From quite a long time, there was only the Daily Random quests as extra (and optional) source of XP and money, but in August 2015, NoMoshing stated[1] that he plans to make some dungeons revisitable. See this section of this page for more details.

Daily Random questsEdit

The random quests are just that: small random quests. You can complete one such quest per game day. Finishing a random quest does not end the day. The quest giver will always come to you, they will wait in the Study Room of the Manor until you are willing to see them. The gold reward you get at the end depends on the main character's level.[2]

2095conash has been doing systematical analysis of the weaknesses and strengths of each type, in case that you're having troubles with any of these.

There are:

  • 30 different quest givers. Two of them have special requirements: one requires that you invested in the Gift Shop, the other requires that you know the elf language.
  • 10 different maps where the quests take place.
  • 10 different objectives for you to find, with every variation giving out 50*level amount of gold.
  • 31 different things you can find in the treasure chests, including each type of gift currently in the game.
  • Every "Random Dungeon" enemy has a 10% chance to drop a "Heart Token", which you can use at the Karma shop.
  • The Bosses'[3] chances of dropping the special item are always 1 of 12 (aprox. a 8,3 %).
  • 1: a 1/6 (aprox 16,6 %) chance to drop a rare gift (Pocket Tome, Shiny Bits or Monster Fang) or an Alchemical Reagent, depending on the monster.
  • Only one of each of the above is used during each quest.
  • 10 different types of enemies[4]:
Enemy type Available on levels Total Exp Normal Drop Special Drop
Slimes 1-5 20 Slime Fluid No
Animals 2-7 91 Monster Fang Cat Ears dropped by Psycho Kitty.
Bandits 4-9 91 Shiny Bits, Pocket Tome Delinquent Uniform dropped by Outcast Mage.
Orcs 6-11 240 Shiny Bits, Pocket Tome Plague Charm dropped by Orc Shaman.
Imps 8-13 228 Monster Fang, Pocket Tome Slayer Charm dropped by Demonologist.
Cultists 10-15 420 Shiny Bits, Pocket Tome No
Zombies 12-17 540 Shiny Bits No


14-19 670 Shiny Bits Kellos Lamellar dropped by Scout Captain.
Cogpunks 16-21 801 Quartz Crystals, Pocket Tome Giant Gear dropped by Clockwork Slime.
Ghosts 18-23 1020 Eldritch Vapors Doctor Weird Vol. 2 dropped by Vaporous Apparition.
Werewolves 20-25 1,584 Monster Fang Bane Arrows dropped by Silver Fanged Wolf
Vampires 22-27 1,276 Monster Fang Helm of the Reavor dropped by Blood Mage
Golems 24+ 1064 Quarts Crystals Amethyst Orb dropped by Amethyst Golem

Detailed AnalysisEdit


Slimes are pretty easy especially since they don't have a boss. Just attack your way through it. Try to take out the pink slimes ASAP since they have lightning spells that can sap away Felix's MP[6], but Doll's regen should be more than enough to handle the lavender slimes. No real strategy involved beyond attack.



The following strategy for the animal dungeon showed to have a 2/3 viability[7]. Slimes were determined to be easy enough to not require additional testing.


Man, I do not like my party options, with a party level of 2/1/2 (characters seen above) I'm going to be having more challenge than you guys will! So I make good use of the items I have available by giving Doll the heavy armor and cloak, I give Hero what was Doll's starting armor and I'm all set[8]. Do note that I highly advise not facing off against animals with this team unless you have encourage, hopefully that's not too expensive satisfaction wise.


I hope that you put your money in the bank before coming here, otherwise those dogs will probably mug you for all you're worth! If you did you don't have a lot to worry from them aside from the occasional painful blow, so take out the hoodlum rats first as they can make your characters queasy (-20% AGI, ATK, and MAT). I advise going straight for the battle in the above picture[9] as it's the hardest of the minion fights and you won't get anymore healed up. For that fight I advise having Doll use defender of life ASAP then probably defend while Hero and Felix try to take out the hoodlum rats. Have Hero heal if need be and he can, Felix CAN heal if you really need it, but you only have 12 heals for the entire dungeon and every turn he spends healing is a turn he's not doing damage. When Defender of life runs out you can use it again if you want if there's still a hoodlum rat, but I advise not using defender of life more than twice between all minion fights. In the other fights I advise having all three fight to take care of one of the enemies[10] and only stop to heal if needed. When you're down to just one enemy in any of the fights it might be a good idea to start having everyone guard so that Hero can heal up himself and Felix some while Doll lets her regen take care of her[11]. Be thankful that you gave Doll all that heavy armor because it REALLY helps to draw the aggro to her which is fine since she has regen. After a battle if people are queasy you can run around in circles some to clear it up. If one of your characters dies against a minion fight it's fine to restart if you ask me, you're early enough in the game that you might rather save up those revive items. Do your best to save as many of Felix's cure light wounds for the boss because you'll be really thankful that you did...


Ouch this fight was painful. Even having dealt with the minions resulting in my party members gaining levels it wasn't pretty. From what I can tell the Psycho cat has 1.5-2x the HP of the dogs but easily does 2-3x the damage[12] so I advise that you go after them first. Have Doll use Defender of Life and try to keep it on at least until the kitty is down, don't be shy to have Hero and/or Felix heal since this will be the end of the dungeon[13]. I advise having Doll defend once she gets defender of life up, she seems to draw a lot of aggro and if she's defending it will really cut down on the damage from crushing ego if you get one thrown at you, but if Doll is at or at least near full health than it's not a bad idea to have her throw an attack since she wouldn't end up too low if she takes some hits. Once the kitty is down you can relax as now you're just down to the two dogs, and if Doll or Felix have any MP left over I don't see why they shouldn't use it since you can just hop back into your manor to heal on up after this. Oh and if Hero/Felix die after the kitty is gone just finish up the battle anyways, it shouldn't give you much difficulty even then and dead characters still get experience.


The animals gave me a much harder time than the bandits, but having tried a few different strategies I will say bandits would have been nigh impossible had I not been exploiting their weakness...


