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Locations OverviewEdit

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Northmarket Region {Copy Pasted from Wiki}Edit

Northmarket is comprised of several locations; The Slums, Wealthy District, Earl's Manor, Your Manor, and the surrounding farms. The locations are accessible from the main map except the Manor which is part of the northern section of the Wealth District.

This section will be broken up into 4 sections:

  • Manor
  • Wealthy District
  • Slums
  • Other Locations

Your ManorEdit

Your million sil manor is here. There isn’t much to say other than get used to running around this mansion every day.

Manor ResidentsEdit

This is a list of all harem characters that can only be found in this manor. All party members will appear in all manors and will not be listed.

  • Alina [Finance/Harem Manager]
  • Florine [Shopkeeper]
  • Ino [Enchanter]
  • Kevin [Blacksmith]
  • Lilac [Maid]
  • Penelope [Cook]
  • Violet [Maid]

Manor ServicesEdit

Service Information
Information and Statistics

There is a variety of information that is supplied by the manor. The following can be found here:

  • Investment Income (From Alina)
  • Ledger of Investments (In Study Room)
  • Book of Murderation (In Study Room)
  • Stats and Collectables (In Study Room)

On acquisition of Florine, you can sell your items for more Sil. This is a way of cashing out on several vendor items that do not have dedicated vendors.

Satisfaction Diary For you to spend those delicious Satisfaction Points. They are limited so plan ahead.
Blacksmith On acquisition of Kevin, you can upgrade your non-magical weapons if you have the corresponding fusion drops from quests. At a certain relationship level, you also get 3 knives per day.
Enchanter On acquisition of Ino, you can upgrade your magical weapons if you have the corresponding fusion drops from quests. At a certain relationship level, you also get Azothium from every successful fusion.
Stables With the related Satisfaction reward, you can quick travel to other manors via the respective horses in the stables.
Code Lever If you have some codes to help you out, than you can insert them here.

Daily ItemsEdit

Name Acquisition Items

Apple Kid's Investment

Invest in Apple Kid 2 Lead Bars
Orange Kid's Investment Invest in Orange Kid 1 Gold Bar (Bi-daily)
Alina's Package Relationship to 41 *Refer to Alina's Page*
Penelope's Cake Relationship to 81 6 Slices of Cake (12 slices first time)
Amazing Old Man Satisfaction *Refer to his Page*

Other NotesEdit

There are a few items of note around the manor. The buried item is outside the manor.

  • [Item][Cistern] Dark Seed
  • [Item][Buried] Knight Helm
  • [Lore Book] The Divine Guidance of Humanity
  • [Lore Book] A Brief History of the Middle Kingdom, Part I
  • [Lore Book] A Brief History of the Middle Kingdom, Part II
  • [Lore Book] A Brief History of the Middle Kingdom, Part III

Northmarket – Wealthy DistrictEdit

This place is where you’ll probably visit the most. Its stores and your manor, as well as a place where several quests originate from.

Shops/Investment LocationsEdit

There are a variety of shops in the area, holding up the market in ‘Northmarket’. You can’t buy groceries though…

Name Vendor Type Investment?
Little Flower Girl Gift, Reagent 50 Sil, 10%
Gift Shop


Gift 750 Sil, 10%
Maisa Delle Women's Casual 900 Sil, 10%
Delish Co. Candy Factory Gift, Food N/A
Northmarket Toy Store Combat Item N/A
Shining Fi

nger and Jewellery and Fancies

Gift, Casual, Magic, Universal 100000 Sil, 5%
Slavers N/A 10000 Sil, 5%
Carriage House N/A 5000 Sil, 5%

Other LocationsEdit

Name Description
Church of Servitude

The local church is to the east of the town. It contains a graveyard (with a Dark Seed Buried somewhere…) and offers blessing for a price.

  • [Item][Buried] Dark Seed
Bank of Northmarket The bank can be used for a few purposes. It’s main purpose is putting away all your money so it isn’t stolen (and generates 1% every day), and loaning some money for early investments.
Northmarket Townhouse

Home of the Token Fairy. You can spend your Heart Tokens here. There is also a harem member on the second floor you can recruit. Just talk to her to initiate the quest.

Sewer Tunnel [Dangerous Zone]

Home of the Rattus Maximus. Their tails are worth 100000 Sil, so try to beat the boss if you can. (You can at 150 Cumulative Satisfaction)

Estate Agent and Broker (Agart’s House)

Home of some guy and his son. You can tell he doesn’t have many visitors if you check his shelves.

