These special shops are owned by collector of trophies who will trade you one trophy for another kind for a small fee of 25 sil. The trophies that can be traded are Shiny Bits, Monster Fangs, and Pocket Tomes.

As of October 2015 Release, there are three different shops:

Northmarket SlumsEdit

It can be found in the southwest corner of the map, near the docks. As you can see in the picture, the entrance it's a bit weird.

Trophy Trader's Shop Entrance

Westcastle Outer DistrictEdit

It's placed just above the Alchemist's Guild, in the southwest area. The most notable item the shop is the tiger... I hope it doesn't escape.

Westcastle Trophy Trader Shop

Southport University DistrictEdit

Again it's roughly placed in the same place as the shop in the Slums. Both Elvo's house and the Page of Cups Tavern are nearby. This time a Succubus is the guest of honor.[1]

Southport Trophy Trader Shop


  1. Her placement in a town when the Hero hasn't got a living place (as opposed as Eastfort) it could be a signal of future news in that regard.

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