The game so far takes place in the Middle Kingdom. The western, northern, and eastern borders run against a mountain range. The Kingdom of Kellos borders the Middle Kingdom near the northeast and is only accessible through Giant's Path. The southern boarder of the kingdom is a large lake or ocean.

The number of Dark Seeds, Porno Mags, and Erotic Novels that are found normally is given and parenthesis indicate the number that are Missable. The two numbers are exclusive.


Secrets Seeds Mags Novels
1 (2) 1 0

Northmarket is comprised of several locations; The Slums, Wealthy District, Earl's Manor, Your Manor, and the surrounding farms. The locations are accessible from the main map except the Manor which is part of the northern section of the Wealth District

Eastfort Military DistrictEdit

Secrets Seeds Mags Novels
1 (1) (1) 0

Currently the only part of Eastfort that exists is the Military District, which has the second Guild Adventurer's Office for missions and gear. You can also invest in more stores, buy a condo to let you fast travel between it and your manor, and a new storefront to buy to sell trash at. There is a farm nearby but is not implemented yet.


Secrets Seeds Mags Novels
1 (1) 1

Located southeast of Northmarket against the lake/ocean, it is comprised of the University, Docks, and a few farms.


At the southwestern tip of the mainland is Westcastle. Home to a variety of entertainment facilities such as the Theatre and the Arena in the outer district. There's also a Noble District attached which houses the Castle where the King rules as well as the various nobles who serve him. The manors here are resplendent and would surely suit the taste of a Harem Collector like yourself (maybe you should study the possibility of getting one).


Secrets Seeds Mags Novels
(1) 0 0

Follow the road north traveling east of Northmarket or west of Eastfort to Lumberhill against the mountains. The two zones are the Town proper and the Haunted Woods in the upper left corner during Night of the Raping Dead.

Hunterville Edit

Secrets Seeds Mags Novels
1 0 0

Located deep in the forest between Southport and Northmarket. Primarily a village comprised of hunters, from the state of things, something has happened recently and it's probably your job to figure out what!

Sunnyshore Island Edit

Secrets Seeds Mags Novels
1 0 0

An island resort that the hero can visit with his harem for some relaxing fun on the beach, Note that the first trip is 2000 per person so the bigger the harem the higher the cost.

Dangerous ZonesEdit

Dangerous zones in the game refers to areas where the game prohibits free saving (although some areas contain Save Spots) and are usually linked to specific quests. There are 3 locations on the World Map marked Dangerous that can be freely entered and left, which are Giant's Path up north, Abandoned Farm and Coastburg[1]. Every other location is linked to a specific quest. For the sake of not including spoilers, only the area name and quest associated will be noted. Please check the quests page here for further information on specific areas.

The Giant's Path entrance

The entrance to the Giant's Path on the world map. Located north of Eastfort.

Other ZonesEdit

There are other zones not affiliated with a town or quest. Each may be expanded on in future releases

  • Border Fort - Kimochi River: No entry into the tower.
  • Bug Wars Monument: Special thanks to those who helped with game development and backers.
  • Outside Cave - Dry Cave: Nothing to see, unless you've found some pages you shouldn't have picked up
  • Bizarre Bazaar: A mysterious clown selling items for 1000 Sil on the road that change daily? Surely nothing can go wrong!
* "Items for sale:-"
    1. Dark Seed
    3. Scroll of Magic Missile
    4. Exotic Spices
    5. Erotic Novel
    6. Lead Bar
    7. Dark Seed
    8. Copper Necklace
    9. Demon Dice

Farms around Northmarket Edit

There's multiple farms around Northmarket and the shrewd investor may find it rewarding to look deeper into investment opportunities.

Distant Farm - Located East of Northmarket, a farm that produces fruits, primarily Blueberries. Rumours are they're looking for investors to tap into a new mushroom market. The owner's daughter is quite the beauty!

Prosperous Farm - A farm located just south of Northmarket. Produces primarily turnips[2]. The owner is a friendly business owner and would certainly satisfy any investors who invested in his crops.

Mist Apiary - A farm located slight further south of Northmarket. Produces jars of honey which are a sweet delicacy sure to give some momentum as well as a spring in the step of any who consumes it. The owner is shrewd and is unlikely to give up his profits easily.

Natsume Ranch - Located west of Northmarket. Seems to be occupied with their cattle. Their cheese products and beef jerky make up a hearty meal, pity they seem unwilling to accept partnerships.

Abandoned Farm - Located North of Westcastle. This abandoned farm always smells particularly musky during the rain...

References Edit

  1. As of v0.30.5 Giant's Path and Coastburg have respawnable enemies which make them a great place to farm trophies. Have not checked previous versions.
  2. The most hateful vegetable for someone.

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