getting a manor, plus if he found out she had a husband then he'd further try to tactfully choose what to do (after all he had no idea he'd run into some slave collars later), but then again Hero isn't much of one to bide his time so he'd probably still hit on her, I don't know, ultimately she wasn't likely to decide that she wanted to sleep with him to the degree he would have to her so it's more understandable that she wouldn't recognize him. Anyways, enough with the over analyzing one line of dialogue and let's get back to the quest!


No shit sherlock! I think she could piece together that it was loud FROM THE FACT THAT SHE CAN'T HEAR YOU. Anyways let's now- huh...


So I don't know if you knew this, but the bomb blast deafens ALL of your characters, even the ones not in your active party... Except wiki-tan. What gets me is that Cerulean IS deafened, which I honestly would have expected them both to not be since the two of them are almost always forgotten.... Maybe neither were for this part? I mean sure, wiki-tan isn't deafened but she's a robot, it is in fact entirely possible that she wouldn't go deaf from the blast, whereas Cerulean would if anything probably take a bit of damage as well as going deaf because of his hearing I think, I don't know. Anyways, while I COULD run off to my manor for a quick cure deafened, I feel that'd be defeating the point, besides it heals fast enough, still I have always wondered why not being able to heal meant that you couldn't cast spells, after all generally it's considered that you have to SPEAK to cast spells, not LISTEN and you can still speak just fine while deafened, maybe prayers and rites might require you to 'hear' whatever force you're drawing from but still I just don't understand why you need to be able to listen to cast spells in this game, but blah. Let's go and kick some bandit ass!


Soooo.... I may have been a bit over-confident. I try this quest a few different times with this party, I even have Wiki-tan pull out some of her kick-ass spells and equip her better and it always goes down the same way, we take too much damage, we have too little healing, and we keep getting stunned. So I think I'll try this quest out with a serious team (I did save before the explosion so I'll still come in deafened). I meant to mention this when trying 'Research materials' with Raina didn't turn out well, but every team member does seem to fill a 'role' pretty well if you ask me, and depending on the quest you take them on can be a LOT more or less useful, though obviously it helps to know how to play them. So generally if a character doesn't feel that strong chances are that they're just not a right fit for the quest.

Now then as for my serious team, since damage was a big issue I think that I should bring a tank, and you know Therese JUST finished up with cure light wounds so I think I should bring her. I could bring Felix, but given how Therese brings heals and one of my problems is that the enemies did too much damage, I think that it might be better to be able to debuff their attack all at once so....


Siege shield and heavy armor for Therese, equip Larelle for defense (rather than resist) and give them both a good magic accessory since you've got two good ones available. Hero can probably take a more offensive accessory if you want, but Earth's embrace might be a good choice for it's status resistances. Now then let's see how this goes!


Interesting to note, the mages in this version don't have any spells. Seriously, they can't even attack, all they can do is 'cover'. Not sure why this is, but perhaps it might be that the bomb deafened more than just our party members... Still, with how much they cover, once one of the other enemies gets to have less health than a mage, you probably won't ever be able to hit them again (I sure as hell couldn't, they used cover so much they had a basically 100% cover rate). After that, as long as you've got a tank with the siege shield, your bigger threat will be the vicious bandit, while the archer can poison between cleanse body (if you brought someone with it), improved encourage, and siege shield immunity it shouldn't be a big issue, the bigger issue is all the goddamn stuns that happen. While the archer can stun characters as well, the vicious bandit can use throw which hits two random party members and can stun both of them, while the siege shield seems to also make the character immune to stun as well, it's best to try to reduce the chance of your other characters getting stunned and the vicious bandit's throw is probably the best way to do that. Sadly when there's a mage around, you'll probably be forced to take them out first. Personally I think that a good party wide damage spell would be great for all but the double mage fight (why bother wasting the MP against enemies that can't attack?) as even if the mage covers for the damage of any of the other enemies that means they're now taking 600+ damage a turn and oh boy will that take care of them quickly.

