The Seven Angels are the centre of the faith observed by the Church and appears

Seven Angels

Statues of the Seven Angels

to be the primary faith of the Middle Kingdom. Each Angel represents two related aspects. It is not uncommon for people to pray specifically to the Angel they think would be most capable of providing assistance. For example a housewife may primarily worship the Angel of Hearth and Craft while a soldier may pray to the Angel of Light & Mercy.

In scripture, the Angels stand against the Seven Demons who attempt to lead man into sin.

Angel of Law & JusticeEdit

The leader of the Angels and the only Angel depicted as male. He is the Patron of a civilized, just society. Some royalty claim to be chosen by the Angel of Law & Justice.

Angel of Loyalty & ServiceEdit

This Angel is the left hand of the Angel of Law & Justice. She reminds people of their duty to family, friends and the crown.

Angel of Light & MercyEdit

She sits at the right of the Angel of Law & Justice. She punishes the guilty in His name and brings light to the dark. Many Paladins and Clerics of the Church claim to represent this Angel's will.

Angel of Love & PassionEdit

The only Angel who has appeared in Harem Collector to-date. She appears to be a representation of romantic love. For some unknown reason she selects Meline as her Messenger.

Angel of Hearth & CraftEdit

This Angel, predictably, governs over all aspects of domestic life and the work of craftspeople.

Angel of Companionship & CourtesyEdit

This Angel represents friendship, diplomacy, and politesse.

Angel of Peace & ComfortEdit

The most “misunderstood” Angel, the Angel of Peace & Comfort brings death to those who are ill and takes them to the afterlife.