Harem Collector currently has several story arcs, quests that relate to one another and have a bit of a consistent story among them. Quests that fill this role will be listed here in the order they appear for the story arc they deal with unless the quest is an Adventurer's guild quest as well.

Introduction quests Edit

Lord of the ManorEdit

You will automatically acquire this quest upon exiting the sewers, after talking to the Guild Alchemist and receiving your 100,000 Sil reward.

  • Head to the Estate Broker in Northmarket Wealthy District and speak to him. He will ask you to locate the loan shark that has taken his two children hostage and save them.
  • Return to Northmarket Slums, then go to the Tin Dog Tavern and talk to Shally, the bartender, about gambling dens (if you haven't spoken to her since emerging from the sewer, she will make you square up your tab, and you will have to talk to her again). She will tell you about the pub Bitch's Sixth Tit and its back room.
  • Go to the northern road and follow it until you find the path south that isn't blocked by a dwarf and a sheep. You will encounter a woman, Therese, in the process, and she will join the party.
  • When you enter the building speak to the barkeep and then the gentleman orc to gain entry to the gambling dens. The Back Room is a danger zone, so be sure to save before you go inside.
  • As you move throughout the back rooms there will be enemies you have to defeat. They are all simple and you'll receive a combat tutorial.
  • After some mob battles you can either take the to the right, which will take you to the cells; or take the left path and head straight for the Boss. If you take the right path you will fight two enemies and the captured Slaver will tell you that the key to the cell is in the Boss' room.
  • Therese will give you tips on how to beat the Boss. It's recommended that you defeat the minions before you target the Boss. After beating the Boss go to the bedroom and interact with the table for the cell key and some (6) Slave Collars (you're planning to give them back, honest!)[1].
  • Before you get to the cells Therese will leave you party. After you let the captives go, the Slaver will ask you about those inconvenient Slave Collars, but he decides not to press the issue. You will then talk to the Estate Broker's daughter, Alina, and give her a little something as a gift. 
  • You will automatically be returned to the Estate Broker's office in the Wealthy District. You will lose all the money you have, but you get the Manor. After the dialog, enter your manor (prior to the that you could clear Alina's equipment for extra naughtiness and a bit of money) on the north side of the area break in your new slave (+5 Satisfaction).

One Is The Loneliest PartyEdit

This quest is automatically granted when you claim your manor, at the suggestion of Alina.

  • Head to the temple on the east side of the Northmarket Wealthy District and speak to the nun to learn that Therese is cloistered and unavailable. If the Manor Invasion has already happened, the Hero will realize his mistake and he will leave the church automatically.
  • Go to the Tin Dog Tavern in the Slums to run into Elaiya, who is heading off to face a wizard. Speak to Shally about her and she will contract you (for 1000 Sil) to protect her (among other things from herself).
  • Leave the Slums and head south on the map until you see a broken road heading east. Follow it to a broken tower and enter the area[2].
  • Fight your way through the tower and loot everything you can[3]. Make sure to check the book on the table just before you get to Elaiya[4].
  • Defeat Godfrey and gain Elaiya as a slave.
  • You had first taste of Shally's manipulations. It won't be the last time, that's for sure.

Na Na Why Don't You Get A JobEdit

See the relevant Guild quest.

Maid to OrderEdit

  1. "Hire a maid for the manor." Walk out of the mansion, go to the slave market and buy the maids. It costs 750 Sil.

A Forge Too FarEdit

  1. "Find and hire a blacksmith to repair your blade." Go to the Northmarket Slums, proceed a bit left and up from the entrance, you will see a foreclosed forge. Talk to the smith.
  2. Go to the bank in Northmarket, talk to the loan guy[5].
  3. Go to Eastfort and collect from the slaver, he cannot pay and you repossess Doll, his last slave and bodyguard.
  4. Go to Westcastle, enter the Theatre, and watch the play (costs 50 Sil to enter), afterwards you receive payment from the actor.
  5. Go to Elvo the Magnificent[6], he will fight you before agreeing to pay and his house is a full sized dungeon you cannot save in, so be prepared.
  6. Go to the bank, talk to loan officer.
  7. Go back to the blacksmith in the slums.
  8. Go to your mansion's forge[7] to finish the quest and have sex with Doll.

