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You know that annoying kid in EVERY DAMN JRPG! This is him.

Felix is a powerful Mystic Theurge for his age. He is currently at Apprentice rank in the Adventurers Guild, requiring him to follow around an established member for a time and learn the trade. However, everyone else was quick to dismiss him as more of a kid mascot character without even giving him a chance. You almost did too, but then you learn that he can heal. You promptly rename him Healbot and take him along.

When you first speak with him in the mansion you may optionally show mercy and give him back his real name (for a +2 RP).


After finishing the quest Lord of the Manor he will join you the next time you try to pass the gate to the Manor.


Skills given by Level

  • Level 1
    • Haste: Spell. Costs 5 Mana. Buff. Boosts AGI for a Single ally.
    • Cure Light Wounds: Prayer. Costs 10 mana. Heals a single ally.
  • Level 3
    • Dispel Mind: Spell. Costs 5 Mana. Removes all Mental status effects from a single ally.
  • Level 4
    • Cleanse Body: Prayer. Costs 5 mana. Removes body status effects from a single ally.
  • Level 10
    • Favoured Fortune: Prayer. Costs 5 mana. Boost Luck for a single ally.
  • Level 12
    • Mass Haste: Spell. Costs 12 Mana. Raises AGI for 6 turns for all allies.
  • Level 17
    • Healing Aura: Prayer. Costs 25 Mana. Heals all allies.

Skills given by Relationship

  • Neutral -
    • Mana Overcharge: Spell. Costs 5 Mana. Buff. Felix takes damage in exchange for giving a single ally a large boost to MAT.
    • Caster's Spark: Spell. Costs 12 Mana. Buff. All the party members takes damage in exchange for a large boost to MAT.
  • Like -
    • Magic Ward: Prayer. Costs 5 Mana. Buff. Boosts MDF for a single ally.
    • Warding Wall: Prayer. Costs 12 Mana. Buff. Boosts MDF for all allies.

Skills given by Equipment[1].

  • Magical Handbook -
    • Magic Missile: Spell. Costs 8 Mana. Attacks single enemy with Force. Damage-Type.
  • Necronomicon -
    • Dark Blast: Spell. Costs 8 Mana, Attacks single enemy with Necrotic. Damage-Type.
  • Energy Principals I -
    • Smouldering Ash: Spell. Costs 8 Mana. Attacks single enemy with Fire. Control-Type.
    • Hoarfrost: Spell. Costs 8 Mana. Attacks single enemy with Cold. Control-Type.
  • Doctor Weird Vol. 2 -
    • Scintillating Shards: Prayer. Costs 8 Mana, Single enemy, Control, Radiant.
    • Strobe Edge: Spell. Costs 8 Mana, Single enemy, Control, Radiant.
  • Doctor Weird Vol. 3 -
    • Chain Lightning: Spell. Costs 20 Mana. Attacks all enemies with Lightning. Damage-Type.
    • Hyde Formula: Spell. Costs 5 Mana. Buff. Boosts Attack for one ally.
  • Tactical Spells I -
    • Crushing Ego: Spell. Costs 8 Mana. All-out psychic assault damages the mind. Damage-Type.
    • Spell Penetration: Spell. Costs 5 Mana. Debuff. Trash someone's resistance to make way for death.
  • Librum Caseum -
    • Clear Mind: Prayer. Costs 5 Mana. Heals status effects that effect the mind.
    • Hymnal Blast: Prayer, Damage-type, Sonic. Attacks single enemy with Sonic.
  • Book of Love and Passion-
    • Angelsong: Prayer. Costs 8 Mana, Single enemy, Sonic Damage, Inflict Deafened state.
    • Queen's Rhapsody: Prayer. Costs 20 Mana, All enemies, Sonic Damage, Inflict Deafened state.
    • Favoured Fortune: Prayer. Costs 5 Mana, Single ally, Luck buff for 6 tu
  • Dark and Stormy Knight -
    • Lightning Bolt: Spell. Costs 8 Mana, Single enemy, MP damage, Lightning damage.
    • Void Orb: Spell. Costs 20 Mana, All enemies, Necrotic damage, Inflict Attack debuff for 2 turns.



Off Hand:

  • Starting - Empty


  • Starting - Bandana


  • Starting - Magic School Uniform


  • Starting - Empty


Prior to the inclusion of Yeon in the May 2015 Release, Felix was an habitual in many player's party, having sole access to several useful healing spells[2]. In any case, he's kind of good at it. Like really good. To the point that he's a token stock party member that you'll keep anyway. Having the most extensive Spell and Prayer list does that. Also he is immune to several status effects that affect female party members only.

Buffs, Heals, Cleansing, and attack Spells make him a very valuable party member. Boosting his MAT will increase his healing output. During boss fights, keep his MAT boosted and keep the party's MDF boosted. MDF is a weak point for many party members so Felix can be used to counter some damage from enemy spells.

Cleanse Body and Dispel Mind are amazing, learn what they can clear. Felix equipped with the Rhinestone Gloves makes it a bit easy thanks to Mana Regen, but after using Dispel Mind every turn to regain control of someone hopped up on Mushrooms, you'll see why he's really just that good.

If he has a weakness, it is that his natural stat progression isn't stellar. He's not the best with any stat, pretty much average across the board. Don't expect him to deal a lot with his attacks or offensive spells, nor does he have the strongest heals as Meline has a higher MAT which increases healing from Prayers. 



  • +4: Slice of Cake
  • +2: Sweet Perfume, Pearl Necklace, Berry Gera, Clockworke Amusemente, Porcelain Doll, Box of Chocolates, Rock Candy, Monster Fang, Shiny Bits
  • -2: Lovely Flowers, Pocket Tome


  • +2: Give him his name back.


  • Initial relationship: 21


  • Felix learns the Spells Mana Overcharge & Caster's Spark


  • Felix learns the Prayers Magic Ward & Warding Wall


  • Felix gains +2 to all stats

Respect Quest (Not Implemented Yet)

  • Bonus



  • Chat
  • Gift
  • Nothing

Hidden stats Edit

The following are a list of stats/traits that are not made readily apparent about Hero on the status menu. Be warned that some of these might reveal spoilers about the character!

  • Takes 200% damage from anti-human attacks (becomes 150% after a certain achievement)
  • Has a natural 95% hit chance
  • Has a natural 5% magic evasion chance
  • Has a natural 90% threat generation rate
  • He is immune to the 'Charmed' status

References Edit

  1. Learned after having the item equipped for 4 in-game days.
  2. Dispel Mind, Healing Aura, and in some older versions also had a revive skill.
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