This guide is meant to be a continuation of my strong wild start guide, picking up where it leaves off. However a few priorities have changed due to the remaining content, while this guide will also try to focus on maximizing all resources, priority will be given more to saving money rather than raw experience as the only two remaining party members have so much in-between you and them, both in battles and days, that pushing them back by a day or two to save money will result in a negligible amount of experience loss from the lack of the daily quests that they'd otherwise be in your team for. As the name of the guide suggests, this guide will be focused on trying to complete 'A quest for the cure' (which by the end of it you will have recruited the two party members currently in the game that are not recruited in the strong wild start guide).

This guide is based off of the December 2014 release.

Note: There are a lot of links that I still need to add, I will add them later, for now I just want to get this up so that it's up at least. I also need to confirm various things in here but this should be good for the most part.

NOTE: As of the March 2015 version 3 release soloing offers no in-game advantages to players. Players playing this or a later version of the game are advised to NOT solo.

Guide Edit

  1. Day 9- Remember to do your chores, including making sure to pick up your rewards for the zombie quest (talk to Raina and the priest in Lumberhill for the two rewards). Now then the next few days will berecruiting a few different girls for various reasons, but basically recruiting them earlier will help more in the long run. I would advise buying Violet and Lilac from the slave trade today, as this way you will be able to receive their first affection bonus before doing 'A quest for the cure', which will give hero both +5 defense and +150 HP which could help you out, however alternatively you could go to Eastfort and buy the condo from the real-estate agent so that you could buy the storefront on day 10, however I personally value the defense and HP for 'A quest for the cure' since it is one of the hardest quests currently in the game rather than the comparative profit of 65 sil
    • The 65 comes from pushing the condo, and thus the storefront, back a day you have one less day where you get 121 sil, the maximum from the storefront plus the interest from the money spent on the maids which is 850 for them and 180 for gifts bringing up the sil loss to 131, however you also must factor in the interest gained from not buying the condo and storefront for another day, since they together cost 6,500 sil, add in money for gifts and it goes to 6,640, interest on that becomes 66, so 131-66=65 is the comparative sil loss, a rather negligible amount compared to the defense and HP bonus you'll have for the cure quest.
  2. Day 10- Once again you've got chores to do. After that you should buy the condo from the Eastfort real-estate agent, make sure to grab the missable porn magazine on the first floor (the right side of the bookshelf). The reason why you're getting the condo right now is two fold, while you will be doing quests soon, the comparative sil gain of doing those quests a day sooner (interest from quest completion and items sold) is less then the comparative gain of the storefront for two of the Northmarket and Westcastle quests, and you want to have the condo before doing the Eastfort quest as if you do not have Rhandi in your harem you will not get a quest end scene, which will mean that you'll miss out on not only a scene, some free affection points, but also on satisfaction and that's a big no-no if you ask me.
  3. Day 11- More chores, make sure to give Rhandi SOMETHING because even if it only gives her one affection, you'll upgrade her affection rating (since she starts with enough points for the next affection rating) which will give hero another five attack, which will REALLY help with soloing. Once that is out of the way go back to the Eastfort real-estate agent and buy the storefront (though it comes real close, the Eastfort quest still doesn't yeild a guaranteed comparative profit over the storefront, not to mention gaining a few more levels would help with it a lot). Since you will have to go back to Florine and then come back to the storefront, one should keep in mind that if they spend satisfaction to fix the stables then you can fast travel between all your homes, in this case the manor and the condo.