Harem Drama quests Edit

Manor InvasionEdit

Automatically started when you have 7 or more girls in your harem and you start a new day. Until you start a new day, you can gather as many as slaves as you like. Only girls that are officially part of your harem will be in your manor[8]. General Notes:

  1. As of the December 2015 release, the quest won't activate if the player hasn't finished 'Na Na Why Don't You Get A Job'. If the player begins 'A Forge too Far' (by talking to the smith) they will have to finish that quest as well.
  2. After you wake up you'll find that your manor is under attack[9]. You need to collect your allies and kill the intruders. Every time you find an ally you get to reorder your party.
  3. Some fights can be avoided depending on who is present (see the list above).
  4. Go through every room in the mansion until all the invaders are dead. If you defeated the boss [10] and you think you have done so already, then it means you didn't even realize that there is an extra room or more that you are missing (the mansion is HUGE). If you have invested in Apple or Orange kid, their bars will be in the foyer as usual, so grab them.
  5. Decide whether to sell the 2 captured nuns to the slavers for 15,000 Sil, or to return them to the church. Note that currently the only effect of selling the nuns into slavery is the inability to turn in the quest Can't Handle it Cove (with a reward of 13,000 sil, which makes it more beneficial to sell the nuns for now).
  6. When you finish, you get to praise your slaves for their efforts. Praising girls (or Felix) gives them +5RP. Praising girls who didn't do anything will make the others unhappy due to clear favoritism, praising the same girl every time there is a special event will do the same[11], and praising everyone just devalues praising so you are limited to only 2 choices this time.
  7. All followers who do not live in Northmarket manor, Florine, and Raina will not attend the event.

Above you will find a list by room that you have to check: Master bedroom floor, cistern, dungeon, laboratory, dining room, kitchen, servant's quarters, main hall, chapel, and study (ten localizations in total). The order is only relevant in function of the party members that you want to use more or less (and the XP associated to it).

  • Your Room: You started out being attacked in your bedroom with only your sister (Meline). She'll fight with you the first time but back out if her relationship is lower that Trust. You may add Yeon to the party after your first battle. Take her because she will not be in the kitchen.
  • Cistern: The intruders in the cistern will try to rape Doll, giving the option to intervene (fight, +1RP with Doll) or let them have her (avoid fight, Doll is not added to your list of party members).
  • Dungeon:
  • Lab: The Amazing Old Man (if you have him) will take care of the attackers in the alchemy lab.
  • Office: The knights will try to take your documents but think he is being manipulated by Kyrie and Bronwyn.
  • Dining room: A Priest thinks he can defeat Yamamaya and Gargan because he is holds the Power of justice.
  • Kitchen: Penelope will resist a priest and a knight as she became a slave willingly.
  • Servant Quarters: Chimei and Elaiya together will clear out the attackers in the slave quarters (if only one of them is present then you have to fight).
  • Chapel: fight Therese.
  • Study: Felix will be defending Larelle for the Lumberhill incident.

Honey Trapper Edit

After your adventures with your manor being invaded, one day you'll find a mysterious butler outside your Northmarket manor, talking to him will reveal the earl of Northmarket wishes to speak with you! Head to the giant mansion north of Northmarket on the world map and talk to the guy on the bridge to learn that he wishes to break off his engagement and he needs your help to do it. Before you can attend his fiance's birthday though you will need to acquire a few items to help convince all the various nobles there that you aren't just some adventurer from the slums (which you are), to do this you will need to buy three things:

  • Signet Ring - the Jewelry shop in Northmarket
  • Fancy Dress - the seamstress in Northmarket
  • Fancy Clothes - the men's clothes shop in Westcastle

These will each run you 5,000 a piece... So if you're tight on funds you might want to hold off on this one. Now, while after buying these you can proceed to the ball to continue with the quest, it should be noted that there are four different endings to this quest, convincing the fiance to end the engagement, seducing her and making a scandal, enlisting some... help to seduce her in your place, and even drugging her. The latter three will all give different scenes, it's important to know now if you're going to do the last one or not as the drugs cost money. If you wish to drug her you could bring 20,000 sil on this quest to afford it from the guy selling it there... Or you could pay a visit to your friendly neighborhood drug dealer in Eastfort and get the same thing for a nice cheap 2,000 sil. Regardless once you're ready, head inside your manor and talk to the Butler now standing next to your stairs, and get ready to break off an engagement!