I strongly advise not facing them until you have Meline in your party. Not only does she come with focus which works really well since I don't have blazing aura yet, but her spell selection is absolutely IDEAL for the thugs. Though since I bought her a chicken soup for the soul book rather than a basic prayer book, I'd advise you to grab encourage as well so that Hero can heal up some. Aside from that, Hero is wearing some chainmail that I got sometime, and the Lucky hat. He also has Earth's embrace, but it might be better to give that to Doll, not sure if it includes a 20% chance to resist stun[14]. Felix also has energy principals 1 which I personally found to be useful for here, not sure how the magical handbook would have turned out since it's damage based and as a result won't be knocking a lot of people over[15].


Now, one important thing to note is that both of the minions can stun you either with stun strike or worse, the throw skill[16], not to mention their generally high attack, and other abilities they have at their disposal. This is where Meline comes in, have her use her radiant spell on every enemy one at a time, don't worry too much about her MP because if you start to run low[17] you can always prolong a battle to build up her momentum for her to use focus[18], but giving these guys a 60% chance of missing is absolutely invaluable. I tried doing this dungeon before recruiting Meline[19] and once one enemy used Throw it was basically all over, but with Meline that changes COMPLETELY. Oh yeah, and do be careful the boxers do have 'Mountain Lion Rage', which if used should clear any dazed status they have so put it back on them QUICK before they destroy you. Between 'Mountain Lion Rage' and throw, the boxers are clearly the bigger threat so take them out first when faced with both. Try to avoid having Doll use any of her MP because if she's at most 63 experience from level 4 before you do this, she should gain a level against the minions, which will teach her regeneration allowing her to help out with healing against the boss. Feel free to use some of Felix's MP to heal between battles but try to save at least 16 of it for the boss battle.


The boss seems to have 4 actions it can do[20], the first three that it seemed to use the most with me were attack, summon mist, and health charm, none of which are a major threat, but the final one, magic missile, IS. Firstly Meline should stay on her radiant duty for the minions so that they can't knock you over as much, and I'd advise maybe trying to take out the minions or at least the Boxer first to avoid Mountain Lion Rage and Throw. Felix should use his searing ash spell to burn your target, and he can use it instead of attacking if the enemies are shrouded by a mist. Doll, Hero, and Felix are all on healing duty, Hero gets first priority to healing followed by Doll, followed by Felix. It's up to you if you want Doll to use defender of life, but be aware that if she is knocked over that it will go away thus potentially using up her MP and momentum for nothing. If you save the boss for last, as I did then you just start pelting her with constant spells at least from Meline, Felix can use attacks or spells if your target is burned as they do roughly the same damage for him. Though I will say, it wasn't until my third attempt that I saw why people thought this was OP. Magic missile does a LOT of damage, enough so that if the boss is using it a lot then the fight very well could be impossible, but for me they used it so rarely that I didn't even KNOW they had the spell until I decided to go a third round just to prove that I wasn't super lucky (which seems that I was), that said given how rarely she used it for me I imagine it's not a high priority/chance that she'll use it making it a lot easier to deal with, still magic missile being a damage spell can easily throw this fight out of whack if it's used against you a few too many times.

After a fourth test I stand by that magic missile seems to be a rather rare occurrence, for those having issues with it do remember that the mystic orb, magic school uniform, strange shard, and fortified cloak reduce force damage by 20%, which means that you can equip the mystic orb to Meline[21], and have 3 of your party members who only take 80% damage from it. Personally I find this boss to be challenging and while RNG can fuck you over, RNG can fuck you over in almost any fight if you've got shit luck. While the 300 damage can be quite high this early on in the game, I personally feel the boss is rather fair as long as you make proper preparations, but that's just me.


The following strategy has shown to have a 2/2 viability[22].


Equipment isn't that much different, though Meline has a magical school uniform, and I've got a cloak that resists lightning damage now, I give the lightning cloak to Felix because I wasn't sure if I'd encounter lightning or not and since Meline has Focus, well.... Hero kept the Earth charm for it's resistances and Doll had the force cloak in the event that magic missile appears again. Doll should definitely have an accessory for this dungeon, but I'll leave it up to you if you want her to have 20% resist poison chance or a +5 resist[23]. One thing that really helped for me though is that I had blazing aura on Hero, even if blazing aura gets nerfed in some later releases it will be nice to at least let Felix use up his MP with reckless abandon as Meline did with the thugs.


Sadly, these guys aren't as vulnerable to dazed as the thugs are, though it does help still. The tossers are the bigger threat I'd say since they can stun your characters, but their stun attack seems to hit fairly well even when dazed so it might not count as a physical attack, if that's the case then you want Meline to always focus on dazing the chargers first since they have impale</ref>Roughly 200 damage on one character isn't something to really look forward to.</ref>, but daze does help deal with the chargers fairly well but the tossers I think aren't as effected by it. If you've got blazing aura like me, have Felix be your primary healer rather than Hero or Doll, since he doesn't use momentum for his heals, if he's not healing have him use either magic missile or hoarfrost[24], and don't be afraid to prolong a fight by keeping one enemy (preferably a charger) dazed so that you can build up momentum for a blazing aura. If there's a tosser avoid having Doll use defender of life, you've got a decent chance she'll be stunned and lose it almost immediately, best to save the MP/momentum for a regeneration if needed. Meline should always make sure to daze all minions before she starts spamming her radiant spell against your target[25]. Also, remember the boss will always be next to the item that completes the quest, and I strongly advise that both Felix and Meline have a book equipped[26] because you might regret it if you don't do that at least before the boss...


The Plague Shaman seems to rely on evocations[27] and out of them it has a few that definitely are worth noting, a single target poison evocation, a single target necrotic evocation, and a double target necrotic evocation[28]. If Meline has equipped Chicken Soup for the Soul, the poison one might be annoying but it should be manageable since you have two people with Cleanse Body, and Felix/Doll are also able to heal up if need be[29], and if Hero ever gets attack down 2 have him throw up an assault to bring him back to normal, it shouldn't matter if anyone else has attack down 2 since they either shouldn't be attacking or their damage is pretty negligible, and attack down 1 probably isn't a great use of your momentum/turn to deal with. Take out the tosser first, as it's the biggest threat here with it's ability to stun or knock down or whatever, and it's part of the reason why I think it's better for Meline to have chicken soup for the soul instead of a prayer book here [30]. Once the tosser is taken care of feel free to have Doll use defender of life and then go for the charger, while the plague shaman IS a bigger threat I'd say, they're about 1.5x-2x a threat compared to the charger but I think they have 2x-3x the health, and I don't know about you but I'd just rather not let the charger get off a few extra impales on me while I'm dealing with the shaman. Plus since the shaman relies on evocations (I'm pretty sure) if you save it for last then it'll have to waste turns building up momentum before it can cast, while once you start attacking it you'll probably see a lot of evocations coming your way. Ultimately I found this annoying but unlike the thugs, there was no huge (but rare) curve-ball that requires you to really pay attention.... At least I don't think there was one, please correct me if I missed a pretty big attack from the plague shaman.


