• DemitriVritra

    Rather then running around the Wiki and Leaving hints and reminders all over the place I figured it was better if I started just one Unified List of what I notice when I start moving around.

    • Player Owned Housing, Lists 3, there's currently 4.
    • Lore is Divided into Four pages, needs to be unified to one Page and then Placed Under References tab. Seriously does it need to be disconjointed?
    • Fairy Side and Nomethoderror need to go up for deletion? they serve no purpose.
    • DK2 Info Dump needs reviewing, if information is redundant/out of date put up for deletion?
    • Clean Up, Unify the wiki?
    • Are dedicated Playthough Pages necessary on the wiki when guides and Walkthroughs are available?
    • Reduce Redundancy.
    • Link Up, Clean up, and Kill the blank spaces.
    • Blame We…
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