Currently the only notable people at the party are Doralice (the fiance), Quinta (the youngest of five princesses), Brigadine (the skill trainer in the Westcastle noble district), Nicholas' Butler, Alina, and yourself. If you have previously met with Quinta and Brigadine prior to this quest you can chat with them some but it will have no bearing on the quest. Now, completing this quest revolves around two mechanics, how drunk Doralice is and how well you've seduced her. I'll start by detailing the social interactions and what impacts they have on how charmed she is (this is only relevant for routes 1 and 2).

  1. When 0- You will have to talk to her and introduce yourself and you'll get a natural +1. If you've got 45 or more fame you'll get an additional +1 due to how famous you are bringing you to a total of +2! There are no other options here.
  2. When 1- Without drinks you will have to go to the entrance where you began, there you'll find a girl in front of a white table with some flowers on it, talk to either the girl or the table to learn that Doralice is a riding champion. Go back to Doralice and ask her about her horse riding for +1 seduction, when she brings up dressage ask her about it for another +1 seduction to bring you to 3.
    • If Doralice has taken at least 2 glasses of wine you can ask her about her fiance for a little insight into how they're getting along as well as +1 seduction. This option will be available at 2 seduction without the need for her to be drunk but can be done now if she's had 2 glasses of wine.
    • If you ask Doralice for sex at this point she will get angry and stop talking to you for the rest of the quest, forcing you down route 3 or 4.
  3. When 2- If you ask her about her presents you will get +1 seduction for your frankness. You will alternatively be able to comment on the Earl instead of the presents, doing so will also earn +1 seduction.
    • Commenting about her beauty will ONLY earn +1 seduction if she's had 3 drinks
  4. When 3- Here you can ask her about her friends and then sympathize with her for +1 seduction. Alternatively you can ask her about the wine and she'll mention a Vineyard, if you have invested in it (Added as of version 0.24.5) you will gain +1 seduction.
    • If you ask her about her friends then call her on her bullshit she will refuse to talk to you, forcing you down route 3 or 4
    • If she has had 3 glasses of wine and you ask her for sex she will be upset with you and refuse to talk to you, forcing you down route 3 (route 4 is not possible at this point due to her hitting the drink maximum)
  5. When 4- At this point you can ask her to be alone to finish the quest. You can also ask about her fiance, if she has not had anything to drink she will willingly break off the engagement, if she has had something to drink she will say that she needs time to think on where Hero will then ask her if she'd like the two of them to be alone.

Next, in regards to getting her drunk, you can get several glasses of wine for free from the Butler behind the bar (north of the entrance, near where Alina hangs out). No matter what you do Doralice will refuse any wine you offer her, if you ask Alina why this is she'll explain that it's because you're a stranger. To get Doralice to drink you must instead head to the kitchen and talk to Nicholas' butler (near the entrance to the kitchen) and ask him to deliver the wine for you. Once Doralice has had 3 drinks she will refuse anymore offered to her.

Now how to make use of all this information to complete the quest!

Route 1- Diplomacy

As mentioned above, to accomplish this you must get Doralice to seduction level 4 WITHOUT her drinking any wine. If she has even one glass this route will become impossible and attempting to convince her to break off the engagement will instead result in a route 2 completion. Do note that This is the only route that will not offer a sex scene.

Route 2- Seducing Doralice

This route is very similar to the above route, except you have the option of getting Doralice drunk to open up a few possibilities (described in the bullet points) not available in the diplomacy route to make it a bit easier (as well attempting diplomacy after she's had any wine will default to this route). The sex scene here is different from the ones in other routes.

Route 3- Enlisting help

In this route, Alina is the one who seduces Doralice instead, you can talk to Alina and tell her to do it whenever you so choose (with some different text based on if Doralice is still willing to talk to you or not) but she will not be able to until Doralice has had 3 glasses of wine. Once you've gotten enough alcohol in Doralice tell Alice to seduce her to finish the quest. The sex scene here is different from the ones in other routes.