I regret bringing Larelle because she's just generally lagging behind here, Kyrie or Felix would have been better choices since they have multi-target damage based spells that could help tear through this. Therese is absolutely amazing here, she's able to take hits and heal like no one's business, though I find out that Lay on Hands heals more from her than Cure light wounds, which I find interesting, probably just different formulas (with Therese probably drawing more from melee stats to not suck). Though when it comes to Elaiya I do notice that she seems a bit... Well a bit weak. At least compared to the mages she's kinda out-classed... Elaiya is doing about 150 damage per attack with her guns (double upgraded), meanwhile Kyrie and Larelle have been touting multi-target spells since I got them that do either 150 damage per hit (Larelle) or 300 damage per hit (Kyrie), and while they are a bit MP heavy (especially for Larelle who has the lowest max MP of all the characters in this game), the rhinestone glove and blazing aura TREMENDOUSLY help to offset that. Meanwhile currently Elaiya's best attack, barrage, has such bad accuracy you are well served to use ready aim before hand, which means you take 2 turns to do 2 turns worth of damage, not exactly a big win, the best part of barrage is that it's got a much higher chance to crit (probably due to ready aim) but even that's about another 350 damage, which given how you have to build up 24 momentum to use it (even more if you're trying to keep stealth up) and how 'ready aim' actually CAN miss (using up more turns and momentum) she's just not that good... I mean I noticed some similar things with Yamamaya in her love quest where her damage was usually dwarfed by Chain Lightning or Kyrie (against a lot of foes at least), but her strong attack skill (takes 5 momentum and has decent accuracy) was doing like 500 damage itself (compared to Elaiya's barrage which takes 4x the momentum for about half the damage without a crit), not to mention her rages had nice boosts and shock wave is pretty good if you can't bring Meline for heretical censure (though the damage was a bit less than control spells if I recall). Maybe I'm just using her wrong, but it seems to me like either this dungeon REALLY isn't suited to her (heck it seems more suited to Therese despite being Elaiya's love quest) or she just doesn't seem able to put how put out the 'damage' that one would expect of a 'damager'. Anyways, talking about how kinda overpowered the mages are aside, let's get back to this quest!


Oh I don't know, maybe over here, or maybe over there, or perhaps THROUGH THE GIANT FUCKING HOLE ON THE OTHER SIDE. Seriously Hero, get your shit together.


Bandits? In YOUR abandoned fortress? It's more likely than you think! Click this article to know how to find out more! Haha, I may be giving him some shit in this quest, but I do very much enjoy most of the one-liners in this game.


OH SO THAT'S WHY HE WAS A JACKASS AT THE BEGINNING OF THE GAME! Listen, I may have done this quest before but I never claimed to be paying close attention to what was said. Also do make sure to give Elaiya the barbaric hide after this, maybe an offensive accessory if you want to (whatever the best one is), and heal her up no matter what.


If you've done as many solo playthroughs as me this guy should be nothing. When Elaiya's stealthed he can't do anything. If you took my advice and gave her the barbaric hide that's +3 momentum per turn, so if you don't have enough to use stealth on the first turn have her guard (to reduce the damage received) to get 7 plus whatever his attack will give you. Next turn use stealth. From here, knowing how to make sure that a status NEVER runs out benefits you a lot, and those who've done solo runs should be familiar with how to do it because it's the EXACT same pattern as encourage (which was incredibly useful to keep defense up two on Hero). While in the description it says that Stealth lasts 5 turns, be aware that includes the turn that it's used, so if you WANTED you could push to do stealth->attack->attack->attack->attack but then after the fourth attack stealth would run out and if you don't apply it before the boss gets their turn then you'll be taking a hit, so I prefer to just do stealth->attack->attack->attack->stealth. One tip that I've found is to use your fingers to keep track of what turn you're on, adding a new number every time you're selecting an action for Elaiya, resetting whenever you apply stealth. You can try to use barrage if you like, but remember that ready aim only lasts until the end of the next turn (so don't use it before you use stealth) and that you will want to make sure you have enough momentum to use stealth (I advise only counting the momentum you get from end of turn, so after barrage you'd need to have at least 4 or 7 momentum, depending on if you use barrage on the second or third attack, to be safe if the third attack turn misses). The battle is a bit long (again, I have to question if Elaiya might be a bit weak in terms of damage) but you'll get it done. Hopefully her triple barrage might be the key to the damage problem that I was noticing from her but if this is supposed to be post game content a bit late to help her keep at pace with the rest of the team.... I don't know.