  4. Day 12- After you finish up your chores we FINALLY get to do some questing again! There are three choices to go with, and you should be able to handle all three of them, though perhaps with some difficulty on the one from Eastfort. I advise starting with 'Check out my package' as it yields a lot more money than the Westcastle quest. Note that unlike all other quests, you can save in the middle of this one, so it can be a really good place to acquire some trophies, the cogsmages can drop pocket tomes, and if I recall correctly the other enemy can drop shiny bits, if you're interested in save-scumming your way to the desired loot drops, save before you leave the store as you'll have your first battle once you walk out. From here all three ways to the world map have the same encounter of three enemies, one being a cogsmage, between you and the world map and once you win any of the three fights all three will disappear. It is also good to note that even though you can't access your manor, you can still access Florine's shop and the bank, so you can sell your vendor trash and deposit the money before you finish the quest. On the world map there are four encounters, only one of them is forced, two are along the direct route from Northmarket and Eastfort, the third is slightly north of the first encounter, I advise fighting all three of these optional fights for the experience and loot (and maybe save-scumming for the pocket tomes). The final battle, which is forced, is with a cogsmage and the boss, shouldn't pose any real threat. And remember that you can sell all this vendor trash you've gotten to either of your stores (in Northmarket or Eastfort) and deposit your money at any bank before you enter the clock shop and end the quest. You should get a scene between the twins after this.
    • If you wish to try your hand at the Eastfort quest instead, which has a much higher sil yield, skip down to day 14 and do the 'Check out my package' quest on day 13 instead.
  5. Day 13- More chores, and remember to claim your reward from Raina! Now, if you're still not comfortable doing the Eastfort quest, and I wouldn't blame you as it's a long quest where you can be one-shot by some enemies though it's still rather easy to solo, then head to Westcastle and do the 'Virgin Gynocides' quest. There are quite a few missables in this quest so try your best to open EVERYTHING. Now you'll face the boss after you exit the room where you find the girl so make sure you're ready (and talked to just about EVERYTHING in that room as there's a fair amount of loot in there), he's tougher than the last boss you fought so make sure to keep your defense up, but you can definitely win this without too much trouble. For all your troubles you will receive a footjob from your little sister as a reward, so make of that what you will.
  6. Day 14- So many chores, and don't forget to head back to Westcastle to talk to the priest then the adventurer's guild to get your reward. I also think that it'd be a good idea to spend some satisfaction to gain the twin dragon rings, as they are both incredibly useful and the extra attack will make this quest a lot easier, so equip the red dragon ring. Now then, go and do 'Ain't no party like a search party'. Here you will encounter mainly three types of enemies, foreigner swordsmen, musketeers, and spearmen. Always go for the musketeers first as not only are they the strongest of the three, but they have an attack that can one-hit KO you, after that I would advise raising your defense if there are any swordsmen since they have the next highest attack and going for them, and finally raise your attack to finish off the spearmen as all they really do of note is cover their allies and have a lot more HP than the other two enemies. Remember that after the first forienger encounter you have two paths you can take, either straight North (where you will face one encounter) or through the caves (where you will face two) I suggest fighting all three of these myself. Also don't forget to fight the racoons two screens East from the mountainside. After the racoons you might want to switch out the red dragon ring for the blue one as you'll be fighting the boss of this quest mid-quest and she can do a lot of damage. Go to the bridge and fight a group of foreigners and the boss immediately afterwords, use an encourage cycle and you'll be fine. After the boss put back on the red dragon ring, there are one or two more enemy encounters on the screen but make sure that you use the save point before you move to the next screen as you can't come back and you'll be kicking yourself if you have to redo all the stuff you've ALREADY done. Once you get to the enemy camp kill off ALL the enemies without entering either building at the bottom, it'll take a long time but you will have to later if you don't do it now, and you'll only get half the experience if you do it later. Double check to ensure that you got all of them. Absolutely certain? Okay, at the bottom there are two tents/buildings, enter the eastern one first, grab the loot from the chests, the map from the table, and hey feel free to rape the maid for a free and missable scene/3 satisfaction. After this go to the western tent, another fight, a scene, Kyrie joins your party, open EVERY chest in here, if you did the job right before then as soon as you leave the tent then the quest will be over. If you leave and you aren't immediately told that you kill all the enemies then you didn't kill them all and will either have to do it getting only half the experience or reload. Anyways, once you finish enjoy your scene with Rhandi.
