Harem Collector has limits innately in the game play. Limited days and non-respawning enemies mean money, experience and relationship scores are also limited. You are never really under leveled unless you dash ahead intentionally and money is short in the beginning (like most games) it becomes less of an issue later in the game. With this guide you will be able to get all followers to 101 relationship.

The real bottleneck is your relationship score with your followers. The first thing you can do is go and recruit Meline, she gives you a free income and eventually becomes a party member but this comes with a large downside. It wont take long to get her to 101 relationship and you have missed giving gifts to girls who have started much lower than 61. Using this guide when you get Meline she will have the same relationship score as Larelle (who starts on 1) when you recruit her.

So for this guide (based on 0.28.8) I have prioritized getting the girls with 1 starting relationship, followed by ones with 21 and leaving the ones with 61+ to last if possible. I have also added how much bonus relationship points they can get, mostly at the end of the day with a quest without a sex scene attached to it.

A few notes: Be careful getting some girls to 81+ as it will end the day, hold off till on gifting them till you have all the girls. The girls are Chimei, Yamamaya, Lilac&Violet.

For some followers, specifically Kevin and Ino, their preferred gift is a trophy (Monster Fang, Shiny Bits and Pocket Tome) but you get them so early that you can just get them to 81 to get their bonus and then give them other gifts rather than expensive trophies. Ino accepts flowers and they are the cheapest gift, Kevin's cheapest gift is rock candy at 75sil per and that is a bit pricey for only +1. Alternately you can just stop gifting them till Penelope starts baking cake and stuff them full of free cake.

If you want to deviate from this guide you can keep in mind that most followers don't have love/respect quests in the game yet so its not important to get them to 101 just 81. The girls with quests are: Elaiya, Meline, Penelope, Therese and Yamamaya.

Finally this is not a complete guide. You will need to refer to the Buried Treasures, Dark Seeds, Missables and other Quest pages for a more complete play through.


Name your Hero, some names give you additional items. Follow the story, its pretty linear. Once in the gambling den there is 2 hidden Lo-Potions and a Porn Mag (under the bed). 

After leaving the Estate Brokers before you go to your new mansion strip Alina of her clothes. 

Day 1Edit

Start off by going into the Study and input the code JuFJrY to add a scene that will raise Gargan and Rainia's relationship by 5 later (while you're there you can also input others if you like).

Time to start your busy day, go outside and meet Healbot and take him to the Northmarket Slums. Talk to the blacksmith, Kevin, and hear of his woes and agree to talk to the bank for him and start the quest A Forge too Far. Talk to the loan officer in the bank and head off to Eastfort. Recruit Doll and rename her Vriska and get 3 demon dice (there really should be 8). Head to Southport and knock on Elvo's door and rampage through his house, killing the Imp in the basement. Make sure you look through his bookcases and shelves for scrolls and the like and make sure to pick up both his Porn Mags. After you beat him into submission equip his Magical Handbook to Healbot. Quickly pop by the building immediately to the east and in the door on the right at the back near the fireplace is an Erotic Novel.

Now that you have a bit of cash go back to Northmarket Slums and buy a Shovel. Go round the back of the Tin Dog Tavern to the fenced in area and dig in the single brown patch surrounded by grass. Drop in your families bakery and talk to Meline (from the front) to get Sisters Love Lunch, and drop in back and search the sacks near your families recipe for a Porn mag. Wander up to the Bitch's Sixth Tit and play the Money-Making Game (why would you put a game like this in if you were not meant to save scum?) till you have 2,500sil. Spend your new found wealth on investing in the Tavern, exit and go back to the Tin Dog Tavern and plat the Money-Making Game till the old man refuses to let you play.

With your growing wallet invest in the Sausage Lady, Hat Shop and the Cannery. Go back to the Wealthy side and dig under the Dragon statue on your new property, head on inside and check your ledger in your study. That Cannery that has not sent you any money yet is not putting out enough money! Talk to Alina and ask about the Household Income and return to the Cannery, the kids don't even have fingers to loose so there is no problem with working them harder for less pay.

