This is for secrets, collections to find, and things outside of the main quests that you have to look for.

*Spoilers, spoilers, spoilers*

If you like the exploration and finding things on your own. Some items may be missable so if you want to make sure you don't miss anything but want the fewest number of spoilers, check this list if you want to progress in a easier way.

Dark SeedsEdit

Dark Seeds are a series of Key Items that can be found throughout the game. Dark Seeds are missable as some can only be found during quests.

Dark Seeds can be given to the Creepy Guy in the Slums building with a save point sign and a crossed rod/staff sign. You receive a reward for every 5 Seeds you give him. See the Dark Seeds article for details.

Buried TreasuresEdit

In several locations there are buried treasures that can be dug up. If you have the Shovel in your inventory, and if you are standing at the exact location you can dig them up. See the Buried Treasures article for details.


Like Dark Seeds the location of Porno Mags and Erotic Novels will not be in the quest walkthrough but instead the number to be found. Porno Mags are worth +1 Satisfaction each, and Erotic Novels are worth +3 Satisfaction if you finish it. See the Porn items article for details.


In the game there are secret codes that can be used to get certain bonuses. These codes can be inputted either at the Naming Menu at the beginning of the game, or at the red switch inside the Manor Study.

  • One requires contributing to the Wiki[2].
  • A code can be received at the end of the game Dungeon Assault. Said code gives a free t-shirt.
  • A code can be received after finishing the first assignment (get to the end of the demo) of the game Ether Count. Said code will give you the Ether Battery, a reusable item that gives Felix 100 mana once a day.
  • h9UeCK - One free Mid-Potion
  • p58Tkr - One free Essential Salts
  • KcQQrK - One free Potion of Resist Cold
  • f9p6QTn - One free Scroll of Fireball
  • XHgw5T - One free Clockwork Amusemente
  • 3RMwgHYV - Snazzy paper crown
  • ad7PSRkWDe - Gives enough EXP to level-up by 50 to the Hero, Felix, and any party member recruited after the code is used. Untill level 99. 
  • UUDDLRLRBA - Gives 30 Resurrection Potions[3][4].

The following codes can only be entered at the red switch, not at the Naming Menu:

  • Rule63 - Allows you to access the April Fools sex scene
  • JuFJrY - Allows you to access the first Patreon backer custom sex scene
  • JuFJrY1- adds scene to replay menu
  • Bwjfnc - Allows you to access the second Patreon backer custom sex scene
  • Bwjfnc2 - adds scene to replay menu

Strange NotesEdit

There are currently 6 Strange Notes that can be found. What happens when you get all 8 is unknown. They hint at something dark and potentially terrifying. Finding all of them might be either really good, or really bad. They just might be related to the thing that keeps watching you.

  • One is on the floor in a hovel in the Northmarket Slums.
  • One is on the right side of the wall of the Abandoned Fort you visit for One is the Loneliest Party.
  • One is on the wall of the main building at the Abandoned Farm.
  • In the Theater Office in Westcastle during The Virgin Gynocides.
  • In the first mausoleum Graveyard area of Looking for a Cure.
  • In a mirror in hotel room 13 F1 on the island were you have your vacation.