Oh man a new spell! Good thing I went through and figured out what day transition this is! It is the day 29-30 transition! Also looking back through things, I accidentally got one of the earlier transitions that I numbered wrong, whoops. I might go back and fix that later, but yeah. If you're interested when the previous spells were learned I don't think that it'd be too hard to work backwards from here.... Though then again I could also work backwards from here to make it easier for you all. I might do that later.


Oh look at that I can give Larelle the book I wanted to, and Felix has nothing left to learn in this game! Yay! Though thinking about it, I find it odd that Felix learned this spell the same day as Larelle considering they learned their last spells on different days... Did I forget to give Larelle a new book for a day, or perhaps the day that Felix learned Hyde formula ended up double-counting as also the first day he worked on chain lightning (which would mean this book at least takes 9 days to master all the spells, maybe energy principals too)... Though then again wasn't Kyrie learning spells at the same time as Larelle?


Damn, glad I grabbed the day transition as everyone who had spells left to learn learned one on this day! I'll be giving Kyrie the necronomicon because attack down has been useful more times than burn from what I've noticed, and the times that burn WAS useful I usually had at least one or two other party members who had it so I'll start there. She'll learn the fire spell about the same time that Larelle would learn chain lightning (if I didn't run out of days that is), so it won't be a problem.


Household income: 7,845 Money: 13,165 on hand, 121,875 in the bank

And with that I would like to point out one thing that I find kinda important to note about this version of the quest, everyone you bring in your party is going to miss out on the experience of the boss fight. The reason for this is because your entire active party is removed from your party altogether (rather than just made into inactive party members), this means that it might be a better idea to bring say Doll and Felix so that party members that you got earlier (and thus probably have more experience) can even out to the lower level ones (for me my lowest level, aside from Cerulean, is Raina, even when everyone else was level 12 she was level 11, that's what can happen when you gain a party member when you're far away from a level up). Well, there are some exceptions to this though...



As I had thought, these two were once again forgotten and as a result can partake in the boss battle here. Since this is the march version 2 release though this would mean that all the party members that do get experience would get reduced experience. I didn't feel the need to save after a file where I had brought either of them to this fight because the only quest left for me is the package one which getting the full experience from that boss won't make a difference to. If you're wondering how I managed to get through the dungeon with them but not with both of them, the answer is simple, this really is a dungeon MADE for Therese. She brings healing and draws aggro, plus with the siege shield she's immune to most of the the status effects, while the fights were kinda long and annoying (especially with Cerulean) Therese made a MASSIVE difference to the party, but if you brought Felix (for heals and chain lightning) I imagine that Doll would do just fine if you'd rather let Therese get in on the boss experience.

Day 34Edit

So after helping get potatoes and carrots from the garden, delivering some stuff to the neighbors, talking with my brother and dealing with him wanting to buy more stuff, getting dinner, and a few other chores I am confident that I've got a big enough stretch of time to myself to be able to get through an update with minimal disturbance (brother will probably need to talk again before I finish but stopping once isn't too disruptive)! Also I'd like to mention in case I might have given the wrong impression, all these extra updates are for the weekend, so while I will be giving an update for the usual Monday update stuff, Tuesday will not have an update, as I know that some of you have lives so I don't want to be pushing out too many updates and have those of you with better things to do deciding it's just not worth it to try to get caught up. Well that and also I have plans for Monday's update that I feel are better served by not having an update Tuesday, but that TOTALLY has nothing to do with any of this business, nope! Anyways, to the content!


Damn that's a lot of stuff.


SHE PACKED A SLICE OF CAKE. I mean I get desert and I'd be lying if I denied to having had cake for breakfast on several occasions BUT I'M PRETTY SURE MOST LUNCHES DON'T COME WITH A SLICE OF CAKE. Then I've never been one to allow notions of 'breakfast', 'lunch', or 'dinner' bar me from having the meal better suited to my situation/mood at the time so perhaps I just don't know what is included in most lunches...


Bronwyn, you're at 'Trust', you were at 'Like' FOR A WEEK, I'm pretty sure it's been awhile since you thought that I was bad. Damn Tsunderes, always so slow to be honest about their feelings.


BUT I AM THE GREATEST! Hero is rather unphased by her denying his statement of fact! But then again very few beings in this game recognize that he's the protagonist (at best the Queen has a bit of an inkling and the AoLaP understands his potential) so I'm sure that he's used to hearing people deny the simple fact THAT HE WILL SHAPE THE FACE OF THE WORLD AS THEY KNOW IT. Now then, without any other girls having affection boosts, I am left to wonder about what to do with all this damn money that I have...