The following strategy has shown a 2/2 viability[22].

So to start off with, Doll is a pretty good party member but I personally want to try changing it up a bit, and this is the first dungeon where I have someone other than Elaiya to switch Doll out for!


At this point of time Meline had moved onto the prayer book, you can see Yamamaya's equipment (wish I could give her the lucky hat...), and how I equip the rhinestone glove and strange shard is what I normally do, Yamamaya should DEFINATELY get a cloak which one doesn't really matter though. Also, might just have been the dungeon I got but there was no fight with both the minions, but I think that I found a perfectly acceptable solution! I bet you guys won't even be able to notice what I did to get them both into a single screenshot!


Ignore the 'Who's that pokemon?' in the middle of the screen (totally Pikachu), it has no bearing on this section. I'd like to note that this is actually one of the places that Hoarfrost isn't too bad to use, burning imps are weak to it, though magic missile does more damage even with the damage bonus, but hey at least it does better than the other control spells! That said your best bet I would say is to try to have Meline use a lot of heretical censure to silence the imps[31], as their magical attacks are worse than their physical attacks[32]. Once they're all silenced have her throw her radiant prayer their way to help them miss, meanwhile Felix should either be healing or casting spells. Yamamaya should be trying to strong attack the minions to death, or if you brought Doll she should try to take over healing duties as much as she can so that Felix can cast more spells. Hero should be generally attacking, maybe using encourage if need be, or using blazing aura if you need it, but relatively speaking as long as you watch your health you should be fine here. That said, it does occur to me that the burning imps might have more than 1 spell that I just always killed them before I saw...


Turns out it was a Demonologist, darn I was hoping to get infinite master balls... The demonologist can inflict attack down on one character, your whole party, or heal someone on his team for about 150-200 HP, but he has two weaknesses, one minor one major. The minor weakness is to ice, so hoarfrost is again a not halfway decent spell against him, and it gets a 1.25x attack boost if the guy is vulnerable which seems to actually put it slightly ahead of magic missile at least for him, the major weakness is one that a LOT of enemy spell casters have in that once silenced he can't even attack so heretical censure should completely shut him down, and it's good for the imps too. Personally I think the burning imp is the bigger threat because the burn status will cut your healing in half, and while the reactive imps can poison you it's pretty rare, plus given how spells are the major concern def down isn't a huge problem[33]. Either way, take out both the imps first and just try to keep the demonologist vulnerable. After that start blasting him with hoarfrost (or magic missile) and astral fire[34]. If you brought Doll she should be healing, and Yamamaya should be using strong attack until the imps are down then it's your choice if you want her to strong attack or rage against the boss.


The following strategy has shown a 2/2 viability[22].


Now you may not want the exact party that I have depending on who you have available and your play style, but I'll point out what can make a big difference in your party setup. First off, if you have the siege shield bring a tank[35] as it's status immunities are EXCEPTIONALLY good here, if you don't have the siege shield but have a tank in your party give them the Earth's embrace as it offers a 20% chance to resist the status effects in this dungeon. Next bring Meline, no ifs ands or buts, her radiant prayer and heretical censure make a VERY big difference. Finally, I would advise bringing Felix with dark blast[36], while Larelle would work the enemies have necrotic resistance [37] and Felix's Cure Light Wounds/Cleanse Body will really come in handy[38]. If you have it, the Druidic robes are also helpful so definitely equip those onto a mage if you've got them. If you can, have Hero with improved Encourage as it'll be very useful in this dungeon. Bronwyn might also not be a bad choice, but let's be honest here, Pinning Arrow spam is almost always a good strategy if it works so I don't feel there's really a point for even mentioning it. For the purposes of testing I made sure to give Doll the Iron shield and Earth's embrace, didn't want those of you who don't have the siege shield to be without a proper strategy after all!


It's important to note the sorta 'roles' each of the cultists have, the Crafty cultist is a melee unit[39], the Contagious cultist is a mage[40], and the Cool cultist is a tank[41].

My strategy will be for the fight above as you can just skip the parts about any cultists who aren't in a fight for the others. Now, the Crafty cultist and Contagious cultists are your two biggest threats and personally I think they're about equal, but I personally hate dealing with disabling statuses more than poison so the crafty cultist has to go first if you ask me, so I say open with Meline using her radiant prayer on the crafty cultist[42] and Felix using Dark Blast (or Larelle using a Necrotic spell) on it, after that Meline should use heretical censure until she makes the Contagious cultist vulnerable to leave it unable to do anything while you keep the crafty cultist with attack down 2. After you take out the crafty cultist make sure that Meline keeps the Contagious cultist vulnerable, and maybe have her throw a radiant prayer over to the cool cultist to not have to worry as much about it attacking a lot when it gets vulnerable, while Felix and/or Larelle should probably just throw magic missile at the Contagious cultist for higher damage/knocking it over[43]. Once it's taken care of heretical censure, dazed, and attack down 2 can shut down the cool cultist while also preventing it from having high defense so that your melee units can do damage against it[44]. Hero's momentum gets a first priority to improved encourage to be able to simultaneously heal and cure statuses, but if he doesn't have the momentum have either Meline or Felix[45] use Cleanse Body to cure Paralysis first than Poison[46], and if you brought a tank have them try to draw aggro and heal so that your mages can appropriately shut down these cultists with fewer concerns on their mind. Both Hero and Doll should attack if they have nothing better to do, Therese can either guard or attack if she has nothing else to do, I'll leave that up to you. You shouldn't need Hero to use blazing aura more than once if at all to help with Meline's (or Larelle's) MP, of which if she ever gets enough momentum for focus after the first few battles that should cover her as well.