  7. Day 15- I bet you're tired of the chores, huh? Anyways, after those head to Eastfort, talk to the adventurer's guild leader there, then collect your reward from the desk there, find the military intelligence center (it'll be misspelled if you're reading the sign) and try to enter or talk to the guards or something, and you'll get to trade that map you grabbed for a nice shield. Now, here's where things get a bit tricky, see, I've never actually completed 'A quest for the cure' fairly, but I gone through it and analyzed a lot of the stuff that appears here so I do actually have some strategies and all on how to help you with it, however a few of the things that you can do to help yourself prepare will result in pushing the quest back by yet another day, so it's up to you if you think getting the currently final party member that extra day of the daily quest (plus not to mention all that interest off of the spoils from the quest) is more important then this preparation work I'm suggesting then just skip on down to next point otherwise, go and recruit Ino, making sure to help her cheat completely to get her that extra 16 affection.
  8. Day 16- Chores, enjoy a nice defense and health boost, and make sure to give Ino some shiny bits but do NOT let her enchant anything yet, trust me. Anyways once that's out of the way make sure that Larelle has joined your party (rather then her being in the dungeon) if you want to save a nice 2,500 sil tomorrow. Now talk to the guy standing right in the doorway of your manor and it's time for a promotion! It's a party! Have fun, chat to people, get a blowjob from Rhaina and she'll join your party!
  9. Day 17- And the day begins with an angry Rhaina, to be fair I personally would be upset if I found out that my SO had my sibling who's been missing for days unconscious in their giant manor filled with slaves. If Larelle joined your party then she'll give you a tip about where to find a genie that would have otherwise cost you 2,500 sil to get. With all those scenes out of the way go and do your chores I bet you think that we're going to do 'A quest for the cure' now right? NOOOOT exactly. See, unless I'm mistaken, you should have also gotten Meline to high enough affection to open up her love quest, so here's the thing, you're going to do the first half of her love quest THEN 'A quest for the cure', the reason for this is because you can't solo 'A quest for the cure', even if you SOMEHOW manage to get through the first boss battle, which I doubt, the first encounter in the second screen will absolutely destroy you as it has three enemies that will basically constantly stun someone, so with a single party member you're just going to get killed. Make sure to get all the loot from your old house in 'Family Matters', so talk to everything, every corner, enter every room, everything as there's quite a fair amount of missable stuff in here, including 'Doctor Weird Vol. III', this is what we came here for mainly, along with some satisfaction and magazines so that you might be able to spend some more satisfaction. This book gives a party wide lightning spell (so Felix/Larelle only), this will be incredibly useful in the upcoming quest.
  10. Day 17- Now, prepare your team. I'll note who is useful and not here. First, bring Larelle. This is non-negiotable, even though most of her natural spells are necrotic (and this is a dungeon filled with necrotic enemies so those aren't effective) the final boss of the dungeon is currently not properly balanced and just can't really be beaten, however if you bring Larelle then you can instead of fighting him get a scene and some satisfaction ALONG WITH the experience and loot that he normally drops all without the fight, so just make sure to either equip 'Doctor weird' or 'magical handbook' to her offhand to give her a really good non-necrotic spell. You MIGHT be able to do the dungeon with just these two, but given that it's a very big dungeon you'll still be gaining a lot of experience if you bring a full party, so since you've already power-leveled through most of the game through soloing I think now is a good time to take advantage of those extra levels by bringing in a full party as well (there isn't really a point to all the power-leveling if you do the entire game as a solo run after all, unless you're into that kinda challenge). Due to the high number of necrotic enemies Meline makes a very good choice for this fight as well. I'd suggest also bringing in Felix because of his healing abilities will be highly useful, plus his ability to use spells will also work out nicely as it allows you to have someone use Chain Lightning and Magic Missile every turn, and given that the second and third boss battles of this dungeon are HIGHLY resistant to physical attacks but vulnerable