I been playing Harem Collector from the April update to the may update, I've seen many great stuff in game and on the Wiki but I haven't yet seen a video of the GAME ! Like come on guys let get the party to the next level.

Are you sick of old Playthroughs with just boring pictures and BOOORinggg... words... Well you've come to the right place cause I gotz the stuff for you. This and that, this thing and that thing all for the price of ....

What ?

No I get it. Lets get this started then shell we lady's and gentlemen.

But no Seriously just joking about other Playthroughs thou they are great I read them. i am just creating this for any one who's lazy like me and wants to watch a video.



" Harrummph! "

.........Rolling the Curtains

Part 1

HaremCollector - Quest for Hentai - Part 1

HaremCollector - Quest for Hentai - Part 1

Part 2

Harem Collector Part 2 - On ward for the Hentai !!!

Harem Collector Part 2 - On ward for the Hentai !!!

Finish the first quest in this video now enjoys this. here i went and dug up some stuff with the shovel and collected some dark seeds and the 1st Slender man page.

for the H-scenes I haven't got one in this and i fapped to Alina by my self ..... Sorry ?

"Shit up its not like you don't fapp to this !"

There will be H-scenes in the next video as i will be uploading videos on dailymontion hopefully nothing bad will happen. ( idea by Lostone2 )

"I don't see why you should put his name here he just wanted to fapp to the videos"

"Calm down ! its all for the sake of ....... Hentai yea FOR HENTAI!!!"

Part 3

18 Harem Collector - Part 3

18 Harem Collector - Part 3

Uncensered verson (

Now here i screwed up i did not watch how much Sil i had and i had to unlock Elaiya for that 1000 Sil.

But if you didn't do what i did you should get a loan before going to Kevin then we can go to EastFort to get doll.

( Yes i did name her )

After getting Her you should start the pusher lament quest in EastFort to get some gear for her so that we can use her for the orc slaying.

now if you followed my video and did what i did its okay you just wont make any Sil that day except the Sil we got from the quest.

"Probably teach you to read before doing anything next time"

"Now if your asking me where have you seen this before yea i am following The I want a Harem Playthrough"

now I am playing the may update and this is a playthrough for march update but don't worry because i have never beated the march version nor do I know anything about this game.

if you have read the I Want a Harem's LP then you probably know the guy has a think for Felix (Healbot) JK

his nice guy i think.... ? he did touch me in my sleep ........... JK

No? ....Okay i'll play nice from now on.

We are all family after all

Anyways we sould do the same thing to Healbot "No we dont have to give his name back for the sake of the gag"

All we need to do if give cake lots of cake to him, even if you dont like him just pertend to be nice atleast.

"Alway wonder how is he not fat after eating all that cake and Violet ... i mean Lilac eating a box of Fking chocolates a day. but since Lilac has a pony tail she is justice and she is LOVE"

now you know my fetish what do you want to know next "That i like feet" .... I mean i didn't say that...

By feet i ment that i like legs... Yes the whole deal okay! Shorts, socks, stockings, spats, pantiehose, and all that shit ALRIGHT !!!

........ you know sharing a fetish is not easy people

now if you have seen the video you are Probably wondering Wiki tan ? or how do you get Wiki tan ? 

ahahahahaaha ... ahhhahaahah...

Nope not gonna happen !


As you can see she has a lot of skills in the video maybe i'll do a skill show case but other characters probably have them as well. 

Tell me if you want one or not in the comments below or spray paint on my message wall on my profile page.

Part 4

Harem Collector-Part 4

Harem Collector-Part 4

Today we will foucus on making Sil and Investing on Slave market. 1st we will have to go to Giant's Path to get the 1st key, note, and quest before we start. Watch out for the bees the sting could get really bad if you don't have healing potions or skills. I have to say its my 1st time doing this quest. I decided to head for the orge 1st. on your way you can slay all the bears and after this we could sell it to the dude in Hunterville for 300 shown in video. Now to slay that orge make sure doll is armored well and it should be easy now men on ward !!! Todays video is pretty long so feel free to skip the boring parts.

Reason i want to slay that fat ass of an orge was for the sake of saving thousands of women.

In the middle kingdom every 40 seconds women are being captured and raped by orges, if you see this happening please contact you local security for more information please vist our site.......

Right..... now that the random commercial ended. Let me say that again that i am slaying the orge for no other reason but to become famous and have sex all day with beautiful women...... i mean all for the sake of the women out there being raped by orges.

.......Talks to self

"Damn orges those are my pry hands off my toys"

Remember kids say NO to ORGES! Every damn hentai its always gotta be the ORGES!!!! damn bastards it's time to strike back IT'S TIME FOR A REVOULUTION !!!!!

Well have fun orge slaying don't nobody dare touch my harem......maybe i need to see a doctor

Part 5

18 Harem Collector Part 5

18 Harem Collector Part 5

Well not much to say this time no jokes no nothing!!!


Cause i am tired i should tell you guys that i have exams comming up and i also have a camping trip so i maybe in hiatus starting from friday the 13th. No worrys i will be back in one peice hopefully and i will continue on friday the 26.

Also i've become pretty good at editing i think ? you'll see in the video

Part 6

18 Harem Collector Part 6 - On ward for the Hentai !!!

18 Harem Collector Part 6 - On ward for the Hentai !!!

I am back !!!

anyways short but fun video now i may sound like a kid but turst me i sound way better in real life.

i don't have much time for this now so maybe when i have time i'd add some more things.

we get to fapp today yayyyy!!!! 

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