The following strategy has shown to have a 2/2 viability[22]

So while Zombies just SCREAMS for me to grab Therese, I opt not to since she has the radiant silverblade but I don't think she has smite, which would mean that I'd be doing 100% radiant damage instead of +20% radiant damage which would allow her to mop the floor with these enemies! But hey, since these guys don't have a special drop, like the cultists, I can't help but assume there's no boss so I think now would be a perfect time to try out one of the few characters that I haven't gotten comfortable using yet. Heck this character doesn't even have any TACTICS on the wiki, so instead of a 'boss' section I'll talk about my experience with this character in a situation where they weren't useless!


Now something to note, all the zombies here have pretty high resistance to force damage, as in they'll be taking about 100 damage from magic missile (usually ~300 damage), so magic missile sucks here, to the point that it's better to use one of your various control spells instead! They are immune to necrotic, pyshic, AND poison elements so Larelle won't damage them with her natural spells and Chimei shouldn't cast her poison evocations. That said they take about 1.5x damage from acid and lightning spells so Kyrie or chain lightning will really help you go through these enemies, and radiant damage does a whopping 3x damage so Meline's radiant prayer will be doing more damage than Kyrie's single target ice spell (though about the same as a single hit from a damage-type acid or lightning spell), but if you don't have Kyrie or chain lightning available you'd probably actually be better off bringing Therese, Meline, and some other melee unit. I definitely recommend a tank, even if you don't have Therese, Raina works pretty well here and the siege shield does help a fair amount. For Hero definitely bring improved encourage, and if you're bringing in Kyrie or chain lightning definitely have Blazing aura as well to help with any MP issues. If you've got them, give Hero the barbaric hides so that he can use improved encourage more, if you have a tank equip them to draw as much aggro as you can (Feel free to give Therese a spiffy magic accessory if you've got one or two extra). Definitely equip someone with the druidic robe if you have it, silk robe too if you have Kyrie, and aside from that just equip for defense. If you've got it, siege shield is a must due to how there's a fair amount of poison around here, Earth's embrace is also a good choice of accessory. That's about it I think.


Hungry Dead is a tank (can attack and cover), Poison Bones is a melee unit (has regular attacks that can poison and an attack that hits two of your people, I don't recall any other attacks), and Drowned Zombie seems to be a debuffer (has regular attacks, it can use zombie puke which can inflict poison and nausea, and it can grab which I still have no clue what that does). Sadly they seem to all be immune to the dazed status so no real good debuffs for them (except maybe pinning arrow/cape stun, but since force and necrotic magic do little to no damage not really worth trying for any magic debuffs I think) Poison Bones is definitely the main threat as it will be doing the most damage and has the most chances to poison you, Drowned Zombie doesn't seem to puke too often but it's annoying when you get it, Hungry Dead is just there to draw your hits away from the others. I described their weaknesses and resistances above when talking about who to bring so hopefully you planned out a good team. Hero's improved encourage is really useful because otherwise you might have to have Felix/Therese/Doll and Meline work together to both cure poison AND heal someone if they take a bit too much damage and are poisoned at the same time. Throw some smites, radiant prayers, shield bash, and lightning/acid magics and they should go down pretty darn quick. Bit of a shame really, aside from raw damage they don't seem to have a lot going for them... Well I guess they have a shit-ton of poison but that is relatively easy to deal with.


The following strategy has shown a 3/3 viability (out of 3 attempts, 3 were successful)

So I made sure to do some research first and what stuck out to me is that the scouts CAN 1-hit kill, so I planned my team not only around my experience with foreigners in the search party quest, but also being able to try to stop any scouts from getting attacks once they focus so....


I'll be honest here, Bronwyn actually wasn't a great choice. I say that because while pinning arrow is usually great and very consistent, it's an all or nothing sorta thing, while I've never seen it miss if you don't get it off before your opponent then all that it's good for is some extra damage (compared to cape stun that lasts for like 2 turns but has a chance of missing), and the problem is that without either Kyrie to slow down all the scouts or Felix to make Bronwyn faster it's a coin toss as to if Bronwyn or the scout she's targeting goes first. Personally, my biggest problem with this team is that you take a LOT of damage so I'd personally advise either bringing Therese (for tank, siege shield, and heals) or Gargan (for decent survivability and cape stun) instead. That said, if you do want to bring Bronwyn, I did make sure that the dungeon was viable even if you ONLY used pinning arrow against scouts after they focused. I think that Larelle is an EXCELLENT choice for the foreigners for two reasons, one since they seem to only have physical attacks murder of crows is excellent for making even a group of 3 manageable and doesn't have that bad damage too, what makes Larelle even better is that she has a revive spell so even if this team might be struggling without Felix, Larelle was the only one I had who could fix a party member who took a focused headshot to the face (though the only one who took one in all my attempts was Larelle...). Meline also fits for this dungeon (as all other ones really) really well because not only does she have an out of battle cure, but 60% miss chance is incredibly useful here. Equip your party for defense (evasion wouldn't be a bad idea either), if you bring Larelle give her the rhinestone glove as the dungeon is too short for anyone else to need it too badly, and the only status effect to really worry about is knock-down. You should have blazing aura and encourage by this point for sure, so giving Hero the barbaric hides is probably the best choice.


