References Edit

So the game is chock full of references thought a list of them would be interesting and highlight some of the wonderful work that has gone into the game.

151 Girls/Pokemon Edit

This one should be a little obvious and when asked on the forum where the game came from noMosing related a story about saying "well you know girls are like pokemon got to catch them all!" 151 is of course the number of the original pokemon so a harem of 151 girls ... you can say you have caught them all! (now being able to put them in balls might be a little difficult).

A second Pokemon reference can be found in Ain't no party like a search party. When you find the dwarf with the broken leg our hero says "Felix/Healbot I choose you!" A direct reference to calling out a Pokemon before a battle.

Dungeon and Dragons Edit

Chock full all the way through - perhaps the most obvious being in Na Na why don't you get a job and Research Materials where the various D&D alignments are mentioned and a slew of D&D magic items are referenced, respectfully. See subversion of tropes below.

Movie/Song/Game References Edit

Many Many Many - and all funny

  • One is the loneliest party reference to one is the loneliest number originally by three dog night redone numerous times for example as part of the x files soundtrack.
  • A forge too far reference to a bridge to far wonderful world war 2 movie.
  • The Virgin Gynocides - (two references here for the price of one see fun with puns below for second) reference to The Virgin Suicides.
  • Na Na why don't you get a job - offspring song
  • Night of the raping dead - reference to night of the living dead
  • The Gift Shop Recetter - reference to wonderful little Japanese game where you run a shop for adventurers (yes you read that right) Item shop Recetter.
  • Collect twenty slime - when you get to level 81 with Fiaria you ask her what happens to all the stuff you give her seems the guild gives adventurers quests to bring back twenty jars of slime ... who knew the guild was running an MMO?
  • use a shovel on cobblestone
  • Mushroom Samba is an episode of Cowboy Bebop and an accompanying song track.

Fun with Language Edit

  • Virgin Gynocides - pun on genocide something I never thought I would see a pun of and puts this quest in a whole new light
  • Maid to Order - pun on Made to Order common manufacturer slogan especially in the 80's
  • Check out my package - so yeah package term for a man's ummm lets just leave this one here
  • Lord of the Manor - not really a pun rather a direct reference to what British lords were often called
  • Ain't no party like a search party - originally a reference to a coolio song has become a meme (see ain't no party like a timelord party).
  • Delish Candy shop - play on Delicious

Subversion of Tropes Edit

In two of the most laugh out loud funny parts of the game - rather than being Scottish though they still like sheep AND the entire quest line NaNa why don't you get a job with the orcs is one big subversion - that I am not going to spoil here. Seriously just play it and prepare to laugh.