  • [Item] Porno Mag
Tyall’s House Raina and Gargan’s house. Gargan doesn’t want his mother to see him like that though… Otherwise you get a line of dialogue from our hero on her.

Northmarket – Slums DistrictEdit

This is a place with a lot of story behind it. You’ll mainly visit it for investments and information. This is where the adventurer’s guild of Northmarket is located.

Shops/Investment LocationsEdit

Name Vendor Type Investment
Adventurer’s Guild Bar Brew


  • [Lore Book] Adventurer Guild Charter
Adventurer’s Guil

d Alchemist

Potion, Combat Item N/A
Adventurer’s Guil

d Armourer

Light, Heavy, Shield N/A
East End Bakery Food


  • [Item] Porno Mag
Cunning Hat Shop Casual (Head) 750 Sil, 10%
Gus’ Tool Shop Tool (Shovel) N/A
Tin Dog Tavern Brew N/A
Bitch’s Sixth Tit Brew

2000 Sil, 10%

  • [Item] 6 Appletinis
  • [Misc] Day-End (+3 SAT)
Wench’s Gash Pub Brew N/A
Sausage Shack Food

500 Sil, 10%

  • [Item] 6 Tasty Sausages
Corned Beef Cannery N/A 600 Sil, 2% OR 10%

Other LocationsEdit

Name Description
Old Home This location is where the Hero and Meline used to live with their mother. This is also the location where some unique loot is held, and where Meline’s Love Quest leads to. Drops will not be listed here (look at the loot table).
Trophy Trader This location has a trophy trader, where they trade one of [Shiny Bits, Monster Fang, Pocket Tome] with one another, at the price of 25 Sil per transaction. This is handy when you are running low on one of the gift items.
Umbra Broker  A guy in the Mysterious Hovel, he’ll sell you some information on quests or treasures. Most of the time though, he won’t have anything for you.
Weird Store A guy that wants them Dark Seeds for some reason. You give it to him automatically on talking, so it shouldn’t be that bad… right? He’ll give you some pretty gnarly rewards for your troubles though.

A place above the trophy traders, a few ruffians have done something. So just go in, slaughter them and steal it.

  • [Item] Reinvigoration Potion
Abandoned Hovel

A place to the north-west where you can pick up a Berry Gera. Elaiya doesn’t like want to look into it for some reason, so maybe some backstory. It isn’t in [Unused Locations] because it has an item in it.

  • [Item] Berry Gera
Abandoned Hovel (2)

You can find Strange Notes here.

  • [Item][Special] Strange Notes
Rain Shrine

Donate for 100% chance of rain the next day. There’s also a buried item near here.

  • [Item][Buried] Willis' Distilled Tonic
Guild Cache

You get the key from Gargan once you hit Neutral. Contains a few good items.

  • [Item] Dark Seed
  • [Item] Wyvern Jerky
  • [Item] Elfsilk Clothes
  • [Item] 2 Red Ether
  • [Item] Reinvigoration Potion
  • [Item] 3 Lo-Potion
  • [Item] High-Grade Steel Bar
Old Man Sells you a porno mag for 100 Sil.

Unused LocationsEdit

There are some unused locations in this map. They may remain that way or get reworked to accommodate with a quest or some plot.

Name Description
Church of the Seven Angels Closed. Maybe an event takes place, or some plot later on.
Crowded Hovel A bunch of NPCs.
Unoccupied Hovel Nothing here.
Locked Hovel Locked with a sheet. Next to the Weird Store.
Tenement Some guy who wants money from his tenants.
Warehousing for Sale A warehouse you may be able to buy in the future.
Unnamed Garden A hovel without a door growing some plants.

Surrounding LocationsEdit

There are some locations that are not in the two districts. Only two of the five contain investments.

Earl's ManorEdit

The Manor is owned by the Earl of Northmarket, Nicolas. You can visit and start visiting during Honey Trapper. There’s a buried item here, but most of the time you’ll visit for quests or gifting.

  • [Item][Buried] Chan's Hyperactive Pill

Surrounding FarmsEdit

There are surrounding farms with their own produce that can be visited individually via the world map. In the Distant Farm, you need to collect the Dark Seed before you invest.

Name Vendor Type Investment
Prosperous Farm N/A

400 Sil, 0%

  • 10 Satisfaction
Mist Apiary Food N/A
Natsume Ranch Food N/A
Distant Farm Food

800 Sil, 10%

  • [Item] Dark Seed