So the scouts are basically Bronwyn, like seriously they have about the same speed as her, pinning arrow, and barbed arrow (which note, nothing cures bleed currently), but if you see them use a skill that doesn't appear to have a name then take them out quick because that means they're 'focused', and when focused they can use 'headshot' which can one-hit kill the target! The raiders are a lot easier to deal with but it's important that you deal with them too, they can attack either one or two targets per turn and their attacks can cause knockdown, aside from that the only other thing I've seen them use is counter (the next time they are targeted with a physical attack, if they can, they will instead counter-attack preventing your attack in the process). The scouts are the bigger threat as pinning arrow WILL interrupt one of your teammates (maybe not Bronwyn) if it hits and the last thing you want to do is leave them alive long enough to get off a 'headshot'. Meline should obviously daze them first, then any raiders and do note that once dazed enemies can't counter-attack so if a raider uses counter while they're dazed laugh in their face and punch them because until dazed wears off they can't do anything (but once it does, they'll counter the next physical attack coming their way so watch out!). Murder of crows should also make it so that the attacks that do get through do basically no damage, and I think these guys might be a little weak to it because I saw this control-type attack doing roughly 225 per hit (I usually see control type spells do roughly 150 per hit). Murder of crows spam should help make it easier to kill off the enemies. Once everyone is dazed have Meline heal someone if they need to be healed, but her first priority should be leaving your opponents dazed, it's fine if you get down to half health if your opponents can't hit you anymore. If you didn't bring Therese/Felix, Hero should be doing what he can to heal but may have trouble, especially if you didn't give him the barbaric hides (I gave them to Bronwyn which I regret) and otherwise attacking. If you brought Gargan have him try to keep the scouts stunned. Personally I tried to have Bronwyn bleed all the targets, but you could also try pinning them, though she'll have a lot more luck with the raiders than the scouts! You'll probably need to use blazing aura once with how much Larelle should be spamming murder of crows, but the dungeon is short enough that after that she'll be fine.


Well, he certainly stands out... The captain is able to attack up to three (!) characters per turn from what I saw, he can also use knockdown and twice-cutting wind (even though his normal attacks can hit THREE people...), but the biggest threat I saw was impaler. I know that we've seen quite a few other bosses use impaler, but he was doing roughly 225 damage with it when he had attack down 2! I wouldn't be surprised if those of you who weren't spamming necrotic spells might have seen over 1,000 damage from that attack. If you want to throw the first radiant spell over to the captain I think that's fine as 1 more turn with the scouts not dazed SHOULDN'T be a big deal, as long as they don't pin Meline you should be fine. The scouts need to go down first though, the last thing you want on your hands are two scouts throwing headshots at you while you try to deal with the captain. Once they're out of the picture, dazed and attack down 2 leaves the captain relatively tame, with only the occasional impaler able to really illicit a reaction out of you, of which a quick encourage or cure light wounds and you're back to wiping the floor with his rather brightly colored ass. Oh yeah, on my first run against this guy a scout managed to get off a successful headshot against Larelle, so I used an item to revive her, but that was it for both items and headshots.


The previous version of this analysis can be found here.

So, I decided to redo the cogpunks dungeon with a slightly different strategy thanks to some ideas from a contributor on the wiki, still at level 16. I will give two variations of this strategy both for with and without Kyrie. Even though I've found this to be the most successful strategy to date, I won't be giving how successful my tests are because the point of viability numbers is to give a rough idea as to how consistent a strategy does or does not work, and the clockwork slime boss strongly makes this difficult as the first turn can kill one or two members of your party, leave some of them knocked down, or all sorts of things which leave me feeling like you can't really say that it works 20% of the time because there's currently no way to really 'prepare' in the first turn (and once the second turn rolls around you've got an opportunity to win the battle). This took redoing some of my leveling because previously I had leveled up to 16 in a march version, back when Meline got divine punishment instead of judgement, and judgement is needed for this strategy so it will take me a bit longer to get ghost strategies, my apologies.


Your party should have Meline and Felix, and if you have her Kyrie is the best choice but if you don't Larelle is the next best choice. It is strongly advised to ensure that Meline will know Judgement (she learns it at level 15 since the July 2015 version) before you reach the boss and to train, if needed, to ensure that is the case before taking on the Cogpunks. Give Kyrie/Larelle the rhinestone glove because they will be going through a lot more MP, try to give them the equipment that gives them the highest magic attack as possible, it would probably be a good idea to give them an orb to help with their defenses as well. Meline should have the mother's necklace and try to equip her to have the best defensive gear available to her, worrying about magic defenses before an equal physical defense, Meline's defenses should be prioritized over Larelle/Kyrie's defense but after Larelle/Kyrie's magic attack. Felix should equip whatever is the best magical gear you've got left, and if he doesn't have Chain Lightning learned give him Doctor Weird Vol. 3. Hero should probably get the Earth's embrace to help resist knockdown (I believe), barbaric hides to help with his support, and the lucky hat if you've got it.


Clockwork soldier is physically based with attack, impaler, knockdown, and meteor smash while the Cogs master is a mage with an assortment of magics most notably force barrage (basically magic missile that targets everyone) and devour magic (spell that seems to cost 0 MP and can drain your entire party of a random amount of magic if it hits). Heretical censure should be constantly used if there's a Cogs master as the soldiers seem to be immune to dazed, and devour magic lets the cogs masters mess with you if they're ever not censured. With the Cogs masters censured the soldiers become the bigger threat so they should be taken out first, if you brought Kyrie have her utilize her acid spells to try to take them out but if you brought Larelle her necrotic spells can be used to drastically reduce their damage (once Larelle has inflicted attack down 2 on all soldiers she should alternate between re-apply the status and using a more offensive spell like magic missile or chain lightning). Felix should probably open with dark blast on a soldier but after that his first concern is healing, if he doesn't have anything to heal then feel free to have him throw a magic missile or chain lightning to help with some damage. Hero should mainly be attacking and using blazing aura when needed, it shouldn't be too difficult to pull it off once a battle with these enemies. It is advised against fighting the battle with two soldiers last as it becomes a lot easier to heal up at the end of a minion battle with a cogs master that you keep censured than against a soldier throwing attacks your way.


These guys can be really tough since they have a variety of damage-type full party spells, and while they can still pack a physical punch with techniques like knockdown or shatter punch it is the full party spells that you want to watch out for.

Open with Felix using Caster's spark, Kyrie using Corrosive rain, Larelle using Synchronoise, and Meline using Judgement. On the first turn Hero should guard, reducing the damage he gets from attacks to help ensure he's alive the second turn to heal. Hero and Felix seem fast enough to regularly move before any of the slimes or at least after 1-2 of them at worst. If you brought Kyrie you can win in the first turn as the slimes have 1,500 HP and with magic attack up 2 her Corrosive rain was doing anywhere from 1,300-1,500 damage per target for me and she should be able to get it off on average after 2-4 of the slimes have gone making it rather likely that she won't be knocked down or dead before she goes, Meline however seems to be slower than all of the slimes so will regularly go last putting her at a much higher risk of knockdown or death but if she manages to use Judgement on the first turn it should kill off all remaining clockwork slimes on the first turn. If you brought Larelle instead she should be moving about as fast as Kyrie and Synchronoise reduces their resistances which will make killing them even easier but Synchronise seems to do about 300-400 damage per target and Judgement does about 200-300 damage per target so you won't be able to finish them off in the first turn.