There aren't many options left, I mean if I could still invest in her I'd drop it into the Orange Kid, even if it's not profitable yet I mean seriously what ELSE am I going to do with it? *Sigh* I guess it's time that I stop putting it off and just get that....


She's named and has a face sprite, plus she's seems to know herself and get to the point of things rather well. Personally if she joined the harem I imagine that she'd probably be a bit more like Yamamaya rather than one of the Tsundere's, and I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I find that sort of confidence and all exhilarating, though Yamamaya generally doesn't do it for me because what I enjoy about it is the sorta sense of challenge, of someone being able to stand up to me and hold their ground. The various Tsundere girls can't really do it because anytime they take a 'stand' on something they generally cave, Yamamaya however generally hasn't really taken a 'stand', Hero basically said, "You're strong, I like you" and she got weak in the knees and has basically backed every decision that Hero has made since. I mean I do appreciate that as well, but I'd much rather a girl that's sorta 'competing' with Hero without trying to get their freedom, like maybe sexually or in combat or something, someone challenging him without trying to either 'usurp' him or not being honest about their real feelings. In otherwords, I'm with Nekochan on this girl, I REALLY want to put it in her. And maybe in another game we will be able to... Also I know that Raina does challenge Hero, but so far we haven't really seen any of that outside the initial scene, after that moment she hangs around and eventually starts coming around to the idea of joining the Harem (not to mention the backer scene...), it's more a cold war rather than a heated, but friendly, conflict.


This is probably where we'd be most likely to add her to the harem, and even if she doesn't get added to the harem I imagine she'd at least appear in the game that takes place in that country, maybe she'll appear in other games too as a skill trainer for those as well, only time will tell.


My money is on that we'll be seeing that guy in whatever game takes place in Inferireux. Call it a hunch.


See, this partly makes me doubt that we might ever get her... I mean she's a bit OP, and while I know that Hero will eventually get past that point of skill throughout the series, I can't help but feel that until like maybe the 4th or 5th game that she would probably be like level 80+ compared to the standards we'll be seeing in like HC 1 and 2, so I doubt NoMoshing would give her this amazing of a back-story if she was going to join at like level 16 before Hero has conquered at LEAST one country (well BASICALLY conquered, obviously he wouldn't care to rule it but if everyone who does rule it basically answers to his beck and call...) thus making a level 16 be someone who is the strongest in one of these countries or such.


PFFFTTT! Hero, little tip, she would DESTROY YOU. Like seriously, you go up and fight her with her taking you serious you'd be lucky if you were able to walk back with even one limb, an eye, and a tongue, though I can promise you if you made your intentions clear in such a fight that you just "wanted to fuck her" she would no doubt leave you in sorry shape to fuck ANYONE in a cruel sense of humor. I, the player, might be able to take her but that would be because then it'd be a 4 v 1 battle and I would abuse the SHIT out of status effects to disable her. It's cute how he doesn't seem to understand that, in the state that he'll be throughout THIS game, he is an ant compared to her. Don't worry Hero, ONE DAY you'll be able to surpass her, one day (he'll probably cheat to do it but I imagine that for him, all is fair in sex and war).


See, this is what I'm talking about, he blatantly said, "Listen, I think I'm so great there's nothing you can teach me and I just want to fuck you!" and yet she doesn't even seem to flinch but still tries to sorta 'relate' to him, she's not upset or discouraged by his behavior, she knows how to handle herself and she knows that Hero is nothing compared to her (for now) but she still extends her hand to try to show him that he has misjudged her (something she's not trying too hard to do, just putting in a minimal effort). This girl knows her way around the sword and herself, and you can bet your ass that I want to show her a the way around MY sword. Just damn does she get my blood pumping, haven't really felt this way about a character since Yang Xiao Long, and while I've gotten to see Yang in battle, I'm sure this girl wouldn't make some of the mistakes she does (you have no idea how much I wanted to scream at her for a certain episode near the end of volume 2...). NoMoshing, PLEASE at the very least make this girl an optional boss in one of the later games for at least a quick one-time scene if you win (I'd even be willing to write it out myself), I don't care even if she's only able to be fought during a specific quest but damn does this girl make me want to stick it in her so bad!