Route 4- Drugging Doralice

As stated before we came to the party, if you intend to go this route make sure you either bought the drug before getting here or brought some money because, despite their wealth, Doralice doesn't have a bank in her house. If you didn't bring the drug, you're going to have to talk to the butler NEXT to the counter (not behind it) and he'll offer to sell you the Huxtable special needed for this quest. Once you've got it through either option, talk to the butler behind the counter to get a class of wine, you'll then be given the option of adding it to the wine, do so to create the fixed glass of wine. Give the 'Fixed glass of wine' to Nicholas' butler to drug Doralice (will not work if she has already had 3 regular glasses of wine), she'll fall unconscious and be taken to a servant's room as the maid standing next to where Doralice was will point out. Head to the rooms next to the kitchen and talk to the unconscious Doralice to finish this quest. The sex scene here is different from the ones in other routes.

Can't Handle It Cove Edit

See the relevant Guild quest.

Get Dumped Edit

  • talk to nicholas' butler inside the northmarket manor after you have completed honey trapper
  • go to the earl's manor to speak to the client
  • enter the dump north of the southport university district
  • if kyrie is in the party, she will warn you of the acid element nature of the area and will also tell you not to let the grey and yellow slimes mix (she is referring to the Basic Grey Slime and Acid Yellow Slime enemies in the area that use a skill called Volatile Mix which does aoe damage in exchange for self damage note that if any slime dies from using volatile mix the battle is automatically won - this is a reference to chemistry where and acid and a base makes a solution neutral)
  • (optional) to the left you can save one of the blackmailers and push him into the sludge afterward or you can skip this by continuing to the left
  • (optional) monsters for vendor trash and xp, two dark seeds and a porno mag (shovel required), and some other stuff
  • cross a narrow one tile wide path between two lakes of purple sludge (do not enter if you still want to collect some missed loot)
  • interact with the blackmailer's corpse to get the blackmail material and to initiate the boss fight
  • Return to nicholas' manor to complete the quest
  • open the chest inside your northmarket manor (near the entrance and the alchemy trash from orange and apple kid) for your rewards

Send Newts Edit

  • Start when you have finished Get Dumped and you've got the Fate Ender weapon, do you need to talk with de butler inside the northmarket manor.
  • Go to the Countess Silvayuco manor in Southporth Dock (is to the East of the Shipwrights Guild) and talk whit she.
  • Go to the Bitter Marsh island (Is the island close to Odd Farm)
  • Go to the north when you see one abandoned tower go to the East and in the bridge go to the north.
  • Try to enter in the Ruined Tower in the Kobold Village, the tower is in the northeast corner.
  • Now you walk to the south of the island until you inteacted whit a newt that ask for help
  • Enter in Newt Village, talk whit the leader that is the newt next to the green tree
  • You now have in you party 3 newts and you need to look foor scrooles
  • Go to the tower that you see before, stand beside the vines and let de newts get you the scrools.
  • Now return to the village and talk whit the leader, he ask you for help again
  • Go to rescue the newt in the Kobold Kitchen (the kitchen is in the north part of the village).
  • Return to the village
  • Defeat the Dragon and now you need to go to the countess manor, and enjoy

Dude, Where's My Sword? Edit

This quest is initially given by Gargan when he joins the harem. But it cannot actually be continued until after you have finished Send Newts. In this quest you will be controlling Raina, and she will be joined by Gargen and Wiki-tan if you have her. Your objective will be to find the Fate Ender.

  1. When this quest begins you will be Raina in her house, go talk with her mom, after the talk see who is at the door.
  2. Now leave the house, and after a cutscene Gargan will join you, and you will now be in Nortmarket - slums.
  3. Go to the adventure guild, and talk with everyone inside. Technically only the left one of the two guys at bottom is enough, but the rest do have something to say.
  4. Go to the Tin Dog Tavern and talk to Shally.
  5. Go to Wench's Gash and talk to the bartender.
  6. Go to Bitch's Sixth Tit and talk to the bartender. He refers you to the guy at the middle table to the right.
  7. Go to Hero's old home. House right above the slavers, and close to the adventure guild.
  8. Go to the church and interact with rightmost of the three graves.
  9. Enter the church. And open the chest inside.
  10. Defeat the boss, get rewarded with a Scroll of Max Healing.

