While No Moshing is the driving force behind Harem Collector, there are a number of people involved in the project who deserve recognition.

Official Team MembersEdit

  • No Moshing, who is leader/designer/writer/game maker.
  • Gurotaku, who crafts the game's CG art.
  • Nekochan, who makes the guide available to financial supporters of the game and does some design and sprite work.
  • JBurton, who is the Ruby scripting mastermind.
  • Daishi, Kakurine, and Eight88,  who are writing and rewriting the game's sex scenes.

Important ContributorsEdit

  • Fivesteaks, who made this wiki.
  • DK2, a major contributor to the wiki.
  • Mickele, who was integral in designing most of the Night of the Raping Dead quest.
  • Tmrev, who contributed a major mechanic to Quest for a Cure.

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