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All this information is taken from the No Moshing Games development blog. And new blog.

March 2016 Edit

  • Three new enemy types appear in random daily quests- test your skill against Vampires, Werewolves, and Rogue Golems!
  • Eastfort Nonhumans District has more stuff to see!
  • The Dark Mine should no longer cause your game to crash.
  • New sex scene starring Florine!
  • The new chat system has been properly connected up to Elaiya. She will now comment on ten of the quests (with occasional changes depending on whether or not she was present), discuss fourteen of the Hero’s followers, occasionally ask for the Hero’s opinion, remind him to visit Shally if she has a quest for him, and more! Only 2/3rds of her chat dialogues have been implemented, so expect even more next week!

December 2015 Edit

  • One new quest, check it out at the Westcastle Adventurer’s Guild after completing Hall Monitor from Hell.
  • Speaking of which, Hall Monitor from Hell is probably fixed this time, as long as you have a save before encountering Alina and Yeon.
  • If you had a problem before with the Guild rewards from Hall Monitor from Hell and Sacrifice for Algernon interacting weird, a Guild Auditor now appears in front of the Northmarket Manor to help you with that.
  • Once the new quest is completed, the Golden Tomb becomes a revisitable dungeon!
  • New Phantom Knight mode for the Hero, available after the new quest!
  • Bronwyn has a face again!
  • Alchemy is now available! Talk to Orange Kid to try it out!
  • On-demand sex menu is now available for Elaiya!
  • A few other new things that I can’t remember because I can’t find my notebook! (?!)

October 2015 Edit

  • You now need a $65 Season Pass to access Harem Collector Multiplayer.
  • There is a new backer sex scene! You can view it with the code “Bwjfnc” or add it to the random scene queue with “Bwjfnc2”-
  • New music for the Northmarket Wealthy District and Eastfort Military District.
  • Abandoned Fort is re-visitable with a handful of daily encounters there.
  • A bunch of new banters, added code for Yeon banters.
  • Trophy Traders are now available in Southport and Westcastle!
  • Therese’s weapons no longer gain the Radiant element. She does gain a “Smite” Technique that deals +20% Radiant damage on hit instead.
  • Elaiya’s Stealth and Ready, Aim statuses both confer increased chances of a critical hit. And they stack!


  • Bronwyn’s face has been removed due to avoid a potential copyright issue, and couldn’t be replaced in time. Please tolerate this for now- I am very aware that a huge amount of Bronwyn’s appeal has to do with her face set, I just need to head off any potential problems and will replace it as soon as possible.
  • I made a last minute decision to extend the quest “Cannibal Corps” (as detailed on the blog) because I thought the end of the quest was kind of limp and deserved more player involvement. Please don’t think of this as a half-finished quest, simply a quest that was finished that I decided to add more content to later.

July 2015 Edit

  • New quest! Check out your desk in the Northmarket manor or speak to Shally to proceed.
  • We heard you liked quests, so we put a quest in your quest so you can quest while you quest. (Translation: new miniquest in the new quest).
  • Elaiya’s Love Quest, Finishing Unfinished Business, has been extended. If you haven’t played it yet, check it out!
  • New music from the game’s new composer, PeaSea.
  • Hall Monitor from Hell has been fixed and should now be complete-able.
  • Many of the earlier quests have had their XP rewards rebalanced.
  • Sibling Rivalry, the custom backer scene from last month, can now be added to the list of random sex scenes with the code “JuFJrY1″.

May 2015 Edit

  • New full-size quest, “Hall Monitor from Hell” now available at the Southport guild if you’ve completed Scholastic Excellence and received your Journeyman Guild Card.
  • Gargan’s first relationship reward quest, “My Little Chimera” is now fully implemented.
  • New harem girl and party member, with a new sex scene.
  • Random daily quest has been revamped.
  • Two bonus scenes can be unlocked via code. Use the code “Rule63″ to unlock the sex scene from the April Fool’s version and the code “JuFJrY” to unlocked a special custom Patreon backer scene starring Raina and Gargan.
  • In replay scenes the Hero is now referred to as “Master” as opposed to “Ferdinand”.
  • Yamamaya is now immune to a bunch of status effects (mostly mind-related ones) while raging.
  • Non-magical enemies are now immune to Mana Shock. Constructs, plants, spirits and undead are now immune to Bleed. Spirits and Illusions are now immune to Sticky Acid and Burning Pitch. Sorry Bronwyn.
  • On that note, the same goes for the party- Hero, Elaiya, Bronwyn, Raina and Gargan are now immune to Mana Shock in case I every want to make an enemy that has it.
  • Meline no longer learns Lightning prayers and Chimei no longer learns Poison evocations.