Kelos Invasion quests Edit

Ain't No Party Like a Search PartyEdit

See the relevant Guild quest.

Research Materials Edit


To start this quest, you have to talk to Kyrie in the Eastford Adventurer's Guild. She asks you to get a Tome from the Rurapenthe Tower.

While it's officially in Westcastle, it can only be accessed through the World Map. See the tower on the left of Westcastle[12] on the World Map? Walk in there.

  • Hint: if you found yourself blocked by a barrier, don't bother trying to deactivate it. Look for another way.
  • Hint: If you're stuck, count the number of teleporter switches and compare it to the number of teleporters. If there are more teleporters than switches, it means a switch is hidden:
* check the bookshelf beside the crystal when you already have collected the Wand of Reality Negation from the Containment Floor.

You have two ways to enter the tower: Fight the guards or "Attempt clever ruse". If you choose the latter, you have various options:


Tower Entrance map

  • If you have the Necronomicon in inventory[13] you are granted entry.
  • If you have the Killer's Eye in inventory you are granted entry.
  • If you have the Perpetual Motion Device in inventory you are granted entry.

Fighting the guards is more difficult but also more beneficial (more experience and loot). If you used trickery just step on the teleport and go to the next floor; if you used force you need to activate the teleporter switch in the lower right corner of the map.

After using the teleporter, you appear in the second zone: the Research Floor.

Note: Letter refers to horizontal rows starting from the top, and number refers to vertical objects on a horizontal row starting from left to right.

Example: The Bag of Devouring (A1) is on the first bookshelf from the left on the first row from the top.

Research Floor:

* Listed Items:
    1. Bag of Devouring - A1 (Harmful, consumes all food items in inventory)
    2. Tiamat Coins - A4 (Vendor Trash)
    3. #2 Headband - C2 (Equipment)

Research Floor map

The most relevant thing in this floor is the directories. There are five of them. They contain, among other things the location of the Philosopher's Stone. Above you would find a list of items that are mentioned in them. Be aware that not all of them are that useful... If you try to get to the right side of the area, a mage will block your advance. The force field cannot be deactivated - you have to find another way. Press the left switch to go the next zone.

Archival Floor A:

* Listed Items:
    1. Blue Lady Cigarettes - A6 (Not Loot)
    2. Burke's Opal Necklace - C2 (Not Loot)
    3. Shroud of Observation - F9 (Not Loot)

Archival Floor A map

The next room[14] has three switches. The only teleporter (blue) that you could use at this moment is activated with the right switch of the three (there is a fire barrier). It teleportes you to the Archival Floor B.

Archival Floor B:

* Listed Items:
  1. Deck of Many Things - C2 (Not Loot)
  2. Ring of Contrariness - C13 (Not Loot)
  3. Animated Broom - A16 (Not Loot)
  4. Dark Seed - A3 (Special)

Archival Floor B map

In this floor, you only see the violet switch[15]. The teleporter gives you access to the other side of the Research Floor, where now you can use the other teleporter which was blocked by the force field.

You return to the room with the three switches, but to the other side. After defeating a Seraph and a Fiend, the barrier collapses. Press the middle switch to activate the red teleporter, which give you access to the Containment Room.

Containment Floor:

The letters go from up to down and the numbers from left to the right.

* Listed Items:
    1. Vorpal Sword-Chucks - A4 (Not Loot)
    2. Flesh to Goo - B4 (Combat; Scroll)
    3. Antikythera Mechanism - C2 (Special)
    4. Puzzle Box - D6 (Not Loot)
    5. Philosopher Stone - E7 (Special)
  • Hint: After you open all the chests of interest, you can get 150 XP fighting three mimics.

Containment Floor map (Treasure chests not visible)

You will need the Wand of the Reality Negation from this floor. It's in the box below your starting position. Now that you are there, go down and activate the green lever. Return to Archival Floor B with the violet switch and interact with the shelf to its left to reveal a red switch.