On the second turn Hero should try to heal whatever living mage needs it the most to help ensure they get to pull off their spell (A mid-potion may be needed), Felix should use chain lightning, Kyrie should use Corrosive rain, Larelle should go with Synchronoise, and Meline with Judgement again. Felix's chain lightning was doing about 400-500 damage for me which combined with his speed can make players who brought Kyrie able to take a breath of relief if he is one of your living mages at the end of the first turn, those who brought Larelle though should still be on edge because you'll it will probably take about 4 spells between all of your mages to finish off the slimes even with Caster's spark so the slimes still have ample opportunity to potentially mess you up if Larelle isn't looking too good after the first turn.

At the end of the day, you're probably going to wipe at least as often as you win, if not more, so don't feel bad just keep trying and hopefully you'll be able to get off those 2 or 4 spells before you're wiped out. Do remember that until Hero is level 22 you can encounter Cogpunks so feel free to hold off giant gear farming for a few levels to try to help make things that much easier.


The following strategies have all shown to have a 2/2 viability (out of 2 attempts of each strategy, 2 were successful)

Similar to the thugs, the ghosts aren't particularly keen about one certain party member...


Felix and Meline are able to pretty much wreck this dungeon, only really vulnerable to the puppets which is why Kyrie is a good choice as her spells will do VERY well in this dungeon, if you don't have Kyrie then the next best option is Therese with a siege shield. Make sure that Felix has magic missile, hoarfrost and most importantly caster's spark before you do this dungeon (if Felix only knows either Magic Missile/Hoarfrost feel free to give him the book of the other one). Kyrie or Felix should get the rhinestone glove, make sure that Hero has improved encourage and improved blazing aura is very nice. Aside from that, try to equip for defense and maybe throw some fire resistance around if you can. With that said let's go!


While not seen here, when a Dancing Puppet is defeated a Puppeteer (seen in the boss image) will appear. The Crimson Wisp mainly uses fire spells while the Dancing puppets have an assortment of techniques (Knockdown, Stagger, Breakdance which allows them to attack twice, Eerie Howl which lowers attack and magic attack of the whole party by one stage) and the puppeteers have various spells as well (they have both single target and full party confusion spells as well as a single target spell that can cause hallucinations). In terms of elemental resistances, the puppets are neutral to a majority of elements (immune to necrotic) but are also immune to dazed but they do take double damage from acid attacks so feel free to exploit that, all the ghosts (including the boss) on the other hand are immune to force and acid damage (and most elements that are meant for a 'physical' body like poison), but take what seems to be 1.5x damage from fire and ice spells, and take 2x damage from radiant damage! That said, the ghosts have another weakness, they ONLY have magic attacks and no devour magic, so heretical censure can shut them down first by making them vulnerable (which adds another 1.25x damage for fire, ice, and radiant spells) then draining them of all their MP (with caster's spark should only take 2-3 heretical censures to leave a Crimson wisp dry), leaving a useless enemy on the field that you can easily use to heal up and get off a free blazing aura on.

Felix should always start every battle with Caster's Spark, the magic attack boost will drastically help heretical censure drain any crimson wisps of all their MP regardless as to if you make them vulnerable, Meline should obviously use heretical censure if there is a wisp but have her use Judgment to open for the fight against two Dancing Dolls. Hero should go for physically attacking a dancing Doll, Kyrie should use her party spells to clear the field (acid for dolls, ice for ghosts), and Therese should work to get herself Martyrdom to draw the Dolls to attack her instead of the rest of your party members. After the opening turn Hero should do the best that he can to support (Improved Encourage can heal both burned AND confusion, but you'll need Felix to use clear mind if someone is hallucinating), once Therese gets off Martyrdom she should guard unless you need to have her heal, if there's one Crimson Wisp Meline should drain it of all it's MP, and Felix should use healing aura as needed throwing Magic Missile at a Doll when he's got a free turn, Kyrie should just try to slaughter everything with her spells (Dolls take 1x damage from ice, 2x from acid).

If you get two Eerie Howls used on the same turn Hero should use Assault and Felix should use Caster's Spark to prevent you from having any negative stats. Try to have Meline use Heretical Censure the turn that you kill off a Doll after it's dead to try to get a free shot at censuring a puppeteer. If there's only one Puppeteer on the field try to wipe it out using Smite, the radiant prayer, and hoarfrost, Hero can either heal or attack depending on what is needed but as long as the eerie howl's don't have you too low then you should be able to kill the puppeteer in one turn hopefully preventing any big confusion attacks, if more than one appears have Meline use Heretical Censure to try to get one of them down. Against two crimson wisps, if you get one vulnerable on the first turn then just throw everything you have at the second to try to kill it off quickly and then focus on healing up with the useless first one around, against two Dolls Meline should try to take over as much of the healing duties as possible to try to ensure that Felix can use magic missile more often.


This battle will begin looking like a minion battle with 2 Dancing Dolls and a crimson wisp, but do note the Doll in the middle (Dancing Doll B) when killed will reveal the Vaporous Apparition.

The Vaporous Apparition also only has spells, it has the single and party wide damage-type necrotic spells but what you should be really worried about is that it also has a spell that will easily do 1,000-1,200 damage on a single party member, easily killing a fair number of your party members. The strategy isn't really any different from before since the Vaporous Apparition can be shut down like the other ghosts, while it does have more health than the puppeteers, the worst that it can really do is kill off a single party member in a turn, I'd honestly say that the puppeteers are bigger threats than the boss as if they confuse 2-3 of your team at once then it can be very difficult, so if you brought Therese go for Doll A first (making sure to shut down the Crimson Wisp first). After you take care of the puppeteer you should probably kill off the Crimson Wisp, this way you can try using Meline's radiant prayer for some damage from that instead of heretical censure (the Vaporous Apparition/Puppeteers will ONLY be targeted by single target attacks the turn they appear if there are NO other enemies around), if you're lucky and are able to get off Meline's Radiant prayer with magic attack up 2 and Therese's smite on the Vaporous Apparition when it appears then you might be able to kill it off with one turn of a concentrated attack from your team. And just like with the minions, Kyrie should be working to slaughter everything, though switching to single-target spells isn't a bad idea to help not get the puppeteer and Vaporous Apparition to appear at the same time because it won't be easy to kill them both in one turn.