Head towards Westcastle, diverting West after the 2nd bridge and go into the entrance in the hills. Here at the Golden Tomb dig 1 space both up and left from the ruined pillar for an Ancient Coin and continue on to Westcastle. Attend the theater and get the payment from the nice-not-cultist actor. Invest in the Stitch for a Dime store and Apple Kid in the Alchemist Guild. Talk again to Apple Kid to get the Hero Baker and the Philosopher's Stone quest. Before you leave visit the the statue and dig under the tree to its right.

Go to Eastfort, on just entering go up around the walls and dig under the bush that is on a + sign of dirt. Head into the fort and go to the bank and talk to the man just outside the bars and sell him that coin you dug up. Time to invest again in the local economy, find the drug dealer in the NW of the fort and he will inlist your help to get the local authorities off his back. Head to the officers quarters on the NE side and bribe the guards, pillage the barracks especially the bed on the bottom left (ignore the janitor). Wander over to the Slanting Soldier Saloon and blackmail the guy near the fireplace and return to the drug dealer. Leave Eastfort and immediately go up into the houses to the Non-Human District, go straight ahead to the end and follow the fence down to the dead end between the building and the wall, go up one square and dig for some brandy.

Once again leave and head northwest to the bridge and north to Lumberhill, invest in the Right Foot Forward and dig just under the well. Leave and head east to Giants Path kill everything and complete Every Day I'm Smugglin' . Dig under the smaller tree on the small island in the Foothills. Now head back towards Southport but instead go to Huntervale and sell your animal skins in the first house you see. Then find the single tree to the east and dig southeast from it. Continue to Southport and invest in Agi's Scroll Shop and the girl selling Fish at the docks. Dig in the top left space surrounded by red flowers in the garden under the Magical Academy for a Fortified Cloak. 

Return to Northmarket Wealthy District and invest in the Gift Shop, Maisa Delle and the Flower Girl. Consider buying a few Lovely Flowers from the Flower Girl as she does not come out during the rain and does not always carry them. Buy 1 Piece of Cake from the store with the clown outside it and some Perfume from the Gift Shop. Stop by the estate brokers and search his bookshelves for a Porn Mag. Go to the bank and give the payments to the Loan Officer, deposit all your money with the bank and go home. Pick up the lead bars from Apple Kid and give Alina and Healbot the Perfume and Cake. Talk to Healbot and allow him to go back to Felix. Talk to Alina and double check you are earning 935sil.

Finally go to the Slums, tell Kevin that he can use your forge and head to the Guild to pick up the quest Na Na Why Don't You Get a Job from the wall. Don't forget to dig under where the headstone should be for the unmarked grave.

Florane likes Porcelain Dolls and has one relationship boosting general end quest scene (+5)

What a day.

Day 2Edit

Today you get a chore list do these daily:

  1. Do your daily quest accessible from your study and any others like the Giants Path.
  2. Buy gifts for your followers.
  3. Read any Porn you have
  4. Take any gifts your followers have left for you, including Apple Kids lead bars.
  5. Sell all vendor trash to Florine, if you have Slime sell them to the creepy guy in Southport Magical Creatures area and any animal skins to the guy in Huntervale.
  6. Deposit all your money at the bank.

Also until you get Chimei (at least) you should sell all other stuff in your inventory (using the shop command from Florine) aside from potions (if you think you might use them), permanent stat-up items, and armor you think you might use later, accessories, gifts and any alchemical reagents you think you might use later. I find that scrolls are not that useful and are better in cash form. Valuable things you can sell now include those Demon Dice for 500 apiece.

You should use your Satisfaction on upgrading your dungeon and the Amazing Old Man. The Old Man will give you good one use items that can really help out with the more difficult quests you will come up against. If you are short 1 Satisfaction you can buy a Porn Mag from the old man next to the Tenement building in the slums for 100sil. If you don't need it don't buy it as that 100 could be accruing interest in the bank. Capturing Larelle will give you 5 satisfaction so you can spend that on upgrading your dungeon.