While expertise costs money, I personally don't care for most of the skills she teaches you. I've read up and even tried them some myself, personally I think the second one is the best. The third and second one are more or less the same (two attacks) only the second one can help kill off an enemy faster (but if first hit kills them I'm pretty sure second hit goes for a random target) and costs less momentum, first one isn't worth it compared to the second one because with the momentum cost unless it does 1.75x damage the second one does more damage per momentum, and even if the first one DOES do better damage it lowers your defense, and the fourth one is very limited in use, as most of the time if you're fighting 3 or more enemies either most of them will go down quickly, you don't want to hit all of them at once (as you want to limit their momentum build) or your mages would probably do a better job throwing down chain lightning while Hero uses his momentum for other things, and when you consider the price tag and level requirements I really do think the second skill is just the best of all of them, but that's just me.


I'm sorry, I speak English and some Japanese, this is getting a bit too French for me... Though since NoMoshing lives in Canada I doubt that there's many, if any, issues with the French that will appear in the series, but if the rest of you want to know what the hell the French translates too then you'll have to find someone else to translate it for you because when I look at that last line it just looks like a jumble of characters to me (yet when I see some romanji I am able to recognize it and go out of my way to translate it...)


Now that's a name I can get behind!


Costs 10 momentum, does extra damage (not sure how much, I would assume 1.5x but if it's 2x then it might actually be good, if 1.75x then it's just good until you get the next skill I say) but lowers your defense by one stage (so from normal status it puts you at defense down 1, and will completely clear defense up 1 and 2). But hey I might find some use of it in the package quest later on, I mean it's not like I have anything to worry about there. You know, I wonder if I can go and get her to teach me the second skill now...


Nope. That said having read the stuff, I actually like this sorta skill progression thing at least this far. I mean at least going by it, it doesn't seem as 'gamey' as this system would in most games, the 'Meteor Smash' for example isn't just some physical based spell, but it's like a bit of a fighting style that requires a stance, in a sense she taught Hero the basics of a fighting style and now is telling him to go out and get accustomed to it. Heck thinking about it, it might be fun if like every skill in this skill tree sorta got a bonus the more you used the other skills up to a point, maybe like Meteor smash makes the attacks a bit stronger, the second skill makes them more accurate, the third might increase critical hit chance, or something like that. Probably would be a bitch to script in (having done a few scripts that have skills get stronger/more accurate based on in-game variables I know that it might be incredibly clunky depending on how it was implemented) but hey one can dream.

Right, so now I have to end the day. Well as we approach the end of the game we start having fewer and fewer options so...


Hey don't worry man, it took me several playthroughs to realize that myself, though that's mostly because I didn't bother reading your text box for most of that. I honestly used to believe that this bunny-'girl' was like one of the old waitresses still around who was very upset about the change to it being a gay bar because of how much more difficult it was to get tips or whatever. Anyways let's proceed to getting my purely mechanically driven in-game bonuses.


Gruh... Look I don't have a problem with this being in the game or anything but still I prefer not to think too strongly on this sorta stuff. I'm just looking to pass the day and get some satisfaction, no homo.


Man can you imagine that, walking past all the girls having to explain this (assuming any of them can tell) and then basically having to kick Meline out for awhile so that she doesn't know, or get them involved in which case why do we even need this guy (whom I generally decide to reject the fact that they're a guy much like I generally choose to believe various other things about this game).


Okay, gotta say this, there seems to be a few things wrong with this if you ask me. Firstly, he has no comment about the situation at all and just goes to his generic 'Let's go' line at the start of every day, next WHY DID HE COME BACK TO THE BAR! I mean we had JUST gone to the manor! Why would he follow the bunny-'girl' back to the bar to start his day! And finally, the music in the bar stops.... Given how earlier in the conversation Hero was told to take them to his place I would imagine he'd wake up in the manor, and that would also help avoid one of the ways that players can sorta 'bug out' the manor invasion (if on the day that it happens the player starts their day OUTSIDE the Northmarket mansion, then the quest gets a little buggy, if you're aware of the quest a good thing to do is to run to the Northmarket manor and go upstairs and just pretend like things are going as they're supposed to), but blah, just some thoughts.