Hope these tips help people, I personally prefer doing this with Kyrie as the damage she does can quickly tear through the dungeon helping to prevent sticky situations, and while Therese offers a measure more of a 'refined' touch, things can go to hell VERY quickly with her.


Werewolves will basically be causing physical damage and will cast some support spells. They will drop some money after they have defeated I came up with 2 ways to easily win specially that their damage is quite high.

You can either use Meline's Daze prayer to avoid getting hit all together but keep in mind that sometimes you will get hit or you can use Larelle's Murder of crows to decrease their attack. Of course you can use both of them at the same time but it doesn't sound efficient to me. 

My preferred party is, Felix for healing, Raina for knockdown, and either Meline or Larelle. 

There are a few tricks to the werewolves though.

The Bonegnawing wolf can knockdown a party member. 

Red taloned wolf: He can use eerie howl which lowers magic and physical attack.

I like to start by Felix's Casters' Spark and Hero's Assault when possible. Raina is most important for me, I use knockdown on Bonegnawing wolf and Red taloned wolf whenever possible because both can easily make the fight extremely hard so make sure they both die first, if you managed to get Dr. Weird vol. 2, you can equip it to Felix and then dazing the wolves becomes much easier.

Since Larelle casts control spells and not damage spells, she should learn Magic Missile and Dark blast. 

Make sure your magic attack is always buffed by Felix, preferably at the start of the fight. It's always best to focus fire on Bonegnawing then Red taloned. 

Vampires Edit

Much like the Golems below, Vampires also come in pairs except the final mob, also they're immune to necrotic magic.

Its why I prefer to use the same technique mentioned in the Golem section below.

I'll be giving you some pointers on who to kill first and what to expect when facing them.

-Serpent vampire: is the most dangerous, always kill this thing first. Abilities:

  • Steel breath: Does some physical damage and has a chance of killing a party member on first strike no matter their HP (works like Headshot).
  • Paralytic touch: Paralyzes a party member.

This thing can sometimes flip the battle in her favor in 1 turn.


-Brawny vampire: He's not as tough as he looks lol

  • Hemokinesis: Drains blood from a party member to heal him self.
  • Shield wall: Increase defense.

-Spidery vampire: it's not as dangerous as the serpent but deffinitly kill before the Brawny and Decaying.

  • Venom bite:Causes poison.
  • Webshooter: Fortunately the Pin effect this can cause used to force you to skip a turn of one of your party members it's no longer active.
  • Paralytic venom: Paralizes a party member and has a good chance of poisoning them.


-Decaying vampire:

  • Disease bite:causes poison.
  • Hemokinesis: same as above.
  • Zombie puke: uneasy and poison effects.

-Blood mage : You might think that because the final mob has 3 vamps, knockdown might now work but, since the only vamp that can do serious damage in the final mob is the bloodmage, focus your knockdown and attacks on him and you will win easily.

  • Magic missile: Chance of knockdown.
  • Blood torrent: Drains HP from all your party.
  • Dark blast: Decrease party member attack.
  • Nether winds: Damage to all your party and chance of poison.
  • Curse of thirst: Mana down


Golems Edit

Golem's mobs are basically either 1 Amethyst Golem or a Golem and a Sand nymph or a Golem and an Arca Dentata.

Since the mobs don't go over 2 members my preferred way of killing them is to use KNOCKDOWN.

What i do is simple. I use Felix's Magic missile (learned from a book) and Raina's knockdown and Elaiya to do some serious damage (You can use Gargan's stun if u want), But in my case i didn't improve my Assault so it's very easy to get to double buff and since my party does mainly physical damage, It's very important to use Assault.

The enemies in this dungeon are immune to necrotic spells, Golems in general do mainly physical damage but their friends pack some serious spells. We'll get down to those in a minute.

The main technique is simple

  • Use Assault.
  • Mana overcharge on Felix ( not only for the spells but for his healing).
  • Focus everything you have on either the Sand nymph or the Arca since they'll do the worst damage to you.
  • By everything of course, use knockdown as soon as possible even if it means overlapping it.

Since the Amethyst Golem comes alone it's very easy killing him using knockdown.

So against the Arca Dentata, its abilities:

  • Inflict rust (decreases DEF)
  • Spray of destruction (also decreases defense)
  • Paralytic bite : It...well... Paralyzes!

Game 2016-10-24 04-25-15-713

Sand nymph, its abilities:

  • Presistant howl: Locks magic "if she aims at my felix i could be in trouble"
  • Sand storm: Basically at the end of the turn all your members will get damaged, even if u guard
  • Smoldering ash: Burn status effect

Game 2016-10-24 04-34-33-065

This chick is much more dangerous, specially if she locked Felix's magic and activated her sand storm, you would be forced to use potions, unless you manage to knock her down ;)

If you came across both of those at the same time, aim for the Sand nymph.

For better results use the Biotic amp on felix, switch to the Rheinstone gloves when you finish a fight and walk around so you recharge your Mana.

The rest should be simple for you since the technique is simple.

Revisiting old dungeonsEdit

These are dungeons which re-spawn enemies daily. While some are available from the start of the game others require beating certain quests or other criteria in order to access.

