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The Eastfort Condo is one the Player Housing you can acquire through the game. All Party Characters and Randi can be found and interacted with inside the Condo, Serade can be found inside the Item Shop. It is located in Eastfort - Military District.

It is purchased from the Eastfort real estater for 5000 Sil. Doing so also gets you Randi

After Purchasing the Condo and have Florine in your harem, you will be able to buy the Item Shop, from the real estater for 1500 Sil. Doing so also gets you Serade.

Entering the Condo heals you and restores all MP. Exiting the Manor lets you alter your party composition.


The Condo itself has the following rooms:

First Floor Name Description
Main Hall
Main Hall This is where you enter and leave the Condo. You also change the music and decorate the condo from here.
Kitchen Where Randi will cook for you. Also when Randi's RP is high enough, she begin leaving gifts for you here.
Dining Room-0
Dining Room You don't do much here, except eat of course.
Eastfort Condo - Stables
Stables Where you find your horses for fast traveling to all your other homes.
Second Floor Name Description
Eastfort Condo - Second Floor
Servant's quarters This is where all you girls will sleep. Also don't forget to come here and deliver your Awiiabu cards, to your new best friend.
Third Floor Name Description
Study Nothing much going on here. But you do have a big chair, which will make you feel important.
Master Bedroom-0
Master bedroom Where you wake up. Also Serade will begin leaving gifts for you here, after you have given her son enough Awiiabu cards.
Addition Name Description
Eastfort - Item Shop
Item shop Shop sold sold separately. It is found north of the Condo.

Items for sale and upgrades required

Name Price Upgrade
Lo-Potion 135 None
Happy Fortune Tea 65 None
Red Ether 270 1st Potion
Cleanser 25 1st Potion
Mid-Potion 360 2nd Potion
Reinvigoration Potion 225 2nd Potion
Dispeller 80 2nd Potion
Hi-Potion 855 3rd Potion
Blue Ether 630 3rd Potion
Exorciser 110 3rd Potion
Purple Ether 1620 4th Potion
Ressurrection Potion 1125 4th Potion
Scroll of Healing 225 1st Scrolls
Scroll of Lesser Quickness 450 2nd Scrolls
Scroll of Sleep 110 2nd Scrolls
Scroll of Fortitude 2700 3rd Scrolls
Scroll of Treasure finding 765 3rd Scrolls
Scroll of Greater Quickness 13500 4th Scrolls
Contact Poison 180 1st Coatings
Bottle of Instant Frost 180 2nd Coatings
Caustic Oil 180 2nd Coatings
Alchemist's Fire 180 2nd Coatings
Cursed Oil 180 3rd Coatings
Anointing Oil 180 3rd Coatings
Resonant Oil 180 4th Coatings
Oil of Instability 180 4th Coatings
Sparking Oil 180 4th Coatings
Potion of Barkskin 65 1st Incense
Potion of Celerity 65 1st Incense
Potion of Resist Poison 90 1st Incense
Potion of Warding 65 2nd Incense
Potion of Greyskull 65 2nd Incense
Potion of Resist Fire 90 2nd Incense
Potion of Resist Cold 90 3rd Incense
Potion of Supercharge 65 3rd Incense
Potion of Resist Lightning 90 3rd Incense
Potion of Brutality 180 3rd Incense
Potion of Resist Psychic 90 4th Incense
Potion of Resist Sonic 90 4th Incense
Potion of Resist Necrotic 90 4th Incense
Potion of Resist Radiant 90 4th Incense