Dungeon Assault: is the hack-and-slash bastard child of Harem Collector. It was built as an experiment by NoMoshing to make and test code which is now used in the Random Daily Quests.

It can be downloaded from here.

Dungeon Assault is a roguelike game, except you can save it every time you pass a level. You cannot retreat to an earlier level and there is a finite amount of enemies, which limits how much XP, Sil, and items you can acquire. There are 15 levels total, with the last one being the boss fight[1].

Beating Dungeon Assault gives you a code you can enter at character creation (or the code input machine at the Manor) to get a special item.

Dungeon Assault Tee: Body Gear slot equipment. +15 Attack, +1 Defense, +15 Magic.

Ether Count: Is an extremely frustratingly Short Puzzle Solving RPG, that should seriously be expanded and fine tuned upon at a later date. It was created in an 8 Hour Game Jam in 2014, the setting and characters are to be expected of a No mosh game as they can defy conventions from time to time. And While it's a Puzzle Solving RPG which I believe elements were used in quests for Harem Collector, the puzzles were vexing to say the least at times with its Mana Mechanics around puzzles. Completed after one quest.

In all honesty if NoMosh decided to expand upon this game and incorporate it into the HC world that he is creating it would be a most welcomed Addition as it could easily fit in. oh and it offers a code at the end.

EtherCount: Re-usable Item, Restores 100 MP once per game day when used.

It can be downloaded from here.

Notes Edit

  1. In all honesty I don't think you have to do all 15 to achieve a boss fight I think it's 7 or 8 if I remember Correctly.