to magic attacks (plus you could also double magic missile them to ensure your safety) a party of three casters is actually ideal for this dungeon. I would suggest giving the red dragon ring to hero as the only one who'll be relying on physical attacks, I think it'd be good to give Felix the Rhinestone glove as Healing Aura is one of the highest cost spells you'll be using, and since he's probably mastered at least several spells from your other spell books giving him 'Doctor Weird' for chain lightning wouldn't be a bad idea, which is also a higher MP costing spell and since Meline and Larelle have the focus skill (100 momentum cost but gives them MP) they have ways of restoring MP. Meline can take the Mother's Necklace from your old house which leaves the Blue Dragon ring for Larelle. If you also have the Foxhead Amulet it'd probably be a good idea to give that to the hero for some battles at least due to his rather low natural resistance. There are also a few exploits that one can use that might be useful, the shield exploit could help hero fill a more tank based role (which is probably what he'd do best since it'd give him a lot of momentum to use to heal/buff the party) and the drunk exploit can be used rather effectively with hero, though if you plan to do this you might want to make sure that you've got a good alternative accessory for Larelle as due to the difficulty of this dungeon the early accessories we used are probably not worth giving her. And don't forget to have the blacksmith upgrade hero's and Felix's weapon and Ino enchant Meline and Larelle's weapons if you got her, since if you gave her shiny bits the past two days and got the 16 extra affection for her you'll now get some extra vendor trash from her enchanting stuff now.
  11. Day 17- Now, here is where I'd tell you how to do 'A quest for the cure', or at least give you tips on it, but honestly I don't really have much of anything. Use Meline's radiant prayers for super-effectiveness, use chain lightning to drain MP from large groups of mages, use magic missile to stun foes that can really fuck you up, and try not to die. Everything in the first two screens is missable so I advise killing all the enemies in the first screen to loot all the tombs before fightning the werewolves (I haven't beaten the wolves without cheating, but the beta wolf is the support one so keeping him stunned is important, but focus on killing off the alpha female I think since she can do some major damage, just try to keep the Beta knocked to the ground while you kill off the other two I think would work), in the second screen it's a similar story kill all the enemies, open all the chests, before going upstairs (melee attacks will almost never hit the boss, but magic attacks don't seem to ever miss, so magic missile him constantly and maybe just have hero guard so that he gets 4 momentum per turn and use skills to buff the party members), and due to the super high defense of the third boss it's basically a stronger version of the second boss, and then thank make sure that you choose the threesome instead of fighting the final boss.... And after all of this, if I recall correctly you're rewarded with a scene where Larelle and Meline compete to give you a blowjob, I'd advise choosing to go with Larelle here since you already have Meline at effectively max affection.
  12. Day 18- While you're still in Westcastle, enter 03:33 on the second floor clock and enter the secret room to get the genie lamp, now go and do your chores. Since you have access to the noble district of Westcastle now (the guards won't stop you from entering anymore) you can now get the hero some skill training at the cost of sil, it's a bit expensive and the four skills can't be gotten until certain points, but you should be able to get one or two I think and given that the expense is doubled with each one (first is 1,000 sil, second is 2,000 sil, third is 4,000 sil, and final is 8,000 sil, for a total cost of 15,000) probably best to only get the first two or three for now (all the soloing should have helped raise your level even though I doubt you're high enough to get all four yet). Anyways, when you're done, you should probably head to your Northmarket manor and use the genie lamp to get Gargan FINALLY added to your party, and he's one of the better party members so it's probably best to not delay getting him anymore.

Congratulations,you completed this guide! And you've still got a few more things that you can do, be it recruiting the vampire girl that was locked into a room, finally getting your hands on the enchantress if you didn't earlier, doing the 'Bewitching woman' quest, or the Southport guild quest. Not to mention all those love quests, but this should put you in a rather good position to get all of that done!