All weapons can be upgraded by talking to the Blacksmith or the Enchanter. To upgrade a weapon, a Crafting Item is required.

Crafting Item Acquired
Pig Iron After defeating the boss during Lord of the Manor
Sword Polish

After defeating Evanie the Sword Saint during No Party Like a Search Party

Mana Stone Shard After defeating the boss during Research Materials
Vial of Demon Blood After defeating the boss during The Virgin Gynocides
Bone Chunk Defeat Zombie Bard in Night of the Raping Dead
Clay Idol Defeat the boss in All's Were That Ends Were
Fairy Dust Defeat Evo during A Forge Too Far
Mechanism Parts Defeat boss in Check Out My Package
Invisible Crossbow Defeat The Invisible Man(forgot his actual name) during Looking for a Cure
High-Grade Steel Bar After getting Gargan to Neutral RP, go to the Guild Warehouse in the Northmarket Slums.
Slime Egg Defeat the boss in One Is The Loneliest Party
Vial of Virgin's Tears Defeat Therese during Manor Invasion
Vampire Fang Defeat the Count(?) during Looking for a Cure
Glow Sticks Defeat the boss of Rescue Me
Dingly Bell Defeat the Clown in Stuck In The Middle With You
Steel Bolt Found during Looking for a Cure
Sliver Churchbell After turning in the Night of the Raping Dead quest, talk to the Lumbermill Priest.
Broken Axe Blade Defeat the Orc Boss in Na Na Why Don't You Get A Job
Werewolf Claw Defeat the Werewolves in Looking for a Cure
Fiend Portforillio Defeat the business Demon of Sacrifices for Algernon
U23-Shovel Defeat Fionna in it's pronounced Sabotage
Sphinx Leather Defeat the boss of Get Dumped

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