Unlocked areas Edit

There are 6 locations on the World Map marked Dangerous that can be freely entered and left, which are:

  • The entrance to the Giant's Path on the world map. Located north of Eastfort.
  • Dark Mine on the world map. Located north of Northmarket.
  • Coastburg on the world map. Located south of Eastfort.
  • Innsbrook on the world map. Located north of Huntervale
  • Bitter Marsh on the world map. Located north of Southport
  • Abandoned Farm on the world map. Located north of Westcastle
  • Abandoned Border Fort on the world map. Located northeast of Huntervale
  • The Golden Tomb on the world map. Located north of Westcastle
  • Southern Feywoods on the world map. Located next to the Hidden Elf Village
  • Wind Shrine on the world map. Located north of Northmarket
  • Giant's Path: all animal encounters in the Giant's Pass will re-spawn daily (not the Ogre or any Kellos soldiers). Since it is available immediately and bear pelts sell pretty well it's a good way to get experience and money early on. It provides 329 EXP per visit. The Vendor Trash (if you sell the skins in Huntervale) will net you 1895 Sil.
  • Dark Mine[47]: at the Northeast of Northmarket there's a little mountain cropping surrounding by plains with a mineshaft in the front. Once players reach level 10 the guard blocking the entrance seems to have wandered inside, and players can follow suit for some extra daily experience and money! There is no completed quest that deals with The Dark Mine currently though. It provides 264 EXP and 960 Sil.
  • Coastburg: to the south of Eastfort players will find a little town well, near the coast. Something strange has happened to this town as all the player will find are some fishy looking zombies! Do be careful as something tells me that these guys aren't vulnerable to many status ailments and might even have some sort of regeneration effect to boot! They will respawn daily, and while players can take on the foes in Coastburg immediately it is advised that you hold off since these fights are tougher than the Dark Mine battles. After Can't Handle it Cove has been completed, there will no longer be any respawns. It provides 855 EXP and 645 Sil.
  • Innsbrook: Northeast of Huntervale you will find a smal town populated by fairies. It provides 54 EXP and 275 Sil (only if you sell the mushrooms).
  • Bitter Marsh: Northeast of Southport you will find a marsh populated with different creatures. It provides 693 EXP
  • Abandoned Farm: it only contain a strong enemy (not respawnable) that only appears on rainy days.

Areas linked with specific quests Edit

  • Abandoned Border Fort - One is the Loneliest Party. [48]You have to follow basically the same route that in Elaiya's recruimnet quest, plus a little more of the dungeon is available[49]. It gives you 60 XP to every party member, plus about 800 Sil in Vendor Trash[50].
  • Wind Shrine[51]: Blow Job. After completing the quest, they can return to shrine for daily grinding. It gives you 1500 EXP each visit and some trophies, mostly Monster Fangs
  • The Golden Tomb - The Phantom Breaker battleground. Since the December 2015 Release this zone is revisitable. You can roam freely for the whole dungeon. It gives you 1609 XP to every party member, and some Alchemical Reagent and Shiny Bits.
  • Southern Feywoods - A Manxome Foe. Revisitable dungeon. Players will be able to return to the Feywoods for some more daily training. It provides 2090 EXP

Notes. Edit

  1. In this post. See the entire discussion for more details.
  2. In case that you didn't know it, these quests were revamped in the May 2015 release.
  3. They don't fight alone.
  4. Which type do you find is not random anymore: it depends of numerical value calculated by this formula: n=Level Hero + X (X - random from -2 to 2).
  5. Kellos Scouts can instakill but only when Focused.
  6. Very useful for out of battle heals.
  7. Out of 3 attempts, 2 were successful.
  8. I gave up on getting the lucky hat after a bit.
  9. For me it was one room left of the starting area.
  10. Always go for a rat first.
  11. If you want have Doll attack if she's at full health so that the fight isn't a COMPLETE standstill while still being focused on recovery.
  12. Especially since if it starts spamming crushing ego it will really give whoever a MDEF penalty, not to mention how Hero and Doll have pretty bad resist stats to begin with!
  13. Or at least it will if you took out the minions first as I did.
  14. Then again if it does, might still be better on Hero since he's basically your healer for the time being.
  15. At least not compared to whatever the single target control-type force spell is.
  16. Attacks two of your characters potentially stunning both.
  17. You should have more than enough for the entire dungeon just from her starting amount.
  18. Make sure that Meline keeps them dazed so they don't destroy you in the meantime.
  19. Same experience and equipment.
  20. Maybe I just never encountered any others.
  21. Since Cleanse Body isn't useful here.
  22. 22.0 22.1 22.2 22.3 Out of 2 attempts, 2 were successful.
  23. I personally choose the resist myself, but it's up to you.
  24. Depending on what spells he has available.
  25. Since her attacks do basically no damage.
  26. Felix for offense, Meline for chicken soup for the soul.
  27. Since it has transfer essence.
  28. That's all that I encountered anyways.
  29. Hero too if you have encourage, I did not from this file.
  30. If Felix gets knocked down then Doll can heal and Meline can cure poison, but if Meline has a prayer book you might have to eat poison for a few turns which isn't fun.
  31. If she doesn't have it hopefully she'll get it by the time you kill the last imp.
  32. Burning imps can inflict burned as you might guess, reactive imps can inflict either def down on one party member, your entire party, and even have a poison spell I think.
  33. Especially if Hero has Encourage.
  34. In the rare event he gets a heal on himself, not like daze would affect him and both fire and radiant attacks get the vulnerable damage boost.
  35. I brought Doll because I had Therese's radiant sword and I didn't want a strategy that may have utilized it's radiant damage since that's no longer available without grabbing a blessing.
  36. Equip the Necromicon if he doesn't have the spell.
  37. So dark blast being damage based really helps the spell do decent damage.
  38. Though if you're bringing Therese she might have those so Larelle wouldn't be as bad of a choice, still I advise Felix as I'd say Dark Blast is better than Murder of Crows for this dungeon.
  39. Has attack, strong attack, paralytic edge which can paralyze and I think poison but the paralysis removes the poison if you get it, and slasher frenzy which hits all party members not sure if it does statuses or high damage since I only saw it once from a cultist with attack down 2.
  40. It has a damage type single-target poised poison spell, a full party poison spell, and a two-target necrotic spell.
  41. Has attack, cover, and ice armor.
  42. Should always be first since it's basically guaranteed to work with only 1 use.
  43. Since it can't attack no point in attack down on it.
  44. I advise against bringing melee damagers as ice armor might give them trouble.
  45. Therese too if you brought her and she has it.
  46. If you brought Doll, feel free to let Doll stay poisoned as I at least had her regeneration healing her more than poison hurt her.
  47. There is a guard outside that prevents access until the Hero has reached level 10.
  48. Since the October 2015 V1 Release this zone is revisitable.
  49. Included the stairs and the roof upside, when you can find a Dark Seed once.
  50. If you sell it to the Glass Guy in the Magical Creatures Pens, Southport university district
  51. A bug currently exist which effectively doubles the EXP and drops from fights.

References Edit