One time scenesEdit

These scenes provide satisfaction, most (but not all) also advance time a day.


The dungeon gives a wide variety of sexual torture scenes, with more unlocked via a Satisfaction upgrade. Each girl in the dungeon can be tortured once per day only, and only until she submits. Each torture adds either -2, 1, or 4 submission, depending on the girl. These do not provide satisfaction, nor do they advance time. Each torture scene must be done separately to make available in scene replay. Save scumming can quickly unlock all of them for the replay menu.

Torture choices:

  • Bukkake
  • Clothespins
  • Spanking
  • Fucking Machine (requires upgrade)
  • Whip (requires upgrade)
  • Wooden Horse (requires upgrade)

Password Scenes Edit

These are gotten by entering passwords at the switch in your mansion's study. Disclaimer: The content of these scenes is non canon and are just extras due to patreon or other reasons. Order by name then code, which are case sensitive.

  • April Fool's 2015- Rule63
  • Sibling Rivalry- JuFJrY
  • Summoners Gone Wild- Bwjfnc

At will scenesEdit

These are scenes you can repeat as often as you want. Doing so does not advance time and does not grant satisfaction. These can be found in scene replay and are under the Sex A La Carte section (except for the Southport Universaty students in Agi's Scroll Shop.)

  • Talk to Violet in mansion and choose sex, there are 4 separate scenes.
  • Talk to Lilac in mansion and choose sex, there are 4 separate scenes.
  • Talk to Meline in mansion and choose sex, there are 4 separate scenes.
  • Talk to Penelope in mansion and choose sex, there are 3 separate scenes.
  • Talk to Alina in mansion and choose sex, there are 4 separate scenes.
  • Talk to Nerys in the Shrine and choose sex, there are 4 separate scenes.
  • Talk to Chimei after A Picnic with Chimei (Get her to trust) has happened and choose sex for 4 separate scenes.
  • Talk to Doll after finishing a forge too far and choose sex, there are 4 separate scenes.
  • Talk to Elaiya and choose sex for 4 separate scenes.
  • Talk to Therese after getting her out of the dungeon (Get her to dislike) and choose sex for 4 separate scenes.
    • Be nice: Use a clockwork amusement on her
    • Be rough: take the paladin from behind
    • Enforce discipline: put a clockwork amusement in her vag and put your cock in her ass
    • Attend church together: interrupt the congregation with the paladin giving you a hand job on the pews
  • Talk to Yamamaya after Mating Season (get her to trust) and choose sex for 4 separate scenes.
    • Be nice: 69 with the cat girl
    • Be rough: rough tit job
    • Enforce discipline: force the cat girl to eat cat food
    • Go for a walk (requires Doll): The cat girl will leash doll
  • Southport University's Agi's Scroll Shop, two students are doing it at the bottom of the store and you can peep at them. (Not available in the Replay Scene section of the title screen, you have to manually go to them if you want to see if again. During Hall Monitor From Hell, one of the students you need to find is watching the pair and "totally is not recording them".)

Vacation Edit

While on Vacation all party members (excluding Kevin and Ino) can be talked to to trigger. The first time nets +1 Satisfaction, but repeats only pass time. Due to being a work in progress, not all members currently can have H.

  • Discovering Doggystyle - Talk to Alina in the Hotel Lobby.
  • Cheap Elven Slut - Talk to Bronwyn at the Beach.
  • Island Flower - Talk to Chimei at the Beach.
  • In Just Deep Enough - Talk to Doll at Hotel Hana Ma’i.
  • Tainted Drink - Talk to Elaiya in the Hotel Lobby.
  • Hungry Beast - Talk to Kyrie at the Beach.
  • Passing Time with Larelle - Talk to Larelle in Room 15.
  • Best Use of a Maid - Talk to Lilac at the Beach.
  • Blowjob Philosophy - Talk to Meline at the Beach.
  • Fill 'Er Up! - Talk to Penelope at the Beach.
  • Better On the Outside - Talk to Renfeld in the Hotel Lobby.
  • Woo! Spring Break! - Talk to Serade at the Beach.
  • Teasing a Paladin - Talk to Therese in the Hotel Lobby.
  • Seaside Gratitude - Talk to Violet at the Beach.
  • Test Drive Tsundere - Talk to Yamamaya at Hotel Hana Ma’i.
  • Hot Sand, Hot Maid - Talk to Randi at the Beach.

General quest end scenesEdit

Some quests do not have an inherent scene of their own, but still advance time. When you finish such a quest you celebrate with one of the following scenes. These will advance time and grant a relationship bonus to the participants. Which scene is played is not random, the scenes cycle through the list below in order, checking for the slave and then if it had already been seen, preventing scenes with slaves not in your harem and those already seen from occurring until all have been seen. If all scenes have already been seen it will cycle through them again. New to the February release is end of quest scenes that depend on location and owning a home there.

  • Sibling Rivalry - Threesome involving Gargan and Raina. Requires having both of them or entering a specific code to be added to the rotation (+5 Gargan's affection, Raina's affection, and satisfaction).
  • Unchaste Chastising - Spanking scene with Randi, triggered by completing an Eastfort quest and having Randi.(+5 relationship with her and +3 Satisfaction).
  • Two's A Company, Four's a Party - Foursome with Doll, Chimei, and Lilac .(+5 sat and +5 to all involved girl's relationships). Chimei's relationship must be at least Trust to see this scene.
  • Blowjob Lesson - Blowjob scene with both Larelle and Meline (+3 Satisfaction and +5 Relationship with one of the two girls, you can choose who you blow your load onto at the end of the scene).
  • Summoners Gone Wild - Larelle summons a demon with interesting results. Requires having Larelle or entering a specific code to be added to the rotation (no bonuses)
  • Let's All Get Along - Relax with Violet and Lilac (+5 relationship with each one and +3 Satisfaction).
  • Ino Massage - Not an H-scene, but does the same thing as the other events.(+1 Satisfaction and +5 relationship with Ino).
  • Satisfied Curiosity - A footjob given by Meline (+5 relationship with her and +3 Satisfaction).
  • A Taste of Control - A reluctant handjob from Florine that ends with her having to clean up after Hero, requires Florine (+3 Satisfaction).
  • Salty Desert - A blowjob scene with Alina (+5 relationship with her and +3 Satisfaction).
  • Scrawny Girl's Need Protein - A "walk" in the woods ending with Nerys giving the Hero a BJ