March 2015 Edit

  • Three new quests! Check out the Southport Adventurer’s Guild and the Eastfort Adventurer’s Guild to kick two of them off. The third is the result of a wandering encounter, so you should run into it eventually.
  • One new mini-quest, Slave Hunt Part II!
  • Four new sex scenes!
  • One brand new party member- Bronwyn, the Elven ranger!
  • One temporary party member made permanent- Kyrie, the adventuring sorceress!
  • Four total new harem girls!
  • Two new villages!
  • Raina’s “Beneath the Armour” scene now has placeholder CGs for your enjoyment- they just need a quick recolour.
  • Randi’s Relationship now starts at 41.
  • Weapon-enhancing items no long stack- only the one you applied last will be viable.
  • The guy running the Money-Making Game will only put up with your save-scumming bullshit for so long.

December 2014 Edit

  • Serade, Therese and Larelle now have proper chat messages.
  • Some more banters have been added.
  • Buncha bugs fixed.
  • There is a brand new secret quest! Good luck finding it.
  • There is a quest to cure Gargan now. Successfully completing the quest adds Gargan as a party member.
  • There are five new sex scenes.
  • There are now CGs for when you walk in on the tentacle sex during Virgin Gynocides.
  • Southport has been redesigned! Huzzah.
  • Two new harem girls(?)
  • The blacksmith can now be chatted with and gifted.
  • A skill trainer has been added to give the Hero some of those high-damage attacks many have been looking for.
  • Seeker’s Stone should now work for all hidden items, not just buried treasures.
  • The Lore Book counter now works properly, and there are around a dozen new lore books to find.
  • Key items you no longer need after dungeons should now disappear from your inventory when you advance a day.
  • Raina’s Phalanx and Deflect skills no longer have a failure chance.
  • Raina’s Shield Bash and Shield Rush have had their damage increased, and no longer remove Phalanx/Deflect. Phalanx and Deflect are still mutually exclusive, though.
  • Therese’s Shining strike no longer hits automatically.
  • Meline, Larelle and Chimei have new top-level spells/prayers/invocations they learn at high levels, if you’re really obsessive with that Timeturner.
  • A minor lore change: succubi are the only demons capable of interbreeding with humans, instead of being the only demons with primary sexual characteristics.
  • There are two new roaming encounters on the world map.
  • Added/changed some battle animations
  • A small disclaimer has been added to the pre-game dialogue.
  • Fixed a slew of bugs, see Bad Kitty Games forum for the deets.
  • Removed Herobrine

October 2014 Edit

  • Meline’s Love Quest is complete and implemented.
  • Lumberhill and Eastfort Military District have been made over.
  • Daily Dungeon maps have been given a small makeover.
  • The world map has been shifted and made over.
  • Chimei and Doll now has on-demand sex scenes.
  • The Stagger Skill now penalizes Evasion rather than Agility.
  • Sacred Ward now only affects Therese, but makes her immune to all magic damage.
  • Therese has a new skill, Shining Strike, which is a Radiant-element physical attack that simultaneously casts a healing spell on a random party member.
  • Elaiya’s Assassin Strike has been renamed Headshot.
  • Kneecap’d has been replaced with a self buff that increases Elaiya’s hit rate.
  • Kyrie’s Ice Armor does the same thing, but with a consolidated state rather than a separate defense buff.
  • Meline has a new skill called Beckon Mana, which makes one target take more damage from magic.
  • Probably numerous other changes forgotten to mention.

May 2014Edit

  • Elaiya’s Love Quest is fully implemented.
  • There is now a 25% chance of rain (What do you expect? The country is stuck between the ocean and a mountain range. Northmarket, Eastfort, and Westcastle may as well be Seattle, Vancover and Victoria.) You can also make an offering at a shrine in the Slums to guarantee a rainy day the next day, though. Some stuff changes in the rain- but its not fully implemented yet.
  • The Book of Murderation in the Manor’s study now tracks your kill counts by species. By the way, this isn’t backwards compatible- if you want it to reflect your whole playthrough, you’ll need to do another full playthrough. Sorry.
  • I’m excited to announce the debut of Kakurine, our new writer helper! Kakurine has re-written the initial Elaiya sex scene “Let’s Make a Deal”, plus most of the new sex scenes appearing in this version.
  • Speaking of which, there is a new random scene featuring Lilac, Doll and Chimei, plus an additional bonus scene featuring a mystery girl!
  • I’ve messed around with Elaiya’s stats to make her less OP.
  • Also, there are more bug fixes and such, as usual.