Let's just end this update and I will proceed to imagine that the previous day finished by Mont-Fleur's training being so intense that Hero needed to rest afterwords. Such difficult lessons that she needed to help show him how to hold the blade by placing her own hand upon his, getting in real close him able to feel her body against his, a bead of sweat running down from his head all the way to her firm but succulent breasts, as she calmly taught him this technique, all the while impressed that this relatively unskilled fighter was able to so quickly pick up technique involved to get a firm grasp on this technique with only a day of training. Perhaps she offered a bit of an incentive to such a fine student, after all how else did he gain all that satisfaction? I personally can't figure out what would be best for that (as she's not going to just bend over so easily, conversely though something small like a kiss would put her in a bit more of a powerful position and that's not what I want either) but hey, this is all just me attempting to reject reality and substitute my own so I'll let the rest of you figure out what you'd want to substitute there if you choose to go along with this.


Household income: 7,845 Money: 7,845 on hand, 125,998 in the bank

And in case you where wondering, I went through this post, and yes over half of this update was me ogling Mont-Fleur (11 pictures dealt with her, though 2 were Hero talking and 1 was learning Meteor Smash, 10 pictures didn't). I regret nothing.

Day 35Edit

Ugh, I did not get a good start to my day today. Woke up with motion sickness, MOTION SICKNESS! And no, neither my house nor my bed moved while I was asleep (discounting the rotation/other movements of the Earth), I checked! I'm pretty sure that it was just a REALLY big bit of vertigo hitting me (I've dealt with small bits of it here and there but that's usually just a little bit of disorientation, this time I couldn't even see straight because everything was spinning so much) when I woke up so my balance was upset enough to give me motion sickness, but since motion sickness has been an issue for me during long car trips since I was young I keep some motion sickness medication in my room and I also keep a small unopened bottle of sprite in my room to help deal with nausea, so I was able to deal with it just fine but MAN was it a bitch until the medication kicked in. Anyways, time for the update!


You knew what you were getting into, if I recall THIS WAS THE EXACT REASON WHY YOU DIDN'T JOIN ME AFTER OUR FIRST QUEST TOGETHER. Also thinking about it, I just remembered that she LOST levels when she joined my harem, she was 17 during that quest but I'm not even level 15 now sooo....


Kyrie, you're such a goddamn flirt. Don't get me wrong it's sexy but man I don't think most people would find a way to make you having sex with other woman into a way to flirt with you.


You know, it might have been the minor vertigo that is still hitting me (or the tiredness from all the motion sickness meds I've been taking), but when I first saw this dialogue box it kinda felt like she might have been saying that last bit a little flirty like, perhaps suggesting that she's one of the bisexual characters in the harem, but looking at it now I'm not quite so sure.... Maybe there was something that lead me to believe that in some dialogue box that I didn't get a screenshot of. Anyways it's time to end the day, so with rather limited options I will sadly have to-




Man I'm nearly three times the recommended level... Anyways, I know I was saving this quest for after I slept with Chimei, but sadly I don't have any other ways to end the day. I'll still translate the foursome scene as I've got the replay data for it, but I'll be doing that probably the update after I sleep with Chimei to risk any possible context issues.

Also for my party, since I'm nearly three levels ahead of the recommended level, there are NO other quests to do, and the only thing that these save files will be used for after this playthrough will be the July daily dungeons (which would benefit me to get to level 18 for) I think that I'll break one of my rules to go back to an old play-style of mine for this game.


You can see my equipment choices in the screenshot, it's geared towards offense and speed.


Well that's never a good way to start off a quest...


Wait are you telling me they have Fallout 4 preorders in HC but I don't! THE OUTRA- oh, wait, 'Fallout boy wristwatches'? Never mind. Though then again NoMoshing could potentially change this quest to have a pipboy in it for the future, not sure if such a change would get old but I do imagine there are several of us here who might sympathize a bit more with the enthusiasts were such a change made.


But the question is would they DIE for it? Because they're going to die very VERY painfully in a vain attempt to even slow me down.


I'm.... I'm being paid about four times that just to deliver it.... I don't think these people have their priorities straight...


Woah there guys, we just met, how do you know that this isn't my OWN wristwatch that is not in any way fallout related? Heck how do you know this isn't a bomb that I'm carrying! You weren't in there, you don't know!