Actual Map:


Relevant places:

  1. East End Bakery: Your sister Meline's bakery. Your sister can be found here until you choose to accept her into your harem. When you do so, she's replaced with another female clerk that you can buy items from.
  2. Adventurer's Guild (Northmarket Branch): Where the game starts, where you can find work, and where you get paid. A Guild Armorer and Guild Alchemist are available to sell you wares, as well as a barkeep.
  3. Tin Dog Tavern: This is a friendly bar run by Shally. After you invest in the Bitch's Sixth Tit the gambling game moves here.
  4. The Bitch's Sixth Tit / The Pink Banana: Currently the most wretched hive of scum and villainy, at least until you kill the scum and villains. Then if you trust a former criminal with an influx of sil, he'll make the bar a little more to his liking.
  5. Forge: Where blacksmiths worked, before the woes of the capitalism invaded his life. A good Samaritan could help him...
  6. Dark Seed Hovel: Where the Dark Seed trader resides, technically a dangerous zone so be wary in the future...
  7. Tool Shop: You can buy the all important shovel here.
  8. Cannery: Invest in the exploitation future of children here!
  9. Sausage Lady: Unless you're willing to invest, avoid the sausage.
  10. Cunning Hat Shop: Hat shops sell hats (with a little help, of course).
  11. Trophy Trader
  12. Mysterious Hovel: a curious shop that sells information (hints and possible quests). The owner is an honest man.

And for historic purposes, here you can see the old version of this map.