Area Edit

Sewers Edit

in the sewer you can meet a few kinds of monster

  • Super Rare Rat

You can meet with this monster during the first mission of the game, and at the same place if you come back again after you get the mansion.

  • Slimes

You can meet a Slime in the sewers in some missions in the Eastfort Castle area

Gear Con

Gang Hideout Edit

There is one at a Pub in the Northmarket Slums and one at a Bandit Fort on the map.

  • Thug

Magic Arena

There are some missions that take place at the Magic Arena in Westcastle in the game, where you can meet demon, wizard, and etc as enemies

  • Imps


  • Kobold

you can meet with them in the mission Send Newts and also the mission Family Matters in a cave on the northern part of the map.

  • Orc

You can meet the orc in the cave where the lost tiles statue places

  • Thug

You can meet with them in the same cave with orc, and a few caves during other missions