Remember the room with the three switches? If you return to that room, deactivate any active switches, activate the left switch and enter the blue teleporter on the opposite side of the room, you return to Archival Room B, but on the top-right side, when you will find another Dark Seed.

Now you should return to the room with the revealed red switch, active it and use the teleporter to access the area with the cells of the Containment Floor. Go the green teleporter (that you activated before, see two paragraphs above), you must pull the yellow switch to get rid of the ward in front of the teleporter to the vault (this switch also releases more enemies, but it's required to pull it to finish the quest), and you'll be in the Vault.

From there, there is only the boss fight... and your reward.

It's Pronounced "Sabotage"Edit

Shally[16] sends you to your first mission for the Queen. You have to go to Eastford and find your contact.

After a funny dialog with The dark Wanderer (*lol*), you're instructed to infiltrate a Kellos fortress[17].

You start, as traditional, by a cave underground. In there, you will get another quest(o o O O 0 0). There is pool near the last metallic chest that you can Poison or not[18]. From there, go upstairs and make a real nuisance of yourself: fight anything that moves (and you can catch!). The way is straightforward to a big door. Behind it it's another big-boss-cute-girl, but sadly you can't collect her either (this annoying Kellos girls...). After your victory, talk with your contact for your not-reward:[19] hey you're not in jail, so keep up with the program!

After that you will see a generic H-scene and you will advance a day.

Demon Cult quests Edit

The Virgin GynocidesEdit

See the relevant Guild quest.

Looking for a Cure Edit

To begin, you must complete Virgin Gynocides, turn the quest in and have gotten Raina. If you got Raina before completing Virgin Gynocides, you must advance time in a way that will send you to you room in Northmarket. Otherwise it will start after becoming a Journeyman.

If you have Larelle in the harem [20], she solves the question of who has a genie. Otherwise, you can get the information from the informant in the Northernmarket Slums[21].

  • Note: Players should be aware that it's a good idea to bring Larelle for this quest. The final boss of the quest has multiple forms and is rather difficult, however if Larelle is in your party then you can choose to have a threesome instead of fighting him. You will still get experience and items as if you fought him, but now you also get +2 satisfaction and get to avoid one of the harder encounters of the game. As of v 32.4, if you do decide to go that route, you don't get the key from the count (Probably just gave another item accidentally, this doesn't appear to change anything though). Since a large number of enemies are rather resistant to necrotic magic, it would be a good idea to give her one of the various spell books to give her access to some other form of magical damage, at least until the second save point in the manor. Another point to consider is to do Meline Quest love first, because it gives you resistance to the necrotic magic, which most of your enemies will use.

Each of of the bosses will drop a Craft Item (for Raina, Felix, Yamamaya and Larelle), so the strength of your party will get a boost after this quest.

The dungeon is quite long with three different zones (you can go back and forth between them freely), so it's a good idea to use the save points that you would find along the way. To start just go to the fence on the west side of the Royal Arena:

Looking for a cure entrance

The start of the quest.

  • The Masoleum: the Gravediggers drop Grim Keys, they are necessary to open the various crypts around the area. There are some missable items: two Dark Seeds, a Strange Note, the Barbaric Hides and one Buried Treasure in this area. In case that you haven't it found before, the violet liquid drains the health of your party so avoid to walk on it. Near the end of the dungeon, there is a crypt with a save point and a jar of water that heals the party. When you try to open the doors, you trigger the boss fight of this area. You're against three werewolves. They are able to hit hard so reduce their ATK and reduce their regeneration by Fire, Venom or Bleed.
  • The Wine Cellar: there is another Dark Seed in this area. There a few zombies in this area too, but also some weird dolls and some mages. Meline's Heretical Censure should work well against them. If you had bring Larelle, her Synchronoise spell works well with Meline's Judgement. Don't forget to open the wooden chests and take the Fist of Flour with you. There is another save point and a jar of water near the stairs to the next screen. The boss fight is not that hard, provided that you have the Flour to make it partially visible. Alternatively, you can use Magic to defeat him.
  • The Manor: A book next to the clock talks about how everything is arranged to be a hint for what the code is. There are three groups of three servants on the ground floor, and on the tables in each room are always three types of items, three each. This makes "three sets of three" a common theme in every room and the floor in general; meaning that the clock should be set to 03:33. The Boss hit pretty hard, so try to reduce his attack with Necrotic spells ASAP. Before dealing with the Count, don't forget to save and replenish your Mana pool with the tea, if you're planning to fight him. Once you have dealt, you will get a Vampire Fang. A new day will start. Introduce the code (03:33) on the clock near the bed to get access the secret room. Inside you will find the Genie Lamp that you need to heal Gargan. Return to the Northmarket Manor, go to the Hero's bedroom and use the Lamp. No more decisions or actions are required to finish the quest.