Once all your chores are done head over to the Adventurers Guild and start the quest Night of the Raping Dead. Save before you start it as you want to let a zombie attack the inn so you can enter later and get the sil in the previously locked room and there is a scene for immediately collaring Larelle that you will miss.

Larelle responds best to the Wooden Horse and likes Pocket Tomes. Larelle has one general end quest scene with Meline and you have to choose who to give +5 satisfaction to, its best to give this to Larelle as Tomes are more valuble than a Clockwork Amusmente.

Day 3Edit

Do your chores, equip the Wights Skull that Larelle dropped to Vriska and go back to Lumberhill talk to the elder in the church and loot the Inn. On the way back stop by the Dark Mine, its North-East of Penelope's Farm. Save as the encounters have a invisible enemy that can Possess you, disabling a team member (or members) easily causing a game over. Grab what you can, taking a moment to dig on the second floor in the left most side off the railroad 2 squares down 2 squares left of the chest. There is also a buried Dark Seed on the first floor that you have to go through the 2nd floor to get to near an Elf that is 3 squares right and down 2 squares from the chest near by. Finally turn in Night of the Raping Dead at the Guild.

Todays quest is Stuck in the Middle With You.

Bronwyn likes Sweet Perfume like Alina and has no relationship increasing events.

Day 4Edit

Chores, then complete A Forge too Far by talking to Kevin in your Smithy (Save before completing; if it's raining the next day the slave market will be closed, and you won't be able to follow the guide!)

Vriska (Doll) likes Porcelain Dolls and has 2 relationship increasing events, one general end (+5) and stopping her rape during the Manor Invasion (+1)
Kevin likes Monster Fangs and has no relationship increasing events. 

Day 5Edit

Chores. By now you should have 55,000+sil so get a loan (if you have 60,750 don't bother) and buy Chimei, give her a flower and then save your game. Buy the Maids at the Slave Market.

Chimei likes Lovely Flowers and has one relationship increasing general end (+5).
Lilac likes Boxes of Chocolates and has 2 relationship increasing events, one with Lilac (+5) and another with Chimei/Doll (+5)
Violet likes a Berry Gera and has only one relationship increasing general end (+5).

Day 6Edit

Chor... Where is violet and who are these people bursting into my mansions? Fight off your attackers and quickly head down to the cistern to watch Vriska get raped then reload and continue as normal.

Now you have a choice to sell or free the nuns. Selling them gets you 15,000sil but makes one future quest impossible to complete. Its rewards are 13,000sil and +3 fame, this is not a huge problem money-wise but the fame 'loss' is annoying. You need 40 fame to get to Bannerett rank which is possible but you have to take all the fame you can get. Most notably once you hit 20 fame you can help or extort a hermit in the Southport townhouse, helping gets you 1 fame whereas extorting gets you the Hermit Robe (a unique robe). So ultimately the question is is the Hermit Robe worth struggling with the debt you have and slowing your money generation? No is my answer. So sell those nuns.

Pick your two lowest followers to praise, most likely Bronwyn and Alina

Therese responds best to Whipping and likes Rock Candy. She has no relationship increasing events.

Day 7Edit

Okay now we can get back to.... Chores ugh.

Pay back your loan and if you have enough invest in the Slave Market, if not save up for it. Now you are pretty free with what you want to do with your money, I would suggest investing in the 5% ROI investments that cost less than 10,000. If you want to buy an Archmage Ring or two you will have to invest in the Curios shop in Westcastle.

Notable costs in your future:

  • The Condo in Southport for 5,000
  • The Store in Southport for 1,500
  • Vacation costs of 56,000 + 4,000 per previous vacation
  • Others that I have forgotten?

As for today we shal do Scholastic Excellence.

Ino likes Shiny Bits and has one relationship increasing general end (+5).

Days 8-10Edit

Chores yay!

We sadly have to break our streak of at least one new girl per day as we need more fame. The first two are pre-requisites for quests once we become a Journeyman. Complete Ain't no Party Like a Search Party and The Virgin Gynocides .

Sadly we have to get 3 more fame (the fame from the tournament invite is not enough) so we have to pick between Check Out My Package, Alls Were that Ends Were and It Came From Below the Equator. Below the Equator has a better reward and more loot so pick that one.