February 2014Edit

  • The Southport Docks can now be entered (though there isn't a lot there yet) and there is a new quest waiting for you at the Southport Adventurer's Guild.
  • The Northmarket Slums have been redesigned.
  • There are now at least 20 Dark Seeds in the game and a corresponding Dark Seed reward.
  • There are two alchemists in the Westcastle Alchemist Guild for you to invest in and reap the rewards from. Note: The related quest "Hero Baker and the Philosopher's Stone" cannot be completed yet!
  • A, S and D can now be used to set your speed directly, without using the shift key.
  • The CTRL key can now be used to auto-forward text.
  • There is a new random sex scene that features Randi, which will trigger if you complete a quest in the Eastfort area.
  • Serade and Gargan now have CGS for their scenes!
  • The Carriage Hire was re-added to the Northmarket Wealthy District
  • You can now sell armour! And use the Harem/Followers menu without crashing the game!
  • Menu healing has been re-enabled, and you can only use menu skills from people in your active party!
  • Luck and Agility buffs and debuffs now also affect your evasion, hit rate, critical chance and critical evade!
  • A mysterious new place, the Village of Huntervale, can now be visited!
  • Raina will now be present in your manor after the Journeyman party, and can fight alongside you and be gifted! (Note: In order to have her in your party, you cannot use a save made after the Journeyman ceremony).

January 2014Edit

  • A bunch of bug fixes, but relatively light on new content.
  • Also: I had to change the skill and class tables, so if you transfer a save over things are going to be weird. However, there is a demon in your bedroom who will happily change everything and make it all copacetic in case you would prefer that Yamamaya wasn't a paladin or whatever. 

December 2013Edit

  • "Harem" Menu option re-enabled, but is probably buggy somehow. You have been warned.
  • Westcastle Outer District has been re-designed to be less total shit and have a bunch of semi-interesting stuff to see.
  • There is a new Adventurer's Guild quest guest starring Gargan in Westcastle. Go check it out.
  • Once you reach 15 Fame, you will now be invited to become a Journeyman of the Adventurer's Guild! You even get another little party and everything!
  • There have been some small bug fixes, but not nearly as much as I'd like there to be.
  • Merry Christmas and happy fapping from me and the entire Harem Collector team!

November 2013 Edit

  • There is now a gallery mode where you can unlock all your various sex scenes across all playthroughs!
  • All characters now join the party at one level below the Hero.
  • Florine's item shops now have an option to sell all vendor trash.
  • The inventory screen is now broken down by category.
  • Alina no longer keeps track of quests for you- there is a quest log available in the game menu to do that for you.
  • New sex scene CGs for Elaiya, Doll, Lilac and Violet, plus you can down demand sex from Alina at any time.
  • Meline's skill Heretical Censure has been modified to prevent overlap with the Guilt Trip-style prayers.
  • The Northmarket Wealthy District map has been revamped. Let me know what you think!

October 2013 Edit

What's New in this Version:

  • Yamamaya's Love quest is now available.
  • Ino, the enchantress, has been implemented. You can find her by taking Felix in your party to Southport.
  • The game now displays a character's relationship level when you speak to him or her.
  • Elaiya, Flourine, the Blacksmith, Raina and Gargan all have new faces and sprites. Shally now has a new face.
  • The Eastfort item shop girl has been redesigned from the ground up, and now has a new look and a new sex scene.
  • There is now an invest-able jewelry store in Northmarket that sells magical accessories.
  • The total number of Dark Seeds is now 15

Sex scene changes include:

  • A new threesome with Yamamaya and Alina
  • new threesome with Meline and Larelle
  • There is now a scene for getting Chimei to "Like" you.
  • A (somewhat hidden) new gangbang with Yamamaya
  • CGs for Florine's handjob scene
  • Doll's gangbang has CGs and has been rewritten

September 2013Edit

What's New in this Version:

  • Penelope's love quest is now available.
  • There is now a randomly generated quest that refreshes daily.
  • There is a whole pile of additional CGs. Happy hunting!
  • The entire relationship system has been overhauled.
  • The various flower gift items have been consolidated under a single item. Two new gift items take the place of Moondrops and Pink Cat.
  • The Flower Girl now sells two new reagent-type items in place of the eliminated flowers.
  • The Northmarket toy store now has useful things for you to buy.
  • There is now awesome boss music.
  • Favoured gifts now grant +3 relationship point instead of +2.
  • The “random” sex scenes that occur after some quests now include a relationship bonus for all participants.
  • Doll's “Defender of Life” skill now utilizes threat rating rather than a cover mechanic. In a similar vein, Martyrdom's threat increase has been greatly reduced in order to promote granularity.
  • General clothing now decreases threat by an additional 5%.
  • Demon Dice now have a damage bonus dependent on the user's luck stat.
  • The ledger detailing your investments in the manor study can now sort your investments alphabetically, by dividend or by investment.
  • Doll has a new sprite and face.
  • Larelle's eye colour has been corrected in all her pics.
  • Penelope's face sprites should look a little less like they were resized by a thirteen year old.
  • Double doors in the game should now look like proper double doors.
  • The very beginning of the game now has two extra randomly-generated names and an extra hidden bonus name.

New Stuff Even If you Are a Backer:

  • Improved encourage now heals a number of status ailments instead of raising the dead.
  • Florine's new art has been implemented.

August 2013Edit

  • There are two big, new quests! One is started from the Eastfort Adventurer's Guild, the other begins automatically when you complete a quest after having seven harem girls. (Ain't No Party Like a Search Party and Manor Invasion, respectively.)
  • The first-ever freely explorable combat zone/quest area, called the Giant's Path. is now open north of Eastfort.
  • There is a little quest that occurs within the Giant's Path. (Every Day I'm Smugglin'.)
  •  There are now unique sprites and faces for Lilac, Violet, Yamamaya and Chimei. Kyrie now has a new face but I'm still using the old sprite because it's cute.
  • Healbot now appears in the manor, in the reading room to the right of the master bedroom. You can chat with him to give back his old name.
  •  Speaking to Larelle or [REDACTED] in the dungeon should now not cause the game to freeze, die and/or email all your porn to your mom anymore, no matter what you do.
  •  There are five new sex scenes and a bunch of new CGs
  •  Having certain combinations of party members in certain places will now trigger bits of party banter.
  •  Chimei can now be purchased from the Slaver's Guild market.
  •  The total number of Dark Seeds in the game is now up to ten, and the guy who collects them has a new reward for you.
  •  There is now a Trophy Trader in the Northmarket Slums who will swap your trophies for other trophies, for a small fee.
  •  Part of the counter in Florine's item shop has been cut away so you can sell your vendor trash/buy stuff and then proceed through instead of exiting out the same you came in and going around.
  •  All skill use now clearly gives the skill's name, to help you prepare or counter effectively.
  •  Tomes should grant skills to the person equipping the tome again.
  •  Experience point rewards for all enemies have been increased by 10%, and the experience curve as been dropped.
  •  The Necromanceress should now use Murder of Crows less frequently.
  •  The Health value of the Electric Blue Slime has been increased.
  •  The fucked up music that occurs in Lumberhill, the manor and the Eastfort condo has been fixed.
  •  The Backer Monument is current up to August 13th and the Bugfinder Monument is current up to the July release.
  •  Numerous other bugfixes have been implemented.
  •  Herobrine has been removed.

July 2013Edit

  • The hero has a new sprite and faces. This took hours and hours for me to change. If you want to know why there isn't a big quest or something awesome in this update, it's because of this. Fuck.
  •  Meline also has a new sprite and faces, though not all of her faces have been implemented yet.
  • For balance reasons, Death no longer prevents characters from gaining any XP.
  • Several skills have had their momentum and mana costs changed.
  • The Gang Leader's stun strike has been adjusted to be 66% effective instead of 90%.
  • The drop rate of monster drop-only gift items has been doubled.
  • There is a new (small) quest, started by trying to invest in the Eastfort drug dealer. (The Pusher's Lament quest)
  • A new character has been implemented. He joins your party outside your manor.
  • The first sex scene with Meline now has CGs
  • The second sex scene with Alina (currently plays after the package delivery quest) now has CGs.
  • Some CGs have been replaced by new, improved versions by our new official CG guy, Gurotaku. I enlisted him because I kind of suck at doing CGs and he is pretty experienced with 3DCG and helping me out.

