She's sexy and she knows it. You will either love her or hate her guts.

Story InformationEdit

The haughty princess Yeon Ewona has a dedicated and loyal (to a point at least) posse, which really don't do any good things for her character (if there is any good to start with). She is also hot and talented and the Hero really doesn't care.


You have to complete Hall Monitor from Hell quest.



  • Level 1
    • Haste: Costs 5 Mana. Buff. Boosts AGI for a Single ally.
    • Focus: Costs 100 Momentum, Self, Restores Mana based on the user's Magic, Resist and Luck stats.
    • Health Charm: Costs 4 Mana. Heals a single ally.
    • Mana Shield: Costs 20 Mana. Self. Increase magic defense
  • Level 5
    • Dispel Mind: Spell. Costs 5 Mana. Removes all Mental status effects (Deafend, Sleep, Hallucinating, Daze) from a single ally.
  • Level 12
    • Mana Overcharge: Costs 5 Mana. Buff. Yeon takes damage in exchange for giving a single ally a large boost to MAT.
  • Level 15
    • Enchant Weapon: Costs 5 Mana. Increases CRI for 1 ally.
  • Level 18
    • Healing Word: Costs 25 Mana. Heals all allies.
  • Level 24
    • Focused Heal: Costs 18 Mana. Heal (+50% effect compare to Health Charm) and remove some negative states.
  • Level 27
    • Caster's Spark: Spell. Costs 12 Mana. Buff. All the party members takes damage in exchange for a large boost to MAT.

Spells given by Relationship

  • Neutral -
    • Rally: Costs 30 Mana. Buff. Heal and increase MDF to all allies.
  • Trust -
    • Revive?: Costs 50 Mana. Revive dead single ally with 10% HP.

Spells given by Equipment[1].

  • Magical Handbook -
    • Magic Missile: Spell. Costs 8 Mana. Attacks single enemy with Force. Damage-Type.
  • Necronomicon -
    • Dark Blast: Spell. Costs 8 Mana, Attacks single enemy with Necrotic. Damage-Type.
  • Energy Principals I -
    • Smouldering Ash: Spell. Costs 8 Mana. Attacks single enemy with Fire. Control-Type.
    • Hoarfrost: Spell. Costs 8 Mana. Attacks single enemy with Cold. Control-Type.
  • Doctor Weird Vol. 2 -
    • Strobe Edge: Spell. Costs 8 Mana, Single enemy, Control, Radiant.
  • Doctor Weird Vol. 3 -
    • Chain Lightning: Spell. Costs 20 Mana. Attacks all enemies with Lightning. Damage-Type.
    • Hyde Formula: Spell. Costs 5 Mana. Buff. Boosts Attack for one ally.
  • Tactical Spells I -
    • Crushing Ego: Spell. Costs 8 Mana. All-out psychic assault damages the mind. Damage-Type.
    • Spell Penetration: Spell. Costs 5 Mana. Debuff. Trash someone's resistance to make way for death.

From Unity force

  • Prism Heal: 12 Mana. Greatly heals all party members and puts the 'Prism Shield' status on hero (gives him 60% resistance to the 10 standard magic elements). Hero makes use of the light from the heal to inflict blind on all enemies.



Off Hand:





She is a healer, so her primary role is to heal and revive (when her RP allows it) her allies. But, as it happens with Felix (she is his natural successor), you can expand her magic repertoire via Tomes, although, as her recruiment take more days than Felix in the game, you won't be able to use her arsenal until much later. Please note that she can't learn Prayers.



  • +4: Rock Candy
  • +0: Pearl Necklace, Box of Chocolates


  • +4: Fucking Machine
  • -2: Bukkake


  • Initial relationship: 1. If she is collared prematurely, her RP is fixed to 0.


  • Joins party.


  • Learns "Rally"


  • +250 to Health.


  • Learns "Revive"

Love / Respect Quest (Not Implemented Yet)

  • Bonus

Conversation & SexEdit

Conversation (in Dungeon):

  • Torture
    • Bukkake
    • Clothespins
    • Spanking
    • Fucking Machine (Requires Dungeon Upgrade) 
    • Whip (Requires Dungeon Upgrade)
    • Wooden Horse (Requires Dungeon Upgrade)
  • Gift
    • +4: Rock Candy
  • Collar
  • Nothing


  • Chat
  • Gift

Sex scenes:


  • Favorite party character of Nekochan, she is indirectly responsible for her hate toward Felix, aka Healbot, at least in part. Her presence in the game was planned very early, but some troubles with her design didn't allow it at that moment; that was the original reason for Felix's creation.
  • Yeon was also the reason that Bronwyn didn't find herself in the dungeon: NoMoshing didn't favor (at all) reusing cells.
  • Just as a reference here is her former face set:

Hidden stats Edit

The following are a list of stats/traits that are not made readily apparent about Hero on the status menu. Be warned that some of these might reveal spoilers about the character!

  • Takes 200% damage from anti-human attacks (becomes 150% after a certain achievement)
  • Has a natural 95% hit chance
  • Has a natural +5% evasion chance (likely a bug, other mages have magic evasion instead)
  • Has a natural +4% critical chance (likely a bug, other mages have no natural critical chance)


  1. Learned after having item equipped for 5 in-game days.
  2. She can be gifted/tortured the same day that she is recruited (if you go home before visiting Prof. Amitibis or the Southport's Adventure Guild), but that means that you can't do it the following day.
  3. This sex scene doesn't advance a day. That happens when you get your reward, so you get two scenes this day.
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