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The manor is your first and primary home, most (but not all) harem members can be found and interacted with inside the manor. It is located in the Northmarket Wealthy District.

It is acquired via the quest Lord of the Manor, the same time Alina "decides" to run off with her "noble" rescuer. It's recommended you check the place out before cleaning it up, never know what you might find.

Entering the Manor heals you and restores all MP. Exiting the Manor lets you alter your party composition.

The Manor itself has the following rooms:

Top floor

Name Description
Master bedroom Where you wake up, your satisfaction book is located on your desk and Alina will leave gifts for you on the table once her RP is high enough
Library Ugh books are boring
Right room
Alina's room She never seems to be there
Ground Floor Name Description
Manor Chapel 2
Chapel For praying or whatever
Manor Servant's Q 2
Servant's quarters Where most of your girls sleep
Manor Dining Hall 2
Dining room A room people eat in
Manor Kitchen 2
Kitchen If you get Penelope to Trust you can get 6 Slice of Cake here every day
Manor Alchemy Lab 2
Alchemy Lab The lab might not do much yet but Ino will enchant here and crotchety old men might work here
Manor Study 2
Study Where people will come ask for help, the books on your desk let you check completed quests and current holdings
Basement Name Description
Manor Dungeon 2
Dungeon Where you put uncooperative slaves
Manor Cistern 2
Cistern Ooh, a mysterious door!
The Manor Grounds Name
Manor Smithy 2
Smithy Once you get someone to work the forge you can get your weapons upgraded here
Manor Stable 2
Stables Where you can put a horse to enable fast travel
Manor Item Shop 2
Item Shop Once you get someone to run it you can buy and sell here

Items for sale and upgrades required

Name Price Upgrade
Red Ether 300 None
Lo-Potion 150 1st
Reinvigorating Potion 250 1st
Antidote 30 1st
Mid-Potion 400 2nd
Blue Ether 700 2nd
Potion of Celerity 75 2nd
Happy Fortune Tea 75 2nd
Potion of Supercharge 75 2nd
Hi-Potion 950 3rd
Dispell Herb 90 3rd
Potion of Greyskull 75 3rd
Potion of Barkskin 75 3rd
Potion of Warding 75 3rd


Mansion Map