June 2013Edit

  • The extended opening has been implemented! Yay!
  • The Southport University District is now open and available to be visited.
  •  A new collection quest is now available in the Northmarket Slums. (The Dark Seeds)
  •  When you run out of slave collars, the Slaver's Guild will now offer you a small quest in order to get new ones.
  •  For the sharp-eyed and/or obsessive compulsive among you, there is now a hard-to-find buried treasure in Lumberhill... and a clue in the Northmarket Slums.
  •  Finally, after first being promised in, what, March?, the Satisfaction Book is now 100% context-sensitive.
  •  The Content Testing chest now also drops an item that adds 100 Satisfaction on use.
  •  Lilac, Violet and Randi will now chat with you and accept gifts.
  •  Skills and Items have been thoroughly re-jiggered. Items now have a category tag in their description. Skills now have have a keyword description in their description.
  •  You can no longer use the Formation function from the menu. Instead, a party change menu will pen every time you leave you manor (or other estate).
  •  Hero no longer learns Lead the Way and Sound the Charge. Doll no longer learns Restraining Thorns. Meline no longer learns Radiant Chains. Therese now learns a new "Lay on Hands" power, and I'm not sure if they can be levelled that high yet but most mages can learn a variety of new powers now.
  •  What priests charge for blessings is now determined by the Hero's level.
  •  New CG scenes have been added featuring Larelle and Lilac.
  •  New faces and sprites have been implemented for Therese, Randi and Alina.

May 2013Edit

  • There are several new music tracks from Kain's Combo Pack and the Cinematic  Soundtrack Pack off the RPG Maker website. This has significantly increased the game's size.
  • The Night of the Raping Dead quest is finally complete! Not all the outcomes of saving/failing to save the village have been implemented, but the body of the quest is intact and ready to go. Due to time constraints, however, all the dungeon material for the new character has yet to be finished- you can give her gifts and collar her though.
  •  Special Thanks goes out to dedicated fan Mickele - the forest segment was his idea, for which he earned his cameo as the sole surviving lumberjack who offers helpful hints.
  •  Hentai CGs have been added to Penelope's blowjob scenes as well as a single scene (with two variations) at the end of the undead quest.
  •  Heavy armor now increases that character's threat, and general armor (ie, normal clothes) now decreases threat. Uh, that was actually in the April 2013 release, I just forgot to mention it.
  •  Magical tomes now add temporary magic spells when they're equipped.
  •  Luck now adds a small bonus to damage with most attacks.
  •  Unity Force now also heals HP based on the number of harem girls you've collected.
  •  Running has been changed. You may now tap the shift key to toggle between three different speeds.
  •  Doll now has a secondary weapon available in the weapon shop.
  •  Churches now feature priests who dispense lore on the local religion, and who are also capable of providing a blessing to your party (for a fee).
  •  The shovels should now return some kind of message whenever you use them, regardless of terrain.
  •  Penelope's look (sprite and face) have been overhauled.
  •  A horde of squashed bugs, and new names on the bug finder monument

April 2013Edit

  • The hero's default name now picks out of a random list. "Ferdinand" was never meant to be the guy's actual name, and was just a shout out to the most awesome Heartache 101 which is well worth your time to check out even if it doesn't have any H.
  • Certain names you can apply to the hero and Doll now have in-game effects. Good luck finding them all.
  • A chest near the starting point lets you "test for content" or "test for balance". Testing for content gives you a huge pile of money in the form of vendor trash, as well as items that let you advance time at will and full restore your party between battles.
  • Certain location and character names have been changed. Amelia has been changed to Meline, so as to avoid confusion with Alina. The cities have been changed to Northmarket, Eastfort, Westcastle, Lumberhill and Southport, because I'm creative.
  • While the Undead Assault quest remains unfinished, you can now visit the city in quest and see the pre-zombie assault version of it.
  • There are two new harem girls to enslave, with ensuing sex scenes.
  • Doll and Yamamaya now have completed relationship tracks.
  • In Eastfort you can now purchase a condo for yourself to stay in while adventuring on the eastern side of the map. Also, the stables are now fully implemented and you can enjoy fast-traveling at need between Eastfort and Northmarket. And I just realized I forgot to remove that feature when doing the clock shop quest, so now you can cheat on that in case you're allergic to XP.
  • You can also purchase an additional storefront in Eastfort for Florine to expand her enterprise into.
  • A whole pile of other, little things that you may or may not discover.

March 2013Edit

  • Bitch's Sixth Tit microbrewery investment is fixed
  • A new party NPC
  • Three new sex scenes
  • The blacksmith-related "A Forge Too Far" quest is fully complete
  • The Adventurer's Guild quest "Check Out My Package" quest is fully complete
  • Grab your shovels because now you can dig for buried treasure!
  • Fingers feeling cramped? Not anymore! Dashing has been disabled in favour of raising the main character's walk speed.
  • Satisfaction Book is about 95% complete. The only thing left to do is make the Instant Gratification menu context sensitive.
  • A ton of new shops and investment opportunities
  • A heaping pile of squashed bugs

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