This page is meant to be a concise list of missable items, characters, events, etc. If you missed something on this list, the only way to go back and get it is to restart the game (or in the best case, you could also load a save prior to the blocking condition).


Unique are things which you cannot acquire an unlimited amount of in another way if missed. For example, Dark Seeds or Consumables which you cannot purchase anywhere.

Item Location

Block Condition

Porn Mag

Gambling Den, Leader's room. Interact with the right side of the bed. Rescue Alina @ Quest: Lord of the Manor
Dark Seed Manor Cistern (before you purchase maids). Hire Maids @ Quest: Maid to Order
Dark Seed Distant Farm, where you find Penelope. Use the well before investing. Invested in Distant Farm.
Porn Mag Abandoned Fort-Interior. Near the end, just before you get to Elaiya is a book. Interact with it for a Mag. Rescue Elaiya @ Quest: One Is The Loneliest Party
Dark Seed

Porn Mag

Orc Camp. Dark Seed is at top of the unmarked grave, need a shovel. Porno Mag is in a chest Finish Quest: Na Na Why Don't You Get A Job?
Dark Seed x3 Bandit Fortress, one in the broken pot near the entrance when you first enter the fort. The other on left side on top of wall after first stairs. A third one can be found in the basement in a large room hidden from view below a barrel. Finish Quest: Finishing Unfinished Business
Dark Seed x2 In the Theater of Westcastle. Go backstage, go all the way back, enter the middle door. Its in a chest behind a piano. Also another one in the office, check the letter after the girl leaves. Finish Quest: The Virgin Gynocides
Porn Mag x2 Elvo's House during A Forge To Far. One in his bathroom check the book, another in the lower right room on the second floor on the left side of the bookshelf. Defeat Elvo @ Quest: A Forge Too Far
Dark Seed The Mourning Wood after defeating the zombies; must have a shovel. Dig 3 steps North and 1 step West of the Northwestern-most bridge. Finish Quest: Night of the Raping Dead
Dark Seed

Porn Mag

HMS Cucumber. Mag is in a chest in the second door on the top left.

The seed is in the first bottom door, on the other side of the room is an obscured chest near the bottom.

Finish Quest: It Came From Below the Equator

Dark Seed

Rakia Awiiabu

Porn Mag

Eastfort Officer's Barracks. Dark Seed is second from the right bottom chest. Porno Mag is in another chest. Same for Rakia Awiiabu.

Finish Quest: The Pusher's Lament

Or Bribe the Officer (bribing the guards is ok).

Porn Mag

Eastfort Condo. 1st floor, rightmost bookshelf. Doll will stand in front of it once Randi is recruited and A Forge Too Far is complete. Enslave Randi & Doll

Porn Mag x2

Sex Scene

Old Piano

Dr. Weird Vol. 3

Dark Seed 2x

Hero's old house in the Northmarket Slums. One is in the hero's room in the lower left-hand corner. The other is in Meline's room in the lower right.

The sex scene is in second part, lower right room.

The piano in the Hero's old home can be taken with you if you don't mind the weight.

The Tome can also be found in Meline's room.

In the dungeon part of the quest there is a room with a torch puzzle. Solving the puzzle opens a door with three chests. Two of these contain Dark Seeds.

Finish Quest: Family Matters
Lucky Hat Examine one of the skeletons when you get the random encounter with the old man and the skeleton on the world map. Leave the area without getting the hat.
Dark Seed x3

Barbaric Hides

Downey's Complex Paste

Sex Scene

There is one Dark Seed in the second mausoleum you pass by, and another in the top left one. There is also one in the second area, near the bottom part of the area.

For the sex scene, you must bring Larelle on this quest and then agree to her request.

Finish Quest: Looking for a Cure
Dark Seed x5

Porn Mag

Two are in the houses south of the Mayor's home. One is buried one space down and one space to the left from the rock just south of the sacrificial altar. (the area where Moon-Moon is) The last two (and the Porn Mag) are in chests in the forest behind a werewolf villager (Ironfang).

Finish Quest: All's Were That Ends Were.

Dark Seed x2 One is north of the tent with the captives. The other one is in a chest in the south-east part of the area.

Finish Quest: Stuck in the Middle with you.

Dark Seed

Porn Mag

For the mag, just open the chests immediately to your left after the first fight in the dungeon. Seed is in the second part of the basement, in a chest hidden by some boxes. Finish Quest: Hall Monitor from Hell
Dark Seed x3 (x3) In Rurpenthe Tower. In the flame tower hallway, both blue portals lead to a seed. One in a chest, the other on a bookshelf. The last seed is in the first room past where the barrier that blocks you is, in the top right is a small chest on a desk. Finish Quest: Research Materials
Dark Seed You could find it in a hidden room. To locate it, explore everything or use the Seeker Stone. If you have Gargan in your party, (s)he gives you a hint. Finish Quest: Bewitchy Woman
Dark Seed

Porn Mag

The Dark Seed can be found it in a chest in the top area of the sewer. The Porn Mag is in a chest near of the end. Finish Quest: Cannibal Corps.
Dark Seed

Imp Egg

The Dark Seed can be found it in a red chest. The Imp Egg is in a chest near of the end. Finish Quest: Sacrifices for Algernon.
Sex scene At the end of the giant's trail while searching for the missing adventurers in the camp there is a maid in the commander's tent. When asked if you are going to rape her say yes for the h-scene. In quest Ain't no party like a search party say no when asked if you're going to rape the maid.


Replaceables are items that you can buy in shops (but things such as Sil, Vendor Trash, and others). So they are non-unique.

Location Items Block Condition
Eastfort Officer's Barracks Mid potion, 28 Sil, Tin Dog Brew, Scroll of Stormroar. Finish Quest: The Pusher's Lament
Orc Camp Bottled Smoke x2, Chain Mail, Suspicious Brew, Potion of Barksin, Scroll of Dark Bolt x3 Finish Quest: Na Na Why Don't You Get A Job?
Destroyed Inn in Lumberhill 3000 Sil Kill the wrong zombie during Night of the Raping Dead
Various chests during quest on several maps Potion of Brutality, Exorciser (x2), Lo-Potion, Dispeller, Asphodel, Contact Poison (x2), Scroll of Contamination, Fistful of Flour (x7), Blue Ether, Potion of Resist Radiant, Potion of Resist Physic, Red Ether and Potion of Resist Acid. Finish Quest: Looking for a Cure

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