Sacrifices for Algernon Edit

See the relevant Guild quest.

Cannibal Corps Edit

See the relevant Guild quest.

Save the Elves quests Edit

Stuck In The Middle With You Edit

This quest is triggered by walking down the road to Westcastle. You find a Knight and two soldiers harassing an elf named Bronwyn. You can stop them by paying 2500 Sil or with by fighting them. After the rescue, you had the opportunity to learn Elvish.

  • To continue you have to go to the Elvish Village, which is located up to the left of the Strange Cave and then to the right.
  • Once there you meet with the Elven Elder and discover that slavers have taken some elfs. You get Brownym as a party member for the duration of the quest after this. Now just head south into the forest, which is a dungeon area.[22]
  • You are going to have to chase after a clown and fight him and several of his goons. The clown will always flee after you have hurt him enough, so ignore the other combatants until he has fled. You should follow him.[23]
  • Once you reach the tent on the south side of the river, go behind it and finish of the clown (he no longer flees) and get a Crafting Item[24]. Then go inside the tent and free the captured elves.
  • Although there is no monetary reward, you get about 1800 Sil from the various fights with the Clown and his minions.
  • Afterwards you will get Bronwyn as a harem member and get an H-Scene with her (+5 Satisfaction).

A Manxome Foe Edit

This quest is triggered by talking to the elven messenger found near the entrance (on the inside) of your Northmarket or Westcastle manors or near the entrance of Eastfort on the outside of the wall (but inside the city walls).

  • Head to the elf village and talk to the elder, after being told the details you'll be given a 'waystone'.
  • Head to the world map, cross the bridge to the East of the elf village, and go to the bottom left corner of the fog to enter the dungeon.
  • There is a lot of enemies moving around, so you will need a dedicated healer (Felix or Yeon) and a Tank with healing abilities like Doll or Therese. For the 4th, my recommendation is Larelle if yoor level is 23 or lower and/or Meline if she has learn Crystal Rays (level 24).
  • From here take the left fork in the road and follow it North until you get to a wall with a soft patch of dirt and a fairy that doesn't walk around. Talk to the Fairy to learn that you need seeds.
  • Head back to the entrance of the map, this time head right, head North until there is a branch in the path to your left and head there.
  • You will find a stationary plant enemy with a blue flower here, interact with it, select the number of seed pods you want and fight it for them (it's advisable to get the required seeds here and forget about it for the rest of the dungeon). Note: There are a total of 3 of these plants in this dungeon, and you will need a total of 9 seeds to complete this quest.
  • Once you get the seeds return to the main path, then either carry on North or loop back around to the Fairy (there's less backtracking if you head back to the Fairy second).
  • Follow the path planting seeds in the small patches of dirt near the walls and collecting more seeds when needed. Note: The final patch of dirt if you follow the path to the right of the entrance is near the bottom edge at the end of the path.
  • At the end of each path there will be a patch of dirt that doesn't grow veins (on the right path it's the patch of dirt talked about in the above note), when you have planted a seed in both of these patches a cave will open in-between them only accessible from the path to the left of the entrance.
  • There are some non-hostile fairies around. They walk slower than the others. One of them ask for some Candy. If you give it to her, she will give you some tips about them. Basically, The are weak against Dark (Necrotic) & Light (Radiant) magic. There is another who will sell you some supplies. A third will give you a present.
  • The boss is inside the cave, so if you wish to rest up, near the end of the left path is a tent with a fairy nearby it who will let you rest. Very near it's a chest with the Tainted Shield inside. She will charge you 250 sil the first time you rest and 500 the second time.
  • Inside the cave you will fight the boss. It has two forms. Defeat it to complete the quest.
  • After the sex scene, you will start a new day in your new home.
  • If you want to farm EXP you can revisit this dungeon one per day, from this point.