Easter EggsEdit

  • If you look there is a recurring Pokemon reference. Hint: Gen1. It is a sacred number.
  • A serving girl in Bitch's Sixth Tit says she needs a drink just to get through the day and the hero answers, "What are you, a dwarf?" This refers to Dwarf Fortress dwarves, who all "need alcohol to get through the working day."
  • Many pop culture references exist in the game as well.
    • The Christmas Shoes- the the second to last child in line at the cannery wants to buy his mom shoes for Christmas
    • Michael Jackson's Thriller
    • In the Mist Apiary, "No, not the bees!" refers to Nic Cage's scene in The Wicker Man.
  • Larelle Easter egg? Possible reference to old movie 1951 sci-fi "The Day the Earth Stood Still" {Klaatu Barada Nikto) and again in a later movie "Army of Darkness", Probably the latter; Because if i remember right the character in that movie mispronounced it with a "v" (Klaatu Verada Necktie...)
  • Reference to The World God Only Knows anime "God of Conquest mode" and other quotes
  • Penelope's love quest title was a reference to Cowboy Bebop's episode 17 title "Mushroom Samba".
  • The gift shop at the right side of your manor is an Easter Egg for the game Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale. The person you invest with is the fairy (Tear) and the shopkeeper (Recette) is the main character you control in that game. Now apparently more grown up. Darn that there was no quest to add her to the harem. Yet.
  • Disney's Cinderella reference: Talk to the assistant in 'A Stitch for a Dime' clothing store in Westcastle. His rhyme is from the mice's song.
  • Firefly: The knit cap and it's flavor text reference Jayne and Mal. "I aim to misbehave."
  • One of the Main character's default names, Rance, is a reference to the japanese Erogue most popular Male Hero ever made, Rance from alicesoft. There are several references to Rance's series, like a girl from lumberjack village whose says during the rainning days: "Rain Rain, Fly Away"
  • Apple Kid and Orange Kid are named after the Apple Kid and Orange Kid in Earthbound. (Mother 2)
  • PK (psychokinesis) Thrust and PK Rockin' are both references to the Mother/Earthbound series. PK "Thrust" isn't a PK move that's in the series, but "PK Rockin'" is. (It's the default name for your "favorite thing" in Earthbound.)
  • In the love quest "A Debt to Pay", the five guardians reference Earthbound. Each of them say (in some way) that they are the third strongest of them all (the 5 moles in the desert mine)
  • In Eastfort, next to the bank, there will be a man selling illegal drugs standing there. When you talk to him he'll start by saying, "Hey, it's a secret to everyone. Now, whaddya want?" Which is a reference to the poorly translated phrase, "It's a secret to everybody" used in just about every official "The Legend Of Zelda" game
  • the note may be a reference to slenderman (he can be found in the cave somewhere in the northside of the map)
  • There are some familiar faces in the crowd during the Westcastle tournaments.
  • The Book of Hax Item from Easy Mode has a Reference to Chrono Trigger when used.
  • The twin dragon rings is perhaps a reference to Shining tears game on playstation 2
  • The Timeturner is perhaps a reference to the Harry Potter series
  • All opponents in Super Tournament Fighter II are references to past and current members of the Marvel superhero team, the Avengers.

Other SecretsEdit

Other random things you might come across will be found here, general looting of bookshelves and boxes is expected from a RPG hero so won't be found here, just the out of the way things you might have missed.

  • Stopped Clocks - If you find a clock that has stopped, set it to 06-10-50 to get an Elixir. A clock can be found in Elvo's House and another in the Eastfort Clock Shop.
    • This is a reference to Final Fantasy 6 where in the town of Zozo there is a quest to set the hands of a stopped clock to 06-10-50 which ends up getting you a chainsaw one of Edgar's strongest tools.
  • Mirrors: check your appearance in other people's bathrooms can involve you in unexpected fights (Elvo's house).
  • Naming the Hero certain names can give you special starting items or stat changes.
  • If you meet a young girl in the Northmarket Townhouse and say "yes" to her advances... let's just say you deserve what's coming to you.
  • While exploring the world you may notice something keeping an eye on you. Pray that it takes its time coming for you.
    • When you enter the Haunted Woods in Lumberhill stand in the nook a step north and just right of the wooden barricades.
    • You can see it again if you stand in the top right corner of the Cliff Face in Giant's Path along the northern edge of the map.
    • During matches in the arena you may see it on your side as you exit
    • You can also find it inside a cave west and slightly north of Natsumi Ranch.
    • In the West Feywoods, at the right side of the pond if you look up at the cliff
  • The meat of the tasty sausage can be deduced from the sudden change in the Northmarket slums after investing in the sausage lady.
  • One should pay respect to the people who made the game possible, it might even reward you if you do.
  • If you use the New Game + feature, your character sprite will switch to a random adventurer on occasion.
    • The one behind the bar in the guild during your squire party.

If you go after everything like I try to do then you will eventually have to take on rattus Maximus in the sewer next to your mansion. If you are having trouble getting past his regeneration there is a very simple solution. If you use poison it not only takes his regeneration but also kills him for the same amount he would be healing. I hope this info will help.


  1. Putting a code in the Naming Menu does not make the Hero's name the code.
  2. It helps to send me a message on my wall or in the forums in case I miss your posts - DK2
  3. Only works in the Naming Menu
  4. The infamous Konami Code