Hey, this is where I'm going to put up various changes/edits that are needed to help get the wiki up to date. This is both to serve as a list for myself as well as an opportunity for others who wish to earn the secrets wiki code should they want it, please note however that if you don't have a wiki account or a way for me to get ahold of you I will be unable to give you the code even if you earned it, sorry! As well if you do good work and stick around long enough I'll do what I can to see about making you a moderator to help keep this place up and running.

Big Updates Edit

  • Add in new Vacation, including requirements (must complete 'A Forge Too Far', 'Na na na, why don't you get a job?', 'One is the Loneliest party', and 'Maid to order' as of version 0.27.4). Special vacation events should probably be included with the Vacation itself, the repeatable dungeons should be added to repeatable dungeons, and the vacation sex scenes should go to the H-scenes page
  • Put together a new optimized guide based on the current version of the game
  • Update the missables page
  • Make new poll to garner more Interest in Wiki development and Updating.

Small Updates Edit

  • Fix the weapons page, upgradable items, quest pages, and any other relevant pages to reflect the following changes to weapon upgrades:
    • Larelle now drops the "Wight Skull" instead of the "Channeler's Stone"
    • The crowd of fans at the end of 'Rescue Me' drop "Glowsticks" which are Meline's first upgrade item now
    • The Amazing Old Man now gives 'Uranium Bombs' instead of 'Depeleted Uranium'
    • Fionna at the end of 'It's pronounced Sabotage' now drops the U23-Shovel which is Elaiya's second upgrade item, instead of the Jade Insignia (Yeon's old first upgrade item)
    • The 'Fiend Portforilio' is now Yeon's first upgrade item
    • The Sphinx Leather gotten from the boss of 'Get Dumped' is now Yeon's second upgrade item
    • The 'Fate Ender' upgrade available after 'Can't Handle It Cove'
  • Fix the 'Research Materials' walkthrough to inform players they must pull the yellow switch to get rid of the ward in front of the teleporter to the vault (this switch also releases more enemies, but it's required to pull it to finish the quest)

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