Elf Half Empty Edit

Acquire Banneret rank and speak to elf on right side of manor. Talk to elf village chief, then go to Southport University. Enter leftmost door of the right wing. Professor Titor will tell you to go to the Theoretical Magic Building after informing the village chief. Exiting the university, a fight occurs and you find out Professor Titor has been kidnapped. Return to the same room as before and talk to the teacher. Go to Southport Docks, bottom-right there is a warehouse Lalena and Mercury Magical Printing Co. Save before entering. First room on right has red Porno Mag. Go to far left door to gain some info. Go past stairs and fight some enemies, and pick up "Death Ray Plans" which is a map on a crate. Go down stairs and go left to free orc. Go down and free elf. Go to the right and you will see purple and green switch. When more than two green switches are flipped at a time, the circuit breaks, so first you want to flip the switch for the gate, which will break the circuit. Then you go flip the purple switch, and open the gate. Then you free either cell, then close the cell door before opening the remaining cell. Enemies will now enter the floor so prepare. Make sure to grab purple orb when you leave. Go down stairs. Now you have red switch which will break when green switches are flipped. Yellow doors can be opened with Red doors. Place the purple orb on the pedestal of the purple switch. Go through red door and open yellow door and go down. Free the prisoners, grab the rope and the purple orb and go back up and put the orb on the other pedestal. Close red and yellow door. Start saving prisoners on the floor. Use rope on hole in floor. Now grab one purple orb and go down. Go back up and open doors and go down hole in ground. Loop everything you can for now, there is also a save point. Go back up and go down other side again. Now go down the ladder. You should have two purple orbs with you now. Grab the third purple orb then go up and place all three to use blue switch which will make the mine cart create a path. Release the remaining two prisoners. Prepare for boss fight upstairs. After boss fight, go down the rope to open steel chest. Now grab remaining purple orb. Now you can use blue switch at lowest floor to rescue Professor Titor.

Ancient Mysteries quests Edit

Night of the Raping Dead Edit

See the relevant Guild quest.

Hall Monitor from Hell Edit

See the relevant Guild quest.

The Phantom Breaker Battleground Edit

See the relevant Guild quest.

References Edit

  1. You can get a Porn Mag by interacting with the left side of the bed.
  2. Don't forget to grab the STRANGE NOTE from the Eastern wall of the tower before prior to entering.
  3. Once the quest is finished, you can revisit this dungeon when ever you want.
  4. If you have the Seeker Stone, you will see a sparkle that indicates its presence.
  5. Be aware that once you do you cannot get a loan/pay a loan off until you after you collect all three 'payments', but loans still accrue interest.
  6. His home is in the south part of Southport's University District.
  7. Outside, to the left of the entrance.
  8. If you've acquired Doll but have not completed A Forge to Far she will not be in the manor but will be selectable after you complete Manor Invasion.
  9. It is a hostile zone and saving has been disabled.
  10. Therese and the two nuns.
  11. Write down which girls you praised this time so you don't praise them again on the next event.
  12. But still attached to Westcasle, not an independent building.
  13. But NOT if it is equipped by a character.
  14. You appear from the right side.
  15. But there is a shelf which position is a bit strange...
  16. If you had gotten your relationship with Elaiya to the Trust level, you will have to take her with you, because the information regarding that quest has priority over this quest. Of course that doesn't mean that you had to take her in this quest.
  17. As traditional in the genre, your route goes by an underground cavern.
  18. Consequences unknown for now
  19. But you get about 6000 Sil in Vendor Trash.
  20. Not brainwashed or in the dungeon still.
  21. For a price of course.
  22. To the left of the Elder's House is an elven merchant, however her prices are 10 (ten) times what is normal for the potions she's selling, so it is best to ignore her.
  23. In the dungeon there are are several chests, two of which with missable Dark Seeds.
  24. Be aware that if you don't persecute exhaustively the clown (for instance defeating first his minions and visiting the tent), it could happen that the clown flees and you don't get the Craft item (Dingly Ball).