In the current version of the game, the hero can obtain 4 different housings of the 5 planned[1], they serve as home for your followers. The non-party members will stay in particular manor while the other follow you around you travel. Some dialog with the girls may vary depending of the location.

Northmarket Manor Edit

The first manor that you unlock after the quest Lord of the Manor. It is for now the only manor that you can upgrade.


List of girls that stay's in the manor:

Eastfort Condo Edit

This manor can be purchased at the price of 5000 Sil.


  • You gain a new maid Randi.
  • A stable for fast travel.
  • The second shop, it costs 1500 Sil. You can buy it the Realtor office, when you bought the condo. Serade works there.

List of girls that stay's in the manor:

Westcastle Manor Edit

How to get the Manor:

Weastcastle manor is unlocked during the quest Looking for a Cure, after you defeat the former owner.


  • Unlock the Noble District of the city, behind the Arena.
  • A new maid Renfeld.
  • A sweet secret passage and a secret room[4].
  • A stable for fast travel.
  • An alchemist basement where you can make special potion with specific items[5].

List of girls that stay's in the manor:

Elf Temple Edit

You get this former temple as your home after completing the quest A Manxome Foe.


List of girls that stay in the manor:

Reference Edit

  1. Information obtained from here.
  2. It requires a Satisfaction upgrade.
  3. Useful to upgrade the party members' weapons.
  4. You can find this room by setting the clock next to the master bed to 03:33.
  5. Obtained after completing Hero Baker and the Philosopher Stone, Orange Kid and Apple Kid will start living there. Speak with Orange kid to start Alchemy.

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