Day 11Edit

Gotta do our chores so we can go to our promotion party!

Rania likes cake and has one relationship increasing general end (that we enabled with the code) (+5)

Day 12Edit


Our dungeon is looking a bit empty since Larelle left so lets fill it! Go to Southport and start Hall Monitor from Hell. This mission is quite difficult due to some enemies being able to inflict the Halucinating debuff that make your character act randomly. If put on multiple characters its basically game over for you, so save before you enter the club house. I hope you purchased the Amazing Old Man cause his items are going to save you. I used Nail Bombs on the hallucinating causing enemies and Halucination Grenades/Concussion Bombs on the final boss to stop them from doing anything significant.

Yeon responds to the Fucking Machine best and likes Rock Candy. She has no relationship increasing events. Before moving on you should make her acquainted with the Fucking Machine.

The great thing about this quest is that you do not have to complete it, just do it all apart from handing it in to the guild.

Now move to southport, you should have already seen the interlude discussing Gargan, we are going to 'cure' 'him'. Make sure to take Larelle with you as she skips the final boss battle and gives you a sex scene.

Gargan likes Pocket Tomes and has two relationship increasing events, one general end (that we unlocked via code) (+5) and if you take her with you on the Sacrifices for Algernon quest (+3).

Days 13-14Edit

Chores then save. At this point you have only characters to get with either 41 or 61 starting relationship. If there is a future update with more followers this is a nice saving point. The only issues this save might have is if there are more consequences with the Nun choice or a new slave with 1 loyalty is introduced (potentially).

The order of these two are so close to value that either is good to get first.

  1. Research Materials. This quest adds Kyrie to your harem although this is more to get the Philosophers Stone so you can recruit Apple Kid and Orange Kid as they have 41 starting relationship and Kyrie starts with 61. Apple Kid and Orange Kid produce good items from cheap ones.
  2. Invest in Penelope's fathers farm. Penelope comes with a regular income and will eventually make a cake everyday. She also has a quest at 101 relationship
Kyrie likes Pearl Necklaces, Apple Kid likes Berry Gera, Orange Kid likes Boxes of Chocolates and Penelope likes Lovely Flowers. None of them have relationship increasing events.

Days 15-21Edit

These are the followers that have 41 starting loyalty you have left to get. Order is not strictly important.

  1. One is the Loneliest Party. Elaiya has a quest at 101 relationship and opens a daily dungeon. She likes Clockwork Amusemente.
  2. A Manxome Foe. Nerys likes Pocket Tomes.
  3. Buy the Eastfort condo for 5,000sil. Randi likes Peral Necklaces and has one relationship increasing general end (+5)
  4. Buy the Eastfort store (need to have bought the condo) for 1,500. Serade likes Shiny Bits.
  5. Rescue Me. Diadira likes Cake and her quest gives your party members +1 relationship, so wait for Yeon to be let out of your dungeon and take the 3 followers with the lowest relationship.
  6. The Phantom Breaker Battlegrounds. First of all this requires you to hand in Hall Monitor from Hell, for some reason (its in a different city and not connected at all). Eluania only gains relationship if you use her to swap your class and its a set 4 per day as a Phantom Knight. This is more than any other follower and only take 15 days to get to 101 (the others are 20 days). Also unlocks a daily dungeon.

Days 22-25Edit

Only 4 more followers to go, they all have 61 starting relationship. Like before this is the best order but complete them how you like.

  1. Talk to the very patient slaver in your house to recruit Yamamaya. She likes Monster Fangs and has a quest at 101 relationship.
  2. Go to your home bakery and recruit Meline. She likes Clockwork Amusementes, has a quest at 101 relationship and has a potential relationship increasing general end that has probably gone to Larelle.
  3. Honey Trapper. Nicholas likes Clockwork Amusementes and at 81+ relationship gives you 10sil per investment.
  4. In the Westcastle Mansion let Renfeld out. She likes Monster Fangs.

Days 26+Edit

You are free to do what you like! As long as you are still doing your chores. To be honest at this point daily quests might not be worth doing.